Monday, December 31, 2007

Transform Your Body in Only 3 Short Workouts Per Week

If you are interested in losing fat as quickly as possible in the
comfort of your own home, then I have a guaranteed way to help you
burn fat and sculpt your body.

Just by using simple workouts that can easily be done first thing
in the morning or after your children go to bed, without endless
hours of cardio, fancy equipment or expensive supplements, then
this will be the most important letter you ever read in your entire
life. Here's why...

Craig Ballantyne is a fat-loss expert, publishing his fat-burning
workouts in national magazines such as Men's Health and Oxygen,
along with online newsletters EarlyToRise and Total Health
Breakthroughs. You've probably come across his videos on Youtube
and Men's Health, as well.

Craig has also created a trademarked fat loss system called
Turbulence Training. And as a fitness expert with a sincere interest
in your success for 2008, I've taken the time to evaluate all of
your training options to help you reach your New Year's Resolutions.

And you know what? After painstakingly reviewing the Turbulence
Training workouts and fat loss philosophy, comparing them to the
common long, slow cardio workouts that so many people are doing
(unsuccessfully, I might add), I've found that Turbulence Training
could be the most efficient and effective fat loss program on the

With all of the "lose fat fast" programs and snake-oil supplements
out there, I have a strict criteria that a program has to meet
before I even consider recommending it to my friends.

But Turbulence Training is the real deal - after all, if these
workouts weren't, would the biggest fitness magazine in the world,
Men's Health, feature Turbulence Training workouts? Of course
not, they have too much to lose.

On the other hand, you have nothing to lose. Because not only are
his workouts proven by both research and experience, but you also
have a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee that you'll love his
workouts. Or just return it for your money back.

Let me tell you more about the Turbulence Training workouts.

First of all, they can all be done at home with a dumbbells, a
bench, and an exercise ball (a chin-up bar is also helpful for
those that are strong enough).

Second, thousands of both men AND women (yes, women too!)
have used these Turbulence Training workouts successfully to lose
fat in a very short amount of time. He's proven that you don't need
to be at the gym everyday for an hour or more.

In fact, the Turbulence Training workouts will only take 45
minutes, three days per week, and you can do everything at home. No
need for fancy, expensive memberships, or long commutes to an
annoying "mega-gym".

Turbulence Training is as straight-forward as any fat loss program
could be. There's no BS, no magic pills or powders to buy, and no
expensive gym memberships required.

If you've ever struggled to figure out what to do next in your fat
loss program, then worry no more. Turbulence Training spells it
out, workout by workout, exercise by exercise, set by set, and rep
by rep, for a full 16-weeks of advanced fat loss workouts.

Plus, the program also includes additional beginner workouts that
will help any newcomer get started on their fat loss plan.

How badly do you finally want to succeed this year?

Maybe you got off to a great start last year, but your momentum
fizzled out because you lacked the time to train 5 or more hours
per week as per last year's instructions. Or maybe you just got
tired of doing the same workout week-in, week-out, but your program
didn't have any variety built-in.

Well, all of those problems are fixed by the Turbulence Training
program. With all of the introductory workouts, regular TT bonuses,
16-weeks of advanced fat loss workouts, AND these 5 limited-time
bonuses, you could have enough workouts for over 6 months of fat
loss. Imagine how you'll look in 6 months if you lose a pound of
fat per week with Turbulence Training.

Wait, don't just imagine. Visualize. Believe. And then achieve.
Picture yourself on the beach, at long last enjoying the body you've
always wanted.

The body you've desired can be yours, and in less time than you've
always thought necessary. In addition to all of the workouts,
you'll get Dr. Chris Mohr's TT Fat Loss Nutrition Guidelines, and
Craig will tell you the #1 secret for sticking to a fat loss

Get ready to experience a new body thanks to all the inches you'll
lose, the pounds you'll shed, and the energy you'll gain in the
next few days, weeks, and months with a structured,
professionally-designed, fat loss workout that you can do at home.

With Turbulence Training's efficient and effective exercise
selection, and the use of time-saving, metabolism-boosting interval
training, you'll get all of your workouts done in 45 minutes, three
times per week. That's right, in less time than it takes to watch
an episode of American Idol or Dancing with the Stars (even if you
TIVO it!), you can make massive improvements in your body.

So here's why I'm writing to you today:

Craig is quickly becoming an international fitness and fat loss
expert. His on-line clients now span the entire globe, and he no
longer has space for new clients. And those that are lucky
enough to work with him one-on-one pay over $200 per session for
his guidance through their personal Turbulence Training workouts.

But now the good news. Craig's put together the ultimate Turbulence
Training package that contains not only 16-weeks of advanced fat
loss workouts and 10 weeks of beginner programs, but he's also
added 5 new bonuses that are available only for the next three days.

1) Secrets of the Transformation Masters E-book

You'll learn the insider fat burning secrets from 3 of the most
experienced Transformation Trainers in North America. We squeezed
every last one of their fat burning secrets from them so YOU can
achieve your ultimate body transformation.

It will help the absolute beginner and even the fitness competitor.
The report contains detailed, step-by-step information for every
fat loss level.

No fat burning stone was left unturned, diet plans were scrutinized
and reviewed, and they share the exact details for looking your
best on the big day (whether it is at a wedding, a physique
contest, or simply to be ready for your transformation "after"

2) Fit Yummy Mummy Fit-Fast 4-Week Workout
When you are pressed for time and have no access to equipment, the
Fit Yummy Mummy Fit-Fast Workout is your rescue routine to keep
your metabolism burning strong and fat loss efforts on track.

America's #1 Fat Loss Expert for Moms, Holly Rigsby, has designed an
exclusive 4-week workout plan you can do in the comfort of your own

3) Workouts for Busy Dad's Bonus

The World's Busiest Dad and personal trainer, Chris Lopez, shares
with you his 20-minute workout secrets to get Dad's back into
fighting shape so they can keep up with their kids and outlast their

4) The Revolutionary Eat-Stop-Eat Diet Book from Brad Pilon

Brad is a nutrition expert and his controversial fat loss eating
guideline is making waves in the dieting community. People are
busting through fat loss plateaus and loving the lifestyle that
Brad's approach allows. It's a simple, anti-diet approach to fat

5) Mastering the Fat Loss Mindset - A How-to Guide for Fat Loss
Goal Setting that is Guaranteed to Help You Get Maximum Results

This is the year. How many times have we all said that? Well, this
IS the year. Listen to the UK's top fitness and motivational expert
Dax Moy and learn how to set goals and live the lifestyle to reach
those goals. No more dropping out, this is the year you will go all
the way and finally succeed in changing your body!

But this entire package is only available for the next 72 hours. On
Wednesday, January 2nd at midnight, all 5 of these bonuses will
disappear from the bonus package and will never, EVER be offered

If you don't pick-up this incredible collection of fat loss bonuses
today, you might kick yourself for missing out. This is the kind of
information that can take a fat loss program from zero to sixty in
just days, snapping you out of even the deepest, darkest fat loss
plateau you've ever experienced.

Success breeds success. If you start now, you'll be burning fat and
changing your body practically overnight. And that will give you
the complete motivation you need to keep at it week after week. I
bet you'll even reach your goals weeks in advance.

Remember, I only recommend the absolute best fat loss resources
that come across my desk. And today, that is the Turbulence
Training bonus package.

Simply go right here to get started:

Your's Truly,
Art Breshears

P.S. Hurry, you only have until Wednesday, Jan. 2nd, at 11:59pm to
claim your bonuses. And remember, you get everything in the
Turbulence Training package (including a 60-minute audio interview,
the bonus TT Workouts for Men & Women, the Turbulence Training
Nutrition Guidelines, and the Advanced Turbulence Training Fusion
Fat Loss Workout), PLUS the FIVE additional bonus reports mentioned

Friday, December 28, 2007

Barbell Curl Squats

Secret Training Tip #225 - Barbell Curl Squats - The Toughest (and Most Effective!) Core Strength Exercise You Will EVER Do
By Nick Nilsson

This is my very favorite core exercise and, trust me, you will feel why from the VERY FIRST REP. It's a squat, but how you DO that squat forces the abdominal area to do almost ALL the work! If you want strong abs, it doesn't matter if you're a total beginner or an advanced trainer, TRY THIS EXERCISE.

This is one of THE best overall abdominal/core exercises I've EVER found. If you want a stronger core and you want it fast, THIS is the exercise to focus on. It's tough, but VERY effective.

The Curl Squat exercise is deceptively simple...basically, you're going to do a squat while holding the barbell in the top of the barbell curl position. That's it!

So what makes this exercise different from a front squat (where you support the weight across the front of your shoulders)? And what makes is so EXTREMELY effective for training the core (which is the REAL reason for doing this particular exercise, NOT for working the legs)?

I'll tell you!

Holding the resistance in front of your body in the top curl position takes away the shoulder support that you would normally get with a front squat. ALL the supporting tension goes directly onto the muscles of the core, instead of having much of it being taken up by the shoulders. ALL your core muscles will have to contract HARD throughout the entire movement in order to keep the barbell from falling forward.

The difference in position may seem subtle, but it's tension that you have to experience to believe!

This exercise also helps you to get a feel for how to properly use the abs during a squat, which is EXTREMELY important for maximizing your squat strength. Using the abs while squatting (especially at the bottom of the lift) is something that does not come naturally and is very rarely taught or explained to trainers. And believe me, it has the potential to add pounds to your squat FAST.

Another great benefit to this exercise is that your breathing muscles (the intercostals) NEVER get a chance to relax during this movement. From top to bottom and back up (even while you're "resting" at the top), your breathing muscles are being challenged because of the weight they're being forced to support.

This can build up great breathing strength (the term "breathing strength" may sound strange but watch a strongman explode a hot water bottle just by inflating it with lung power and you'll know what I'm talking about!) and carries directly over to your work capacity in the regular barbell squat as well as most other demanding exercises and sports!

How To Do It:

To do this exercise, all you really need is a barbell, but if you have access to a power rack, even better. The rack will make it easier to get into position for the exercise and will serve to "catch" the bar when you're done.

Set the rack up so that the racking pins are one notch below where you would normally set them for squats. The reason you want to set those pins one notch below is that by the time you're done with the exercise, it may be very hard to get the bar up to the height where you would normally rack the bar! With the racks a little lower, you'll have an easier time getting the bar back onto them.

Set the safety rails just above where you normally set them for regular squats the first time you try this. When you develop a better feel for how it's done, you can lower them a little to get the full range of motion.

The weight should be about the same as what you would use for barbell curls for about 8 to 10 reps. This is a starting point - you can add weight as you get stronger with the exercise.


Read the complete article at

Friday, December 21, 2007

Last-Minute Gifts

Don't Panic! What to Get for Last-Minute Gifts.

The stores are crowded.

People are driving like maniacs.

And, it's too late to shop online and receive your order in time for Christmas.

Or is it?

One of the most popular gifts this year is the gift of family-togetherness.

No, I'm not talking about a board game or a vacation (although both are nice gifts). I'm talking about making meal time easier for your favorite mom (or dad).

I've found a fantastic menu planning service that is getting rave reviews. It's a program that takes the guess-work out of "What's for dinner" by providing weekly menus AND shopping lists. Just print it and you're set.

And, the great thing is that they have an online program that allows you to eliminate foods that your family doesn't like (and add recipes that they do!)

If you've got onion-aversions, no problem.

Lactose-intolerant? We can handle that.

Want to add Grandma's meatloaf recipe? Sure!

It's very flexible, and it makes a GREAT gift for any busy person you know.

Teachers, working or stay at home parents, single people, newlyweds, newly divorced... anyone who eats food can use this program.

Get one gift certificate or get several here:

Happy Holidays!
Art Breshears

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nervous noshing causes holiday weight gain

I just read an article published by the Baylor College of Medicine and found out something I did not know.

According to Dr. Carolyn Cochrane, director of the Eating Disorders Program at The Menniger Clinic:

''Stress and overindulging are the key reasons for the rise in heart attacks during November and December''

Well, having a heart attack is certainly not a great way to enjoy the holidays!

The article went on to say that,''Stress may provide a sense that we are not in control of our lives. The subsequent strain can manipulate our eating behaviors, an activity that empowers us and satisfies a need to be in control.''

I won't bore you more details, but the ''take home'' of the article was that it is extremely important not to ''let yourself go'' during the holiday season.

At the end of the article, Nancy McRenolds the primary clinician in the Eating Disorders Program at The Menninger Clinic makes a great point:

''If we say to ourselves that we are stupid, ugly, fat and disgusting, that's the path our brain follows, if we say that we are beautiful, intelligent, sensitive and loving, that's the other pathway we can put in our brains. And you can say those things to yourself. The holidays may be here, but you're still in charge.''

This all goes back to the main and undisputed point...

How you think about yourself determines a big part of the behaviors you exhibit when it comes to your health.

But Changing the Way You Think Can be Tough

This is where hypnosis comes in. Hypnosis is the most effective tool for creating changes in your mind that lead to changes in your behaviors . . . PERIOD.

At the University of Iowa they are doing MRI studies where you actually see the brain following instructions under hypnosis.

People are actually shutting off the feelings of pain, and you can see the pain gateways in the brain being blocked . . . all under hypnosis.

If you can control pain under hypnosis, you can certainly control the way you think about food and stress.

Hypnosis can stop stress induced eating, pain, stress and more - but make sure you get the real thing.

Did you know that 99% of ''Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists'' do not even have a psychology degree or a license to practice mental health... Pretty Scary.

Get this, most hypnosis training requires only 150 hours to get a certificate.

To put this into perspective - My barber had to go to over 1000 hours of training! (150 hours is less than 4 full time weeks!)

You wouldn't go to a mechanic with 150 hours of training, or even 500 hours of training  that would be crazy.

For hypnosis to work, you want the therapist to have an advanced degree in psychology (for a doctorate it is typically 4-7 years post undergraduate). So you are looking at 8 THOUSAND HOURS of training! AND AT LEAST A YEAR OF SUPERVISION



I just found a company whose whole philosophy is to bring you the real thing. They choose the best therapist for every issue where they publish audio hypnosis programs.

For fat loss they chose Dr. Roberta Temes. She is world famous with her hypnosis work, and is actually the editor of the first hypnosis text book used in medical schools <endash> so her work is studied by budding psychiatrists.

''The Hypnosis Network is clearly the best resource for audio hypnosis programs available today. They are recorded by the top professionals in the field and careful research has shown me that they are a high integrity company which is why I strongly recommend their guaranteed programs.''

-Dr. Joe Mercola

Most importantly, her program works.

''I got my FOCUS back! I am down over 40 lbs! I have been on Program consistently, week after week, for over a year! Not only that, the Program has been so easy this time! I am calm. I am back in control.''

Dotti Coon
Founder, Dotti's Weight Loss Zone
Weight Watchers Lifetime Member

''Enjoying Weight Loss is fabulous. Thought I forgot all about it yesterday, until I realized that I ate breakfast (which I rarely do), drank a lot of water, had a veggie dinner and DIDN'T EAT ANY SUGAR . . . A MIRACLE!''

-Ann Carlo
Sag Harbor, New York

''I am now down 20 pounds and still have not had any problems with stress eating (my lifetime habit is to overeat). I am into a size 16 from a 20/22 and people are finally beginning to notice. I personally thank you for your program even though I don't understand how it works. I am starting to like who I see in the mirror.''

-Syndi Ellison
Advertising & Finance Manager
Washington State Magazine

They have tons of these . . .

Now Back to Holiday Eating

Because they have a tool that we know can help you this season, we asked if we could give our readers something special for the holidays, and the founder agreed.

So now, until January 3rd, they are offering a package that will get you on the right track for 2008 at over 50% off of the normal price of the programs.

You basically will get the whole package for slightly less than $100 - if you think about how much you spend on dinners, drinks, etc... this is nothing to finally get to your ideal weight.

I hope you take them up on this opportunity, and if you have any questions just ask them.


Art Breshears

P.S. They have 24 other products created by world class therapists:

P.P.S. Another great one for the season if weight is not an issue is by far the best program out there for managing your stress and anxiety.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Fat Loss Tips

Politically Incorrect Holiday Fat Loss Tips
By: Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

I was at a big event last week and was reminded how important it is to have strategies for this season of high-calorie parties and busy schedules. But I get ticked off by the tired old suggestions you find on the Internet or in magazines like Woman's World.

Often the suggestions are lack any substance, because the writers don't want to imply you actually have to make a sacrifice to succeed. They make fat loss sound easy, as if all you had to do was park at the far end of the parking lot and you'd burn all the calories from 5 shortbread cookies.

Well it doesn't work that way...So here are my politically incorrect, unique Turbulence Training strategies to help you keep off the holiday pounds.

By the way, I "borrowed" a few ideas from contestants in my Turbulence Training Transformation Contest. The Transformation is rocking with social support and success stories right now, even while the rest of the world struggles with weight gain, these TT users are losing fat over the holidays.


Read the complete article at

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Back Pain At The Office

Back Pain At The Office
By Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS

It's getting to be so bad that by Monday afternoon, you're already tired of being at the office. You're not even thinking as far ahead as Friday. Just getting to hump day is going to be challenge enough. In reality, it's not the folks you work with who are getting you down—they're tolerable, mostly, although there is that one guy in accounting. Where do they find these people?

It's not even your boss, who, if he knew even half as much as you do, WOULD be a shoo-in for Executive of the Year.

No, the biggest pain in your neck is actually located a bit lower. And it's really what's making working where you do seem a lot worse than it actually is.

Face it. It's your aching back that's sucking the joy out of your nine-to-five existence and making you feel 10 years older to boot.

Sure, you've learned to tolerate the bad coffee, pointless meetings, and lame jokes in the course of your day. But you just can't tough it out when it comes to back pain, which can range from dull, nagging aches to those unexpected twinges that feel like you've been hit with a taser gun.

If it's any consolation, you're not alone. More than 31 million Americans have low back pain at any given time. The bad news about back pain is that it not only lives with you all day at the office but it also comes home with you at night. It may even dog your weekends.

How do you develop pain?

If you are experiencing back pain at the office, you may think that it is coming from all the sitting, standing, and lifting that you have to do. And, indirectly, it does. But it is actually more about how the body has to adapt to all the sitting, standing, and lifting than the activity itself. Let's take sitting as an example.

Because of the amount of time you spend sitting, your body must gradually adapt itself to that position. This happens in a number of ways. The first thing it must adapt to is how the weight goes through your hips and pelvis. Then, there is the way you sit—upright, slouching, or something in between. Most importantly, it's what happens to the muscles while you're sitting. For example, your hip flexors will get tight from being in a shortened position and your butt will get weak and flabby from being in a relaxed state.

That simple combination of tight hip flexors and weak glutes is called a "muscle imbalance." The result of these muscle imbalances will be postural dysfunctions of your pelvis and spine. These imbalances send both your spine and pelvis into abnormal positions, the combination of which can be devastating to a person with a healthy back and catastrophic for a person suffering from any form of back pain.

What can you do about it?


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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Online Fitness Program

For a limited time, you can enjoy a 30-day FREE trial membership in GHF's award-winning Online Fitness Program!

By joining you'll have immediate free access to:

  • Customized workout programs that really work!
  • Instructions and video demonstrations for 175 slimming and body-building exercises!
  • Highly informative online books on the 5 Essential Components of Fitness!
  • Healthy recipes and shopping lists that make effective nutrition a pleasure!
  • Your very own Fitness Blog and access to their useful Fitness Forum!

...and so much more.

To get your FREE trial membership click here >>>

Art Breshears
Muscle Fitness

Firm And Flatten Your Abs

Discover How to Quickly And Easily Firm And Flatten Your Abs, Even If You've Been Overweight Or Out Of Shape For Years!

If you would like to shrink your waistline, lose belly fat and sculpt "six pack" abs - and you want to do it fast - then this will be the most important message you will ever read. Here's why:

A small personal training and fitness publishing company from Tacoma, Washington (Personal Fitness Development, Inc), has finally decided to publish a full length e-book about how to lose body fat and flatten your abs using the scientifically-proven and field-tested methods of athletes, strength coaches and physical therapists.

Here are some of the amazing facts you will learn when you read this exciting and revealing new book:

  • How to sculpt a great-looking, sexy set of six pack abs while also improving the strength and natural function of your abs
  • 42 gut-busting exercises with 125 photographs so you can see the exact body positioning and technique (bad form on abdominal exercises causes many injuries. That's why you need to see this, not just read about it)

  • Why proper abdominal training can rid you of back pain forever and improper abdominal training can actually make your back pain worse than ever

  • The Facts About Machine training: Doing a circuit or machine-only training and not getting results? Read the shocking truth about those ab machines in your local gym and find out what the health club salespeople won't tell you!

  • HOW MANY REPS you need to develop your abs - and why 99% of all exercisers (even advanced bodybuilders and athletes) completely screw this up

  • How often you should train your abs… including the ONLY way you can train your abs every day without overtraining (Not one bodybuilder or athlete in a thousand even suspects the potency of this simple schedule adjustment)

  • Torso Track, Ab slide, Ab Doer and Ab wheels - do they live up to the hype?

  • The 15 most important nutrition secrets for losing fat so you can see your abs as quickly as possible - Diet is half the battle - if your abs stay covered up with a layer of whale-like blubber, you'll never see them!

And that's just a tiny fraction of what you'll learn in this information dense guidebook to a leaner, firmer waistline and a great set of abs.

This book comes with an iron-clad money back guarantee and it's easy to order. Best of all, because it's available as an instantly downloadable e-book, you can get started within the next 10 minutes and begin seeing and feeling results immediately. To get more information, or to place your order, simply click on the link below:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fat Loss Experts

Fat Loss Audio Interviews - Listen to the world's top health and fitness minds as they unleash their secrets on how to blow torch body fat, develop the body of your dreams and achieve optimal health and fitness in minimal time! These experts are responsible for the bodies of super stars like Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Cindy Crawford, Russel Crowe, Jennifer Garner and organizations like the Chicago Bulls, The San Francisco 49ers, the San Diego Chargers, the US Navy Seals & US Marine Corps.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Lunch-Time Workouts

Looking for time to workout? What do you do during your daily lunch break? Do you go out with colleagues and friends; do you sit at your desk and work through lunch; or do you hang out and gossip in the break room? Let’s makeover your lunch time and use it to sneak in a quick little workout too.

Start by packing something healthy for lunch. Not only will you save time and money, you can also count on something healthy to eat that won’t weigh you down. Salads, wraps, pitas, and sandwiches packed with veggies, lettuce, tomato, and lean meats are all great options. Bring your own lunch and you won’t be wasting time deciding where you will eat and waiting for your food.

Next, scout out workout options around your office. Is there a gym in your office building or close by? If you don’t have a gym close-by or just don’t enjoy that type of workout, bring a pair of comfortable shoes and go for a walk during your lunch break. Maybe there is a nice park nearby, have your lunch there after your walk. If you don’t have a park near your office, walking around several blocks will do too.

Ask a coworker if they would like to join you. That way you motivate each other and hold each other accountable. And it makes exercise more interesting.

If you can’t find a workout buddy, consider keeping a workout journal to hold yourself accountable for your workouts. Listen to some music or audio books on your MP3 player while you work out. Before you know it working out at lunch time will become a habit that will energize you for the rest of your workday, not to mention it will also lead you down a path to a healthier you.

For information on meal planning visit


Stay Healthy,

Art Breshears

Sunday, December 02, 2007

40 Quick Healthy Snacks

40 Quick Healthy Snacks

  1. Low-fat Yogurt with fruit or a bit of granola on top.

  2. Whole-wheat pretzels dipped in spicy mustard.

  3. Rice cakes – Spread with natural peanut butter and top with banana slices or raisins.

  4. Whole wheat cheese sandwich – Cut it in half for a smaller snack.

  5. Turkey and cheese wrap made with a whole wheat tortilla – Skip the mayonnaise and fill it up with plenty of lettuce and tomatoes instead.

  6. Fruit salad – Cut up a bunch of fresh fruit and drizzle it with a bit of lemon juice as a natural preservative. Keep the fruit handy in the fridge to make it easy to grab instead of chips or sweets.

  7. Fresh fruit – Great portable fruit includes apples, pears, peaches and bananas.

  8. Chicken salad wrap made with low-fat mayonnaise – Add sprouts, lettuce, grated carrots, and tomatoes for added nutrition.

  9. Apple slices topped with low-fat cheese.

  10. Celery sticks topped with cream cheese or peanut butter and raisins

  11. Dried nuts and raisins mix – For added interest, include a few M&Ms for your kids and call it “Trail Mix”. Low-sugar, dry cereal works well in this also.

  12. Raw veggies – Goes great with low-fat ranch dip.

  13. Salad (pack dressing separately) – Customize it with your favorite raw vegetables, sandwich meats, cheeses and egg for a filling snack or lunch.

  14. Baked tortilla chips and salsa – Easy to pack. Be sure to look for a low-sodium version of the tortilla chips.

  15. Low-fat cheese and whole wheat tortilla quesadilla – Add some chicken or turkey if desired.

  16. Pita bread – Fill with your favorite hummus and fresh veggies.

  17. Fruit smoothie – Make your own with frozen fruit and low-fat yogurt. Carry this with you in an insulated mug.

  18. Cut up fruit – Fruits such as apple and pear slices go great with low-fat fruit or vanilla yogurt to dip.

  19. Air popped popcorn – Always a great snack, but be sure to choose a brand with low sodium and no butter.

  20. Cup of dry low-sugar cereal – You can package these in small sized sandwich (zippered) bags as a great (almost) mess-free portable snack.

  21. Whole-grain crackers – Top these with cheese, lean sandwich meat, tuna or peanut butter.

  22. Sunflower seeds – These yummy seeds make another great portable snack. For a bit of variety, you can also mix with other nuts and seeds.

  23. Fat-free pudding cups – Sold in a wide variety of flavors and available in single serving cups, these are great for those on the go snacks.

  24. Gelatin fruit cups – Available as single serving cups, pick your favorite fruits. Of course you can also make your own with gelatin and plenty of diced fruit.

  25. Cottage cheese – Eat it plain or topped with fresh fruit.  You can choose low-fat cottage cheese for a healthier version.

  26. Bran or banana muffins – Make your own and substitute the oil with apple sauce for a great healthy snack.

  27. Low-fat string cheese – String cheese makes another great portable snack. Eat it alone or mix it up by wrapping some thin sliced ham or salami around it.

  28. Dried Fruit – You can find anything from apples to pineapples dried. They make a great sweet and crunchy snack. Banana chips are also always a great option.

  29. Edamame – These are soy beans in their shell. Steam them and top with a bit of salt or lemon juice.

  30. Apple sauce – Apple sauce is available in single serving cups and comes in a few different flavors.

  31. Natural, all-fruit leathers – These are a great healthy alternative to sugar snacks like fruit rollups.

  32. Cereal bars – You can choose from all kinds of different low-sugar cereal bars.

  33. Low-fat or soy milk – A cup of milk can make a very filling snack on the go.

  34. Chocolate dipped strawberries – If you have a chocolate craving, dip some strawberries or other fresh fruit into melted dark chocolate for a yummy and healthy treat.

  35. Tofu smoothie with fruit – Blend silken tofu with frozen fruit into a creamy smoothie.

  36. Animal Crackers – These are low-sugar cookies kids are sure to love. Serve them with a glass of milk.

  37. Fruit and Cheese Kabobs – Alternate chunks of fresh fruit and cheese cubes and thread them on a bamboo skewer for a fun and healthy snack.

  38. Cooked Sweet Potato – Just cut it up in chunks. They are delicious warm or cold.

  39. Avocado chunks – If the avocado gets very ripe and “squishy”, spread it on some whole wheat toast, just like you would butter.

  40. Lettuce Wraps – Take a large leaf of lettuce and top it with raw veggies, ham or turkey and a little low-fat ranch dressing. Wrap up and serve.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Whole Grains - Dietary Fiber

Whole Grains throughout Your Day

Studies have shown that a healthy diet and moderate exercise can significantly reduce the risk of degenerative diseases. More and more people are taking a proactive approach to improving their lifestyle. We all know that adding whole grains and dietary fiber to your diet is a giant step towards optimal health.

What makes fiber a good choice? Fiber is important for the health of our digestive system and lowers cholesterol. Dietary fiber is the parts of the plants that our bodies can’t digest; therefore it passes through our bodies without being absorbed. Foods that contain fiber are often a good source of other essential nutrients.

Food manufacturers have started catering to the public’s demand for better tasting healthy fare, but be sure to read the nutritional labels to ensure you are getting the promised fiber content. The Institute of Medicine and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 recommend that children (ages 1 and up) and adults consume 14 grams of fiber for every 1000 calories of food they eat each day.

For breakfast foods, look for whole grain varieties of pancake and waffle mixes. Eat whole fruits instead of drinking fruit juices. Add berries to your cereal, shakes, and yogurt. Skip the drive through and make your own breakfast sandwich using low-fat cheese, one egg, and Canadian bacon or low-fat turkey bacon on a whole grain English muffin.

Replace white rice with brown rice; white bread and pasta with whole grain varieties. Have veggies with your meals whenever possible. Take them with you for a meal or a snack by having them cut up and ready to go.

Snacking throughout the day doesn’t have to mean munching down on bags of high calorie foods. Snack on raw vegetables or look for whole grain varieties of your favorite snack crackers.

Add crushed bran cereal or unprocessed wheat bran to cakes, cookies, and muffins; or to baked casseroles and meatloaf.

Substitute legumes for meat up to three times a week. Use in place of meat; serve at a side dish; or replace the cream in your creamy soups with a can of drained, rinsed, and pureed white beans.

Try international dishes that use whole grains and legumes as part of the main meal.

The next time you’re shopping, be sure to compare like products to see if there’s a whole grain option. Not only will it fill you up but it will lower your risk of cancer and heart disease, too!

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