Wednesday, November 19, 2014

3 Ab workouts that will make your core sore!

I’m sure you’ll agree that the #1 thing people look at to judge whether you are fit or not is your waist, right?

The reality is, every loves the look of a slim waistline. And… as I’m sure you now know, the best way to slim your waistline is to use workouts that are organized into progressions.

This is how gymnasts train their abs and nobody can argue with their results, right?

Which is why today, I wanted to hook you up with…

=> 3 Progressive Ab Workouts That Will Make Your Core Sore!

These 3 workouts are short (less than 4-minutes) and you can add them into the end of your existing workouts so you can see the powerful results you’ll get from using progressive workouts :)

I just figured that since I’ve been sharing a bunch of info about “progressive movement workouts” this week, I might as well hook you up with an example…

==> Here’s 3 Follow-Along AB Workouts For You! No Strings Attached :)

Enjoy the feeling of your abs getting worked in 3-4 minutes!

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

P.S. Just in case your a beginner who’s not sure these are for you, or… you’re advanced and think they may be too easy. These free ab workouts are laid out in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced format so I can assure that one of these 3 workouts is perfect for you!

A 3 Phase Flat Belly Diet For You :)

You know what I really hate?

I hate the fact that almost every single diet out there is created as an end all be all diet that will work for everyone. When… in reality, everyone is different and not every diet will fit into your lifestyle which means… you won’t do it!

The good news is… for today’s fast action CT-50 bonus, my good friend Tyler created a system called The Flat Belly Accelerator Diet And Fat Loss tracker Journal.

=> Get The Flat Belly Accelerator Diet And Fat Loss Tracker Journal FREE

Just like his CT-50 system, he took a progressive approach to fat loss that I’ve never seen done before…

Instead of offering up one diet that he expects everyone to follow, Tyler created 3 different diets, each one more complex then the one before it.

The beginner or Phase 1 diet, is really quite simple… He has a few rules in there, no calorie counting whatsoever and offers up a no holds barred cheat day. And… if you’re a beginner, he’s seen people loss up to 32lbs in 30 days using just this Phase 1 diet.

And… if Phase 1 is to simple, he expands it even further into a section for intermediate dieters with those last 10lbs of fat too lose. He calls this the Phase 2 diet and it’s a bit more challenging, but the results will astound you! If you follow this diet even just for 30 days, your body, health and energy will be completely transformed.

Finally… if the Phase 2 diet is still too easy for you, Tyler created a Phase 3 “cleanse” diet which is only meant to do for 2 weeks max. The reason for this is he doesn’t want you to lose weight too fast like he did when he first started testing this diet. In FACT, he told me the story of his first test on it. He said…

“I started Phase 3 with the intention of cleansing my body and figured I would lose a pound or two in the process. I committed to 28 days and about 7 days into it the weight loss began to accelerate. I ended up losing 14lbs in those 28 days and the crazy part is that I was not even trying to lose weight! In fact, my wife will tell you how annoyed she was that I had to spend hours a day eating just to prevent myself from losing weight even faster.”

His wife also tried it and effortlessly lost 8lbs and she was already skinny!

The point is, there’s a diet for everyone and if you’re stuck in a diet rut, I highly recommend you grab a copy of The (3 Phase) Flat Belly Accelerator Diet And Fat Loss Tracker Journal while it’s free…

FREE TODAY ONLY —> The (3 Phase) Flat Belly Accelerator Diet And Fat Loss Tracker Journal FREE With CT-50 [ENDS TONIGHT]

Ohh… and I almost forgot to mention that this bonus also includes the Fat Loss Tracker Journal that Tyler designed after coaching people through over 8 different body transformation challenges.

This journal is super easy to use and helps keep you accountable to your diet plan so you succeed! Get it free here…

FREE TODAY ONLY —> The (3 Phase) Flat Belly Accelerator Diet And Fat Loss Tracker Journal FREE With CT-50 [ENDS TONIGHT]

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Grab Your Protein Powder And Get A FREE Recipe Book

Hey, I wanted to give you something really awesome…

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Fix Your Broken Metabolism In 5 Days (step-by-step)

Now you might be thinking, “you can’t change your metabolism in 5 days!”
Well, I’m happy to say you are wrong. The reason YOU might not be able to do it is because you don’t have the right tools.

This 5-Day Fast Metabolism Repair Plan contains 10 essential tools for building a fast metabolism and a healthy, fit body.
Plus, it has an EXACT 5-day implementation plan for you to use so you can boost up your metabolism FAST!

Here’s 3 of the tools and recommendations on how you can use them to boost your metabolism all day long:

Tool #1 - Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is perhaps the most under appreciated element of health and fat loss.
It is responsible for the resetting and regulation of your hormonal system and for that reason it is critical in helping you to create a hormonal environment that supports a fast metabolism and rapid fat loss.

General Recommendations: Sleep a minimum of 6 hours per night with a goal of averaging 7.5-9 hours. Get the highest quality sleep you can by sleeping in a pitch black room and avoiding television and other bright dynamic lights for at least 30 minutes before bed.

=> Get The Whole 5-Day Fast Metabolism Repair Plan As A FREE BONUS <----- ONLY 23Hours Left

Tool #2 - Drink Lots Of Cold Water

Most people don't drink enough water to support their metabolism and detoxification. To start with you must drink enough water in order for your body to function properly.

In addition to quantity, by drinking your water cold (exclusively before meals, not after) you can accelerate your metabolism even further. This is accomplished through a process called thermogenic homeostasis.

What this means is your body likes to be a certain temperature, 98.6 degrees to be exact. When something forces your body to cool down below this temperature your body will react by producing heat.

This production of heat requires calories to happen and will thus increase your metabolism.

General Recommendations: Drink 32oz (1L) of fresh cold water first thing in the morning and 16oz (0.5L) of fresh cold water before each meal. Do not consume cold water after your meals as this can negatively affect digestion.

Tool #3 - Start Walking Daily

Walking is perhaps the best fat burning exercise EVER!

By walking every day you can not only put your metabolism into the perfect fat burning zone (usually between 50-65% of your maximum heart rate) you can also reduce stress, clear your head, get fresh air, absorb some much needed sunshine and more!

For the last 5 years I have been walking a minimum of 20 minutes every day and on days when I have extra time there’s nothing I love to do more then go for a long hour+ walk with my dog and family.

General Recommendations: Start by walking a minimum of 15 minutes every day. From there work up to 20+ minutes of brisk walking daily, preferably in an outdoor setting where you can get fresh air and sunshine.

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As you can see, these are 3 powerful and simple tools you can use to get healthy, get lean and ultimately boost your metabolism.

If you want to know all 10 tools, and a step-by-step 5 day action plan as to how you should combine them for fast metabolic results then you’ve got till the timer runs out before it’s too late and you miss out on this special BONUS.

=> Learn The Top 10 Metabolic Repair Tools And Get A 5 Day Implementation Plan As A Free BONUS Here


To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Doctors wrong about this bone health supplement (STOP taking now!)

This news comes straight from the hallowed halls of Harvard. Their ongoing Nurses' Health Study (started way back in 1976) discovered how calcium can actually WEAKEN bones.

Our friends at The Healthy Back Institute have the full scoop for you in a newly updated book called The Calcium Lie 2. You can request to have a free copy mailed to you at the following link:

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The Calcium Lie 2 will give you the real secret on building strong bones no matter what your age. But this isn't just about bones, you'll also learn the link between calcium and...

Heart disease - Did you know doctors keep your heart ticking by BLOCKING out calcium (Hint: Why else would over 6 million American's take calcium channel blockers every single day?)

Anti aging - What the longest living people in the world eat on a daily basis, and how you can match their longevity.

Obesity - The hidden link between hunger pains and calcium (how to lose weight without feeling like you are starving).

Memory - How jellyfish can prevent memory decline.

Cancer - How milk DOUBLED the risk of prostate cancer in men.

Sexual health - How you can replace Viagra with this common household food that costs less than $5 per month!

Plus much more...

In The Calcium Lie 2, Dr. Robert Thompson (voted "Best Physician in America" in 1996) explains how he first noticed the dangers of calcium while delivering babies as an OBGYN.

You see, certain women would experience a rash of cavities after childbirth. While researching why, he also learned about two factors that cause over 50% of infant deaths...certain deficiencies that lead to lower IQ scores in babies...and even how a woman's placenta can reveal her risk for heart disease later in life.

And it was all related to calcium.

After continued research, he released the first volume of The Calcium Lie in 2008 to get the word out about all of the dangers of calcium and the truth about bone health.

For a limited time, The Healthy Back Institute is giving away copies of Dr. Thompsons newly updated The Calcium Lie 2 (Plus a few special bonuses you can't get anywhere else).

I highly recommend you click here to grab a free copy of this book while supplies last.

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.