Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just wasting time...

I received a shocking email from someone I respect the other day that I want to share with you. (I have permission.)

My friend just came right out and told me the brutal truth: "You're wasting months of your life for nothing."

Pretty scary...and I had no idea what he meant!

So, I kept reading...

"Look, just figure out how many hours you're spending in the gym and doing cardio every week. Multiply that number by 52. Then email me back."

So I did the math. It freaked me out! It was a lot more time than I thought. I was spending literally YEARS of my life in the gym. Let's not even talk about cooking food and eating 6 meals every day. It feels like my workout routine is like a second job sometimes. Can you relate?

Anyway, I emailed him back and here's what he said:

"Okay, take that number down to less than an HOUR a week...tops. How much time have you just added to your life?" The obvious answer: A lot!

By now I was wanting him to give me the answer. If there was a workout program where I could see results in minutes a day versus hours I was all ears.

He said, "Check out my latest book and video series."

Here's the website so you can see it too --

The guy I'm talking about is best selling fitness author Jon Benson. His latest book is an absolute jaw-dropper. You owe it to yourself to at least visit his homepage and discover what this is all about.

Jon spent three years researching one simple question: "How can you get the MOST results in the LEAST amount of time?"

Seems like common sense, right? Well it's not. Most people, myself included, are spending FAR more time than necessary to get results.

Even worse --

--- > I learned that all that time in the gym
--- > was keeping me from the body I wanted!

Of course there is more to the story than just "working out less." This is not some gimmick that involves pills or gadgets either. Honestly, it's hard work.

But only 7 minutes of it.

7 minutes. No joke.

After that 7 minutes you feel like your muscles will explode from the pump. You get leaner, stronger, and you do it faster than any other workout I've ever seen. Your energy shoots through the roof to boot.

See for yourself --

I'm sure you'll love '7 Minute Muscle' as much as I do. Even more, you love the months of life you'll get back by train smarter, not longer.


Art Breshears

P.S. Jon has some limited-time offers going on right now so it's a good time to check out his homepage. Go see what others are saying about this revolutionary new way to train in just 7 minutes a day --

Skinny Guy's Guide To Gaining Weight

The Skinny Guy's Guide To Gaining Weight
By Vince DelMonte

How would you like to learn how to gain weight fast?  If the title of this article caught your attention, there is a good chance you are sick and tired of not seeing the weight on the scale budge.   Most likely you just got home from the Mandarin buffet and still can't budge the scale.  You could live on McDonald's and Pizza Delight and your Ferrari style metabolism would simply burn it off.  In a world that is obsessed with losing weight – you are interested in gaining weight! 

Are You Sick and Tired Of People Telling You How To Gain Weight?  

It probably sounds like this:

“All you have to do is eat, eat, and eat some more to gain weight...”

“Weight gain is just a matter of eating...”

“You just gotta overload your metabolism to gain weight fast...”

“You can't build a house without the bricks and mortar for gaining weight...”

Don't throw me to the wolves quite yet. There is certainly truth to these statements and some of these analogies can prove quite powerful. I think I'm even guilty of preaching a few! But the problem with this advice is that it's usually followed up with the same old regurgitated blah, blah, blah advice that only tells you what to do and does not reveal real-world, practical how-to action-steps.

If you are someone who has struggled their entire life, trying to pack on extra muscle mass and still consider yourself underweight, then you are not alone. I was once skinny and underweight myself...

People, predispositioned to skinniness, are commonly referred to as “hard gainers.” This is the cool way to label your scrawny frame despite the fact that your body turns into a Number 2 pencil when you wear yellow!

It's Not Totally Your Fault You’re Skinny

In the skinny guy’s defense, the reality is that you have been cursed with traits like Lamborghini-type metabolism, giraffe like limbs, and the strength of a senior citizen. You have to fight with every bone in your body to do something about your small frame and to keep up to your male buddies who seem to grow muscle just by sneezing – those muscle freaks piss me off just as much you!

Even though you might think your genetic deficiencies have sentenced you to a life of frailty and surprised looks when you tell others you lift weights, I am living proof that hard gainers with very ‘muscle-unfriendly genes’ can fight back against their genetics and gain muscle weight. I defeated my skinny genetics just after college and I am about to show you four tips that helped me climb from a 149 pound weakling to a rock hard 190 pounds in six months.

Trust me, no body has worse genetics for building muscle and gaining weight than an ex-long distance runner who abused his body with 60-80 miles of running a week (for over 10 years).

Skinny Guys Must Play By A Different Set Of Rules

If you are underweight, than your first step to gaining weight is to understand that you must play by a different set up rules. I have said this before and will say it again,

“Taking advice from someone who can gain muscle weight easily is like taking money advice from someone who inherited a fortune or is making money illegally.”

You must think outside the box and give up the excuse of being a “hard gainer.” It is time to stop listening to all the naysayers who have told you that is impossible to gain weight because of your genetics. Regardless of what you have been led to believe, you do have the potential to build an impressive physique that turns heads and even intimidates!

If you have read this far, I am guessing you are ready to longer resemble a microphone stand! You are prepared to overload your metabolism for muscle growth, to ensure you are never referred to as 'underweight' or 'skinny' ever again. Start following these simple steps and don't be surprised if you gain an extra ten pounds of muscle weight in the next four weeks.

Simple How To Gain Weight Action Steps To Start Growing Like A Skyscraper!

1. Double It Up

One of the most practical steps you can take is to double whatever you are currently eating in the kitchen right now. If you are eating one chicken breast per meal, then cook up two. If you are only eating two slices of bread, then make it four. If you are eating one handful of nuts, then make it two. If you are using only two scoops of protein powder, then make it four.

Most likely you are only a few dozen meals short of filling out your underdeveloped body parts and attracting the attention of that sexy girl at your gym. I assume you are already in the kitchen and have the food out. So would you agree, you really have no good excuse not to shovel down a greater percentage of calories by doubling it up?

2. Live Your Life Around Food

Sure, you know that you must eat every 2-3 hours, but how well do you execute? Set your clock on a countdown timer to go off every 2 and ½ hours so that you reinforce the habit of eating literally not a second late for each meal! Don't turn off the damn beeper until you start chowing down.

Ensure you are eating your first meal within 15-30 minutes of waking up - absolutely no later. This first meal of the day should always consist of REAL food to flood your body with quality nutrients. I question anybody’s commitment to gaining weight if they are too lazy to wake up 15 minutes earlier to eat a real meal.

Lastly, don’t be surprised if you are not gaining weight if you do not find yourself spending more time preparing food, more time eating food and more time cleaning your kitchen. You should notice you are spending more time in the grocery store and you should also notice a larger grocery bill each week!

3. Use BIG Eating Equipment

If you want to bulk, then you have to eat like Hulk. Do you think Hulk eats out of a small plate, or a small bowel, or a small cup? If you are aiming to get big and huge, you are going to require large amounts of food, most likely close to double of what you are currently eating.

So get BIG eating equipment! Get a BIG cup, get a BIG bowel, and get a BIG plate. Surround yourself with BIG. Most of the time hard gainers are nothing more than “under eaters.” If you struggle to complete a meal, then a bigger serving on a bigger plate will look small!

4. Never Train Hungry

How many times have you woken up, whipped up a protein shake and than headed off to the gym? Or maybe you had a long afternoon and missed a few meals and then attempted a weight training workout after work?

I thought this was common sense to avoid, until a few of my skinny clients confessed that they were showing up for their workouts having only eaten a piece of fruit and some crackers within the entire day!

After dropping the 45-pound plate on my foot out of shock, they reassured me: they were not hungry.  I sometimes screamed back, “Yeah, that’s because your metabolism is in starvation mode and shut right down, you skinny pencil neck!”

I understand that training in the morning is the only time for some, however, I recommend to aim for a minimum of at least three solid meals in your system prior to training. Or eat the biggest meal of your day immediately after your AM workout. Would you take your car out on a long trip with a half empty fuel tank? Not unless you wanted the car to die and you push it the rest of the way. So why would you take your body through a grueling training session on an empty stomach?

5. Eat Nutrient Dense Foods

Focus on caloric-rich foods that are loaded with nutrients.  Avoid foods with empty calories, which means there is little or no nutrient value in the calories you are eating.  Why would you consume a 500-calorie plus meal that is loaded with fat and sugar which does nothing but make you feel sluggish and soft?  Instead, eat a high caloric meal loaded with slow releasing carbohydrates,  proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber.    Here are some of the best choices:

Carbohydrates – Oatmeal, rice, breads, yams beans, potatoes, fruits and veggies. 

Proteins – Steak, chicken, lean beef, cottage cheese, whole milk, eggs and salmon.

Fats – Olive oil, flax oil, avocados, nuts and peanut butter. 

Extras (high calorie cheat food) – Ice cream, raisins, dried fruit and trail mix.

6. Drink A Carb And Protein Drink While You Workout

How hard is to sip on a calorie-rich drink during your weight training sessions?  Simply mix up a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein with one liter of water and you instantly have a few extra hundred calories per day.  Now have an extra workout drink before your workout and extra workout drink after your workout and that's easily an extra one pound per week.  Only use this technique if you are weight training at a very high intensity. 

7.  Live the motto, “Never Stop Eating”

Did I hear you say, “But I'll throw up if I eat all day?”  Maybe... Is it necessary?  Of course not.  But this is a part of pushing your body’s threshold.  Don't worry, you will get used to it and your body will require more food as you gain more muscle on your body and your metabolism increases.  Just think that if you are not eating, then you are not growing, and if you are not growing then you are staying the same.  Is that what you want?


There you have it and as I promised, learning how to gain weight fast is quite simple.  Executing is a whole different story.  It will really come down to how truly committed you are to defeating your skinny genetics and gaining the muscular body you deserve! 

Here is my promise to you. You have the ability to gain at least another ten pounds of solid weight in the next four weeks by simply applying the advice above. If you are truly committed to your goals of gaining muscle weight and no longer being known as underweight, then I believe you will rise to the challenge and take action! Are you with me?


About the Author:

Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain found at

He specializes in teaching skinny guys how to and without drugs, supplements and training less than before.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Skinny Guy's Guide To Creatine

Skinny Guy's Guide To Creatine
By Vince DelMonte

What is creatine? How do I take creatine? What are the side effects of creatine? What is the best creatine? Unless you just arrived from another planet, you should know that when it comes to muscle building supplements, creatine is the king!

To date, creatine has proven to be the most research-proven sport supplement on the market to day. Creatine has collected hundreds of clinical studies that show increased lean muscle mass, improved energy levels, increased muscle strength and size and improved exercise performance. There is even a new batch of research showing creatine supplementation having a significant effect on memory and intelligence, as well as immune function. Bigger, smarter and healthier, not that's a solid combo!

What is creatine?

Creatine acts by supporting the reproduction of ATP (fancy term for energy) in muscle tissue resulting in cell volumization which can create a more optimistic cellular environment for muscle growth. By having more energy reserves in the muscle tissue, you now have the ability to train harder at higher intensities. This means more reps, more sets, heavier loads, more explosive power and quicker recovery. Each of these stimulus are key requirements for continual muscle growth. Creatine is simply a mechanism that allows you to work harder and out do your previous workouts.

How do I take creatine?

To load or not to load, that is the question! You have three research-proven options to choose from. Each method will appeal depending on a variety of reasons:

· Method 1: Six day load at 20 grams a day plus a maintenance of 2-3 grams a day afterward.

· Method 2: 3-5 grams a day for the long term.

It was once thought, that a loading phase was required to maximize the effects of creatine but there is countless research that shows you don't have to go through all the hassle of loading. This will appeal to the individual who experiences gastrointestinal upset, diarrhea and other problems with higher dosages.

Personally, I have found the best time to take creatine is 15 minutes BEFORE a workout and AFTER a workout with a liquid protein and carbohydrate drink. As well as first thing in the morning on non-training days.

What kind of creatine should I buy?

With all the fancy bell and whistle creatine supplements out there, a lot of people of forgotten about simple, powdered creatine. All you need to know that the best creatine manufactured is sold to companies in the form of Creapure. So as long as you see the that the creatine bottle you have bought, as Creapure as their source of creatine, that's the good stuff.

There has much debate about creatine purity and it is not accepted that not all creatine is created equal.

Creatine ethyl ester is a new form of creatine. It is made up of a creatine, alcohol and acid meaning the absorption rate into the tissue is better. Manufacturers claim it does not cause bloating, cramping or stomach discomfort and gets into the muscle faster resulting in better results. Due to it's chemical structure, it might result in greater stress on the liver. Although it does seem to have potential, wait for more research and rely on the time-tested powdered creatine.

Should I take creatine with sugar?

Stimulating insulin release by consuming high amounts of sugar has been shown to enhance the transport and uptake of of creatine into the muscle tissue. However, insulin is also responsible for fat storage. Therefore my recommendation would be to only consume your creatine with simple carbohydrates if it is before or after your workout. On non-training days, creatine would be be better shuttled using insulin mimicking compounds like alpha lipoic acid and D-pintol which can help improve creatine transport and retention without the excess sugars.


Creatine, is by far the king of the jungle when it comes to muscle building supplements. I have only included the information I believe to be the most critical and useful. Your take home message is to use powdered creatine, year round before and after your training workout and in the morning on your non-training days. Make sure your creatine says Creapure and don't get caught up wasting any more time or sleep on the academic debate associated with creatine use. Just do it!


About the Author:

Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain found at

He specializes in teaching skinny guys how to and quickly without drugs, supplements and training less than before.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Removes Stubborn Fat

Memorial Day weekend in the United States is just about here. And in America, that means the unofficial start to the summer is looming.

And all those favorite foods of yours - the hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, corn-on-the-cob with butter, sausages, brats, ribs... - they're all going to be proudly displayed for your consumption.

How do you plan on handling that?

Those programs that tell you "eat whatever you want and still lose weight" crack me up.

I'm not going to be the guy to tell you it's ok to eat a gallon of ice cream to soothe your achin' tummy after slamming down those three corn dogs.


Yes, you can still eat some of your favorite foods in moderation at certain times. It makes no sense whatsoever to deprive yourself of the foods you love.

But can you eat whatever you want whenever you want and still look great naked?

Please. You know the answer to that.

But if you're worried how that swimsuit of yours is going to fit this summer, well, I can tell you right now I've got a full-proof method to help you slide right in it.

Rotating your carb intake in just the right way - the PROVEN scientific way - will cut up to 15 lbs off your frame in no time flat.

It'll melt that flab right off your belly, butt and thighs.

Here comes summer. Are YOU ready?

Yours in health,

Jayson  Hunter, RD, CSCS

PS - I couldn't keep the testimonials from flooding in if I tried. He's yet ANOTHER new one for my

"I started the the beginning of March 2008. As a personal trainer and former bodybuilding competitor I have had a lot of experience with different nutritional programs. I really like your program because it is SO easy to follow.

I have lost 6 pounds and went down a size in just 5 weeks. And since I'm already in great shape thanks to my job, these results are outstanding! Great stuff, thanks, Jayson!"

Phyllis Frost
Certified Fitness Consultant
28 Years of Experience

**The contents of this daily email are not to be considered as medical advice. Always consult a physician before beginning or changing any fitness program.**

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gripping Your Destiny

When we were first learning how to take control of your lives and become more powerful...

We tried many different programs, tricks and training techniques for overcoming our weaknesses....

Some worked better than others...

Some didn't work at all...

And some became a totally indispensable part of the way we train our bodies today...

The techniques you're about to have access to are truly magical and indispensable ones!...

They'll show you:

-Powerful, practical ways to train anytime, anyplace...

-How to build a gladiator physique old school-style...

-The secret to dominating your competition...

-What to do to annihilate weakness and forge a rock solid will-power...

and much, much more...

Please take advantage of this today-- it's like tapping into a power source you didn't even know existed!...

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Skinny Guy's Guide To Protein Powder

Skinny Guy's Guide To Protein Powder
By Vince DelMonte

So what do you really need to know about protein powder? After all, as a skinny guy or beginner to the whole bodybuilding scene you simply want to know a few answers. Is protein powder necessary? Does it really work? How much do I need? What kind should I take? What is the best? And finally, will any of these answers make a difference when it comes to getting jacked and attracting the ladies?

This article is not meant for you if you want to learn the science behind the ion-exchanged, cross-mutaed, isotopically labeled protein tracers blah blah blah. In this article, I will strip away all the hype, science and confusion that surrounds protein powder. By the time you are through this article and put it to memory, you will become the resident protein powder expert and amaze your friends the next time you visit the sport nutrition store. No more 2-hour shopping trips for protein powder because you don't really have a clue what to look for!

Is Protein Powder really necessary?

So, although protein supplements are not an absolute requirement for gaining mass, I have yet to meet any person able to get 400 grams of protein per day from cooking food. If your protein intake is greater than 200 grams per day I will suggest a protein powder - it will make your life a lot easier.

In addition, dollar for dollar, protein powders and meal replacement drinks tend to be more cost effective than whole food. Don't get me wrong, though. Protein powders are still supplements in my book. Supplement means an addition to the diet. I emphasize this because the focus of any diet should be food. Whole food is often preferable to powders because it can offer a whole spectrum of nutrients that powders cannot.

Most of your dietary protein should come from meat, fish, poultry and eggs. However getting all your protein from whole food is not always practical or convenient, especially if you have to eat 6 or more times a day to get your required intake. I will stress to you, for optimal muscle gains, that you should limit yourself to a maximum of three per day or 40 % of your meals. To some this might sound like going 'overboard' and I would not disagree.

The bottom line is that both food and supplements are necessary to achieve a complete nutritional balance as well as the desired level of protein intake, especially if you're not a big fan of cooking. And I assume that over 95% of you reading this do not have a personal maid at home cooking all your meals while you sit around waiting for your next meal. Do not make the fatal mistake of thinking protein powders can take the place of a solid training and nutrition program.

Does protein powder really work and are they healthy?

I get this question emailed to me almost everyday. I just showed how it 'works' as a supplement to help you hit your supplemental protein mark but you are probably still wandering, 'Yeah, but is protein powder going to help me get muscular or is it a scam?" A better question would be, "Does protein really work?" and the obvious answer is 'yes.' You are fully aware that protein is composed of building blocks called amino acids which performs a variety of functions in the body such as build and maintain healthy muscles when combined with diet and exercise. Protein also:

Support red blood cell production

Boost your immune system

Keep your hair, fingernails, and skin healthy

However, not all protein powder is created equal. Most protein powder contains an array of questionable ingredients such as aspartame, saccharin, fructose and artificial colors. It's interesting to note how unhealthy most of these protein powders actually are. Look for a protein powder with natural ingredients rather than products that are sweetened with chemicals and made with ingredients that are certainly not going to create an environment for muscle growth and fat burning.

Also avoid products with refined carbohydrates such as fructose, sucrose or brown rice syrup. Make sure that the product is made from a reputable company that is genuinely interested in good health. Unfortunately supplement manufacturers will continue to meet the demands of bodybuilding consumers with unknown crappy products because we buy it and it is cheaper for them to create. Do your homework by seeking out unbiased reviews, investigating the companies history, and reputation. And then make a decision and take responsibility!

In the past one of my criteria for a healthy protein product was that it was great tasting and that it should mix easily. Most protein powders mix quite easily, even with a spoon, however I was disappointed to discover that taste will inevitably be sacrificed for a safe and healthy product. I can live with this. You see, once a product is removed of all artificial chemical sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose, and simple sugars it is left almost tasteless and sometimes even gross.

How much protein powder do I need?

A better question would be, "How much pure protein do I need to achieve my goals?"

Protein is an extremely important macro nutrient and should be eaten frequently throughout the day. I recommend at least 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass. This means that if you are 150 pounds and 10% body fat (150 x 0.10 = 15 lbs of fat leaving 135 lbs of lean mass), you will require at least 135 to approximately 205 grams of protein per day.

I recommend that protein powder be used primarily for your pre-workout, workout and post-workout shake. This is when liquid food is more advantageous over whole food since it has a faster absorption rate.

I do not recommend protein powder do be used for meal replacements for more than two meals. Here is what a typical day might look like:

Meal 1 (breakfast) - whole food

Meal 2 (mid morning) - liquid protein meal

Meal 3 (lunch) - whole food

Meal 4 (mid afternoon) whole food

Meal 5 (pre and post workout) liquid protein meal

Meal 6 (dinner) whole food

Meal 7 (before bed) whole food

What kind of protein powder should I use?

Before deciding which protein powder is necessary, here is a short protein primer to help you make sense of the thousands of different protein powders from which to choose:

WHEY PROTEIN makes up 20% of total milk protein. Whey is recognized for its excellent amino acid profile, high cysteine content, rapid digestion, and interesting variety of peptides. Since it is very quickly digested the best time to consume it is before your workout, during your workout or immediately after your workout. These would be considered the phase in the day where you need energy the most and when your body is in anabolic state.

CASEIN PROTEIN makes up 80% of total milk protein. Casein is recognized for its excellent amino acid profile, slow digestion and interesting variety of peptides. Since casein is slowly digested into your bloodstream, don't use it during workouts or after workouts - you need a fast absorbing protein at these times. Instead, use a casein protein for all other times outside the pre and post workout window.

SOY PROTEIN is the most controversial of all protein types. While the soy groupies have gone to great lengths to label soy as a super food with magical effects, there is also a good amount of research that suggests soy protein may be contraindicated in many situations. BECAUSE OF ALL THE CONFUSION, IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, I SUGGEST AVOIDING SOY PROTEIN ALTOGETHER AND STICKING TO THE OTHER TYPES LISTED.

Protein Blends are generally a combination of several types of protein blends such as whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, egg protein, casein protein, and soy protein.

Why would you want a blend anyway? You will receive the full spectrum of proteins and you will receive varying rates of absorption from the different types of protein. Using a blend will create an anabolic environment from the whey and an anti-catabolic environment from the casein - use this kind at any time of the day but NOT before a workout or after a workout.

Whey hydrolysates (also known as hydrolyzed whey protein, and are also called peptides), are powerful proteins that are more quickly absorbed; more so than any other form, since your body prefers peptides to whole proteins. Hydrolysates are produced through very low heat, low acid and mild enzymatic filtration processes, (those highest in the essential and the branched chain amino acids) and are potentially the most anabolic for short-term protein synthesis such as the the pre-workout and post-workout window.

Whey Protein Versus Whey Isolate:

Most whey protein powders that stock the supplement shelves are made up of whey concentrate and mixed in with a small portion of whey isolate. Comparing the two, whey protein isolate is more expensive than whey protein concentrate because it has a higher quality (more pure) and a higher BV (biological value). Whey protein isolate contains more protein and less fat and lactose per serving. Most whey protein isolates contain 90-98% protein while whey concentrates contain 70-85% protein.

Whey protein isolate is the highest yield of protein currently available that comes from milk. Because of its chemical properties it is the easiest to absorb into your system. Obviously with its high concentration, it appears that an isolate protein would be the obvious choice instead of a concentrate. However, this is an individual decision because the isolate is more expensive, and just because it is purer does not guarantee that it will help build bigger muscles. Its extra concentration may not justify its extra cost.


For the Pre-workout and Post-workout phases, as long as whey hydrolysate is the first or second ingredient on the supplement label then there is probably not enough in the product to influence protein synthesis to reap the optimal benefits. As stated, whey isolates are also a very extremely high quality whey and for maximal anabolism isolates should be combined with whey hydrolysates for only the pre-workout and post-workout phases of your program. The inclusion of small amounts of whey concentrates will not harm you but this should not be the first ingredient on the tub of protein powder.


You will receive the full spectrum of proteins and you will receive varying rates of absorption from the different types of protein. Using a blend will create an anabolic environment from the whey and an anti-catabolic environment from the casein.


I hope this article familiarized you with the basics of protein powder and gave you a foundation to work from when deciding on your next order. Don't get caught up in the hype and start becoming a more educated consumer when you take your next trip to the nutrition store. Now you can tell the sales rep exactly what you are looking for instead of starring blankly at the shelves without a clue!

Oh yeah, protein powder will help you get more jacked and attract the ladies but it's not going to do it in a 'ultra short period of time' with the simple addition to your diet.


About the Author:

Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain found at

He specializes in teaching skinny guys how to and quickly without drugs, supplements and training less than before.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Skinny Guy's Guide To Nutrition

The Skinny Guy's Guide To Nutrition
By Vince DelMonte

“Give me a 64-ounce steak, double-baked potato with extra sour cream and an apple pie for dessert.  No, not a slice – give me the whole pie, please.” 

If you have ever had the opportunity to go out with a bodybuilder for dinner, you would be familiar with that kind of order delivered to the distressed waitress.  These high-carbohydrate, high-protein, and high-fat diet meals were the popular method for packing on muscle and climbing the scale.  “I'll pack on all the weight I can now, then melt off the fat later,” was the common motto. 

Many bodybuilders put a lot of focus into the details of their nutritional strategy.  A small food scale, calculator, note pad and pencil are common items found in their kitchen.  Some competitive bodybuilders go to the extreme of weighing and measuring everything wherever they go and scribbling numbers into their notepad after every meal.

Obviously, not every skinny guy has the same aspirations, desire and determination to live the life of a bodybuilder.  Skinny guys will be more successful today if they have a quick and convenient plan to follow that involves minimal measuring and minimal number crunching.

The See Food Diet Is NOT The Answer

The reality is that many skinny guys’ nutritional level does not exceed the See Food Diet, that is, 'see food' and eat it.  Not a bad option if you can avoid getting a potbelly in the process.  If this is you, then consider yourself blessed with a Lamborghini-style metabolism. Go right ahead and eat whatever and whenever you want until you’re ready to audition for Rambo IV. 

For the most part, the See Food Diet is typically not the most healthy meal plan since it puts zero restrictions on any food categories and is more a concept to shift a skinny guy’s mind-set than anything else.  These days, the majority of readers should know the fallacy of a See Food Diet.  Sure, you can eat a super high calorie diet, like the See Food Diet, and add some muscle, but you'll add even more fat.  And from personal experience, and I'm sure many of you can personally testify,  putting the fat on is much easier than taking it off!  Conveniently, bodybuilders now have an  “off-season shape” card to flash year-round to excuse themselves of looking like a pregnant powerlifter. 

Muscle-Building Nutrition Principles

Mastering the principles of nutrition should be like mastering the principles of training – simple.  Master the basics and execute them consistently.  Think about the 80/20 rule.  80% of your results will come from 20% of your knowledge.  Taking what you already know and putting it into action consistently is the magic formula.  Let's go over the most important nutrition principles you'll need to practice to get your body growing.

Principle #1: Eat Often – Every 2.5 to 3 Hours

Don't expect to pack on quality mass – muscle without body fat – on three square meals a day. This would lead to massive quantities of both protein and carbs at each meal.  Your body can only store so many calories per meal, so guess what this results in?  Bloating, poor digestion and unwanted body fat. 

Your first meal should be consumed within 15-30 minutes of waking up and consumed every 2.5 to 3 hours.  Set your stopwatch to beep until you get something in your body.  Don't view these meals as burdensome but as opportunities to fuel and grow your muscles.  Look at them as growth surges.  Think of the next meal as a fuller chest, broader shoulders, bigger arms and rock-hard abs! 

And if you miss a meal, visualize a sea of piranhas eating up your muscle tissue like it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet. And those deadly piranhas are eating up your CURRENT muscle that you are not even satisfied with. They are actually making your muscles

smaller. No, you will not lose an inch on your arms if you miss one meal, but once you start averaging 3-4 instead of 6-8 meals a day, don’t be upset when people look surprised when you tell them you work out with weights regularly!

So how many meals should you be eating? That’s easy - just divide the time you’re awake by 2 or 3. I would suggest mastering eating every 3 hours before you consider every 2 hours. So if you’re awake 18 hours a day, eat 6 meals.

What if one of those meals falls right before bedtime? Then eat up!  Take the opportunity to eat. If we went to the extreme we would eat every 3 hours throughout the night as well. No matter what you have heard on this (never eat after 7 P.M. garbage) ignore it. Trust me!

Also, don’t view these feeding opportunities as ‘snacks.’ This is a wimpy word mentality that should not be in your vocabulary if you are trying to build muscle. Do you think Ronnie Coleman says, ‘Hey, I think I’m going to go eat a snack?’ Every 3 hours you should be eating decent size meals that will make your body better.

Principle #2: Eat A Variety Of Foods

It is easy to get into a robotic state of nutrition where we eat the exact same foods every day, ingesting the same breakfast, lunch and dinner and the only time we eat differently is when we go out for dinner or someone else cooks for us. It is easier to choose convenience over variety.

Just like our training that we rotate around to prevent boredom, you should rotate your food selection. Normally, you will eat whatever is in your house, so the best strategy to eating a healthy variety is to shop for different foods each week. This will help balance out your diet and help you measure the response a variety of foods. Don’t go for the boring and easy route.

Principle #3: Eat Enough Calories

Building muscle is an eating game because your muscles grow on calories.  Not eating enough calories is like an attempt to buy a $50,000 car with only $25,000 in the bank.  It's not going to happen.  If you are not gaining at least 1-2 pounds per week, then add some extra carbohydrates and proteins to your breakfast, pre-workout meal or post-workout meal. 

THERE IS NO WAY AROUND THIS STEP. Even if you have the perfect training routine, you will never grow unless you provide your body with the proper amount of nutrients. It’s like saying you want to build a house but you do not have enough bricks, cement and wood. It will be impossible to build that house. It’s like saying you want to race a car as fast as possible but you don’t have any gasoline or oil. It’s downright impossible.

If you wish to ensure that your muscles have enough fuel to support your workouts, lift heavy weights for high reps, recover from workout to workout and, let’s not forget, GROW NEW MUSCLE, then you have to keep track of what you are eating every day. There is no way around it. This is the number one reason why skinny guys never gain weight or why anybody for that matter will not make quality gains that they so desperately strive for.

Keeping track of what you eat is a lot easier than it sounds – it’s probably why most people avoid it, because they perceive it to be difficult.

Sure, you’re going to have to take some extra time to read containers and labels, but if this method will promise another 20 pounds in a few months from now, is it not worth it? And the good news is that your brain will create a new file to store all your new nutrient calculations, and since you are eating from the majority of the same foods, your ‘memory food bank’ will expand quickly.

Principle #4: Eat 40-60 Grams Of Protein Per Meal

Building muscle is not on  your body’s 'to do' list – simple survival is.   Not getting enough protein for your internal organs results in your body robbing it from your muscle tissue.  Your body cannibalizes itself for the amino acids it needs!  This is the polar opposite of what skinny guys want.

Proteins should make up at least 35% of your overall caloric intake.  This translates to 40-60 grams of protein per meal for males less then 200 lbs and will be enough to maintain your appetite, increase your muscle mass, accelerate recovery and keep body fat levels low.  Hit this level and you’re doing well.

It is better to get your protein from whole, complete, and lean protein. Remember that protein is a costly food and burns twice as much energy as carbs and three times as much energy as fat. You need protein to maximally turbo-charge your metabolism, improve your muscle mass and accelerate recovery.

Aim for lean meats such as ground beef, chicken, turkey, etc. Aim for fish such as salmon, tuna, orange roughy, etc. Aim for Omega 3 eggs and pasteurized egg whites. Aim for dairy from cottage cheese, yogurt and partly skimmed cheeses. And if you have to resort to supplement shakes, go for whey, casein or milk protein blends.

Principle #5: Eat 60-80 Grams Of Carbohydrate per Meal

Not getting enough carbohydrates will make you feel like you’re carrying a bear on your back throughout your workouts.  Your body’s gas tank is comprised of carbohydrates.  No carbs and don't expect to get that car too far.

A lack of carbs in your diet can slow the muscle-building process because your muscle tissue can be used as energy if your body’s preferred source of energy, carbs, are not available.

It is best to get your carbohydrates from a variety of high-fiber, complex and low-glycemic carbohydrates as opposed to simple carbs (sugars) found in fast food, fried food, processed food and junk food.  Complex carbs release a slower and longer lasting energy that is critical for your intense training workouts.  Complex carbs will rarely get converted to fat unless you are clearly eating too many of them.  If you are gaining more fat around your midsection as opposed to muscle, then you know you should cut back on your complex carbs or add a few cardio workouts. 

Aim for high-complex, muscle-building carbs such as bran, barley, buckwheat, beans, brown rice, cornmeal, oatmeal, pasta, potatoes and whole grains. 

Principle #6: Eat 20-30 Grams Of Fat Per Meal

About 30% of your diet should consist of fat - this number should remain pretty consistent for everyone. And as a skinny guy or anybody who wants to maximize muscle growth, then eating 30% of your intake from fat is critical for boosting testosterone levels. However, the key is to balance out your intake between saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat. If you achieve 1/3 in each of these, then you will optimize your health and muscle gains. This is not as complicated as it looks.

Since North Americans are harshly deficient in mono (olive oil) and poly fats (from fish oils) and get enough of saturated fats as it is, your job is to simply include more olive oil and fish oil into your diet. This is something that can be recommended for every man and women and has no potential side effects. Again, don’t worry; the meal plans included have got you covered.

The only fats you MUST avoid at all costs - for so many reasons - are trans fats.

Trans fatty acids, also known as trans fat, is an artery-clogging fat that is formed when vegetable oils are hardened into margarine or shortening. It is found in many other foods besides margarine and shortening, including fried foods like French fries and fried chicken, doughnuts, cookies, pastries and crackers. In the United States, typical French fries have about 40 percent trans fatty acids and many popular cookies and crackers range from 30 percent to 50 percent trans fatty acids. Doughnuts have about 35 percent to 40 percent trans fatty acids.

To determine the amount of trans fat in a food you must know what to look for on the food labels.  Whenever you see shortening, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil higher up on the list of the ingredients, the more trans fat. 

Principle #7: Eat Vegetables With Every Meal

How are vegetables supposed to promote muscle gain? Your mom was right when she told you to eat up all your vegetables if you wanted to grow big and strong. Finally, the ‘muscle-nerds’ are catching up. Not only are vegetables loaded with vitamins and minerals but they also contain important plant chemicals called phytochemicals that are essential for optimal physiological functioning.

The most neglected benefit of eating vegetables is their role in recovery. Sure, you need calories to grow, but you also need these veggies for their high antioxidant profile that will help reduce the amount of free radicals from heavy training, and they will accelerate recovery by healing damaged muscle cells.

Most people are unaware that proteins and grains create high levels of acid loads to the blood, and if this is not balanced out with alkaline rich vegetables and fruits, then too much acid can result in a loss of bone strength and muscle mass. So it is important to keep these acid levels balanced by ingesting vegetables (and fruits) for their alkalinity to the blood.

The best way to get your vegetables is to cut them all up at the start of the week. This will make life easier and make them more accessible. Aim for at least 2 servings, which is the equivalent of 1-2 cups per meal. Yes, every 2-3 hours you must be eating veggies.

Principle #8: Eat Your Biggest Meal At Breakfast, Pre-Workout and Post-Workout  

No matter what anyone says, I believe this is the safest and most effective way to

maximize your muscle:fat gain ratio when bulking. In this article we will not discuss the topic of nutrient timing.

Shortly we will discuss the benefits of packing the bulk of your calories around the most catabolic and anabolic times of the day so you will have sufficient energy to train hard and heavy without any risk of muscle breakdown, not to mention enough calories to support muscle growth. How much food you eat at a particular time of the day should be based on the NEEDS OF YOUR BODY AT THAT CURRENT MOMENT.

Principle #9: Plan Ahead

This principle could easily be number one because oftentimes it is not a shortage of  information that creates a roadblock but our lack of CONSISTENCY and CREATIVITY. I bet if you did not change anything about what you are currently eating but ensured food was there when it was time to eat, you would experience a growth surge.

I strongly agree with the famous cliché that states, ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail.’ It is so true. You must have a plan that will ensure you have the food prepared and cooked in the right selection and amounts every time you eat. This might require you to spend a few hours on Sunday evening cooking and storing all your food in Tupperware containers. This might mean waking up half an hour early so that you can cook all your meals for the day. This might require you to carry a lunch bag wherever you go. This might mean packing a few shaker bottles if you know you will be on the road most of the day. Bottom line - be prepared.

Principle #10: Eat Whole Foods 60% Of The Time and Liquid Meals 40% Of The Time

I often have my clients use as few supplements as possible for the first few months of training. You will be amazed at the results achieved by simply putting all your efforts into following your meal plan, proper training and sleep. It’s a very eye-opening experience when they see almost immediate changes in body composition, health and energy levels.

Your food intake should come from high quality food at least 60 % of the time, which means at least 4 of the 6 meals you are eating.

This will ensure more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber that supplements and pills lack. Whole food is loaded with digestive enzymes as well that help the absorption of food instead of eating too much ‘ground up’ food in the form of powder. Power shakes will make your life much easier and will remove some of the inconveniences of having to cook and prepare food all day. Aim to use these at least 2 out of your 4 real meals a day and never more than three power shakes unless your life is extremely hectic and unmanageable.


Dedicate the next 12 weeks to putting these muscle building nutrition principles into action. Building muscle is really quite simple and exciting because you get to indulge in large quantities of food, try new recipes and become a master chef since you'll be spending more time in the kitchen.   Taking these principles and applying them consistently over time and making them a part of your lifestyle is the secret. 


About the Author:

Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain found at

He specializes in teaching skinny guys how to build muscle and quickly without drugs, supplements and training less than before.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Gift

Have You Reserved Your Makeover

A couple of days ago, I sent you an email telling you about Holly Rigsby putting together a special Mother's Day Makeover.

Over the course of the next 6 weeks, Holly and 12 other mommy makeover experts, plan to completely transform YOU- head to toe, mind, body and soul - as a Mother's Day Gift at no cost to you.

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Your Dream Body

Is Your Dream Body Painful?

By Scott Tousignant, BHK, CFC
Creator of Unstoppable Fat Loss
Author of “The Fit Chic” and “The Fit Bastard”
Co-Author of “101 Great Ways To Improve Your Health”

When you think of your dream body what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Do you get excited?
Do you feel happy?
Do you think of how great it feels to fuel your body with healthy foods that it now desires?
Do you anticipate each workout with great enthusiasm because you know it will take you one step closer to your goal?
Are you walking tall and proud?
Do you see how proud your friends and family are of you?
Have you attracted a new mate?
Are people complimenting you on your efforts and how absolutely fantastic you look?
…After all you look totally stunning!

Are you absolutely certain that you will achieve this goal at any cost because you know how absolutely amazing your life will be once you totally embrace this healthy active lifestyle?

Were these the thoughts that first popped in your head? Or did you think something totally different?

Did you instantly think of how hard it would be and all the work that it will take to get there?
Did you think of all the sacrifices you will have to make and all the junk foods that you will have to avoid?
Did you think of how painful it would be to eat all natural healthy foods that you consider bland and boring?
Did you think of all the previous times that you attempted to get there and didn’t quite make it?

Which of the above scenarios did you go through?

Unfortunately too many people associate getting in great shape with sacrifice and pain.  You think it’s painful because of the hard work as well as the pain of failing to reach your goal.

Is this you? If it is, then today you’ve got to commit to change.

Tony Robbins, who I admire in so many ways, often mentions that in everything we do, we are either doing it to gain pleasure or to avoid pain.  My fitness mentor and role model Tom Venuto puts his own twist on this principle and calls it “Rewards and Consequences”.

What I see way too many times when people talk about junk food or alcohol is that they associate great pleasure with it. Half the time they’re drooling at the mouth just talking about it.

Is this you?  Have you gone through this?

The instant you stop eating the junk or drinking the alcohol, after the temporary satisfaction has worn off, do you begin to feel guilt? Do you beat yourself up and begin to think about how fat you are and what you are doing to your health? Do you vow to never do it again?

The problem is, even if you vow to never do it again you still associate pleasure with that junk food.  If you would just think of all these terrible things about what the junk is doing to your body before you put it in your mouth, it would be much more difficult to eat it.

But you can’t just stop there.  You’ve got to start thinking of the healthy all natural foods as something pleasurable. Think of all the good things that it is doing for your body. How much your energy levels will increase. How much your body fat percentage will drop.

I once thought oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and vegetables were bland, boring foods that I couldn’t imagine eating. I remember those first few times that I ate them. I didn’t enjoy it at all. But then I began to think of why I was eating them. What the outcome was going to be.

After the first day I immediately noticed how great I felt. I didn’t enjoy the foods too much, but I was certainly enjoying the increased energy and I knew these foods had a purpose. They were stepping stones to my dream body.

Then a funny thing happened. I couldn’t go a day without eating this stuff. Not only was my body craving it for what it was doing for me, but my mind was too. I was now associating pleasure with healthy all natural foods.

I still enjoy chocolate. But I’m not a slave to it. I enjoy the temporary satisfaction, but it’s not the same as it once was. My body sort of rejects it.  Much like it would reject fast food if I had to consume it.

Today, I eat healthy foods and exercise frequently because I enjoy it. I know it’s a lot of work, and I know that I’m going to push my body hard and feel some pain (not injury pain, but hard working and burning pain).

I anticipate this. Some days it’s more difficult than others, but I remind myself of why I am doing it. It has a purpose. It is part of my journey and I take it all in.

You are not eating healthy foods and working out just because you want to look good. That’s just part of the experience. The benefits and pleasures are far greater than that, and maybe even greater than you are capable of imagining right now.

The consequences of continuing to live an unhealthy lifestyle where you are a slave to unhealthy foods and you skip the gym to watch your favourite television program are way too great for you not to make a change at this very moment.

You have the power within you.  You can take your life and transform it into what you desire.  You just have to want it bad enough!  I believe your dream body is right there in front of you just waiting for you to reach out for it and embrace it.

Make yourself proud. Show me what you are capable of. It’s much more than you have previously thought. But now you know that you are unstoppable and are destined for greatness.

Don’t wait another minute. Start NOW!

About the author:

Scott Tousignant, BHK, CFC is the creator of Unstoppable Fat Loss, "What separates the people who achieve fat loss success, from those who struggle to lose weight.”

Scott has also authored 2 books that are transforming the bodies of people around the world.  "The Fit Chic" and "The Fit Bastard" not only contain a FULL YEAR of workouts, they provide intense motivation to drive you to fat loss success.

You can grab a free month of workouts at the following sites:

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Yummy Mummy Makeover

An early Mother's Day Gift for you

If you've always wanted to be on one of those makeover shows, but they've never come and swept you away in their limousine , I have some great news for you...

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The Yummy Mummy Makeover Series includes some of the top fitness, beauty, style, relationship and goal achievement experts in the entire world...experts featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, Entertainment Weekly, Access Hollywood, and in publications like Women's Health Prevention and countless other shows, books and magazines.

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Ultimate Fat-Burning Workout Guide

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This is the ultimate fat-burning workout guide to help you bust through stubborn fat loss plateaus, while getting in and out of your workouts in less than 45 minutes, three times per week.

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Whether it is a summer wedding or a trip to the beach, you want those defined arms, rock hard abs, and those inches off your belly, and Turbulence Training gives you a roadmap to do just that.

But what good is it having a great body if you have to be a slave to the gym - especially in the summertime?

You should be outside enjoying your new body, not wasting your life away on the treadmill every day. You need short, effective workouts that allow you to get in, get out, and get on with your life.

That's why, with Turbulence Training, you'll be able to achieve balance between working out and spending time with your family and friends, because Turbulence Training, unlike most workouts, requires only three short, but intense, 45 minute workouts per week.

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P.P.S. Try Turbulence Training for 8 weeks. If you aren't thrilled with the decreased workout time, increased fat loss, and enhanced energy from the Turbulence Training system, just let Craig know and you'll get your money back.

Turbulence Training has already been trusted by the biggest fitness magazines in the world (Men's Health & Shape), and I guarantee it will work for you too!

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Adam Campbell, Sports & Nutrition Editor, Men's Health

Simply go right here to get started:

Fat Loss Goals

Hoping for Fat Loss vs Expecting It
By Scott Tousignant, BHK, CFC
Creator of Unstoppable Fat Loss
Author of “The Fit Chic” and “The Fit Bastard”
Co-Author of “101 Great Ways To Improve Your Health”

There is a huge difference between hoping to reach your fat loss goals and expecting that you will achieve them.  The major difference is that those who expect to be living in their dream body have programmed themselves to succeed and those who are simply hoping are holding doubts about their chances for success.  So how can you avoid falling into the ‘hoping’ category?

Eliminate doubt by seeking role models
If you have any doubt in your mind that achieving your fat loss goal is possible, if you think that you’ve got to many obstacles and challenges in your way, if you’ve failed before and are worried that it’s going to happen again… find proof that it won’t!

I guarantee there are many people in this world who have faced greater challenges than you have and still they accomplished their fat loss goals.  I guarantee that these people failed many times before achieving their dream bodies, but they refused to give up.  I guarantee that they ‘expected’ to succeed.

Map out a plan – Now that you have role models who have achieved fat loss success, apply the blueprint that they’ve laid out for you.  Model their behaviors, attitudes, and actions. 

When you have a plan, you know what it’s going to take in order to develop your dream body; What workout programs you are going to follow, what foods you are going to eat, how much sleep you should get, how often you write out your goals and visualize your dream body, what you should record in your journal, how to overcome obstacles and challenges, and everything else that is required to achieve fat loss success.

Now that you have your plan all mapped out, you’ve got to know why you want to achieve this goal.  It’s time to get fired up and passionate about how your life is going to change once you are living in your dream body. 

When you reach your fat loss goal, it’s not just going to be your waist line that’s going to change.  Your self-confidence will blow through the roof, you may land your dream job or gain a promotion, you may attract the love of your life, you will have the energy to play with your children, or even try new activities that you never thought of trying when you were overweight.  The possibilities are endless.

Now all you have to do is “Just do it!”

Be willing to do whatever it takes
This doesn’t mean that you need to go to the gym for 2 hours 7 days a week.  It doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect with your diet plan.  Being willing to do whatever it takes means that you have an understanding of what needs to be done in order to achieve your dream body.  It could mean that you schedule in rest days, reward meals, days where you do fun activities rather than go to the gym.

It means that when are faced with a challenge or setback, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and drive forward with even greater effort.  The journey towards achieving your dream body is not easy.  Accepting these challenges and setbacks as being a natural part of the processes and realizing that it is not an opportunity to give up, but an opportunity for growth, will place you among the people who expect fat loss success no matter what.

It’s easy to hope and dream for a lean and desirable body.  Most of us do that on a daily basis.  But it takes a special kind of person to expect the dream to come true.  You now know what it takes to expect success.  Take action and apply these strategies and I expect to see you living in your dream body very soon.

About the author:

Scott Tousignant, BHK, CFC is the creator of Unstoppable Fat Loss, "What separates the people who achieve fat loss success, from those who struggle to lose weight.”

Scott has also authored 2 books that are transforming the bodies of people around the world.  "The Fit Chic" and "The Fit Bastard" not only contain a FULL YEAR of workouts, they provide intense motivation to drive you to fat loss success.

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Burn Belly Fat

How to Burn Belly Fat Fast In Time For Summer

If you still have ugly belly fat and flabby trouble spots that you need to firm up before summer, then this is the most important email you're going to read all year.

Another winter has flown by, and I've been talking to a lot of men and women who aren't happy with the progress they've been making in their fat burning programs. And yet summer is only weeks away!

Everyone's been asking me for the fastest way to...

1) Burn belly fat fast, permanently
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You see, none of these folks have 90 minutes to spend at the gym each day, like most magazine workouts require.

But there is a way to lose belly fat and fit back into your old swimsuit, and it doesn't require you to even go to a gym at all.

I stumbled across a convenient program that will help you lose as much fat as fast as humanly possible with simple workouts that can easily be done in the comfort of your own home, without endless hours of BORING cardio, fancy equipment or expensive supplements.

So let me introduce you to my friend, Craig Ballantyne, who is the inventor of these fast fat burning workouts. He's been recommended by Men's Health magazine, Oxygen magazine, and even by Jillian Michaels, the Personal Trainer from the Biggest Loser TV Show...

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Craig's Turbulence Training workouts have helped tens of thousands of men and women escape the prison of long workouts, crowded gyms, and more importantly, the shackles of unwanted, ugly body fat.

For years, Craig worked with men and women who had tried everything, including 90-minute workouts everyday and in some cases up to SEVEN hours of cardio per week, only to be left in frustration and near tears because these workouts just weren't burning fat.

But Craig knew there was a better way.

So he packaged his years of research and over 11 years of hands-on training experience into Turbulence Training, a routine that you can do at home, in only 45 minutes , 3 times per week, sparing you more time to live life and spend with your family and friends.

And as I mentioned, Craig turns 33 this month, but he's the one giving away the gifts. In fact, he's giving us over $537 of fat burning workout bonuses and meal plans to help every busy man and woman burn belly fat fast.

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Plus, I've compared the results to long, slow boring cardio workouts, and Turbulence Training wins hands down.

In fact, the 1st-ever Turbulence Training Transformation Contest just finished, where the Grand Prize winner of $2000 lost 15.5 pounds of fat and 4 inches of her belly fat in only 12 weeks - and she didn't do long cardio workouts!

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After all, if these workouts weren't the best, would the biggest fitness magazine in the world, Men's Health, feature Turbulence Training workouts on the Men's Health website?

Of course not, they have too much to lose. It's also no surprise to me that Jillian Michaels recommended Craig Ballantyne and Turbulence Training to the listeners of her radio show this past January. (You can hear what she had to say when you visit Craig's site.)

With Turbulence Training, you have nothing to lose (except for fat!) and everything to gain (including more time for yourself, rather than spending your time indoors in your home gym in the basement or at a crowded, stinky, overpriced commercial gym).

Not only are the Turbulence Training workouts proven by both research and experience, but you also have a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee that you'll love the workouts. Or just return the program for your money back.

Now let me tell you more about the Turbulence Training workouts.

First of all, they can easily be done at home with a bench, an exercise ball, and dumbells (plus, a chin-up bar is also helpful if you are strong enough for bodyweight rows, chinups, and pullups).

Second, Turbulence Training features dozens of bodyweight-only exercises to burn your belly fat.

Third, thousands of men AND women (yes, women too!) have used the Turbulence Training workouts to burn fat in a very short amount of time and without long, slow boring cardio.

Craig has PROVEN time and time-again that you don't need to be at the gym everyday for 90 minutes.

In fact, the Turbulence Training workouts will only take 45 minutes, three days per week, and you can do everything at home.

No need for fancy, expensive gym memberships, or long commutes to an annoying "mega-club" where you have to compete for equipment (or worse, wait for a machine covered in the nasty sweat of the hairy powerlifter that used it just before you).

Turbulence Training is as straight-forward as any fat loss program could be. You'll get the workouts done fast, avoiding useless exercises or any waiting around twiddling your thumbs.

Craig has cut the fluff so that you are using ONLY the best exercises that give the most results in the least amount of time.

That's why you burn more fat in less workout time. It's perfect!

If you've ever struggled to figure out what to do for your fat loss program, then worry no more. Turbulence Training spells it out, workout by workout, exercise by exercise, set by set, and rep by rep, for a full 16-weeks of advanced fat loss workouts.

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3) 10-Minute Trouble Spot Workout for Women by Joey Atlas (Value = $27)

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Get Big Muscles

Get Big Muscles In 3 Simple Steps
By Vince DelMonte

Do you know what it really takes to build big muscles? Do you think it's as simple as buying a gym membership, training each body once per week, slamming back some protein shakes and trying to eat as much chicken and tuna possible? Viola, you are big enough to enter a bodybuilding contest. Can you imagine it was that easy to build big muscles? Unfortunately, your monthly gym membership, regular weight training workouts and casual eating habits, isn't going to cut it. Here are five simple steps to getting big muscles fast :

Squat and Deadlift

Squatting and Deadlifting are known as two of the Big Three exercises that are responsible for power and mass muscle building. Consider these two animal exercises the kings of the jungle! Without them, you do not have a chance of survival. These two exercises alone, work out about 75% of your entire musculature, including your traps, shoulders, arms, back. Gluts, hams, calves and core muscles.

Not to mention the degree of intensity, squats and dead lifts force your body to release greater volumes of growth hormone, which results in bigger muscles all over your body. This spillover effect results in strength gains in all you other lifts which translates into a more muscular you! Squatting and dead lifting are especially critical for hard gainers because of the hormonal spikes affecting the entire body.

Stick to Compound Exercises

What is going to isolate more muscle fibers? A bench press or cable cross over? A military press or lateral raise? A chin up or bicep curl? A dip or tricep kickback? If you ever hope to get big muscles than compound lifts are not optional, they are mandatory. Stick to squats, leg presses, deadlifts, bench preses, barbell rows, pull ups, chin ups, over head presses, and dips.

If all you do is concentrate on building your puny muscles like arms and calves, then you will end up with exactly what you focus on – puny muscles!

Keep Your Rest Periods Honest

When was the last time you were in the gym and you watched the average guy time his recovery with a stop watch? Stop watches are not just for endurance athletes but should be used by every person who is serious about building big muscles.

Generally, the closer you lift to your one rep max, the longer the rest period and the higher the number of reps, the shorter the rest period. This is a crucial variable, which is often overlooked, yet will determine whether you create the correct training response.

For example, if you are training for maximal strength which requires at least 3-5 minutes rest between sets and you are only taking 2 minutes, you are not giving your nervous system an honest workout. If you are training for muscle size which requires shorter 30-90 second style recoveries but are gazing at the cute girl on the elliptical letting your rest periods carry over these ranges, you are not giving your metabolic system an honest workout.

Lastly, how do you know if you are truly stronger if you do not monitor your rest period? For example, let's say last week you bench pressed 135 pounds for four sets of ten. This week you bench pressed 145 pounds for four sets of ten. Assuming the rest period was identical for both workouts, this is a tremendous improvement and a measurable sign of improvement! However, what if you took an extra minute or two between each set on the recent workout? This means that you did not actually become stronger. You just had a longer rest period!


You now know that is not easy as showing up at the gym and throwing back a few protein shakes. Apply these three simple steps in your next program and I promise that you will start building brand new muscle all over your body!


About the Author:

Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain found at

He specializes in teaching skinny guys how to and quickly without drugs, supplements and training less than before.