Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fourth of July

Free report on Hosting a Family Friendly Fourth of July Party in Your Back Yard

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Make It Personal - Know Your Own Reasons for Quitting

You know you want to quit smoking.

But do you know WHY?

For many people who are trying to quit smoking, it helps to have a list of reasons why -- a kind of map that you can turn back to when the going gets tough.

What are YOUR reasons to quit?

__ You want to add more years to your life, by decreasing your health risks.
__ You want to stop spending money on cigarettes, and save that extra spending money for yourself.
__ You want to prove to yourself that you can meet this challenge . . . so you can go on to improving your lifestyle in other ways.
__ You want to experience more natural energy, better health, and better quality of life.
__ You want to model healthy living for your children and grandchildren.
__ (insert your own reasons here -- and keep the list)

Whatever your reasons are, you should write them down and keep them close. Have them in front of you. Repeat them to yourself again and again. Keep a 3"x5" card in your pocket or purse with the list. In doing so, you'll be laying the psychological groundwork to make quitting easy.

We've been telling you about a comprehensive hypnosis program for smoking cessation, The Non-Smoker's Edge. And, as we thought about the importance of wanting to quit smoking, we realized that this program perfectly demonstrates those principles.

The Non-Smoker's Edge uses new techniques in cognitive behavioral therapy and clinical hypnosis to help you truly want to quit smoking . . . with your mind, body, and soul. Using a holistic approach, it helps you keep your goal in mind at all times. And not just your goal, but the reasons for this goal.

Desire is critical to action. Maybe that's why multi-session hypnosis has a 66% success rate at helping people quit smoking. That's higher than any other smoking cessation method that there is.

To learn more about hypnosis for smoking cessation in general and The Non-Smoker's Edge in particular, see this page:

The publisher, The Hypnosis Network, guarantees the results for a full year. If you're not satisfied, you can return the program for a full refund of the purchase price less shipping. And right now they're offering a great deal for our readers - $50 off the regular price. You can get the whole program (7 CDs) for only $99.

Make your list of reasons. And then make the next move to quit.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Better Body University

Are you "book-ending" your meals? If not... need to learn about it.

Only 100 people will.

It is one of the many hidden tricks Jon Benson
and Scott Colby are going to share with a select
few as you get into your best shape in just 28 days.

And about how to get three times more fat-burning
power out of your workouts without ever leaving
your home?

And how to eat, think, and train for your best shape
in just 28 days? you can join up with your very own
5-person Accountability Group...freee? For life!

It's all here --

My friends Jon Benson and Scott Colby are about
to kick off their ONLY session of Better Body
University in just a few days.

They are only accepting 100 members. No joke,
and no exceptions. Only 100 people, and there
are only a handful of spots left open.

You never leave your home -- and you get to be
coached personally by two of the best fat-burning
coaches on the planet.

What's even better -- you can now join in payments.
That will save you bucks.

Go


Art Breshears
Fitness and Health

P.S. Jon and Scott have already filled up most of
their Better Body University class...but they are
letting me tell my friends about the few spots
still left open.

You should SEE the people enrolled! Folks from
all over the planet: Greece, Turks & Caicos, New
Zealand, Australia, Mexico...and of course the
US and UK.

No matter where you are in the world, this
series of phone calls, emails, and small group
coaching is for you.

Everyone is coming together, and I want you to
be a part of this one-time-only "28-Days-to-Top-
Shape" University.

Read and see more here --

Mental Secrets to the Perfect Weight

If you are having problems with losing weight (we know
sticking to a diet can be difficult), then this message will
be the most important message you will ever read.

Here's why:

A major-league weight loss psychotherapist, Dr. Roberta
Temes, has finally decided to publish the same sessions she
uses with celebrities and other VIP New York clients.

These hypnosis sessions allow them to follow the advice
of their dieticians almost effortlessly, even with their
hectic schedules.

She has had great success in working with people who have
problems following their eating and exercise plans . . . the
plans that they KNOW they need to use in order to get to and
maintain their ideal weights.

Although she has worked with some celebrities we cannot name,
she has also helped normal people finally gain control
over cravings that they never believed they would overcome.

Ann Carlo from Sag Harbor, New York is an example:


"Enjoying Weight Loss is fabulous. Thought I forgot all about
it yesterday, until I realized that I ate breakfast (which
I rarely do), drank a lot of water, had a veggie dinner and
DIDN'T EAT ANY SUGAR . . . A MIRACLE! Can't convince me that
this system does not operate on some level . . . even though
you're not always conscious of it at the time."


Dr. Temes is on the Department of Psychiatry at the SUNY
Health Science Center Medical School, so everything she does
is based on research and not "pop" psychology.

This is not the typical weight loss program that you might
be used to seeing. It is not a "diet" or a "workbook" and it
won't try to psychoanalyze you with a bunch of "inner child"

It is straight clinical hypnosis from the author of
Medical Hypnosis, the first hypnosis textbook used in
medical schools.

Here are some of the amazing things you will learn
when you go through Dr. Temes' seven-session program:

* How to stop your cravings instantaneously,
allowing you to stop binging before you start.
* How to get off the diet roller coaster. (Learn how to move
from being a "dieter" to being someone who is permanently
* How to create new neural pathways that empower you to
replace unhealthy eating habits with healthy ones.
* Why willpower will not work long term, and how to
create effortless motivation.
* How to eliminate your desire for sodas and
replace them with a craving for WATER!

And that's just a tiny fraction of what you'll learn
how to do in this 4-CD audio program.

The best part about this program is that it uses hypnosis,
so there are no guidebooks or things you are supposed
to do later. All you do is spend 15 minutes a day listening
to the sessions and the changes start to happen. Most people
notice a dramatic change within just 21 days!

This program comes with an iron-clad 1 YEAR
no-questions-asked money back guarantee, and it's easy to

Best of all, because it is so important to your health that
you get this program, Fitness and Health has
negotiated a special deal for you.

This offer, which includes the complete Enjoying Weight Loss
4-CD program and over $75 of valuable bonuses, will cost you
less than $100. But only if you order in the next week, or
until supplies run out.

To your health,
Michael Lovitch
Co-Founder, Hypnosis Network

P.S. This program is recommended by doctors,trainers,
and dieticians who use it to help their clients with
diet adherence:

"I have been using the Enjoying Weight Loss
program with my patients who tell me they don't even think
about 'bad' food anymore . . . it's just a fact in their
mind. They find it easy to change self-destructive behavior
and 'stay with the program' that I recommend. This has
always been my biggest challenge as a clinician."

Dr. Deborah Baker-Racine
Huntsville, Canada

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Exercising Safely In The Heat

Summer is officially here. Finally you can pack away your jackets and get outside. Summer offers extras hours of daylight and with it the opportunity to spend even more time enjoying outdoor activities. For many, this means more time doing physical activities and playing sports. So, it's important to remember the potential dangers that also come with exercising in hot conditions. As long as you know the dos and don'ts of working out in the heat, then you can fully take advantage of all the fun of summer.

Read the complete article at

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Free Online Recipes for Building Muscle

My Practical "Lazy Cook" Recipes For Building Muscle! So Easy Even a Caveman Can Make Them...
By Nick Nilsson

Find yourself short on time to cook a good meal? I know I do! Learn my "secret" recipes that are extremely quick and simple to make. I'll give you my favorite muscle-building meals!

If you're like me, you sometimes find yourself short on time to cook yourself a good meal. And if you're also like me, meaning a lazy cook, sometimes the motivation to really make a grand meal is short, too!

So what do you when this happens but you still want to reach your muscle-building goals?

I've got three great "recipes" (and I use the word "recipes" in the loosest sense possible!) to share with you that will help you stay on track towards massing up.

Keep in mind, even though I'm going to inject a little humor into this list, these are examples of actual things you can prepare for yourself to help make your life easier! I just want to show you that decent nutrition doesn't have be dull as dirt or taste like it either.

Also it's important to note, I'm NOT a nutritionist And I don't claim to be! So PLEASE don't make a gigantic vat of mashed potatoes then complain because you're diabetic and your blood sugar is so high that you're sweating maple syrup. These recipes are for "entertainment purposes only," so if you DO follow them, personal responsibility is the keyword here! :)
These recipes are simple to make, don't take long to cook and are geared to my own personal skill level of cooking, which is boiling, microwaving, toasting (in a toaster, not one of them fancy toaster oven things), some basic fry pan work and ripping open packages like a starving raccoon...

With these recipes, I'm not going to include salads. You're on your own with those. Personally, I eat them as often as I can (and you should too!), taking advantage of the convenient prepackaged salad bags from the store, throwing in some grape tomatoes, almonds, broccoli, carrots and whatever else is in the fridge that looks like it might go well in a salad and isn't TOO far past the date. Add some healthy dressing (on a side note, salsa is actually surprisingly good on salad) and voila! You're good to go.

Getting plenty of vegetables is also important - rather than force my personal vegetable preferences onto you (which are broccoli, snap peas, carrots, and chocolate covered almonds) just make the effort to eat vegetables as much as you can every day. Fresher and less processed is better, as is organic, but just do the best you can with that. You would have to REALLY go to town to eat TOO many vegetables so don't be shy with them.

I'm also a big fan of taking vitamin and mineral supplements because no matter how "balanced" your diet appears to be, food is so depleted of nutrients right from the start these days that you're probably not getting nearly as many nutrients as you think you are from your food.

Let me put it this way, I'd rather have "expensive urine" (many doctors seem to think this is all you'll get from taking vitamins) than a debilitating illness caused by simple vitamin and mineral deficiencies that I then have to take expensive drugs to basically just mask the symptoms of.

But I digress...

To make best use of these recipes for those short on time, Tupperware will be your best friend. Make a LOT when you DO make something and save the rest for later. It's great to make things fresh but it's also great to just sling something you made yesterday into the microwave and eat it again (and again after that, if you made a WHOLE LOT!). It'll save you from eating cereal three meals a day (not that I've ever done THAT, of course...).

Serving sizes are totally up to you. I usually eat the majority of what I make then save some for the next day, especially if it's a post-workout meal.

So let's get into those muscle building recipes...

Continued at

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lose The Back Pain

After viewing The Healthy Back Institute's Lose The Back Pain
System, all I can say is that it's revolutionary in the treatment
and curing of back pain and sciatica. This team of doctors,
physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and personal
trainers put together a completed package.

The system teaches you how to self-asses your specific conditions
and how to correct it. The corrective exercises and stretches are
performed by the individuals as demonstrated in the 2 DVD's and
Manual. One of the neatest aspects of this self assesment is that
it takes away the guessing. The very first step involves having
someone take pictures of your posture in several different
specified positions and angles. This is used in determining which
stretches and exercises should be performed to CORRECT the problem.

That is the whole intention of this system; TO CORRECT. Most back
pain is caused by muscle imbalances which lead to compensation
therefore pain. The exercises and stretches that you will perform,
are intended to correct those imbalances to get rid of your pain.

There are also two CD's which outline how to get the best results
out of the system, strategies to reduce and manage your pain, and
condition specific recommendations.

What most doctors recommend when you tell them you have back pain
is to take addictive muscle relaxers and pain killers. And in
some cases surgery, which from most of the post-surgery patients
I've seen, most haven't had relief. Often times they just traded
one problem for another.

Therefore, it is my recommendation that anyone with back pain or
Sciatica try the Lose The Back Pain system by The Healthy Back
Institute. It is a natural way of correcting your condition and
becoming pain free.

To learn more about this revolutionary treatment system, please


Art Breshears

Monday, June 04, 2007

How to Blowtorch Body Fat

How to Blowtorch Body Fat & Build the Body of Your Dreams for Summer

Do you want to have a great body to show off at the beach or at a wedding this summer? Do you want to achieve your goals in less workout time than ever before? And do you want to exercise at home with as little equipment as possible?

If you are interested in losing fat as quickly, using simple workouts that can easily be done first thing in the morning or at night in the comfort of your own home, without endless hours of
cardio, fancy equipment or nasty, expensive supplements, then this will be the most important letter you ever read in your entire life. Here's why...

My friend Craig Ballantyne, fat-loss expert, and monthly contributor to the most popular fitness magazines such as Men's Health and Oxygen, is celebrating the 1-year "birthday" of his website, and he wants to help you get in shape for summer and "Save Your Swimsuit Season", because you deserve better results!

In it's first year, has helped thousands of men and women escape the prison of long workouts, crowded gyms, and more importantly, the shackles of unwanted ugly body fat.

For years, Craig worked off-line with men and women at their wit's end, who had tried everything, including 90-minute workouts every day and in some cases up to 7 hours of cardio per week, only to be left in frustration and near tears becuase these high-rep, long cardio sessions just weren't working to burn fat - despite the promises of the so-called "experts".

But Craig knew there was a better way. So he packaged his years of research and over a decade of hands-on training experience into Turbulence Training, a routine that you can do at home, in only 45 minutes per workout, 3 times per week, allowing you more time to live life and love your body.

So to celebrate the "birthday" of and to help you finally lose the fat once and for all this summer, Craig's put together 7 limited-time bonuses just for you. These bonuses will ONLY be offered for the next 3 days. After Wednesday at midnight, you'll never again have a chance to get all 7 of these bonuses together again.

And you know what? After painstakingly reviewing the Turbulence Training workouts and fat loss philosophy, comparing them to the common long, slow cardio workouts that so many people are doing (unsuccessfully, I might add), I've found that Turbulence Training IS the most efficient and effective fat loss program available.

With all of the "lose fat fast" programs and snake-oil supplements out there, I have a strict criteria that a program has to meet before I even consider recommending it to my friends.

But Turbulence Training is the real deal - after all, if these workouts weren't, would the biggest fitness magazine in the world, Men's Health, feature Turbulence Training workouts? Of course not, they have too much to lose. It's no surprise to me that Craig's workout advice was featured not once, but TWICE in the June 2007 issue of Men's Health magazine.

And he is on Oxygen magazine's Training Advisory Board, where he answers female fat loss using the Turbulence Training principles. Believe me, Turbulence Training is the real deal for fast fat loss.

With Turbulence Training, you have nothing to lose (except for fat!) and everything to gain (including more time to live life, rather than spending your time indoors in your home gym in the basement or at a crowded, stinky, overpriced commercial gym).

Because not only are his workouts proven by both research and experience, but you also have a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee that you'll love his workouts. Or just return it for your money back.

Now let me tell you more about the Turbulence Training workouts.

First of all, they can all be done at home with dumbbells, a bench, and an exercise ball (a chin-up bar is also helpful for those that are strong enough).

Second, thousands of both men AND women (yes, women too!) have used these Turbulence Training workouts successfully to lose fat in a very short amount of time and without long, slow boring cardio. Craig's proven that you don't need to be at the gym everyday for an hour or more.

"After 3wks of that program, I could already see results and I liked how the workouts were fun, intense, and efficient. At 34, I'm leaner and stronger than I've ever been. Thanks Craig!"
Christine Johnston, Little Rock, AK

In fact, the Turbulence Training workouts will only take 45 minutes, three days per week, and you can do everything at home. No need for fancy, expensive gym memberships, or long commutes to an annoying "mega-club" where you have to compete for equipment (or worse, wait for a machine covered in the nasty sweat of the hairy powerlifter that used it just before you).

Turbulence Training is as straight-forward as any fat loss program could be. You'll get the workouts done fast, avoiding useless exercises or any waiting around twiddling your thumbs. Craig has cut the fluff you find in so many other programs so that you are using ONLY the best exercises that give the most results in the least amount of time.

If you've ever struggled to figure out what to do for your fat loss program, then worry no more. Turbulence Training spells it out, workout by workout, exercise by exercise, set by set, and rep by rep, for a full 16-weeks of advanced fat loss workouts.

Turbulence Training also includes workouts for the absolute beginner to help any newcomer, no matter what your situation, get started on their fat loss plan. Craig's program also gives you dozens of weeks of bonus workouts that help you take your lean body to the next level of definition.

How badly do you finally want to succeed this summer? Maybe you got off to a great start earlier this year, only to have your momentum fizzle out because you lacked the time to follow that 6 hour per week program you got from the magazines. Or maybe you just got tired of doing the same workout week-in, week-out, because your old program didn't have any variety.

All of those problems are fixed by the Turbulence Training program. And you owe it to yourself to get Turbulence Training because you deserve a program that gets you results fast, not a program that makes you spend an hour on the treadmill each day while summer passes you by...You don't need to live in the gym to look great!

With all of the beginner workouts, regular TT bonuses, 16-weeks of advanced fat loss workouts, AND these 7 limited-time bonuses, you will have all the info you need to burn fat fast. PLUS, you'll have step-by-step instructions for everything from how to measure your body fat, to what to eat at each meal, and exactly how many repetitions you should do for each exercise.

The body you've wanted for too long can be yours, and in less time than you've always thought necessary. Get ready to experience a new body thanks to all the inches you'll lose, the pounds you'll shed, and the energy you'll gain in the next few days, weeks, and months ahead with the Turbulence Training fat loss program you can do at home.

With Turbulence Training's use of time-saving, metabolism-boosting exercises, you'll get all of your workouts done in 45 minutes, three times per week. In less time than it takes to watch the nightly news, an episode of Oprah, or one of those horrible talk shows on CNN, you can make rapid improvements in your body each day.

So here's why I'm writing to you today:

Craig is quickly becoming an international fitness and fat loss expert. His on-line clients now span the entire globe, and he no longer has space for new clients. And those that are lucky
enough to work with him one-on-one pay up to $300 per session for his guidance through their personal Turbulence Training workouts (he's Toronto's most expensive trainer!).

But now the good news. Craig's put together the ultimate Turbulence Training package that contains not only 16-weeks of advanced fat loss workouts and 10 weeks of beginner programs and tons of regular bonuses, but he's also added 7 NEW bonuses that are available only for the next three days, including:

1) Meal Plans for Men & Women by Dr. Chris Mohr (Value $99)

If you're fed up trying to design a diet plan on your own, and not knowing how to eat within your "calorie recommendations", Dr. Chris Mohr's meal plans will show you EXACTLY what to eat at every meal. This "done for you" process will help you burn body fat with easy, delicious, healthy meal plans.

2) How to Measure Your Body Fat by Dr. John Berardi (Value $29.97)

World-famous nutritionist Dr. John Berardi gives you a complete system for measuring your body fat levels at home without expensive equipment. If you want to know how to accurately track your progress, then follow Dr. Berardi's step-by-step plan (PLUS, you'll learn the shocking truth about handheld body fat machines).

3) High-Octane, Fat Burning Recipes by Mike Roussell (Value $19.99)

Is chicken getting boring? Are you sick of oatmeal? Mike Roussell will change all of that with 10 high-octane, fat-burning recipes to help you remove boredom from eating for fat loss. It is easy to eat right when you're using these delicious recipes.

4) How Hormones Affect Your Fat Loss: A Special Report from Dr. Holly Lucille & Jon Benson (Value $19.99)

Imagine your hormones restored naturally, living 100% free from menopause or andropause symptoms, and living life with your energy and your teenage-years love life renewed!" In this report, you'll learn how to avoid "hormone hell" with Dr. Lucille's natural hormone solutions and supplement recommendations.

5) A 1-Month Bonus Trial at Global-Fitness (Value $9.95)

Achieve the best possible results with your diet and exercise routine using this 30-day trial membership to, giving you access to expert-designed workout plans, healthy recipes, fitness e-books, exercise instructions, and their new Motivational Success System!

6) The Turbulence Training Hardcore Fat Loss 4-Week Program by Craig Ballantyne (Value $19.99)

Vaporize stubborn lower-ab fat with this 4-week Advanced Fat Loss program. This might be the most effective, hardcore Turbulence Training fat burning program ever, and will help even the leanest men and women break through annoying fat loss plateaus.

7) A 3-Month Basic Level Membership to the Turbulence Training Discussion Forums & Other Exclusive Fat Loss Info (Value $59.85)

Have your #1 fat loss questions answered by Men's Health and Oxygen magazine expert, Craig Ballantyne. You'll also read Craig's interrogations of other fat loss experts, download Craig's
teleseminars to listen to anytime and anywhere, learn insider secrets from other Turbulence Training success stories, and benefit from the #1 factor overlooked in fat loss programs today, "the power of Social Support" - it really is the secret to your success.

But this entire package is only available for the next 72 hours. On Wednesday, June 6th, at midnight, the 7 new bonuses will disappear from the offer, quite possibly never to be given away again.

If you don't pick-up this incredible collection of fat loss bonuses today, you might kick yourself for missing out. This is the kind of information that can take you from a fat loss plateau to a brand new body practically overnight.

"Thanks, Craig, for the best body I've had since high school (20 years). I have an 11-month old daughter, and long-distance running didn't decrease my post-partum fat much at all. I started using Turbulance Training after reading about it in Maximum Fitness. After 6 weeks I've gone down one size in jeans (and actually they're too baggy now, too) and have the lowest bodyfat percentage than I had before the baby, and during years of marathon training. What appeals so much to me (besides the tighter body!) is that I can finish my workout in under 25 minutes, and get back to my family. It's effective and efficient; remarkably impressive. Thank you!!!!!"
Christine Byers

"I lost 14 pounds this month and the weight is just falling off me. My wife says I now look like when we first met and I still have more to go. I can fit into my old jeans again which is a big deal for me. I just cut back on starches and bread and do your routine 2-3 times a week. I never thought in a million years that just 10-20 minutes of weight training followed by some cardio would get me such steady results. I even cheat a bit on the weekends."
Billy Williams

Success breeds success. If you start now, you'll be burning fat and changing your body almost immediately, and that will give you the complete motivation and inspiration you need to keep at it week after week. After all, you have no time to waste to get your body ready in time for swimsuit season.

If you are sick and tired of spending hours upon hours in the gym doing ineffective workouts and getting next to no results, then use Turbulence Training to cut back on your workout time, boost your metabolism (allowing you to burn calories and fat ALL day and night), and help you lose inches and fit back into your old summer clothes and swimsuits.

"I used to think you needed to spend hours in the gym everyday in order to see results. With the help of CB and Turbulence Training, I have reduced my workouts from 2 hours per day, everyday, to 50 minutes every other day. All the while I have trimmed over 60 lbs. of body fat off my now lean and muscular body.!"
Rob Vickers

This is the year you are going to "take back the beach"! No more hiding behind oversized t-shirts, no more sitting in the shade wearing extra clothes. And no more spending all the nice weather inside on a treadmill. Use the Turbulence Training workouts and the fantastic nutrition bonuses to change your body once and for all.

Remember, like Men's Health magazine, I only recommend the absolute best fat loss resources that come across my desk. And today, that is the Turbulence Training bonus package.

Simply go right here to get started:

Your's Truly,

Art Breshears

P.S. Hurry, you only have until Wednesday, June 6th, at 11:59pm to claim your SEVEN limited-time bonuses. And remember, you get everything in the Turbulence Training package (including a 60-minute audio interview, 4-week Basic Bodyweight Workout, the Turbulence Training Nutrition Guidelines, the Turbulence Training Fusion Fat Loss Workout, and all the regular bonuses), PLUS the 7 additional bonus reports mentioned above.

P.P.S. Try Turbulence Training for 8 weeks. If you aren't thrilled with the decreased workout time, increased fat loss, and enhanced energy from the Turbulence Training system, just let Craig know. Turbulence Training has already been trusted by the biggest fitness magazines in the world (Men's Health & Shape), and I guarantee it will work for you too!

"Turbulence Training is a proven way to melt fat fast, while protecting your hard-earned muscle. I'm so confident in its effectiveness that, over the years, I've recommended it to
literally millions of readers. And the fantastic feedback I've received from readers all over the world as a result ensures you'll be seeing a lot more of CB's programs in the magazine."
Adam Campbell, Sports & Nutrition Editor, Men's Health

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Recap of articles published in May 2007

Gain Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time - No one believes you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. I say, it's true. Read on to learn more...

5 Ways to Cut Your Workout Time - Today you'll learn 5 ways you can get your workouts done faster. After all, no one should spend more than 50 minutes in the gym.

The Incredible Shrinking Fat Cell - When you lose body fat, the fat cell (also called an adipocyte) does not go anywhere or move into the muscle cell to be burned.

8 Week Cardio Interval Training - This detailed cardio program will take you from an interval-training beginner to interval-training pro in only 8 weeks!

The CURE For Stubborn Shoulders - If you've got stubborn shoulders, this simple but extremely powerful technique is EXACTLY what you need.