Monday, March 31, 2008

Bathing Suit Season - Strategy #8

I received this email from one of my Carb Rotation Diet customers yesterday. It fits in perfectly with Bathing Suit Season Strategy #8 so I thought I would share it with you.

"Hi Jayson,

The first 2 weeks of my dieting and training went very well. I lost 3 KGs (6.6lbs) and reduced my body size by a total of 27cm (10.6")!! I have a long, long way to go but its a good start.

I have a question for you. Why is it good to do cardio training before breakfast and not after in the evening?"

- Mark Dyer

JH: Mark, first off, congratulations on your success! I know it's going to inspire my readers to do the same.

To answer your question, there isn't that big of a difference in regards to when you do your cardio. Everyone thought if you did cardio on an empty stomach after not eating all night that you would burn more fat calories.


The latest research I have been reading shows it isn't the AMOUNT of cardio, but the TYPE of cardio that you do. High intensity interval cardio research is finding is far superior for FAT BURNING than static cardio.

So sprinting for 30 seconds and jogging for 1 minute and then repeating this for 20-30 minutes is more effective than just running at a steady pace for 30 minutes.

Bathing Suit Season Strategy #8 is to STOP your leisurely cardio session and START turning up the intensity. I hear all the time from women just like YOU about the amazing body transformation they have seen when they started turbo charging their workouts. Fat melts off their body at a rapid pace as soon as they give up those long-duration cardio sessions and start incorporating high intensity intervals.

I know you can do it!

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS

PS - Mark dropped 6.6 lbs and 10.6 total inches in just two weeks! My program works for men and women. The Carb Rotation Diet is 100% guaranteed so you have nothing to lose - expect those extra pounds and inches!

Bathing Suit Season - Strategy #7

So how did you do this weekend?

Were you able to behave yourself?

Or did you stuff yourself instead?

Hey, it's Monday, so I know you're busy. That's why I'll keep today's message very brief.

Guilt isn't good for you. It's not going to help you get ready for Bathing Suit Season. Guilt is a form of stress. And stress is NOT good for your figure.

And the hormones that are correlated with stress actually increase your appetite for sugary snacks and fatty foods.

So if you've got the "guiltys" make sure you forgive yourself and
move on.

Here is your remedy:

Get some exercise. Take a walk after lunch. Clear your head.

You can also pick up a copy of my Carb Rotation Diet program and really jump start your fat loss this week.

NOW is the time to start living the Triple-E Formula:

Eat right, exercise, educate yourself.

I know you can do it.

Yours in health,

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS

PS - Get rid of the guilt. Get started on the path to getting healthy and looking great naked.

"Jayson, you've done it! "The Carb Rotation Diet" tells all.
It's too often that people make the mistake of extreme dieting to
get temporary results and cause undue stress to their hearts and
other vital organs. This nutrition plan is safe, results-driven,
and easy-to-use. If you're serious about getting rid of your gut
and ripping up your abs, once and for all, you have to read this
e-book. And that goes without mention of your incredible bonuses.
this e-book should be a resource for every women out there."

Dr. Kareem Samhouri

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bathing Suit Season - Strategy #6

As I've been stressing this week, Bathing Suit Season will be here before you know it. You're going to look at your calendar some Tuesday in May and you're going to freak out because it's almost time to dust off the old swimwear. You're going to wonder what happened. You're going to wonder where the time went. You're going to beat yourself up because this was the year things were supposed to be different. You know what I'm talking about. And unless you get your butt in gear the same thing is going to happen this summer that happened last year.

So let's get going! Ladies, I know you can look awesome in your bathing suit. And I know if you follow all these Bathing Suit Season strategies you're going to succeed.

Today I want to talk to you about jumpstarting your success. I know from experience that you want to see INSTANT results. And I don't blame you. I think seeing the pounds melt off your body quickly is a great way to pump you up and get you excited about looking better naked.

But there's a danger to it. And that leads to Bathing Suit Strategy #6. Keep your eye on the LONG-TERM prize. I do NOT want you to think the Carb Rotation Diet is just some sort of Quick Fix. I do NOT want you to continue your Yo-Yo cycle of shedding pounds and then putting them back on again.

You see, my Carb Rotaton Diet is scientifically designed to trigger your body to shed up to 15 lbs in only 30 days. But the progress will be sure and steady from there. You will NOT continue to see extraordinary results like this. Fat WILL continue to melt off your body at an accelerated pace. You're going to look better and better each week. But do NOT let some unscrupulous marketer promise you miracles. So be sure to expect LONG-TERM success. Expect to make some permanent changes in your life so that year in and year out you are ready for Bathing Suit Season.

Isn't that what you really want? Don't you want to know the truth about having a body that ALWAYS looks great naked? But again, when you drop a quick 15 I promise you you're going to take that success and keep running with it. Keep your eye on the prize and think LONG-TERM.

I know you can do it.

Yours in health,

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS

PS- Just think how great you're going to look in just 30 days when you put the full power of the Add Your Affiliate URL here to good use.

The Dress Size Reduction Diet has been designed to fit into any women's lifestyle. The Diet is very simple to follow and has taught me the steps I needed so that I never have to diet again! The Dress Size Reduction Diet changes the way your body looks as well as your lifestyle! The best part is that it is so simple to follow.

Hollie Hicks

Bathing Suit Season Strategy #5

Whether you're following the Dress Size Reduction Diet or some other rock-solid plan guaranteed to help you look better naked you need to be VERY aware of Bathing Suit Season Strategy #5.

PROTECT your mind.

As we've already talked about, there are plenty of unscrupulous food companies and marketers promoting miracle solutions, magic pills and potions just waiting to get a hold of you. Yes, they are, in fact, out to get you. Well, not you, but your hard-earned cashola. They know most people are easy prey. They know you'd much rather be sold a dream than the truth. They know if they reach when you're vulnerable they'll be able to pry a bunch of bills from your wallet.

There is always going to be some part of you that would love to find an easier way. Who wouldn't love to sit on a couch eating their favorite fried food day-after-day and wake up one morning with a gorgeous bikini body? And as I've told you before: I'm not going to be the one to lie to you. I'm not going to tell you the things you want to hear. I'm only going to tell you the truth.

And the truth as it pertains to Bathing Suit Season Strategy #5 is this: You need to be ever vigilant of the people and companies pushing quick-fix solutions. You need to stay FOCUSED on your plan. When you stay on target with the Dress Size Reduction Diet you are guaranteed to see incredible results delivered in a healthy way.

Don't let "them" trick you into thinking a box of cookies injected with Omega-3's is going to help you look great in a little black dress. Don't let "them" fool you into believing a magic pill is going to make your love handles disappear for good. Don't let "them" swindle you into buying another ab contraption that you think is going to produce a beach ready body in just 60 seconds a day.

Protect your mind.

The Carb Rotation Diet is designed to help you melt up to 15 pounds in 30 days. But the entire program is based on science. Not hype. And yes, there will be some effort on your part. Oh, and the emphasis of the program is on helping you MAINTAIN the healthy lifestyle changes you need to make to KEEP the pounds off - forever.

Don't let "them" lie to you anymore. Arm yourself with the truth. Protect your mind. Create a plan and stick to it.

I know you can do it.

Yours in health,

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS

PS - Again, Don't let "them" lie to you anymore. Arm yourself with the truth. Protect your mind. Create a plan and stick to it.

Having worked in a nutrition oriented healthcare clinic for the past seven years, I found the Dramatic Dress Size Reduction Diet to be well written, and a valuable resource for anyone striving to lose weight by embracing a healthy lifestyle. I found the resource guides to be especially helpful. No fad diets or unfounded claims. Just straight forward information that the reader can utilize from day one to lose weight and keep it off.

Nealy Sturges

Friday, March 28, 2008

Bathing Suit Season

Bathing Suit Season Strategy #4

Yesterday we started to talk about exercise and it's critical role in helping you look better naked. We briefly discussed how very important it is and why you should focus on the incredible benefits of fitness. Remember, what you focus on grows. So instead of dreading exercise you need to look forward to the amazing results it will produce!

Today I want to tell you about the type of exercise you should be performing. There is simply no better exercise modality for fat loss than strength training. NONE. If you want to blast fat fast, if you really want to create a supercharged metabolism that melts fat 'round the clock then you simply MUST be performing the correct type of strength training.

Now ladies, my guess is you've been told this many times before. And I assure you, as a Registered Dietitian and Certified Fitness Professional with over ten years of experience…as an expert who has literally worked with hundreds and hundreds of women exactly like YOU…you are NOT going to get big and bulky. 99.9% of all women DO NOT have the hormones necessary to create unattractive amounts of muscle. I am fully aware you want to look trim and tone. And the correct method of strength training is exactly the recipe to looking great in both your bathing suit AND your little black dress.

With the Carb Rotation Diet program comes an amazing "30 Day Lose A Dress Size Training Plan" created by world-renowned women's fitness expert, Rachel Cosgrove. It's a complete blueprint that works hand-in-hand with my nutrition program to help you drop up to 15 lbs. in just 30 days. It's a very unique training regimen that most women have never seen before. It goes way beyond the bland routines I see most women performing at the gym.

In fact, most women do some sort of cardio for 45 minutes to an hour and then pick a couple of light dumbbells for a couple of minutes afterwards. And most women are stunned when they fail to see results by doing the same thing day in and day out. But it's not necessarily their fault because they’ve simply been given the wrong information. If this is you, well, you're going to be blown away when you see the transformation of your body when you use Rachel's easy-to-follow program.

The Carb Rotation Diet program comes 100% guaranteed to work for YOU. I know if you commit to the plan you won't be able to resist sending me your before and after pictures because you'll be so proud of your new body. If you want to look great this Bathing Suit Season then don't waste another minute. Get on the road to looking better naked TODAY.

I know you can do it.

Yours in health,

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS

PS - Yes, it's doctor approved.

Jayson Hunter not only walks the walk, but talks the talk, and when he talks, you should listen if you want results. Following his suggestions, tips, and tools laid out so well in his books are a sure fire way to get results quickly and effectively. The only people who shouldn't get these books are those are can look at themselves in the mirror and say with 100% confidence, I am happy with what I see and happier with how I feel"

Chris Mohr

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Killer homemade post-workout shake recipe

Brought to you by Virgil Aponte, &
The Truth About Abs:


Hello again Arthur

Here is another great email from my good buddy and best selling author Mike Geary

I chose to send it out because of the email I sent out detailing my post workout shake and this ties in perfectly.

My killer homemade post-workout shake recipe

By Mike Geary,
The Truth About Abs

I'm sure you know by now from my newsletters that I'm not the biggest fan of typical supplements... you know... the hypey types that claim you can "blast off 8000% more fat with this" or "build 2456% more muscle with our mega-mass volumizer insanity"

That stuff is just for people that love to throw their money away on worthless crap that might not even have what the label claims in the bottle.

Of course, I put my trust for some quality items in my friends at

As for post-workout shakes, my favorite is to actually make my own homemade shakes...

Here's one of my favorites:

**Choco-banana post workout shake**

- 1 frozen ripe banana, chunked
- 1 cup water
- One 6-ounce container of chocolate or strawberry flavored yogurt (full sugar)
- 1 scoop quality whey protein (try to find one with no artificial sweeteners)
- 1 tbsp pure cocoa powder (if extra chocolate flavor is desired, and more antioxidants too!)

That's one of my favorites and pretty damn simple too.  The ripe banana and the full sugar yogurt add a good dose of simple carbs to help replenish muscle glycogen
after a workout (remember that post-workout is the only time of day I advocate a carb spike such as this).  And the whey protein and yogurt add some quick digesting
protein to help kick start muscle repair as well.

If you don't like chocolate, you can skip the cocoa powder and also use a different fruit flavor of yogurt. Also, if bananas aren't your thing, try freezing strawberries or another fruit. There are endless flavors you can come up with here!

By Mike Geary,
The Truth About Abs


I also happen to make my own home made shakes.

Of course the key to is to use quality ingredients and more importantly create something that you enjoy.

So it goes without saying that experiementation is vitally important so that you find the right mix of quality ingredients and actually like the taste of your shakes.

Remember you are trying to develop consistent feeding habits so creating a shake that tastes like crap will not help you in the long run no matter how good it is for you.

And As always Arthur,

My Best To You In
Strength, Happiness & Health

Virgil Aponte

Phone: 1 (917) 805 9931
22 Renaissance Court #22A
Bklyn, NY 11206

Getting Ready For The Beach

The following is part 3 of a 13 part series...check back (better yet subscribe to email updates) during the week for part 4!


“Bathing Suit Season Strategy #3”

I'm not just a Registered Dietitian. I've also been a certified fitness professional for over ten years. And as you probably already know by now, exercise and proper nutrition go hand in hand. I realize you might not like it very much. But it's true. There are a lot of things that add up to looking better naked. None bigger than the combination of the CORRECT form of exercise and eating habits.

As I've written before, if you don't want to know the truth then this newsletter is simply not for you. If you want to continue to be lied to and manipulated by food companies and 'miracle solution' marketers, well, be my guest. I can only lead you to the water, I can't make you drink. Sorry, I had to write that because typically when I start talking about exercise people start to cringe.

Ok, now that's out of the way, let's look at the VERY bright side of exercise.

1- It creates that muscular/tight and tone look every woman is after

2- You'll sleep so much better

3- It can improve your sex life dramatically

4- It provides endless energy

5- Your self-esteem will soar

And the list goes on and on and on. Seriously.

Your attitude towards exercise is the only thing holding you back. If you look at the incredible benefits of fitness you start to change your outlook towards exercise. Why dread something that is so incredibly valuable to your body? Besides helping you look great naked it also, as I'm sure you're aware, delivers a ton of health benefits.

Don't forget as part of my Carb Rotation Diet program you also get numerous FR.EE bonuses on fitness. One of which is my friend Donna Krech's "The Secret To Never Ending Motivation." I know you'll find it an invaluable tool on your quest to look great in your bathing suit this season.

I know you can do it.

Yours in health,

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS

PS - Women just like YOU are already kicking butt and getting ready to look awesome on Spring Break vacation or at the beach this summer. What about you?

"The Carb Rotation Diet has been designed to fit into any women's lifestyle. The Diet is very simple to follow and has taught me the steps I needed so that I never have to diet again! The Carb Rotation Diet changes the way your body looks as well as your lifestyle! The best part is that it is so simple to follow."
Hollie Hicks

Monday, March 24, 2008

Getting Ready For The Beach

The following is part 2 of a 13 part series...check back (better yet subscribe to email updates) during the week for part 3!

Bathing Suit Season Strategy #2

Yesterday I wrote about having a BURNING DESIRE and a clear mental image of how you want your body to look this Bathing Suit Season. Today here are some fat-fighting tips to get you started on the success fast-track.

1) Limit portion sizes: One very simple tip is to use a smaller plate to put your food on. We have this psychological issue that we have to fill the plate when we eat. Studies have been conducted where they took two groups and gave them their favorite ice cream to eat. One group had a small bowl and the other group had a large bowl. Their objective was to eat until they were satisfied.

The group with the larger bowl not only dished themselves larger portions per bowl, but they also ate more ice cream than the small bowl group.

2) Keep a food journal: Studies have shown that most people underestimate their calories by as much as 25% so if you are serious about losing weight make sure you record what you eat to know how much you are actually eating.

I actually just received an email yesterday from someone that thought they were eating the right amount of calories until they kept a food journal and realized they weren’t even close to the calories they were supposed to be eating.

3) Do NOT skip meals. Especially not breakfast. I'll be writing more about this in the coming weeks, but for now, I CANNOT stress how important breakfast is to a fat-burning metabolism. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you want your body melting fat all day long make sure you eat breakfast. And if you don't have the time to make something nutritious then I highly recommend a great tasting and convenient Meal Replacement Shake.

If YOU have a burning desire to look great this Bathing Suit Season then the Carb Rotation Diet program is the answer to your prayers. Just imagine how motivated you'll be when you drop up to 15 lbs. in 30 measly days!

I know you can do it.

Yours in health,

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Get Ready For Beach Season

Bathing Suit Season Strategy #1

Spring Break is pretty much here. Full-blown beach season will be here before you know it. You might have a June wedding to look great for.

Whatever reason you have for wanting to look better naked is fine with me. But what is absolutely critical to your success is a burning desire. A vivid image in your mind of how amazing you are going to look and feel in your new body. That is by far and away Bathing Suit Season Strategy #1.

Now you might be rolling your eyes at just how simplistic and hokey the above sounds. But it's not. As a registered dietitian with over ten years experience I can tell you that my MOST successful clients all had one thing in common - they wanted it BAD. Real bad. This time was different. This time they had a crystal clear image of what they were going to look like in that bathing suit. They could literally FEEL it.

Close your eyes right now and imagine.

Imagine yourself in your bathing suit looking at yourself in a mirror. But not as you are now. No, as you WANT to be.

Imagine looking at that reflection and admiring what you see.

Imagine the PRIDE you feel at the accomplishment.

Imagine how great it feels to be LEAN.

Imagine how your significant other looks at you. That sexy little smile they let out as they walk by you.

Imagine rubbing suntan lotion on your tight arms and legs.

Imagine how flat your stomach is.

Imagine how confident you are as you stroll down to the water to cool yourself off.

You START with a clear mental image of what you want and a BURNING DESIRE to achieve it.

The second step is to get my Carb Rotation Diet program and start shedding that fat FAST.

I know you can do it.

Yours in health,
Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS
PS - It's working for people EXACTLY like you.

So far, and this is the truth, since I started your diet and exercise program I have dropped from a size 22 to a size 18 and I am hoping to get down to a size 14 for the wedding. I have already given my size 22 clothes to the womens shelter here in town because I never plan to wear them again ever thanks to you. I don't care about the pounds as much as I do the clothes fitting better. Before I started they were stretched till the seam threads were showing. Now they fit comfortably and I no longer worry if I am going to pop a seam during a meeting or bending or sitting. I am VERY happy about that.

Thanks so much for your encouragement, your interest in helping us, and your concern about how we are doing. I never expected that. I am very pleased I started all of this with you and I am talking others into joining as well.
God Bless you Jayson for your caring and concern.

Barbara A. Kimball
Candia, New Hampshire

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nutrition Myths and Lies

Nutrition myths and lies! We’re cutting through the hype!
by: Meal Plans 101

Sometimes you have to say enough is enough. And this is one of those times. We received a tremendous amount of feedback after last week's newsletter, talking about some of the marketing mess we find ourselves in when trying to understand food labels. People were hungry for more -- our esteemed readers are clearly above the general consumer knowledge curve and don't want to be fooled by fitness and nutrition misinformation anymore.

So this week we have another myth that permeates through the media, publications, and even among health care professionals and trainers themselves. In fact, some of the Mohr Results Team was presenting at a fitness conference last week in London -- and right next door, the speaker was presenting the exact opposite message!   That can always be a bit awkward to say the least!  But not when there's no doubt about the correct answer --and it's the one you're saying.

Here is the myth: exercising at a lower intensity burns more fat than exercising at a higher intensity because when you exercise at a higher intensity, you instead burn more sugar.

Alright, here is the most simple way possible to explain this.

1. When you exercise, your body burns a combination of fuels (carbohydrates and fat).

2. The lower the intensity, the more fuel that comes from fat. This is because fat requires oxygen to "burn" and when you start exercising too intensely, it becomes anaerobic (which means, without oxygen--hence your huffing and puffing for air).

3. As your intensity increases, your body starts to shift more towards using carbohydrates for fuel (think walking to running).

4. But, when you increase your intensity (walking to running to sprinting), you burn more calories per total time spent exercising..

5. You need to burn more calories to lose body fat.

6. Therefore, exercising at a higher intensity is the winner if weight loss is your goal. It does not matter if those calories come from fat or carbohydrates; it matters that you are using calories by moving more!

Here is where the confusion lies. I said in #2 that more fuel comes from fat when you exercise at a lower intensity. That does not mean you are burning more body fat -- you are not literally breaking down body fat and using it like gas in a race car. Fat as fuel and body fat are different. In fact, research continues to mound that higher intensity exercise is more effective than lower intensity exercise for fat loss.

Most people like to hear that low intensity exercise is better -- because it is easier! But it is not as effective. As Emeril says in his show, you have to "kick it up a notch."

In fact, saying lower intensity movement is better for weight loss is like telling someone sitting is more effective than exercising if they want to lose fat. Sounds goofy to recommend sitting for weight loss, doesn't it? But if the thought is that low intensity exercise burns more fat, let's take it to extremes and burn the most fat possible by sitting or sleeping. What a joke!

Of course weight loss requires smart nutrition to truly be effective--which is why we created Meal Plans 101!!   Exercise in and of itself has little effect on fat loss -- when coupled with nutrition, the pieces to the puzzle start to come together.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Low Glycemic Foods

What are these Low Glycemic Foods? If I eat these foods will I be skinny?
by: Jayson Hunter Registered Dietitian, CSCS

First let discuss what low glycemic is before we decide if it will help you with your weight loss. Low glycemic foods are foods that when consumed do not dramatically elevate your blood sugar levels. Eating foods that are high glycemic will dramatically increase your blood sugar levels. Your body starts to promote the fat storage of these sugars when you eat high glycemic foods because your insulin level increases.

When women want to know or ask what foods to eat so they can be skinny they are essentially looking for foods that aren’t going to promote the storage of fat. To become low glycemic a food needs to have a mixture of nutrients, be lower in overall sugars and contain a fair amount of fiber with each serving.

For example a piece of white bread is a high glycemic food because it consists of processed and refined flour. A piece of whole-grain bread would be a lower glycemic food because it contains a good amount of fiber and other nutrients that would slow down the absorption of your food.

You should choose foods that are either a good source of fiber or contain some protein and fat so that it is a lower glycemic food choice. Though you also need to look at the big picture and look at what else you are eating for that meal since it is all digested at the same time.

When deciding on a meal you want a balance of a lean protein source, 1-2 servings of vegetable and/or fruit and 1 serving of a higher fiber whole-grain carbohydrate food choice. When eating balanced like this your total glycemic level will be lower, which means your blood sugar levels don’t rise as high and your body promotes fat usage for energy instead of fat storage.

When you eat a lean protein source at your feeding opportunities you are also releasing a hormone called glucagon that is the opposite of insulin and counteracts the effect of insulin by promoting the release of fat to be used as energy instead of storing it.

So my answer to women who want to know what foods to eat to be skinny I would say plenty of foods can as long as you eat them at the right time and in the correct portions. The best way to be skinny is to eat a lean protein source at every feeding opportunity and a vegetable that is a good source of fiber. Stay away from the high sugar soft drinks or fast foods items that are high in fat.

If being skinny is your goal or you can’t lose the weight to fit into that dress then you also have to make sure you incorporate exercise into your program. Nutrition alone may work, but your progress will be much slower. Incorporating the eating principles above along with an exercise program will have you looking stunning in that amazing dress fast!

Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS is the author of the Carb Rotation Diet. To discover the 5 absolute truths Every Serial Dieter Who Seeks Rapid-Weight loss MUST come to grips with visit The Carb Rotation Diet at

Comprehensive Diet Program

Here are two new comprehensive diet programs; one for men and one for women:

1. Dress Size Reduction Diet - Long-Time Registered Dietitian Bares-All In The Most Comprehensive, Simple-to-Use, Step-by-Step System Ever Created For Women Who Absolutely...Positively...Have To Lose Up To 15 lbs In Just 30 Days! The most comprehensive Diet Program available that's like nothing you've ever seen before. It's not ANY of the fat loss gimmicks you see flooding your television and magazine stands. It's carefully calculated and timed meals that stimulate and prime your body for fat loss...Dress Size Reduction Diet is a downloadable e-book.

2. Get Rid of My Gut Diet - Long-Time Registered Dietitian Bares-All In The Most Comprehensive, Simple-to-Use, Step-by-Step System Ever Created For Men Who Absolutely...Positively...Have To Lose Up To 15 lbs In Just 30 Days! The most comprehensive Diet Program available that's like nothing you've ever seen before. It's not ANY of the fat loss gimmicks you see flooding your television and magazine stands. It's carefully calculated and timed meals that stimulate and prime your body for fat loss...Get Rid of My Gut Diet is a downloadable e-book!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Diet Sodas

Should you ditch your calorie free beverages?
Meal Plans 101

If you ask those who drink diet sodas, they do so for one reason--to drink less calories, which could help avoid weight gain. But new research is challenging that theory. In fact, research from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio suggested the more diet sodas a person drinks, the more weight they are likely to gain. What gives? Doesn't make much sense, does it?

Why would diet soda make some people gain weight? There are only theories at this point but it may be as simple as people consciously eating more because they think they can. Maybe they are compensating in other areas, like ordering hamburger AND fries because there are no calories in the soda (rather than just hamburger). Of course, none of those options are great, but that's a different story.

The other thought is that diet soda may stimulate appetite causing people to overeat. There are still plenty of questions that researchers need to answer. For instance, are these results associated with all artificial sweeteners? Or just certain ones? Remember, also, that this research was done in rats, not humans, so until it's replicated in humans and on a much larger scale, don't run out to the store and buy high sugar, zero nutrient soda just yet.

Our recommendation? Avoid regular and diet soda and opt for water and tea. Both are calorie free, tea has a ton of nutrients, and they will help hydrate you without adding sugar, chemicals, or anything else into your body.

The same goes for meal planning. Don’t just jump from one magazine article weight loss idea to another thinking that you are going to lose weight. Plan out your weight loss. Write down what you are going to do for exercise. Write down what you are going to eat every day to lose weight. Then stick to it. Consistency is the key to permanent weight loss.

To help plan out your nutrition map and establish that consistency check out Meal Plans 101. It is specifically designed to help you map out your nutrition so that you can achieve permanent weight loss.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Insanely Effective Abdominal Exercise

Secret Training Tip #446 - Dumbell Crawling - An INSANELY EFFECTIVE Abdominal Exercise That Will Leave You Crawling On The Floor... Literally!
By Nick Nilsson

Looking for an abominal exercise that will TRASH your entire core in a way you've NEVER experienced before? This one will do's an exercise that hits not only your core but your shoulders, back and chest as well!

I have to say, this is one of THE strangest abdominal exercises you'll ever see...but also one of THE most effective!

You're not going to be doing any crunching or twisting or squeezing. There are no machines need to even focus on contracting the core muscles.

Because once you start doing this exercise, your body will have NO CHOICE but to fire the abs HARD in order to do it!

For this exercise, all you need is a pair of dumbells and a floor. That's it!

The dumbells should be a moderate weight - something you'd use for sets of 5 reps on dumbell curls, perhaps. In the demo, I'm using 65 lb dumbells and those were a good weight for me.

This exercise is going to teach you what core strength and stability are REALLY all about! First, I'm going to explain how to do it, then I'll give you the full rundown on why it's so good.

How To Do It:

You'll need some open floor space for this exercise - preferably where you have about 10 to 15 feet of unobstructed space to move. Set the dumbells on the floor then get down in what looks like the top of a close-grip push-up position. Your hands will be on the handles of the dumbells and you'll be up on your toes (not kneeling). Try to visualize the "start" position that sprinters are in when they're about to take off out of the blocks - THIS is what the position looks like.

Now you're going to CRAWL forward in that position...move the LEFT dumbell forward a few inches and step your RIGHT foot forward a few inches.

It's definitely easier to "get" this one when you see it done on video (which, of course, I'll be posting a link to at the end of the article).

Basically, you're going to be crawling on the floor with your hands weighted by the dumbells. Crawl forward about 10 feet like this then stop and crawl BACKWARDS.

Sound easy? Think again...

Why This Exercise Is So Effective:

Dumbell crawling is a VERY effective core exercise because of the uneven tension you get through your core with every step forward you take.

Think of it this way...when you're lifting up your left hand (with the dumbell) and the right foot, what is supporting your body? The support is coming from your OTHER hand and foot. Your core is, in an instant, going from 4-point support to 2-point support and all the tension is going diagonally through your core. It doesn't seem like much when you're crawling without weight, but add a dumbell to the mix? You'll be singing a different tune...

In addition, while crawling, you're also supporting your bodyweight in a pike position, working the entire abdominal area isometrically (which means without movement - just acting to stabilize and brace your body position). It's a two-pronged attack on your core that will pay off BIG.

One of the great things about this exercise is that the strength you develop is EXTREMELY functional. Forget standing on a BOSU ball on one leg and catching a beanbag...THIS exercise will build functional power through the core.

The diagonal tension of crawling exactly mimics the natural diagonal tension that goes through the core when walking, running and jumping. Think of it as "force transfer" strength, meaning you'll be better able to transfer force through your core when moving (i.e. running, jumping, etc.).

Increasing strength in this very targeted way will have an IMMEDIATE and powerful carryover to sports performance.

And when you start moving'll be in for a shock! It's actually quite a bit tougher moving backwards. The co-ordination can be a bit tricky but with practice, you should do fine.

When you're doing this exercise, start with a light to moderate weight but don't be afraid to increase the weight here. You may not feel it so much in the abs until you move up in weight. THAT is where the real benefits of the exercise will be felt.


If core strength and performance are important goals in your training, DEFINITELY give this exercise a try. As strange as it may look, it's actually EXTREMELY effective for working the core. In a nutshell, it's going to TRASH your abs!

To see this exercise in action, in pictures and on video, click the following link now:


Nick Nilsson is Vice-President of the online personal training company BetterU, Inc. He has a degree in Physical Education and Psychology and has been inventing new training techniques for more than 17 years. Nick is the author of a number of bodybuilding eBooks including "Muscle Explosion! 28 Days to Maximum Mass", "Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss," "Muscle Explosion! 28 Days to Maximum Mass," "The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of," "Gluteus to the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt NOW!" and "The Best Abdominal Exercises You've Never Heard Of" all available at He can be contacted at

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Female Athlete Triad

The Female Athlete Triad: Could You Be At Risk?
By Vince DelMonte

One major issue that many women who are getting serious about their workouts start to deal with is known as the female athlete triad.

The female athlete triad can affect a wide variety of individuals, from someone training for a rigorous competitive sport to someone who is simply trying to take their physique to a new level. Most commonly it is seen in activities that do place a high amount of focus on the image of the body, such as ballet, gymnastics, figure skating, and women’s fitness.

It’s important that you learn to recognize exactly what the female athlete triad consists of so that you are not only aware if you are already experiencing it but also, you learn what you can do to protect yourself from further damage taking place.

The Three Main Components Of The Female Athlete Triad

The female athlete triad, like the name suggests, is composed of three big factors.

1. Amenorrhea

Amenorrhea can be defined as the cessation of the menstrual cycle, after it had previously been somewhat regular, for three or more months in a row.
While some women may just be irregular, the key here is that they are not getting periods at all. It can be slightly difficult to establish if this is your issue if you have always been irregular, but most often even those who are irregular will get at least one menstrual period of a three month cycle.

2. Eating Disorders

The second component of the female athlete triad is the presence of any one of the various eating disorders that are seen. This could be anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder, or an unclassified disorder (unhealthy relationship with food). Remember to keep in mind here that one does not need to be fully starving themselves to have an eating disorder.  You could simply be feeling extreme amounts of guilt after even a small detour from your diet and this could classify you as having an eating disorder or unhealthy relationship with food.

3. Osteoporosis

Then, the third factor in this condition is osteoporosis. This factor particularly, is very detrimental to the woman as it could set her up to experience an increased risk of stress fractures or broken bones for the rest of her life.  Many women also start to remove dairy products from their diet as they believe it will cause weight gain and once again, this only further enhances the problem. Additionally, this factor usually comes about because of the previous two factors.

What Causes The Female Athlete Triad

In terms of what causes this condition to develop, there have been many research studies that have tried to determine just this and unfortunately there isn’t once single precipitating factor, but rather, it’s a combination of factors that seem to be at play.

First, usually what causes the condition to strike is that the individual is not consuming enough total daily calories.  This seems to be the most important part of the equation; therefore, if you are hoping to avoid the development of these problems, eating enough is your best preventative mechanism. As an easy general guideline, for weight loss, the lowest number of calories you consume should be ten times your body weight.

So for example, a female weighing 130 pounds would require a minimum of 1300 calories each day – and this is for maximum fat loss.

The second thing that needs to be looked at is the woman’s overall body composition.  Women need so much fat on their bodies in order to function effectively.  When there is a lack of total body fat, problems occur, particularly with the reproductive system – as seen with the loss of the periods.

Usually these two are interconnected as many times a woman is not taking in enough total calories will obviously have a lower body fat level.
Between the two though, total calories is more important as there are a select few who are able to maintain quite low body fat percentages, yet still avoid the development of this problem. 

Why is this? It’s because they are eating enough calories to maintain their weight, their weight is just a lot of lean mass and little fat tissue.

Finally, the third reason that this condition can develop is because of overexercising.  When a woman overdoes it in the gym or on the court/field, she is starting to place an inordinate amount of stress on her system, and both her CNS and reproductive system will respond in a negative way. Rest is very critical in any workout program and should be scheduled in regularly.

So, the three main points to watch out for are a loss of your periods, abnormal or unhealthy eating behaviors, and a workout schedule that allows you very little, if any rest at all.

If you are suffering from any of those, or a combination of them, you may want to speak to a professional (both medical and psychological), as all three are very interrelated, with the development of one often leading to the development of another.

If, on the other hand, you are already experiencing problems, then your first step is to cut back on the amount of exercise you are doing and your second step is to increase the amount of calories you are consuming.  Increase the calories slightly slowly as this might be a scary process for you, aiming for a weekly increase of about 10% of your total current intake each week.  This will also allow the metabolism to keep up with this increased amount of food and prevent you from gaining any weight in the process.

If you complete both of these objectives, you should find that slowly your body fat levels also become more regulated, which fixes the last issue of this disorder.

So, if this sounds like it could be a condition you are experiencing or are at risk of experiencing, be sure to have a good hard look at your training and eating habits. Your health should always be the number one priority, even if some of you would rather place looks as your main objective.

About the Author:

Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain found at

He specializes in teaching skinny guys how to build muscle and gain weight quickly without drugs, supplements and training less than before.


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5 Most Effective Exercises

The 5 Most Effective Exercises and Training Techniques That Will Get You Kicked Out Of A "Normal" Gym!
By Nick Nilsson

For building maximum muscle and ripping the fat off your body, conventional training is NOT where it's at. I'm going to teach you 5 of THE most effective exercises and techniques that will have "management" pulling their hair out!

The most effective exercises and training techniques are the ones that push your body to the limit...they activate more muscle fibers, challenge your balance and determination, and push your strength to the limit!

Oddly enough, they can also get you kicked out some gyms! (Not that I know this from personal experience or anything...)

These top 5 techniques are among THE very best for achieving the goals they're targeted for. Use them wisely!

1. Lockout Partial Squats
This exercise will draw the ire of any self-respecting gym owner, especially one that hasn't invested in good-quality, high weight-rated Olympic bars.

Why? Because, when you do this exercise with REALLY heavy weight (as you should for maximum effectiveness), your standard "el-cheapo" Olympic bar is going to BEND and bend PERMANENTLY.

If and when the gym management sees bent bars and you're the only one using really substantial weight on them...well, you get my drift.

So how do you do Lockout Partial Squats? They're quite simple - basically, you set the safety rails in the power rack to just below the very top position of your squat. Then you set a bar on those rails. Then you pile a LOT of weight on (you can warm-up with what you would normally do for a one-rep max).

When the bar is set up, step underneath, get it set on your back then finish the lockout. Simple as that!

You can see this technique in action here:

In this example, I'm using the lockout squat as a static hold, standing up with it then just supporting the weight at the top - I'm using 950 lbs on the bar (10 plates on either side) using a bar rated to 1500 lbs. As you can tell, I've learned my bar-bending lesson!

2. Fat-Loss Circuit Training
This is a training technique that is downright AMAZING for fat loss. It'll kick your metabolism into overdrive like nothing else. So why will it get you kicked out of a gym?

Let me tell you how it works first...

At its simplest, you're doing a regular weight workout, but instead of taking complete rest in between sets (e.g. do a set of 8 reps than sit on the bench for a minute doing nothing), you'll

be doing 30 to 40 seconds of moderate intensity cardio training.

Here's what it would look like:

1 set of 8 reps bench press
40 seconds jogging on the treadmill
1 set of 8 reps bench press
40 seconds jogging on the treadmill
1 set of 8 reps bench press
40 seconds jogging on the treadmill
1 set of 8 reps bench press
40 seconds jogging on the treadmill

And so on, for the rest of the workout...

It is actually deceptively simple and seems relatively easy...but let me tell you, when you do this in a regular workout, it will AMAZE you with how strongly it revs up your metabolism.

You can read a more in-depth description of this technique in this article:

Fat-Loss Circuit Training - a revolutionary fat-burning, metabolism-boosting training technique

It's a technique I use in my "Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss" program:

So why will this technique get you kicked out of the gym?

Well, as great as this technique is, it DOES require you to go back and forth between weights and cardio equipment. To do this (and this is normally only a problem if you train at a busy gym) you have to claim both a weight training area and a cardio machine. Most gyms frown on this type of thing, especially at a busy time. Chances are, your stations will be gone the moment you step away from them.

Fortunately, it's easy to remedy with a simple modification! Instead of using a machine for cardio, you can skip rope, step up and down on a bench or on stairs, or you can jog in place.

3. Power Cleans or Any Olympic Lifting In General
If you go to a Bally's, or another similar type of machine-oriented commercial gym, and start doing Power Cleans (or any Olympic lifts) in eyeshot of any of the "supervisors" or trainers,
chances are good that you will be asked to stop (been there!).

Why? Liability. You see, if YOU know what you're doing and you know how to perform the exercise safely, that's one thing.

But the other person WATCHING you do that exercise (who is probably not experienced enough to perform it safely) might just decide to try it out and hurt themselves.

And, of course, when that person does drop that barbell on their foot or wrench their back, they'll sue Bally's, which is what Bally's is REALLY worried about here.

The thing is, Power Cleans and Olympic lifts are GREAT for building explosive power. They're NOT dangerous at all when taught correctly and under knowledgeable supervision. In fact, injury rates in competitive weightlifting are actually much LESS than even something as simple as running!

It's all in proper instruction.

You can get a good idea of what the Power Clean looks like here:

Olympic Lifts

4. Backwards Treadmill Running And Walking For TORCHING The Quads
You may not know this but the treadmill can actually be a GREAT muscle-building's just not immediately obvious HOW.

You see, if you've got stubborn quads, part of the problem is probably blood supply. Most lagging muscle groups correlate with poor blood supply.

Think of it this way...which of your bodyparts pump up most easily? Which ones are the hardest to pump up? Now which ones develop the most easily? I can tell you with near certainty, your muscles that pump most easily also develop most easily.

Back to the treadmill. Most people face forwards when using the treadmill, which is fine...even encouraged, if you will.

But turn yourself around and run or walk on the treamill facing BACKWARDS (and set the machine to a high incline) and you've got yourself an exercise that will quite simply TORCH the quads more than you will believe.

And in the process of this torching, you are going RAM more blood into your quads than you can with pretty much any other exercise. This dramatic increase in blood flow will actually help improve overall circulation to the quads, which will help with future muscle growth.

Very effective can read more about it and see it on video here:

So why could this training technique get you kicked out of a gym?

Well, standing backwards on a treadmill does increase the overall general risk of even using a treadmill in the first place. This is why you MUST hold solidly onto the rails as you're running or walking on it. You should, at any given moment, be able to instantly support yourself on the rails and step off the belt.

But most gyms don't have this level of trust in their members. Even a perfectly safe and effective technique like this may fall within the reasoning of "different = bad."

Here's the thing...when you hold the rails solidly while using this technique (and you can step off at any given moment), I think it's actually SAFER than running FORWARDS on the treadmill!

5. Deadlifts
The deadlift is one of my favorite exercises...there's just something so satisfying about grabbing a really heavy bar and lifting it off the ground. There's no middle either lift it
or you don't. And the crazy thing is, I HAVE almost gotten kicked out of more than one gym for doing plain old deadlifts!

The first time was at a gym in Ft. Lauderdale. I was doing deadlifts, minding my own business, not slamming the bar to the ground or dropping it or anything like that, when the attendant came over and said:

"I'm sorry. We don't allow deadlifts in this gym. They make too much noise."

And I actually felt sorry for the poor guy who had to come up and tell me this...I could tell by the look in his face he knew what a stupid rule and stupid reason it was but he had no choice but to enforce it.

(Apparently the coffee shop on the first floor below didn't realize there was a GYM upstairs when they opened up and would complain constantly about noise...)

So I asked him "How about if I just do deadlifts but don't set the weight on the ground in between reps AND I'll be very gentle when I DO set it down at the end of the set. You won't hear a peep."

I demonstrated a set of continuous-tension deadlifts (which are a GREAT variation of the deadlift, by the do the exercise but never let the weight plates touch the ground between reps...VERY tough to do with heavy weight).

He looked suspicious but said that was okay and I was able to finish my training for the day without getting tossed out.

The second time was at Gold's Gym in Nassau, Bahamas. On this occasion, I was doing heavy singles - still not slamming the weight down or dropping it. Then, in between sets over the loudspeaker, I hear...

"Please do not drop weights on the distracts other gym members."

So I keep going thinking, hey, I'm not dropping weights on the floor. I'm just setting the bar down doing heavy singles. So I keep going and AGAIN over the loudspeaker I hear (in an EXTREMELY snotty voice now)...

"Gym users who drop weights on the floor will be asked to leave the premises."

Disgusted, I unloaded the bar, set the safety rails on the nearest rack to just below lockout position, put 10 plates on either side then proceeded to bend the ever-lovin' CR@P out of that bar with the lockout partial squats from example #1 in this article...

I'm just kidding! I really only used 9 plates... :)


Nick Nilsson is Vice-President of the online personal training company BetterU, Inc. He has a degree in Physical Education and Psychology and has been inventing new training techniques for more than 17 years. Nick is the author of a number of bodybuilding eBooks including "Muscle Explosion! 28 Days to Maximum Mass", "Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss," "The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of," "Gluteus to the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt NOW!" and "The Best Abdominal Exercises You've Never Heard Of" all available at He can be contacted at

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Weight Lifting Rules

Weight Lifting Rules For Skinny Runts
By Vince DelMonte

You wake up in the morning and look in the mirror.  Pleased with your appearance? If you more resemble the appearance of a long distance marathon runner than a world class sprinter, don’t worry, you aren't alone. You just need to start following these weight lifting rules.

There are quite a few guys who simply have trouble packing on the lean muscle mass.  Whether their hormonal environment isn't quite as favourable or genetics was just out to get them at birth, one thing is for sure and that's that they need to follow a slightly different set of weight lifting methods than those who seem to grow muscle overnight.

Luckily for you, you're taking the time to do your research about weight lifting so you won't be destined to a life where it seems like a strong wind might knock you over.

First, one of the key factors that skinny guys need to remember is that they must avoid volume work at all costs.

Rule #1:

Get in the gym and get out! That should be your motto from this day forward. Repeat it. Breathe it. Live it.  Weight lifting is a calorie expensive activity and you need all the calories you can get at this point. If you are burning it up in the gym every single day, how do you expect to grow? You won't.

You grow when you are resting and generally, the skinnier you are, the more rest you are going to need.

Now, that doesn't mean you should park it on the couch for a few days in between your workouts.  It simply means that each weight lifting should not consist of set after set after set.

Followed by a rest break to talk to that hot receptionist and then back to another twenty sets.

No, you're workouts need to consist of ten-twelve or fewer sets where you are pushing yourself to the MAX. There is no room for sissy, light-weight work in your weight lifting program.

Which brings us to Rule #2:

Ditch the isolated exercises. Who needs them? You certainly don't.

If your workouts normally include bicep curls, followed by tricep kickbacks, followed by leg extensions, followed by chest flys, followed by… you get the picture, you've got to change this pronto.  Remember, you've only got so much time you are allowed to be in the gym for. Don't you want to get the biggest bang for your buck?  Likely you do, so that means focusing on compound lifts only. This includes weight lifting exercises such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts, rows and military presses.

Become friends with those exercises and you will have new muscles in the picture soon enough.  Toss the five day split program, get yourself on a good upper/lower or full body workout program and you have found the key to unleashing new muscle mass.

Now onto the next significant point. Cardio.

Rule # 3.

I know, I know, you want to be big, but you don’t want to be fat.  Let's not worry about that at this point, because you and I both know you are a long ways from fat.

Gaining fat weight is going to be more a concept of diet than anything else so as long as you are being smart in the kitchen, you don't need to perform hours of cardio to remain lean.

Cardio is just going to further burn off precious calories that could have gone towards building you new muscle mass. For you, calories are a hot commodity and should not be spent on the treadmill.

If you want to keep up some cardio for general health sake, fine, but limit this to two or three twenty minute sessions per week - TOPS. And make it low to moderate intensity as well. 

The only place you are to be intense is in the weight room.

This leads to rule #4.

REST! You've put in your effort at the gym, fed your body with some good food and now what? Plans to go out partying all night with your buddies? You might want to rethink that.  While you definitely want to maintain your social life while trying to gain weight - and you should - it should not come at the sacrifice of sleep.

Sleep is primetime when it comes to your body repairing itself and growing stronger so short-circuit sleep and you are short-circuiting your results. Just don't do it. Period. It's that simple.

Get ready for rule #5.

Technique.  Ever seen that guy in the gym who is hoisting so much weight on his barbell for barbell curls that it looks like he's got more momentum going on than the Gravitron at the fair?

He's pretty much working every muscle in his body except his biceps. Not so beneficial.  Not only that, but give him two weeks and a hundred bucks says he's out with back pain.

You must maintain proper form throughout your weight lifting, not only to prevent injuries but also to see the muscular gains you are looking for. If you cheat form, you are only cheating yourself.  If you don't know what proper form is yet, book a session with a trainer or find yourself a spotter who can help you.

And now, bonus rule #6

Find a mentor.  You want someone who's been there, done that. They used to be a skinny bastard just like you and they've managed to overcome the curse and now tip the scales and dominate the weight room.  This guy will do wonders for your motivational levels. Don't feel like lifting? Have a good look at his body.  You'll want to pick that weight up after that.

Furthermore, he can let you in on some of his tried-and-true secrets that just might be key for you as well.

So to sum up your new approach to your weight lifting sessions - get in, train hard and with proper technique, get out, eat and rest. Repeat this process over a few months without getting distracted or becoming too much of a party animal and you will make this the year you change your dreaded skinny image. 


About the Author:

Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building : Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain found at

He teaches skinny guys a new set of weight lifting rules, without supplements, drugs and training less than before.

© 2006-2008, Vince DelMonte Fitness. All rights in all media reserved. You may reprint this article so long as the article and author bio are reprinted intake and all links are made live. This article may never be sold individually or as part of a package.

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Training Volume

Mike Mentzer: Genius or Lunatic
By Jason Ferruggia

If you don’t know who Mike Mentzer was I will give you some quick background. He was a famous bodybuilder who competed back in the seventies and eighties against none other than Arnold, himself. He was known for being a huge proponent of extremely low volume training. Mike was either loved or hated; there was no in between. He had some radical view points and an in-your-face way of expressing them. He even had the balls to call Arnold out about his high volume training protocols and say what a complete waste of time it all was.

Mike Mentzer’s basic ideas and theories were that we are all grossly over-trained in sets and overall volume but under-trained in intensity. He recommended somewhere between one and three sets per bodypart, once every 7-21 days. He also knew what I have since learned; that high protein diets are unnecessary and are just another scam perpetrated by the bodybuilding industry to force you to buy more protein powder and useless crap.

Many people thought Mike Mentzer was a genius and learned a great deal from him while making tremendous progress employing his advice. Others thought he was completely insane and needed to be committed.

I, personally, loved Mike’s attitude and rebellious nature. I also learned quite a bit from him and when I first read Heavy Duty way back in the early 90’s, it completely changed the way I thought about training. It also led to some outstanding results.

The problem was that at the time I was like many of you; constantly in search for the next best training program and always thought there was a better way of doing things. So I lost my way for a few years while experimenting with everything under the sun. Sadly, you have to get off the right path and get lost for a while in order to realize that you were heading in the right direction all along.

It has been at least 15 years since I read Mike Mentzer’s training theories for the first time and I have experimented with quite a bit of different loading parameters and training methods since then. I can now state, unequivocally, that Mike Mentzer was a lot smarter and a lot closer to the truth than a lot of people I have taken advice from over the years.

Was he a genius?

No. But he was a smart guy and a rational thinker. He never just blindly accepted what everyone else did. He thought for himself and questioned everything.

Looking back I can say that Mike was a little off with his frequency recommendations and that the intensity he advocated was a bit too high and unnecessary. In fact, I think some of the extreme intensity techniques he advocated may have even been counterproductive. I also strongly disagree with many of his exercise choices.

But that doesn’t mean that Mike’s ideas weren’t effective. He is, after all, responsible for helping Dorian Yates win the Mr. Olympia contest.

Mike knew the dangers of overtraining and realized just how unnecessary and counterproductive all that useless junk volume really was. He knew that it didn’t take anywhere near as much training as most people think to produce dramatic gains in size and strength. Mike knew and preached to people that if they couldn’t get the job done in a fraction of the sets they normally used then they weren’t training hard enough. Or maybe they weren’t eating properly or getting enough rest… But whatever it was, their lack of progress was not due to their lack of training volume. In fact, their training volume may have been what was holding them back.

I respect what Mike Mentzer contributed to the strength training world and will always consider him a pioneer in our business.

To learn how I incorporated many of Mike Mentzer’s theories with my own (that are based on 20 years of in the trenches experience and endless discussions with renowned coaches and trainers) to create the best muscle building system available for drug free, genetically average lifters, go to now.

Jason Ferruggia is a world famous fitness expert who is renowned for his ability to help people build muscle as fast as humanly possible. He has trained thousands of clients during his 14 years as a professional fitness coach, including more than 500 athletes from over 20 different sports. Jason has written hundreds of articles for numerous top rated training magazines and websites and has authored four fitness books. He is also the head training adviser for Men’s Fitness Magazine where he also has his own monthly column dedicated to muscle building. For more great muscle building information, please visit

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Lose Twenty Pounds Quickly and Safely

The Five Simple Steps for Losing Twenty Pounds Quickly and Safely
By Registered Dietitian Jayson Hunter

It’s unfortunate, but true: Many women feel the need to starve themselves when they have twenty pounds they want to lose so they can look great for a special occasion. Whether it is a wedding, class reunion or some other special event there is a tremendous amount of pressure on women to look great. And this pressure often leads to the yo-yo dieting and weight gain that is so prevalent in our society today.

You know the pattern: You starve yourself and seem to drop a ton of weight fast. But then when you go back to your normal eating patterns you gain not only the weight you lost back, but you gain even more!

And it’s all the result of one thing: Starving your body of the nutrients it needs.

As you’ve probably read somewhere by now, your body’s metabolism actually burns more fat when it’s fed more often. So if you want to lose dress sizes and inches fast you need to be good to your body. And that means eating the foods it craves to help it melt fat.

So here are 5 simple steps you can follow to help you lose twenty pounds of pure fat. And these steps will help you keep the weight off and end – once and for all – the yo-yo dieting dilemma.

Oh, but before I forget, at the end of the five tips I will tell you about a website for you to visit where you can even more great FREE info and even a 30 day meal plan to make your life even easier!

1. Increase Non-Starchy Vegetable Intake

You have probably seen this many times before, but I guarantee it is one of the most important steps to losing weight. Why you ask? One reason is because eating non-starchy vegetables increases your fiber intake which makes you feel fuller quicker.

Another reason is that vegetables are energy consumers. It takes more energy to digest a vegetable than a type of carbohydrate. You could actually be in a negative calorie balance if you compared one carrot’s calories to the amount of calories it took to digest and utilize that carrot.

There are studies that show on average for those that ate 4 or more servings of non-starchy vegetables a day were the biggest losers when it came to weight loss

2. Protein Should Be At Every Meal

To optimally preserve your lean body mass while losing weight it is extremely important to consume some type of lean protein at every meal.

Protein is a great nutrient to prevent you from overeating because it will fill you up quicker.

It is also another nutrient that is energy costly, which means it takes more calories to digest and utilize protein than it does a carbohydrate.

Your best sources of protein are beef, chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy.

3. Eat Whole Grain Carbohydrates

Consuming whole-grain carbohydrates regulates your insulin levels and keeps your body from producing too much insulin. This, in turn, keeps you losing weight.

Large amounts of insulin promote fat storage and fast digesting or simple carbohydrates produce large amounts of insulin. You want to limit or avoid these fast digesting carbs.

By doing this you not only improve your health, but will speed up your fat loss.

Some studies believe that up to 70% of successful weight loss stems from keeping insulin levels in check and to do this means eating whole grains and avoiding simple carbs.

4. Eat More Healthy Fats

Consume adequate amounts of healthy fat foods such as olive oil, walnuts, almonds, or other Omega-3 products.

Healthy fats are great antioxidants. They also help with brain function and many other essential processes that take place in the body on a daily basis.

Essential Fatty acids also help prevent certain diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Some studies are starting to show that consuming Omega-3 products may boost your metabolism by as much as 400 calories a day.

5. Eat Frequent Meals

There is a direct correlation with eating patterns and volume of food consumed as well as insulin levels.

Eat 4-6 small meals day a day instead of the usual 2-3 large meals. Eating frequently will help regulate and boost your metabolism to burn more calories.

By eating smaller portions throughout the day, you tend to eat less food overall. You also control your blood sugars because, by ingesting a steady state of nutrients throughout the day, your body has no need to significantly elevate insulin levels to handle large amounts of food.

Now of course I do recommend you exercise while making these 5 changes to your diet because nutrition and exercise go hand in hand for fat loss. If you make these simple changes to your diet and take part in an exercise program that has you burning calories then you will drop dress sizes and inches quickly, safely and permanently.

Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS is the author of the Carb Rotation Diet. To discover the 5 absolute truths Every Serial Dieter Who Seeks Rapid-Weight loss MUST come to grips with visit The Carb Rotation Diet.

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Build A Thick Muscular Back

How to Gain Weight & Build a Barn Door Sized Back
By Jason Ferruggia

If you want know how to gain weight and build a thick, muscular back there are three exercises that you need to become very familiar with. Those exercise are chin ups, rows and lastly but most importantly; deadlifts. If you did nothing but those three exercises faithfully you would end up with a thick and impressive looking back.

When it comes to uncovering the secrets of how to gain weight you need to realize that the back muscles make up a huge portion of your total musculature and that developing them will add countless pounds to your frame.

So how do we go about developing all of the muscles of the back? Firstly we have to address the traps which start at the neck and go all the way down to the mid back. These can be worked most effectively with dead lifts, shrugs and hang cleans. Deadlifts can be done for anywhere between one and twenty reps. Shrugs are best kept at 6-12 reps and cleans should usually be done for six reps or less.

Next on the list are the smaller muscles around the shoulder blade area which are the infraspinatus, rhomboids, teres major and minor and rear deltoids. These muscles work during all forms of rows. If you are really looking to get the most bang for you buck and to work as many muscles as possible then stick with big compound rowing exercises like dumbbell and barbell rows. These will work most muscles in your back. But if you are more advanced and want to isolate and directly target some of these smaller muscles you can do that with face pulls, bent over lateral raises, scare crows and external rotations. These smaller isolation type exercises are not necessary but can help prevent imbalances and can put the finishing touches on a well muscled back. Unlike other isolation exercises like leg extensions and concentration curls, these exercises actually do serve some purpose and are effective at building size and strength and preventing injury. When utilizing some of these smaller isolation exercises be sure to keep the reps in the 8-12 range as that is what seems to work best for these muscles.
The lats are next and are the muscles that stick out under your armpits and give you the appearance of width. They make up a great deal of the total back musculature. To really increase the size of your lats and thus the width of your back, focus on all variations of chin ups and the occasional higher rep set of pulldowns.

Lastly we have the erector spinae which is basically the lower back musculature. This area extends from the top of the glutes up to the traps. A well developed set of erector spinae really stands out and lets people know you are way more than all show and no go. There is no better lower back exercise than the deadlift and its variations. Some other great erector spinae builders are good mornings, back extensions and reverse hypers. These exercises should be done for 6-20 reps, while deadlifts can be done for 1-20 reps.

While everything written above is important and should be considered, you could ignore all of it and just deadlift on a regular basis and still develop a very impressive back. Whenever someone asks me how to gain weight I tell them to eat a lot and do deadlifts. Deadlifts are the king of the back builders and work every muscle group. If you are pressed for time, stick with deadlifts. If you have more time to dedicate to building a big back do two sets each, twice per week of some type of deadlift or lower back exercise (deads should only be done once per week as they are very tough to recover from), shrug, upper back “isolation move,” compound row and chin up.

Jason Ferruggia is a world famous fitness expert who is renowned for his ability to help people build muscle as fast as humanly possible. He has trained thousands of clients during his 14 years as a professional fitness coach, including more than 500 athletes from over 20 different sports. Jason has written hundreds of articles for numerous top rated training magazines and websites and has authored four fitness books. He is also the head training adviser for Men’s Fitness Magazine where he also has his own monthly column dedicated to muscle building. For more great muscle building information, please visit

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Getting a good pump

Is a "Pump" Needed to Build Muscle?
By Jason Ferruggia

Who could ever forget that famous line from Pumping Iron where Arnold said that getting a good pump was better than sex?

We all laughed, although some of us harder than others, because deep down we agreed with what he said. But after all these years, the question still remains- is a good pump a defining component of a productive muscle building workout. Is it really that important?

Some people emphatically state that getting a good pump is necessary if you want to build muscle. There are no studies that show this to be true, but real world evidence shows that there is something to getting a good pump. First of all, the ability to easily obtain a good pump is a sign that your body is in an anabolic state and ready to train. It shows us that the body and the cells are well hydrated and ready to grow.

Some days, you go to the gym and can’t get a pump no matter what you do. Those are days that you probably shouldn’t even be training. Your body is telling you something, and that something is that you are not in an anabolic state, probably not fully recovered, and you are not ready to train. In other words you will not be building muscle on that day.

As far as the pump having an anabolic effect, this is debatable, but most bodybuilders swear that there is something to it. When you get a good pump, you are delivering tons of nutrient-rich blood to the muscles that will greatly increase amino-acid uptake. Theoretically, this should result in a greater anabolic effect.

The kind of training that stimulates a good pump causes sarcoplasmic and mitochondrial hypertrophy. This is the kind of hypertrophy which is lost very quickly when you stop training. It is completely different from myofibrillar hypertrophy, which comes from heavy training and lasts much longer. However, sarcoplasmic and mitochondrial hypertrophy is necessary if you want to be as big as humanly possible.

So, while it isn’t proven by science, there is probably something to gain from getting a good pump. Having said that, I definitely wouldn’t make it the focus of your workout. Chasing the pump and disregarding all of the principles of effective training is one of the biggest mistakes you can make and will do nothing to help you build lean muscle.

You can get a great pump from doing 50 pushups but everyone knows that’s not going to build muscle. Just mindlessly pursuing a pump will get you nowhere and may even cause losses in size and strength. However, after you have done the bulk of your workout you can always finish with a backoff set, a rest/pause set or even an occasional drop set to maximize your pump and thus maximize your body's muscle building potential.

For example, on your chest workout you could do a couple heavy sets on the bench press for 5-6 reps and then finish with one higher rep set of 8-12 on dips to get a great pump. If you do this you hit a variety of muscle fibers and target both types of hypertrophy. That way you get the best of both worlds.

Remember, it isn’t necessary and should never be the focus of your workouts (heavy training should) but getting a good pump tells you that you’re ready to build muscle and can even maximize your potential to do so.

Jason Ferruggia is a world famous fitness expert who is renowned for his ability to help people build muscle as fast as humanly possible. He has trained thousands of clients during his 14 years as a professional fitness coach, including more than 500 athletes from over 20 different sports. Jason has written hundreds of articles for numerous top rated training magazines and websites and has authored four fitness books. He is also the head training adviser for Men’s Fitness Magazine where he also has his own monthly column dedicated to muscle building. For more great muscle building information, please visit

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

5x5 Muscle Building System

Using the 5x5 System to Build Muscle
By Jason Ferruggia

The 5x5 system is one of the oldest muscle building programs in the book and has stuck around forever. 5x5 is good and 5x5 is bad; it just depends on the situation. There are a few ways that the 5x5 muscle building system is implemented.

The first way that people use the 5x5 system to build muscle is that they warm up to a weight and then stick with that weight for five sets of five. So you need to choose a weight that you can handle for that many sets. In essence, the fifth set will be the only set that is quite difficult. This is a decent method to build muscle but largely a waste of time for anyone but a beginner. There is too much volume at an intensity that is too low building muscle. For beginners and early intermediates, I think the 5x5 system is a good one. When you are neurologically inefficient, you seem to respond better to a few more repeated efforts. I still don’t know if five sets are really necessary though; 3x5 is probably better in most cases.

The next way people employ the 5x5 system in an attempt to build muscle is by starting with a heavy weight that they can barely get five reps with and then lowering the weight with each significant set. Again, I think this is too much. The only set that was worth doing was the first and maybe the second. This is not the optimal way to build muscle.

The third way I have seen this system employed to build muscle is to work up to a heavy weight that you can barely get five with and then keeping that weight for the next four sets, no matter how many reps you get. Progression is made each week by trying to get more reps in the subsequent sets. This is a favorite of one particular egomaniacal strength coach and like everything else he recommends, is total crap.

The last way that the 5x5 system is used to build muscle is by doing five increasingly heavier sets so that only your last set is tough. Basically the other sets are warm ups so you are really just warming up to a five rep max or very close to it. If this is the case, it’s really 1x5 and not 5x5. It’s a bit of a misnomer. But if I had to pick one, this would be the best method.

Working up to a five rep max and then a down set at 90% of your best is an even better option for building muscle. Or you could do a very heavy set of five but leave a little something in the tank and then go for broke on the second set. There is some evidence which shows that this second option may even be the better choice simply because the body may not function optimally during the first heavy set. This is due to the laws of homeostasis and various things of this nature. The first set causes shock and certain protective mechanisms may set it which prevents the first heavy set from actually being the best set. The job of the first heavy set may be to provide neural arousal and prepare the body to go all out on the second set. This is something that people have to play with on their own and see what approach helps them build muscle fastest.

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Jason Ferruggia is a world famous fitness expert who is renowned for his ability to help people build muscle as fast as humanly possible. He is the head training advisor for Men’s Fitness Magazine where he also has his own monthly column dedicated to muscle building. For more great muscle building information, please visit