Thursday, November 30, 2006

Are you serious??


RE: A 'guaranteed' way to shed more fat in 30 days than you have in 30 months

Do me a favor...

Look at today's date.

Then, count forward to January 1st, 2007.

What do you come up with? Well, unless you're reading this email late, you'll come up with about FIVE WEEKS.

About five weeks until 2007.

Here's what can happen if you do NOT circle that date and do what I'm about to tell you about...

-- you may gain 9 -pounds- of 'fat' (that's the average gained in the next five weeks by most people in industrialized nations)

-- you may 'lose' 3 -pounds- of muscle -- and that 'alone' will cause you to gain an additional six -pounds- of fat every NINE months

-- you may spend yet 'another' year with broken resolutions and a body that's slowly 'growing OLD'

None of that appeals to me. How about you?

SO, here's my question:

--- > Are you serious?

Serious about creating a new body for your New Year -- and still enjoying the Holidays?

Serious about spending the next few weeks BURNING bodyfat...and learning how to ENJOY the holiday 'feasts' without wrecking your body?

Serious about changing the pattern of "gain-weight-lose-less" in 2007?

You had to be somewhat serious to join my list of super-achievers.

Now, I'm serious --

This is about a 'guaranteed' way to shed more fat in 30 days than you have in 30 months.


This means no "diet", no pills...but yes, you will have to actually (gasp) work at it.

This is not a miracle.

But, this IS a "lifesaver".

This is the real-world team of "former fatties" (as they call themselves) who KNOWS what it feels like to be fat, sick and tired.

Now, they know what it's like to have magazine quality physiques.

Want to join them?

You have first dibs. You've been on my list for a while now, and I believe in giving my "home base" the top advantage.

Why does this matter to you?

There's only a few hundred spots open.

Those will go so fast, it will make your head spin.

Yes, the deal is 'that' good.

Go see it --


Art Breshears

P.S. At least see the'll know why this "limited offer" bit is NOT a marketing ploy.

It's simple logistics.

If you're serious...especially NOW (given the holidays are upon us)...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

6 Ways to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Obesity has worldwide problem. In fact, almost 2/3 of Americans need to lose weight and over 1 billion people in the world are overweight. If you are overweight, you need to lose weight and improve your health and fitness. And yes, this can still be done over the holiday season. Don't wait for New Year's day to start your weight loss resolutions.

There are a number of reasons for the increased incidence of obesity and overweight individuals, as suggested by American statistics, but also a number of workout and nutrition tips that can counter the effects of each bad nutrition and exercise habit that we have:

* It has been estimated that for every high-sugar drink you consume, you increase your risk of obesity by 60%! Soft drinks provide 33% of all added sugars in American diets.

Tip #1: Avoid drinking calories!

* In the USA, sugar consumption has increased from 26 to 32 teaspoons (between the 1970’s and 1998).

* Americans eat an extra 150 kcal per day now in comparison to 1980. In theory, this could lead to 15 lbs. of weight gain per year!

Tip #2: Avoid over-eating treats at parties. If you can't have just one, don't have any at all!

* Your obesity risk increases 6-fold if you watch more than 2 hours of television each day.

Tip #3: Stay active. Walk around the mall a couple extra times if it means you'll avoid the couch and overeating at home. Stay busy, stay active, stay lean.

* Only 25% of individuals exercise moderately for 30 minutes each day, whereas 25% of the population does no exercise at all.

Tip #4: It's not all or nothing. If you can only do 15 minutes of exercise, that is still better than nothing. Don't stop all exercise just because you can't do 30 minutes that day.

* Obesity continues to increase in the USA despite a continued decrease in the consumption of dietary fat. In 1994-96, fat accounted for 33% of total calories compared with 40% in the late 1970's.

* In 1994-96, just over half of the population reported eating fruit each day while the consumption of processed carbohydrates (such as bread, snack foods, and cereals) has increased 110% since the late 1970's.

Tip #5: Avoid processed carbs. Hit the veggie tray, the protein offerings, and the calorie free beverages at parties. If its rolled in pastry, don't eat it.

* Milk consumption has decreased in children by 16% since the late 1970's, while consumption of soft drinks increased by 16%.

Tip #6: Don't keep soda in the house. If you don't buy it, neither you nor the kids will drink it.

Stick to these 6 simple tips and you'll stay lean over the holidays. Add in a little more exercise and you could do the impossible - you could lose fat over the holidays! Get started on a fast, efficient and effective program of strength training and interval training today!

About the Author

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men's Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times per week. For more information on the Turbulence Training workouts that will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment, visit

Sunday, November 26, 2006

How would you like...

A new body for the new year?

How would you like to be well on your way to making a difference in your life by the time the final bell hits twelve to end 2006?

Wouldn't that be better then putting on the pounds like every other year?

I know you are nodding your head and smiling right now... it is a rut we all fall into year after year isn't it?

What if there was a way to enjoy the Holidays (and that means some of your favorite foods) without wrecking your body?

Don't laugh... it CAN be done... and I'm going to tell you how (without breaking the bank I might add).

How would you like your very own "coaching crew" who will set you up on a lifestyle nutrition and fitness system that's completely PERSONAL.

What does this mean?

You get...

---> A real human being on your team to inspire, educate and motivate you, no matter how
young or old you are and no matter where you want to go.

---> A nutrition plan that's built around your life and your body type, not some cookie-cutter
"here's the only way to start the fat burning process and get toned" approach.

---> A tailor-made fitness plan that includes real-world resistance training and cardio techniques that get you in and out of the gym (or even your den!) in record time.

---> Email support to keep you accountable for the goals and dreams you have put off far too long.

---> And, the key to it all: 6 audios that are literally life-altering. How to empower your mind for TOTAL success that LASTS

This team guarantees your TOTAL success or you don't pay them a dime.

Want to learn more?

Follow one of the links on the page.

To your success and well-being,

Arthur Breshears


Are you interested in a couple of very motivational and helpful eBooks?

Because you get just that for freee just for visiting the site.

They are entitled Courage To Be Fit and As A Man Thinketh

These eBooks will inspire and inform you on how you can make a difference in your life and change it for the better! :)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

How Much Sleep Do I Need?

How Much Sleep Do I Need?

By: Marc David

Let's face it.. sleep is necessary for life!

Better yet, sleep has an increased rate of anabolism (the synthesis of cell structures), and a decreased rate of catabolism (the breakdown of cell structures).

What this means to you is more muscle.

Have you heard the term, "You don't grow in the gym, you grow out of the gym." Well sleep is part of that. It's not just recovery but it's when your muscles repair themselves.

:: Stages of Sleep ::

Currently, scientists divide sleep into two general types: REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and NREM (non-REM).

And within those types, there are 5 defined stages of sleep referred to as Stages 1 thru 5.

Did you know that Non-REM (Stage 1-4 sleep) accounts for 75-80% of total sleep time? it's also in those stages that your body repairs itself and it's when the real growth occurs.

:: Optimal Sleep Amounts ::

An American study linked life spans with sleep amount and found that those who sleep 4 to 7 hours live the longest, with those sleeping less than 4 or more than 9 hours living shorter lives[1]. The National Sleep Foundation however maintains that 8 hours of sleep is optimal, claiming improved performance in tests, reduced risk of accidents and a better immune system. It is important to mention this does not apply to children and adolescents, particularly children who require as much as 13 hours a night.

:: Importance of Optimal Sleep ::

First, some theories of sleep describe sleep as a dynamic time of healing and growth for organisms. For example, during stages 3 and 4, or slow-wave sleep, growth hormone levels increase, and changes in immune function occur.

Non-REM sleep may be an anabolic state marked by physiological processes of growth and rejuvenation of the organism's immune, nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems.

But what happens if you don't get enough sleep?

:: Lack of Sleep ::

This is a list of potential problems associated with a lack of sleep or sleep deprivation.

irritability hernia nausea Decreased ability for the immune system to fight off sickness Weight gain increased blood pressure Aching muscles Faster aging Slowed reaction time dizziness

For all those reasons, you can see that getting enough sleep is EXTREMELY important to your goals of muscle building and fat loss. A lack of sleep can really put a lid on your progress.

Short bouts of sleep deprivation probably won't stifle your gains but long term sleep problems can certainly curtail your progress.

While there is not single number that works for every single person, generally 4-7 hours should be enough for most people under most conditions to build muscle and burn fat.

It's true that some people need more and some people need less.

:: Sleep Tips for Getting the Rest You Need ::

Continued at

Monday, November 20, 2006

Weight Loss Mistakes

Top 7 Weight Loss Mistakes

By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Seven Mistakes People Make When Trying to Lose Fat

1. They fail to consider the consequences of their actions.

Alwyn Cosgrove (one of the top trainers in the business) once told me, "I get my clients to think, "Will this help me or not? Is this a positive step or not?" If you can see that every action that you take is either helping you lose fat or stopping you from losing fat, then you will start to make better choices. So remember that everything you put in your mouth is either for or against fat loss. And every exercise choice you make is either for or against fat loss. "Get that", Alwyn says, "and you’re a hit."

2. They neglect to control their insulin and blood sugar levels - 2 key factors in determining whether or not the body fat will come off.

If you eat processed foods you are guaranteed to elevate your insulin & blood sugar levels. If you do that, your body sends the message, “Store fat!”, and you won’t make any progress. So avoid white-flour based bakery products, sugary drinks, and almost any carbohydrate snack that comes in a bag or a box.

3. They train like it’s the 80’s.

Yes, I know. Eighties music is popular again. But that doesn’t mean ineffective training methods from the 80’s like light weights, low intensity steady state cardio, and endless low-intensity ab work should also make a comeback. That type of training should stay buried in the back issues of cheesy muscle magazines. Stick to strength training and interval training for efficient and effective body changing routines.

4. They don’t take 30 minutes to plan their next day’s food intake.

If you fail to do this, you will set your fat loss efforts back by a minimum of 72 hours. Without a good meal plan, you are left to hunt and gather food in the modern world. And that’s a recipe for fat loss disaster. You are bound to eat something processed if you aren’t prepared. You will lose the fat burning benefits from yesterday’s workout and it will take until the end of the following day to get back on track. An entire 72-hour period wasted.

5. They don’t eat enough vegetables.

We can thank John Berardi for making it common knowledge that you should eat fibrous vegetables at every meal to assist your fat loss efforts. By doing so, you’ll control your blood sugar and insulin - thus supporting the optimal hormonal situation for fat loss.

6. They screw up their hormones with poor lifestyle choices.

If you are out boozing and staying up late on the weekend, you are shutting down your fat loss and messing up the optimal hormonal environment for fat burning. I will talk a lot more about the optimal hormonal levels for fat loss, as I believe this is the underrated key to building your best body ever.

7. They don’t plan and monitor their training sessions.

If you are still going to the gym without a plan, then you are going to have a hard time losing fat. And if you aren’t recording your workouts and eating habits, then you aren’t losing as much fat as you probably can. To fix this mistake, start by getting on track with strength training and interval training. It’s guaranteed to get you lean.

About the Author

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men's Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times per week. For more information on the Turbulence Training workouts that will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment, visit

Friday, November 17, 2006

Back Pain and Missed Workouts

“Bodybuilding Sins” That Cause Back Pain and Missed Workouts

by Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS and Steve Hefferon, CMT

Part I of II

It’s one thing for someone who sits at a computer all day and never exercises to have back pain, but for a bodybuilder, someone who spends hours and hours each week pouring everything they’ve got into building muscle, it should be criminal!

The reason we say this is because, if you are going to spend so much time, money, and energy trying to build the “perfect body”, you have to make sure that you not only look good, but also feel good…

We’ve identified what we call “Bodybuilding Sins” that lead to back pain, sciatic pain, and other injuries… read em and take action now if you are serious about bodybuilding and are fed up with your back pain.

Because there is so much information to share with you, we’ve broken it down into a series of 5 articles, each covering a different component of how back pain affects bodybuilders.

Here’s a breakdown of the articles to look for:

1. Article #1 - Choosing The WRONG Exercises (below)
2. Article #2 - Training Variations for Pain Relief and Maximum Results
3. Article #3 - Targeted Stretching
4. Article #4 - Targeted Exercises
5. Article #5 - Rest, Recovery, and Injury Prevention

Article #1 - Choosing the WRONG Exercises

Get ready, this is gonna hurt! The exercises most bodybuilders focus on the most, are the ones that cause the most problems… hopefully, you’re different J

But before we share with you what those exercise are, let’s talk real quickly about what bodybuilding is…

The goal of bodybuilding isn’t to get as big as you can, or at least to us it isn’t and shouldn’t be, but to build a balanced body that is as strong as possible in every way. For example, while being freakishly big may get people’s attention, it serves you no purpose at all…

while on the other hand, what if you were not only big, but also extremely strong and powerful, lightning fast, flexible, and agile enough to kick ass if needed?

So many bodybuilders build massive amounts of muscle yet are so unbelievably weak and inflexible… for example, we know a guy who can bench press over 350 lbs but can’t do a measly 50 push-ups!

The point is, the exercises you choose and how you perform them not only determine how big, strong, and flexible you are, but also affect how your body functions and whether or not you suffer from aches, pains, and injuries like back pain and sciatic pain.

Ok, here they are… the exercises that create the most problems and are most likely to lead to back pain:

1. Bench Press

2. Leg Extension

So, any of your favorites on this list?

While there are others, these are the two that cause the most damage.

There are several reasons why these exercises made our list of the “worst bodybuilding exercises”. First, both of them target areas that already tend to get worked a lot in everyday life and often times are overdeveloped…

and by focusing so much on these exercises you end up creating muscle imbalances, or worsening existing muscle imbalances, which pull your bones and joints out of their normal position…

and this leads to uneven pressure and wear and tear on your muscle, ligaments, tendons, bones, and joints and will sooner or later lead a break down or injury.

For example, chronic overuse of the bench press, coupled with little or no exercises targeting the upper back, leads to an overdevelopment of the chest and a lack of strength and development in the upper back…

This all too common combination leads to what we call “Turtle Back”. You know what we’re talking about, when the shoulders are pulled so far forward, lats are as wide as barn, and from behind, their back looks like a giant sea turtle shell!

This “Turtle Back” posture can create neck, upper back, and shoulder pain and injuries faster than you can pop an Advil!

Plus, how many times during your day are you forced to lie on your back and push up a bar loaded with weights? There are so many better exercises for chest development that not only stimulate more muscle, but also build more usable strength.

Now let’s talk about the fabulous thigh builder, the leg extension…

Not only does it place an unbelievable amount of strain on the knee joint, but it also will quickly overdevelop the quads, which are already getting far more work than their counterpart, the hamstrings.

An imbalance between the quadriceps and hamstrings, which is also extremely common in bodybuilders, is a key contributor to back pain. This imbalance is easily identifiable by what people often call “Bubble Butt” or “Ghetto Booty”.

So hopefully you can see how important it is to choose your exercises wisely. We strongly recommend you cut out these exercises, or at least cut back on using them and add in targeted exercises for the opposing muscle groups and targeted stretches for those tight, overdeveloped muscles.

The key to eliminating back pain, or any other ache, pain or injury for that matter, is to bring your body closer to balance…

What good is muscle if you can’t use it? How many more workouts are you going to miss because of back, neck, or shoulder pain? How much bigger and stronger could you be if back pain and other injuries weren’t ruining your training?

Just imagine how bad things will be 10, 20, or 30 years from now if you don’t make changes to your training now… but don’t take our word for it, ask some of the older bodybuilders who are paying the price now... you can spot them easily at the gym because they limp around trying to find something they CAN do.

Click here for Part II of this article: “Training Variations for Pain Relief and Maximum Results”

Pregnancy and Lower Back Pain

Pregnancy and Lower Back Pain: The Hidden Cause

By Dr. Tomas Sullivan

The decisions of picking a name… The anticipation and excitement… Painting the new room… Clothing, diapers and family celebrations. The joy of a pregnancy is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Unfortunately however, for many women the later months of pregnancy can prove to be quite challenging. One common problem many women face is lower back pain.

Lower back pain can be a horrible interruption in day-to-day activities for a pregnant woman. More importantly, it interferes with their quality of life, not to mention the enjoyment of one of the most memorable times of their life.

The obvious cause of lower back pain is the biomechanical stress being placed on the mother by the added weight of baby. As the baby gains weight the mother is pulled forward. In order to compensate for this forward pull, the mother has to lean her upper body backward. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the low back and pelvis.

This explanation of low back pain sounds complete. It is a true explanation but is only a small part the problem. The “hidden” cause of lower back pain is actually muscle imbalances. In fact muscle imbalances are a common cause of lower back pain in pregnancy but it is also responsible for back pain in a majority of the population.

The strength and tone of the muscular system is an extremely important factor when assessing a patient with lower back pain. Unfortunately, muscle imbalances are not addressed properly by most health practitioners… but just because they are not trained in identifying and addressing muscle imbalances, it doesn’t mean you have to continue to suffer…

But before I share with you the solution to this problem, let me first explain in more detail what a muscle imbalance is and how it causes back pain and sciatica…

In a nutshell, muscle imbalances work like this. Muscles work together with opposing muscles to allow movement at joints. One muscle stretches while the other shortens. Each side should be of equal tone and strength. When a pregnant woman walks, moves, bends, twists or sleeps she will typically do so in an unbalanced and awkward manner to accommodate for her increased weight. In addition, various everyday activities and positions we put our body in create imbalances in the muscle groups and during pregnancy it only worsens…

Muscle imbalances then pull the pelvis and low back out of alignment and this places uneven and excessive stress on the muscles, bones and joints.

The spine is comprised of 24 moveable bones with a shock-absorbing disc in between each bone. This spinal column rests on three large bones called the pelvic girdle. When this spinal column is in proper alignment it will carry a majority of the weight and stress being placed on the body. When one or more of these 24 bones misaligns, especially the pelvis, the muscles work overtime so to speak. They now have to carry the weight that the spinal column is supposed to handle. At this point the muscles are unbalanced and are very prone to an injury. Lower back pain is the most common expression of this problem.

If the above scenario takes place then the stage has been set for lower back pain and dysfunction. Not only does the soon to be Mom have to deal with safely carrying the baby, she has to now do it with a painful lower back. Let’s face it, the soon to be Mom is going to be in pain and she is not going to enjoy her most cherished time in life.

The Solution

The solution is based on a better understanding of muscle imbalances and how your body works… The first thing you have to do is fully understand what muscle imbalances are, how they are created and how they cause back pain and sciatica…

Once you understand muscle imbalances the next step is to identify the ones you have and understand how they are creating your pain… after you have identified the imbalances is when you can then begin addressing them with the right combination of corrective exercises, stretches and treatments…

Unfortunately, there are very few healthcare professionals that are trained and experienced in addressing muscle imbalances… the good news is you can find out what imbalances you have on your own by performing simple self assessments or tests. You can learn more about how to identify and address your muscle imbalances by visiting

For more information on how to treat all forms of Back Pain read the latest Back Pain Advisory from The Healthy Back Institute. Visit to sign up for your free back pain e-mail educational course.

Dr. Thomas Sullivan, got his undergraduate degree from The Johns Hopkins University in 1993 and received his Decorate of Chiropractic in 1997 from Life College of Chiropractic, he is a Certified Active Release Practitioner and Director of Sullivan Chiropractic and Muscle Therapy Center in Manhattan NY.

To see other great articles by Dr. Sullivan, please visit There, you will find many more articles and resources to help educate and get rid of your back pain forever.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A new body for the new year

Tuesday 14th of November 2006

RE: A New You

I am writing to you in hopes that you get this
email in time!

I want to share with you something very special...

Did you know that we gain more bodyfat between
October and December than all the other months

With the Christmas and the New Year quickly
approaching wouldn't you like enter 2007 well
over the hump and already seeing real progress
in terms of your shape.

AND... still enjoy some of your favorite foods.

Wouldn't it be nice to be...

---> super-fit and healthy

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---> mentally "empowered" to make permanent
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It can be done... follow the link below to
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First I want to tell you what I want to share
with you isn't...

It is not a pill.

It is not a diet.

It is not a newfangled workout gadget or
hour-long fitness routine.

It is not something only Superman or Superwoman
can do.

I know what you're thinking.... OK
Arthur.... What is it?

Today I want to share with you not a gimmick or a
"get fit quick" scheme...

I want to share a change of lifestyle that will
dramatically alter how you feel about yourself
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Do the following advantages sound appealing to

---> A real human being on your team to inspire,
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---> A nutrition plan that's built around your life
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---> A tailor-made fitness plan that includes real-
world resistance training and cardio
techniques that get you in and out of the gym
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---> Email support to keep you accountable for the
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If so then simply follow me to the next page
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Fat Loss Workout

What's Wrong With Your Fat Loss Workout

By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Are you frustrated by a lack of results?

Are you spending too much time in the gym?

It drives me crazy to hear about people working really hard but getting no results.

But I see people in the gym everyday that are doing the same workout and getting nowhere.

You can see the look of frustration and the dread of even doing the workout in their eyes.

I hope this doesn't describe you and your fat loss situation. If it does, let's take a look at some of the best fat loss tips and workout solutions to get you back on the fat loss track.

1. CB's Top 3 Training Tips for Fat Loss

i) Train with intensity. Yes it takes a lot of effort to do 45 minutes of cardio, but that is low-intensity exercise (since you can do it for 45 minutes straight). Instead, you have to increase the intensity of your efforts.

That means the following...

ii) Don't rely on slow, steady, long workouts of cardio. Use intervals instead.

iii) Don't use high reps for fat loss. Use low reps instead.

You want to increase the intensity of your training to put "metabolic turbulence" on your muscles.

So you need to use moderately heavy weights or advanced bodyweight exercises and interval training to apply this metabolic disturbance and elicit a significant increase in post-exercise energy expenditure.

However, no matter how well you adhere to these training tips, you will not succeed without getting serious about your nutrition. Of course, that's why I had Dr. Chris Mohr design the Turbulence Training Fat Loss Nutrition Guide to go along with my workout.

With the right training intensity and nutrition, you will "get your hormones in order". Eating poorly can decrease testosterone (in males) and increase insulin in both men and women. This will cause fat storage. At the same time, too much cardio and stress can increase cortisol.

If you have high cortisol levels, increased insulin, and lower than normal testosterone, you are in big trouble when it comes to having a good body.

You need to improve your hormone levels to stimulate fat loss. In fact, I think that even Pilates & Yoga can help you lose fat when combined with good nutrition - because these exercise techniques may be able to reduce stress and could bring those hormone levels back to normal.

But for the fastest, guaranteed methods of fat loss, my weapon of choice is the more intense interval training and resistance training in the Turbulence Training program.

Bottom line: While cardio is focused on breaking down the body, strength training, yoga, and Pilates all focus on building the body. Stick with body-builders.

2. The 3 Biggest Fat Loss Workout Mistakes

i) Using only long slow cardio. There is definitely mixed research support for long, slow cardio. Most studies will show you two things:

a) Doing only aerobic training (without proper nutrition) will get you only a small amount of weight loss - even over very long periods of time.

b) Proper nutrition plus cardio will help you lose weight, but you will also lose lean body mass - and you won't end up with the body you want (or deserve).

Plus, long, slow cardio just takes too much time up from your schedule. Stick to interval training instead. You will get better results in half the time.

ii) The second mistake is sticking with the same program too long.

In most gyms, everyday is Groundhog Day (just like the movie).

You'll see the same men and women doing the exact workout that they did 2 days. I see men and women using the exact same weight circuit as they did literally the day before, using the same weight, the same crappy form, and showing the same lack of interest.

These people are much better off doing fewer workouts following a structured plan of increased intensity. Don't trade quality for quantity.

iii) The 3rd mistake...Doing high rep-low weight isolation exercises.

Exercises such as triceps kickbacks, concentration curls, side raises, and ab crunches are almost a complete waste of time.

The men and women that use isolation exercises will not make any improvements. Unfortunately, this is the approach taken by a lot of people in the gym.

Next time, we'll review the superiority of interval training and the best ways to weight train for fat loss.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

P.S. Here are some TT Success Stories...

"Hi Craig - just to let you know a few things. First, I LOVE your program. In just under two weeks, I have already started seeing definition that has been my goal for as long as I have been working out (a LONG time); second, I love your interaction with your website and your program - that speaks more than just about anything as far as your commitment and dedication and belief; and thirdly, I tell everyone I know about it in hopes of getting them as excited as I am. Well, just wanted to let you know - gotta go now and do my TT workout! Keep up the GREAT work, and thanks!"
Susan Siceloff

"Thanks Craig for the phenomenal package. As a semi-successfull trainer in Milwaukee, I feel I have the tools to get me to that elite level. I can't wait to try these workouts myself as well as on my clients. Talk about getting bang for your buck!"
Nick Holtzman

"Craig, I've been using Turbulence Training since July. It has helped me gain strength and flexibility and I use the body weight program for my cardio, both of which have helped me lose 21 pounds and 10% body fat. I look forward to your daily newsletters and tips and like the manuals you produce. Thanks for your help with my health and fitness."
Ron O'Connell

"Turbulence Training is perfect for anyone looking to get into phenomenal shape without utilizing fancy equipment. This is an easy to follow program with plenty of great information to keep you on track. You can not go wrong with any of Craig's programs."
Jeff Fellure, MS, CSCS, PES

"I have only been using TT a few short weeks, but I am already seeing results. I'm gaining strength and endurance while toning up and building muscle, plus the variety keeps me motivated. Thanks."
Lynne Krulich

About the Author

Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men's Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked Turbulence Training fat loss workouts have been featured multiple times in Men’s Fitness and Maximum Fitness magazines, and have helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat, gain muscle, and get lean in less than 45 minutes three times per week. For more information on the Turbulence Training workouts that will help you burn fat without long, slow cardio sessions or fancy equipment, visit

Friday, November 10, 2006

Training Stagnant?

When Should You Increase The Weight?
By: Marc David

Copyright © 2006 Marc David

Without progression, the body has no reason to adapt and that leads to stagnant training. Which is known as the dreaded PLEATEU.

If you aren't making gains with your current program, then you aren't going to achieve the results you want. A big mistake many people make is finding a program and sticking with it even if the program isn't producing results.

"If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got." -- W. L. Bateman

A common belief is that if you just stick with the program, results are inevitable.

Think about this...

If you aren't seeing results on a MONTHLY basis in some capacity, it's time to change the training protocol.

99% of success comes from having a well formulated plan. A good plan includes tracking your progress. By monitoring your nutrition, body composition, and keeping a training journal, you will be able to see how you are progressing or if you are not making any progress. Keeping some type of journal will allow you to make educated decisions on when and if it's time to change your training load (the weight you are lifting).


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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get 2-3 times the results from your training NOW

A revolutionary new training concept that delivers 2 TO 3 TIMES the muscle and strength-building results from the SAME EFFORT you're putting in RIGHT NOW...


A CONSTANT stream of extraordinary new exercises, training techniques, as well as fat-loss, muscle and strength-building "know-how" distilled from more than 16 years of "in the trenches" training experience...


Your ONE-WAY TICKET to the lean, strong, sculpted body that you train so hard to achieve!

Because right now, you're going to learn about:

- a training system that teaches you how to combine TWO forms of resistance into ONE single exercise, doubling and even TRIPLING the muscle-building tension you get in each and every set you do


- a brand-new, information-packed training resource that is going to get you the "good stuff"...the unique, cutting-edge, training info that you NEED to get the best results possible... served up to you on almost a daily basis!

Sound good? Keep reading...

Art Breshears

Here it is in black and white...if you want to maximize every single rep of every single set that you do, you need to train SMARTER, NOT HARDER.

That's where I come in...

I've just discovered two amazing training resources that are going to send your gains through the roof!

Recently, Nick Nilsson, the author of a number of unique training ebooks such as "The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of" and "Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss" sent me a copy of his new book and a membership to his new site.

Nick is best known for coming up with unconventional, unique and, above all, EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE exercises and training techniques. His new site and book are definitely no exceptions! This stuff is GOLD.

1. Hybrid Training - Maximum Tension For Maximum Muscle

In "Hybrid Training," you'll learn how to combine multiple forms of resistance (e.g. free weights, bands, cables, bodyweight) into SINGLE EXERCISES to keep MAXIMUM TENSION on your muscles at all times.

And why is this good? Because when you lose tension in the muscles, you INSTANTLY decrease the muscle-building potential of the exercise. With "Hybrid Training," your muscles get NO break in tension and you lose NO potential growth. Your muscles will almost literally EXPLODE with new growth and strength gains!

And I'm not kidding when I say the information in this book has the potential to TOTALLY SHATTER any muscle-building or strength plateaus you may be experiencing right now.

Just take a look at these two examples from the book...

- a technique that allows you to do FULL RANGE REPS of bench press with ONE HUNDRED POUNDS MORE than your regular maximum bench press. The first time you try it, you'll be hooked! Itdevelops the muscles and connective tissue like nothing you've ever felt before.

- exercises that TOTALLY ELIMINATE the weak points of standard exercises to fully stimulate the muscles through their ENTIRErange of motion thus achieving MUCH faster growth.

E.g, when you do dumbell flyes for chest, you get great tension at the bottom but almost nothing at the top. Imagine if you could add another form of resistance to the exercise and get FULL TENSION at the bottom AND ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP! Take it from me...your chest will never be the same.

And in "Hybrid Training" you'll get exercises that apply muscle-building tension just like this to EVERY SINGLE BODYPART. Seriously....these two examples aren't even scratching the surface!

But "Hybrid Training" is just the first step...

2. "Powerful Training Secrets" - Your New Membership Site With ANever-Ending Supply of Unique and Effective Training Information

If you're like me, when I learn a new exercise or new training technique, I CAN'T WAIT to get to the gym to try it out. I'm like a kid in a candy store. It keeps me motivated and keeps me excited to train!

But where do you go to get new training information? Sure, the muscle magazines have info in them from time to time but, to be quite honest, you have to be willing to dig through all the supplement ads and rehashed fluff to get to anything new.

And when you go digging to find information on the Internet, how can you be sure that the source is legitimate? How do you know if the "expert" on the forum is really an expert or a 16 year-old kid who's been training for 3 months?

With "Powerful Training Secrets," you're going to get NOTHING BUT the best information, directly from Nick...he's been training more than 16 years and has a degree in Physical Education (including advanced biomechanics, physiology and kinesiology), in addition to being a certified personal trainer for the past 10 years and a published author!

You'll get VIDEOS for just about everything so you know EXACTLY what you're doing, no matter how new the exercises are to you.

And where "Hybrid Training" is a very focused, new concept in training with a complete set of exercises, "Powerful Training Secrets" is a CONSTANT stream of new stuff covering ALL KINDS of approaches.

Unique new exercises...

Powerful new training techniques...

Dramatically better results for you, starting now!!

And you'll get it for less than the cost of a single one of those magazines...and without the digging!
Both "Hybrid Training" and "Powerful Training Secrets" are ready for you to jump on RIGHT NOW!

And here's the best part...when you sign up for a yearly membership with "Powerful Training Secrets," Nick is going to GIVE you the "Hybrid Training" eBook too.

Both he and I want you to have ALL this info so you can go to the gym tomorrow and BLOW THE ROOF OFF.

Go check it out right now!

There, you'll get instant-access to a "sample site" where you can see the kind of great information you'll be getting on an almost-daily basis!

And if you're more interested in learning more about "Hybrid Training" problem! He's offering it on its own as well!

Bottom line: if you want better results, you NEED this info and you owe it to yourself to check it out.

If you have any questions about "Hybrid Training" or "Powerful Training Secrets," please feel free to email Nick any time at He's always ready to help!

Art Breshears

P.S. Be sure to get in on the ground floor on this one and lock in your "launch price" membership now! As the "Powerful Training Secrets" site gets packed with more and more information, the membership prices will be going up.

However, once you sign up, your membership price is locked in and will NEVER go up. That's a promise.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Fitness Myths

Top 6 Sources of Fitness Myths

By: Marc David

Nearly everybody who's started out with the dream to get into shape, build muscle or lose fat, has fallen prey to some type of fitness myth. Many times, those myths come from sources and publications that we trust. Maybe it's false advertising that leads somebody to start a myth or the quest to get rich. Or maybe it's just simple ignorance.

The fitness industry is no exception. As with any commerce industry, there's the potential for myths that develop into frauds, dangerous exercises, worthless supplements or just incomplete information. If there is money to be made, you are guaranteed to find some popular fitness myths.

These 6 sources of myths, deception and fraud are not all inclusive. They are the top contenders for a variety of reasons which will be explained below.

The best way I know how to combat and avoid falling prey to any of these misconceptions and myths is to travel down the path of education.

It's far less costly to educate yourself (just learning from a variety of sources) than fall victim to ignorance and waste years and sometimes thousands of dollars on false information. Not to mention the frustration that myths can incur.

Fact is...

These 6 sources can be myth-makers or myth-busters!

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Benefits Of Glutamine

The Undramatic Muscle-Building Benefits Of Glutamine

By: Marc David

Glutamine: The Basics

Glutamine is 1 of 11 nonessential amino acids. Just because it's nonessential doesn't mean it's not necessary. Simply put, the body can produce what it needs. 60% of all free form amino acids come in the form of glutamine. During times of stress (stress not defined), glutamine reserves are depleted.

Glutamine: The Benefits

* Boosts immune system functions
* Maintain muscle mass (preservation)
* Prevents muscle breakdown (catabolism)
* Enhances glycogen storage
* Aids recovery from exercise
* Promotes healing
* Increases growth hormone levels

Many studies have already proven that despite all the hype about how glutamine supplementation might help increase muscle mass, strength and prevent the dreaded OT (overtraining) syndrome, research articles that can be found today (2006) that examine glutamine supplementation benefits on performance, body composition and protein degradation have shown that it offers no noticeable, scientifically proven benefit to the weight lifter.

[There goes that popular theory that glutamine helps preserver your precious muscle after workouts or in general.]

Face it... nobody makes any money proving a supplement doesn't work.

Obviously when I received the original article about glutamine's super muscle building benefits, I was curious myself. After finding the research done by David Barr, I was so excited I couldn't wait to tell you. I'm not going to provide a full reference list - they're all right at the end of David Barr's article which will be included here for your reference.

[Thank you, David Barr, for doing all the leg work so I can pass along your research.]

To summarize some of the key points that David Barr found in his original research:

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Are grains really healthy?

Are you like me and have a hard time with eating
beans and grains, despite the fact they're supposed
to be 'healthy'?

Do you gain fat when you eat even "non-refined"
healthy carbs like brown rice?

I did -- until recently.

Here's your mid-week tip:

Soak all grains and legumes for 24 hours
prior to cooking them.

Don't worry -- they taste the same. They're even
more fluffy. But, more important than that --

they are now "lectin-free"...or 90% there.

What are lectins?

Lectins are protein and protein-family substances
that love to bind to stuff and mess with your body's
cellular structure.

The have a nasty habit of rendering even the most
healthy of foods (almost always plant-based) very
unhealthy for you to consume.

This does not have to be.

Simply soaking brown rice and legumes (beans)
in water for 24 hours, according to food allergy
researcher Dr. David Freed, causes the lectins in
both foods to be destroyed 10 minutes into cooking.

This will not happen if you cook grains normally.

This is why you may be sniffling or having a hard
time with "good carbs" in your diet. There are other
reasons, but I've found this to be the ace in the hole.

Try it and see if your grains don't go down better.

Want more tips like this, as well as the
5 Steps that are guaranteed to make any
food plan (die-t...spelled that way because
look at the first three letters...this plan is not
a death sentence!) --

5 times easier

5 times faster (as fast as possible to shed fat
in a healthy way)

5 times more powerful (something you can
manage for life!)

Go get "Simply Eat!' today --


Art Breshears

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

An absolutely killer freee audio

I love it when you really get something for
nothing...and that's rare.

Well, I just did...and I wanted to share it
with you.

My friend Jon Benson has broken the trend
yet again.

Get this:

He created an "audio newsletter" -- that's
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This newsletter is the first of many...and I've
read and listened to his stuff. It's just killer.

All you have to do is go here --

That's my personal link to Jon's site...and
when you use it, you'll get this all for freee.

(Pass this around...but remember, this is
a gift from Jon, so be cool...)

Then, be sure to subscribe to Jon's freee
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You can't miss how -- a huge box will slide
down and swallow the page! It's really
pretty cool...

Now you'll be getting "AudioFIT" every
week for freee -- really.


You can listen to this issue TONIGHT.
But, you have to know how...

All you have to do is scroll to the bottom
of the webpage. You'll see a logo for
AudioFIT at the very bottom.

Click on it.

That's it...then enjoy the audio.

Art Breshears

P.S. Jon gives away more stuff for freee
than anyone I know in fitness. I 'highly'
recommend that you buy his best-seller
e-book, "Fit Over 40", while you're on
his site.

The links to do that are right on the audio
page...and, what's REALLY cool...

he gives you all the audios from here on
out in MP3 format so you can listen to
them anytime, anywhere.

P.P.S. That's worth 10x the price of the
book...and his book is "priceless" if you
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P.P.P.S. Have you ever seen a great
grandmother who could kick your butt
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...,and a guy who wheeled himself
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...and a guy who lost 75% of his heart
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Want to discover that one thing?

RE: Join a team that will help you overcome obstacles

I am really excited to give you a sneak peak of
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This program is unlike any you have ever seen
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Because it harnesses the power of an entire team
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What is it?

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"I have yet to pass 7 days from the time I
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This is not some "new book"'s the "---------
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Freee gifts, including a 41-minute audio on
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To your success and well-being,

Art Breshears

P.S. - Would you like to know more about my
friend Jon Benson?

I feel you deserve to know who a bit more about
who I am recommending to you (even though you
know I just don't recommend anybody)!

Perhaps you can relate to this story:

About fifteen years ago, Jon was an obese man, a
workaholic, spiritually bankrupt, and financially
struggling to make ends meet.

He was on countless bottles of medication for
depression and various physical problems, and
he was in a dead-end job that he hated.

To top it all off, he was having problems in
every relationship that mattered to him,
including his own family.

He spent the following 15 years dedicating his
life to reading hundreds of books on personal
development, empowerment, mastery, health,
and fitness.

The result?

Jon went from an obese couch potato with a
laundry list of health ailments to a fitness role
model with superior health.

At the chronological age of forty, he possessed
the fitness age of an extremely active

His wealth took off along with his health...this
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P.P.S. Now just imagine THIS: having an
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