Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why fat women lose weight...and ALWAYS gain it back!

Something has been causing a stir in the weight loss industry the past few weeks.

A friend of mine, Laura Fenamore, says that what we believe about weight loss is ALL WRONG.

What's her solution?

Discover it here:


You know why I listen to Laura?

21 years ago she lost 103 pounds... and KEPT IT OFF!

Since then, Laura has been changing the lives of thousands of women by helping them understand that the REAL reason why they're overweight is because...


Weight Loss Is An Inside Job!


We're getting this all wrong... and paying the price.

We make external efforts to lose weight, when in reality being overweight and fat is an INTERNAL problem.

It's all in your thought process.

Laura does something magical...

She helps you find the thoughts that are causing you to be overweight and replaces them with NEW and EMPOWERING slim thoughts.

This makes you naturally and effortlessly make choices that the slim person inside of you wants to make... ultimately leading to that slim, fit, and sexy body you've always wanted!

Listen... if nothing else, PLEASE look at what Laura has been able to accomplish.

Just look at the photo of her 21 years (and 103 pounds) ago... and then the magnificent woman she has become:


You'll also discover how you can take part in Laura's once in a lifetime live training program, "Body Image Mastery."

She takes you by the hand through the same journey she went through, inside and out, teaching you the lessons she learned on how to transform your body and life forever.

This is unlike ANYTHING you've ever seen before...you owe it to yourself to check it out today!


Yours in health,

Arthur M.

PS- The only "catch" is that Laura is offering her personal support, so access to the program is limited... reserve your spot now!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

3 Keys to Losing Fat and Maintaining Muscle at The Same Time

By Brad Pilon, MS

There are three main keys to losing fat and gaining muscle. If you’re missing any of these you will most likely fail in your attempts to build a lean muscular body. So what are they?

1) Eat Less Calories than you burn off

2) Resistance Training

3) Eating enough protein to maintain muscle mass

That’s as short and sweet as I can put it.

Any diet can work as long as it gets you to eat less calories than you burn off. The key is to find a diet that suits your personality and your lifestyle. If you’re like me you don’t have time to spend on diet rules and focusing on good foods and bad foods, and what to eat and what not to eat, and meal timing and all of that.

The diet that will work for you will most likely be the one with the least amount of rules, or in fact no rules at all but rather just provide a guideline or two. For me that diet is Eat Stop Eat. It is the simplest nutrition program I have ever come across. There is only one guideline, and that is to take a 24 hour break from eating once or twice per week. That’s it, simple and effective.

This type of eating program might work for you, or it might not. You just have to try it first. As long as you can find a diet you can stick with for the long term you’ll be able to lose weight, the next key it making sure all of that weight comes from fat. This is where resistance training comes in.

You have to do some form of resistance training in order to maintain and build muscle mass while you’re losing fat. If you are following an effective diet without doing resistance training you could end up losing muscle mass along the way. If this happens you could lose body weight without actually improving the look or shape of your body.

Your actual bodyweight doesn’t matter as much as your percentage of fat. If you can lose 5 pounds of fat, but gain 3 pounds of muscle you will only lose 2 pounds of bodyweight on the scale, but you’ll look 8 pounds different. Even though 2 pounds doesn’t sound like much, the difference on your body fat percentage is the key.

This is why weight training is so important while dieting. Weight training is the best way to make sure you don’t lose muscle while you diet, this helps with overall health as well as improving the overall look and shape of your body. After all when you diet the goal is to show off the lean muscle that is under the fat.

The third key to building muscle while losing fat is protein. You have to eat just enough protein to make sure your muscles can grow. This is a controversial topic that many nutrition ‘experts’ still don’t agree on. But the bottom line is protein is your friend when it comes to building muscle and especially when you’re dieting.

Mix these three key ingredients together and you’ll have a potent fat loss and muscle building program that can transform your body in no time.

Brad Pilon is a nutrition professional with over eight years experience working in the nutritional supplement industry specializing in clinical research management and new product development. Brad has completed graduate studies in nutritional sciences specializing in the use of short term fasting for weight loss.

His trademarked book Eat Stop Eat has been featured on national television and helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat without sacrificing the foods they love. For more information on Eat Stop Eat, visit http://eatstopeat.rxsportz.com

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Should you be concerned?

[Editor's Note:  Fitness author Jon Benson shared this letter with me and gave me permission to share it with you.]

Anyone with a history of high blood pressure in their family knows what devastation it can wreak.  It carries with it a mishmash of health risks, many of them serious, like tripling the risk of dying from a heart attack, quadrupling the risk of dying from a stroke, doubling the risk of congestive heart failure and tripling the risk of developing kidney disease.

But if our very lives weren't enough for high blood pressure to be in the top five of our "Health Issues to Be Concerned About" lists, then how about the lives of our marriages and relationships?

High blood pressure has a significant impact on a couple's sexlife.  Sex is a crucial part of any relationship, and when a loving couple is not having it at least on a semi-regular basis, more often than not, the relationship sours faster than curdled milk.

The reason high blood pressure affects the average sexlife all boils down to blood flow. Due to the narrowing of the arteries that high blood pressure creates, it diminishes a man's ability to have an.erection -- never mind maintain one -- as there's less blood flowing to the penis.

To rectify this situation, the average guy heads to his doctor, reluctantly tells him or her about his issues "down there," and the doctor prescribes him with some form of hypertension med -- usually an alpha or beta-blocker.

Problem solved, right?  Not exactly.

While your blood pressure levels might lower incrementally, your sex drive will lower incrementally as well -- the very opposite of what you want to have happen.

This isn't some theory concocted by so-called natural health "whack jobs," mind you. Well-respected news organizations and medical information outlets -- like ABC News and the Mayo Clinic -- corroborate this.  In an ABC News webcast on Feb. 7 of last year, Dr. Domenic Sica, chairman for Clinical Pharmacology and Hypertension at the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, said this:

"When you look at it, a number of the blood pressure medications we use are associated with the onset of male dysfunction.  Now, that can be a diuretic, a beta-blocker, or so-called peripheral alpha beta-blocker -- those are three drugs commonly linked to male dysfunction."

I'm not sure the link can be made any clearer; you name the hypertension drug, and it will adversely affect your sexlife.

Given this, if you'll pardon the cliche, how does one kill two birds with one stone?  How does one lower their blood pressure and improve their lovelife at the same time?  Or is that even possible?

Absolutely it's possible, and you can learn how to do it all-naturally.

Bestselling authors Frank Mangano and Jon Benson have developed an easy, all-natural way to lower your blood pressure and improve your sexlife at the same time.  They weren't sure this was possible, but after months of research and hordes of emails from people on how their system worked for them, they don't just think it's possible, they know it's possible!

Let me prove it to you.

Go here:


I recommend you visit their website immediately, where you'll get a crash course on how this issue has affected me personally; more information on the links between what's 'down there' and hypertension; and most important of all, how you can improve the health of your body and your relationship...all-naturally.


A Company vs. A Movement

I can remember, with almost perfect clarity, what if felt like to release weight week after week after week when I was 24 years old. I had been obese through my entire childhood and as a teenager. I don’t have to tell you the pain that went along with being “the fat kid” – a lot of you either shared that pain, or share a different one, as we watch our own kids become part of the obesity epidemic and grow heavier and heavier. I often wondered why I had success at weight loss and so many others did not.

Ten pounds – twenty pounds – a hundred pounds – chances are that MOST of you who read this have struggled with weight loss, and the low body image and self esteem issues that go with it, for years of your life.

Since my early twenties that I haven’t worked to keep that weight off. My commitment to keeping my weight off is about self-love and self-care, not just about liking being thin. And to inspire others to discover their own bodies in a new way. That work became so important to me that I have become a well-known speaker and mentor in the transformational movement, and built two very successful companies to empower others. I am also privileged to have inspired hundreds of people to create permanent change in their lives with a NEW philosophy.

I share all of this because I know ONE thing above all others: I know that hating our bodies can never heal them.

However, something still needs to shift. For every one person who loses ten pounds, ten more are gaining it (or gaining it back). As Americans, we have literally shifted the scales of our lives toward obesity, diabetes, heart disease, poor self-esteem, low body image, and on and on and on. We need to shift those scales back. And so, I am making a shift in my own life to be part of that effort – that movement of the scales.

Our bodies are amazing. Have you ever been given any other gift that runs 24/7, works tirelessly without being taught, and will always provide a home for you? Your body will never turn you away – even after you’ve beaten it up, called it horrible names, degraded it, and even hated it. It will just stay there, supporting you endlessly. What lover would do that?

Yet women seem to find their bodies so unlovable. Skinny, fat, hairy, short—we call ourselves such unkind names. Every waking hour of our lives, we criticize and express frustration, displeasure and even hate. Why? Because our bodies are truly that hideous? Or is it just that it’s so much easier to condemn the problems that we face each day than to take loving responsibility to create change? Loving our bodies – ourselves – doesn’t have to be so hard.

Loving your body can be as simple as loving a single finger on your hand. When I began my personal weight loss journey, I could find nothing about myself to love. A friend suggested that I start with just one pinky. “You have to start somewhere,” she said. Twenty-one years later, that loving place to start has stayed with me, and I have discovered the joys of loving my entire body.

In response to the enormous lack of love and personal sustainability in our world and our bodies, I am starting a new journey. A Body Image Revolution. And I invite all of you who read this to join me, and to invite your own friends, colleagues and relatives to join also.

If you don’t think you could love your body, I ask you one question:

Could you start today by loving just one pinky?

To YOUR personal Body Image Revolution,

Laura Fenamore, CPCC and Body Image Mastery Mentor


On March 30, I will launch my Body Image Mastery Course and Community, “One Pinky.com.” Hold your space, this is going to be huge!


Friday, March 27, 2009

"Now THIS is interesting..."

[Editor's Note:  Fitness author Jon Benson shared this letter with me and gave me permission to share it with you.]

Have you ever started out to do one thing but ended up doing something different?

Night and day different?

Remember how Post-It Notes were invented?

Some guy was trying to come up with a "permanent" glue.

Obviously he failed... and he considered it a failure... but 3M had another idea.

The guy was all of a sudden Joe Brilliant.

Well, I'm feeling a bit like Joe today.

But this is much more interesting to you than Post-It Notes...

It's about s - e - x... sorta.

Not dirty, I'm talking about couple's stuff here.

My new book just came out today about it.

But it didn't start off that way at all.

In fact ... get this... I was co-writing a book with medical researcher Frank Mangano on lowering blood pressure without meds... really.

So how did this big U-turn occur?

Okay, okay.... funny, true story:

I read this article from a medical journal about how "lowering blood pressure would help sexual-performance-problems."

Ding. The lightbulb went off in my head.

You see, lowering blood pressure is probably the most healthy thing you can do for yourself.

But face it -- it's really, really BORING.

I mean, who really cares about their blood pressure unless their doctor says, "Look, lower your blood pressure or you'll die in six months."

Then you care.

Are you with me?

I'm right and we all know it.

Heck, I was the same way.

I ignored my blood pressure for years until it hit stroke-level back in my 30s.

Then I could no longer ignore it.

I found every natural alternative possible... which led me to Frank's books... and they are the BEST.

So Frank comes to me and asks me to contribute to his very popular on-the-shelf book "The Blood Pressure Miracle" --

... and I said,

"Hey, guess what I just read?"

Since he's the researcher, I said, "Go see if there's any truth to this."

The results BLEW MY MIND.

Not only is there truth to it -- that, yes... lowering blood pressure not only extends your life but also extends your sexlife as well -- but WOW... it's a major player in everything from male-ED to females feeling "out of the mood."

It's crazy, but it's true.

It makes sense once you read this:

http://www.lowpressuresex.com/aff/soyman <--- Low Pressure Sex-System

Hang with me: It gets better...

So Frank digs up article after article on the subject of high blood pressure and LOW sexual-energy and performance... and we have a much more compelling reason to want to lower our blood pressure, now don't we?

But we wanted more.

I said, "Look Frank, I get a lot of emails about sex-after-30... people who want to feel more kick, more alive in that area of their lives... and above all, closer to their mates."

So... we decided to add another book on TOP of our book...

... a book on improving sexual-pleasure for couples only. "Revolutionary Sex" is the name of it. My friend Alex Allman wrote it...and just like that we had two books instead of one.

But that's not all... ( told you... this story is interesting... ; )

THEN my friend Jeff Anderson comes out with his "homemade V" -- and guys, we know what "V" stands for.

Listen: V (little blue things) is really dangerous stuff. It really is. It RAISES blood pressure for one thing. For another it can cause addiction and memory loss.

But Jeff's version is all-natural, cheap (we're talking pennies instead of dollars per "pill" to make) and above all... SAFE.

So all of a sudden... THREE books (plus an audio)... so...

It became a System, not a book.

And the topic went from "lowering blood pressure" to ...

... How you can completely solve your sexual-performance-problems and increase your pleasure all by lowering blood pressure naturally without meds."

What a concept...

...and it WORKS.

http://tinyurl.com/lowpressure <--- Low Pressure Sex-System

Here are the advantages...

1. If you take blood pressure meds... and a lot of you do... your "kick in the stick" suffers. A lot. Some men suffer all the way, which lead them to taking the V stuff...

... and that stuff 'raises' blood pressure.

Bad, bad combo. Our System gets you off of that dangerous and expensive cycle of drugs and on to a natural, easy approach that also adds pleasure to your relationship.

2. Cheaper... by far... than meds.

3. Something you can read and do as a couple or as a single person.

4. You get healthy and you get your vigor back at the same time. Ladies too.

5. It's guaranteed-to-work... 60 days on us.

I'm very proud of this System. We put a lot of time, research and effort into it.

If you want a life freee from high BP and sexual-performance-issues and better health, then go here:

http://tinyurl.com/lowpressure <--- Low Pressure Sex-System

P.S. There's even more to this story --

We created an "Advanced Health and Relationship-Saver Kit" that comes with the most awesome self-hypnosis audios to help you relieve stress, lower pressure, increased your "drive", and more.

You can get the starter Kit or the Advanced Kit here:

http://tinyurl.com/lowpressure <--- Low Pressure Sex-book

Here's to your health... and your increased pleasure and enjoyment.

To Your Health,

Arthur M.
What Is High Blood Pressure?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

3 Tips for Changing Your Mind in Order to Lose Weight and Gain Health

It feels like everywhere we look there’s another website, TV show, or life coach committed to helping others lose weight. You literally cannot turn on a news program or talk show and avoid the onslaught of weight loss experts, exercise regimens and “new” diets (can you say iVillage, O Magazine and Biggest Loser?). While the support of these programs (and the companionship and encouragement of the thousands who follow them – especially through the Internet) is phenomenal – it is NOT a magic bullet for obesity, eating disorders, and food addiction.

The REASONS we overeat, undereat, or otherwise hurt ourselves with food MUST be digested as well. We need to really look at WHY we hold onto our weight and not lose it, or lose it and immediately begin a quest to FIND it again. There are some great tips out there, but if you do not CHANGE YOUR MIND, you will, at the very least, face a very tough, uphill battle.

Like other professionals in my field, there are a million tips I can share about the mechanism of losing weight, but I have to tell you that the MOST important part of my personal weight loss story came AFTER I lost 100 pounds. It began when I had to acknowledge that I was still unhappy. I had lost 100 pounds, and then had to take an honest look at how I felt – and the lack of DECISIVENESS that still existed in my life. That was where my real healing began. For many (if not most) of us, that type of deep introspection must happen sooner, in order to clear away the clutter and begin (or continue) a great weight loss effort.

The truth is that NOT making decisions is a form of fear. (And in its own way, it is a decision to be paralyzed and avoid risk.) Decisions are scary; it’s that simple. It means that something will change. From the big things, like new jobs and new loves, to the small things, like redecorating – decisions mean that something will change. If you’re on a journey to release excess weight, either for the first time or the hundredth, that decision needs to begin and be empowered by changing your mind.

Tip #1 You are PERFECT. So how do we begin to fade indecisiveness and CHANGE OUR MINDS? We start with one simple and enormously powerful truth: You are wonderful, right now, exactly as you are. Yes, you may be on a journey to release excess weight (along with thousands of others), but RIGHT THIS MOMENT, you are perfect. How can that be true? How can I be perfect AND need to change? Well that, Virginia, is the miracle. We ALL need to change. It is the human condition. But we are all also perfect. The universe says so. Love says so. We only need to lay doubt and fear aside and see that simple truth to be empowered forward.

Tip #2 Choose and Rechoose. If you’re ready to choose and claim that perfect you and grab the power to move forward, you have to know that it’s a “choose and rechoose” decision. Life will get in your way. It’s that simple. You must be committed to choosing to lay indecision on the side every single morning (and maybe a hundred times a day). You must remove it like an old coat. You must be committed to that ONE action to begin changing your mind.

Use this meditation whenever you need to restart your commitment: Close your eyes and see yourself. You are standing in the room you are in. You are in a heavy old wool coat. It itches your skin. It smells old. It makes you sad. It seems to grow heavier by the moment – so heavy that you know you could not go very far in this coat. You see yourself from the outside and feel that coat around you from the inside. Now slowly, gently, take off the coat. Just lay it on the floor and step away from it. Stretch your arms wide and then toward the sky. Now stand up where you are, in real life, and stretch. You are freed from indecision EVERY time you do this exercise and do ONE thing to move forward (i.e., eat an apple, take a walk, call for support – remember, everything matters – every choice, every action).

Tip #3 Make a Decision to Get (and Give) Support – NO EXCUSES! Example A) Okay, not everyone can afford a personal body image mentor – but you MIGHT be able to afford a telecourse or a group seminar offered by such an expert. Example B) Maybe you can’t afford a gym – but you can probably afford a walking or hiking club (or START one!). Example C) Maybe you can’t find an hour a day to exercise – but you CAN steal three ten or fifteen minute breaks to do squats in the ladies’ room or walk really fast around your block three times. The point is that healing from the inside-out is definitely not one-size-fits-all, but there IS a perfect solution just for you – IF you will lay your fear and paralysis on the side and claim it.

So why the explosion in the weight loss arena? Because in our nation, right now, we have the highest level of overweight people in any place at any time in history. With all the abundance around us, we have made a decision (through indecision) to die. It’s that simple. To either drop dead from complications of obesity or choose to be trapped in the living death that food addiction and eating disorders cause. I do not share this with ANY judgment or arrogance. I have lived that way. And I have lived this way. Believe me, this way is better. Spend a few minutes today and just love yourself. Know that you are perfect and EMPOWERED to change. And then spend a few seconds and weigh your options.

I wish your lovable self a healthy, safe, fun, loving year!

Warm Wishes,



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Golfing Over 40

By Herb Cherwoniak
Publisher, GolfPlayerMania.com

Physical fitness is a critical component to everything we do in Life. Even if you are not an active athlete, being fit helps you live a longer, healthier life. Additionally, being fit helps you get through normal day to day activities without much stress. People who are overweight or not physically fit will have a tougher time doing basic things such as walking up stairs or even talking if their condition is serious.

What does this have to do with golf you ask? Well image that your boss has asked you to come to the weekend golf game as part of the unofficial interview in the company and you have an injured back. So what do you do sit out or check the web for golf gifts for bosses while the others get to impress him first hand. The following will give you some tips to keep you in the game now and in to your 40's.

Believe it or not, it is important to be physically fit in order to play golf for the long-term as well. This is particularly important when you begin creeping north of age 40 and your body begins to break down quicker than it did when you were in your 20s. Do you have to be a world class athlete or have a completely chiseled body to play golf well into your later years? Of course not. However, there are some stretches and strengthening exercises that you can perform to keep you body tuned in for that golf game.

The golf swing requires your full body to drive the club through the ball, particularly your abdominal muscles and back. Exercises for golf can be broken down into stretching before you tee off, strengthening exercises while you are not playing and cool down exercises after you play. Each of these is just as important as the other in meeting your golf fitness goals.

While there is general agreement that stretching will help prevent injury, what specific exercises should be performed for playing golf? You should target those stretching exercises that mimic your golf swing, specifically: back, abdominals, hamstring, chest, hip, neck and shoulders. Stretching these muscles will help ensure you are fresh and ready when it is time to hit that first tee; of course, this will not guarantee you will avoid the first tee jitters!

For your lower back, there are a couple of good stretching exercises you can do. Since your torso and lower back act to turn your body side to side during the golf swing, you can sit down on a chair and mimic this by turning slowly to each side until you feel a slight pull on your muscle. Perform this exercise on both sides and then you are ready to move on to the next back stretch, which is a simple back extension. Lay flat on the ground with both hands in front of you and raise your upper body up so that you are now looking straight ahead. Hold this posture for a few seconds and then repeat; these two exercises should help get your lower back ready to go. The former is probably more relevant to golf than the latter, however they are both options.

There has been an endless amount of literature written on good abdominal stretches and most any of those exercises are good for golf as your abs are key to your swing. You can stretch your oblique and side muscles by performing a “bending” stretch, which is basically holding the club over your head and leaning to both sides (holding for several seconds on each side). Stretching your lower body is vital as well; you can stretch your hamstring by resting your leg on a table/chair and, with your back straight, leaning toward your toes.

When you are not on the golf course you can perform strengthening exercises to help enhance your golf game. Exercises you can specifically perform are those that will strengthen your lower body or your chest, such as squats or push ups. Some people would argue that heavy lifting can actually hurt your golf game; it is for this reason that it might be a good idea to consult with a personal trainer on your exercise program. Most gyms will be able to tailor an exercise routine for your golf needs.

A common injury that impacts golfers all around the world is a lower back injury. Injuring your lower back can create significant problems for your golf swing as you will no longer be able to generate the power to drive the golf ball, or if it is serious enough, you will not be able to even swing a club for a period of time due to the role your back and torso play in positioning your body for the golf swing.

How does one avoid lower back injuries? The first and perhaps most important thing is to follow your parents’ advice and practice good posture for all the reasons you heard about growing up. This problem is exacerbated when you are overweight as the additional weight puts an undue strain on your body. Extra energy is needed when you perform any activity overweight, and you are at much higher risk for injuring yourself. Regular stretching and strength training for the abdominal muscles and lower back will help keep them in good shape to avoid injury.

Finally, all of these exercises and stretches are important but they become more critical the older you get as the body is not as quick to warm up or recover from activity. Performing these exercises will give you the best odds of a long and enjoyable golf career that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

About the Author

Herb Cherwoniak has a B.SC in Kinesiology,is an avid golfer and publisher of GolfPlayerMania.com ... A Meeting Place For Golfers. Come check out the website we have everything from impressionist style paintings of golf courses to sexy golf posters.

The 1-2-3 / ABC’s of Childhood Obesity Dissecting A Big Fat Problem

Recently, one of my clients called me, hugely upset. Her eight-year-old daughter was being tested for diabetes. And while my client and her spouse have struggled with their weight for years, the IDEA that their little girl might be overweight AND SICK was horrifying. As I mentored her through the discussion, and helped her to see that she wasn't paralyzed, she finally felt safe enough to admit that her daughter was twenty-three pounds overweight.

If you Google childhood obesity, you literally get 2,360,000 hits. It’s obvious that we put a huge amount of effort into looking at this issue, but how effective are we, when the numbers just go up and up, year after year? Let’s step back and dissect this issue in three very real and useful ways – the problem, the effects (bullying, self-esteem and overall health) and the solution.

#1 The Problem: Quite simply, our kids eat the wrong food and don’t move enough to use it up. When we consider everyday additives, like high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) though, they’re behind the eight ball from the beginning. HFCS not only adds an inordinate amount of calories for a product with NO nutritional upside, it also creates the phenomenon of craving – setting up even our littlest kids to binge eat. (See Childhood Obesity Basics, By Vincent Iannelli, M.D., About.com November 30, 2008.)

Another part of the problem is definitely fast food. Let’s face it, busy parents are often doing all they can to make ends meet and provide loving homes, so what harm is there if McDonald’s is the once (or twice) a week treat? Well, one problem is that we need to at LEAST stop calling it a treat. Call it a standby – call it, “Uh oh, we’re in a jam,” call it fast-food Friday, but don’t call it a treat. An apple is a treat. Peanut Butter on wheat thins is a treat. Learning to re-language our discussions around food is vitally important to creating healthier families.

#2 The Effects: The sad truth is this: Our kids are getting bigger and bigger, while their self-esteem plummets. As a body image mastery mentor, I truly believe that we are all perfect and on a life journey to love ourselves from the inside out! But that journey is profoundly easier when we are HEALTHY. Imagine a child too heavy to run and play – too burdened by low self-esteem to enjoy their childhood. As any overweight adult can tell you, the heaviest burden is definitely not the pounds.

#3 The Solution: Okay, obviously the solution needs to be far more reaching than can be addressed in one article. But let’s just consider the basics – what we can implement right now.

a) MOVE. Move every single day. Move in a dedicated, disciplined way WITH your kids. The message is simple. We eat everyday and we move EVERY day. We change our clothes, we brush our teeth, we go to school, and we MOVE. And make it as fun as you can. Walk. Throw the heavy ball. Ride a bike. Dance. Even cleaning their room can be a fun exercise if you do it together (and have the added benefit of a clean room!).

b) Kick fast food to the curb. No exceptions. Instead, create alternative quick menu choices WITH your kids. A quick Google search will net you many, many healthy, kid-friendly recipes (homemade fat-free grilled cheese on whole wheat anybody?).

c) Most importantly, be sure to address your child’s weight from the outside in – AND the inside out. Weight is math. It is not a statement of value. Your kid is valuable and beautiful – those things are not up for debate. HEALTHY is your goal. From the “inside out,” be sure that there isn’t an emotional piece to your child’s weight.

Are they eating compulsively? Are they being teased?

d) Definitely ask for help on this one – their school guidance counselor might be a great place to start. There’s probably even a support group right in your area just for kids (check your local gym and hospital).

Remember, no matter what you do, the worst thing you can do is NOTHING. Our kids are our most vital natural resource, starting them out HEALTHY and FIT is the very least we can do.

Yours in Health,

Laura Fenamore, CPCC, Body Image Mastery Mentor


Click here for more information and to read the Surgeon General’s Call to Action regarding childhood obesity.

Synopsis: Since 1980, the number of children suffering from childhood obesity has tripled. And while our kids get heavier and heavier, their confidence and self-esteem get lower and lower. To make things more terrifying, our kids are also getting sick. Weight related illnesses are growing at astronomical proportions. For children born in the United States in 2000, the lifetime risk of being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at some point in their lives is estimated to be about 30 percent for boys and 40 percent for girls. In this article, Body Image Mastery Mentor, Laura Fenamore, explores a few simple, non-judgmental changes that families can adopt RIGHT NOW to combat the family born illness of childhood obesity and begin to grow healthier kids and healthier homes.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Top 10 Diet Rule Experiment: How To Tell If a Diet Will Work For You

By Brad Pilon, MS

If you and I went to the local magazine stand and scanned the covers of the fitness magazines we would find dozens of ‘weight loss’ rules.

In fact we could spend the rest of the week reading magazines about the latest greatest weight loss tricks many of which may actually work for someone. But realistically there’s just no way you could actually follow ALL of them. So how do you know which ones are right for you?

The easy answer is you have to decide which rules fit best for YOUR life and then try to stick to just one or two that will make the most sense for you and have the most benefit.

This may be the first time in your life you become a scientist, and your experiment is you. Here’s what you do…

Browse any of the popular magazines, blogs, websites or anywhere you like to get fitness information. Read up on the diet and weight loss tips and tricks, these could be simple changes like not drinking calories, or a bigger philosophy like limiting the amount of carbs that you eat.

Make a top 10 list of diet strategies you’d like to try, and that sound doable to you. At this point add one new diet strategy to your life for two weeks. Record your bodyweight at the beginning of the two weeks and again at the end. If you haven’t lost any weight this strategy doesn’t work (for you). Discard it and move on to the next one.

This is the simplest way to tell if something will work for YOU. If the strategy you picked sounds like a good idea but seems too difficult for you to manage then it’s simply not a good fit for you in this stage of your life. If it worked for your friend but not for you that’s ok, there will be one that works just for you, this is why you make a top 10 list and try each of them, one at a time.

Let’s suppose you find one that works over a two week period and you don’t want to stop. That’s fine, just add the next one in the list, if you can handle more than one strategy at once more power to you and you’ll probably lose fat even faster. My guess is that sticking to more than one or two rules will be almost impossible, so it will be pretty easy to tell which strategy is really working.

For me the simpler the diet is the better, (which is the main premise behind Eat Stop Eat).

Even when you are following the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle you can still use the top 10-diet rule as a way to guide how you eat on your ‘eat days’.

The top 10 diet rule experiment is the fastest way to find dietary habits that work for you - after all you’ll never know until you try.

Brad Pilon is a nutrition professional with over eight years experience working in the nutritional supplement industry specializing in clinical research management and new product development. Brad has completed graduate studies in nutritional sciences specializing in the use of short term fasting for weight loss.

His trademarked book Eat Stop Eat has been featured on national television and helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat without sacrificing the foods they love. For more information on Eat Stop Eat, visit http://eatstopeat.rxsportz.com

The Power of Positive Habits

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and much more!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Find Out If Protein Guilt Is Sabotaging your Weight Loss

By Brad Pilon, MS

Carbohydrates and Fats have both taken their turn as the evil food that you should never eat, but protein is always the golden child that can do no wrong.

Or can it?

I think protein has been put so high on a pedestal for both weight loss and muscle gaining that you can begin to suffer from something I like to call “protein guilt”.

So what is protein guilt? Well I’ll tell you.

If you eat any food and especially EXTRA food simply because you think you need it for protein, then you have protein guilt.

I realized I had protein guilt a few years ago when I used to analyze every meal I ate for the protein content. If the meal I was eating didn’t have at least 30 grams of protein I went out of my way to eat something else to make sure I got my 30 grams.

This is a perfect example of protein guilt – I felt guilty if I didn’t eat a precise amount of protein at every meal. I couldn’t just enjoy food anymore, I could only think about the protein content because I believed protein was so important for burning fat and gaining muscle.

Now I realize that I was actually OVEREATING because I felt the need to get more protein into my body. I would drink an extra glass of milk or make sure I ordered double chicken breast when I ate salads, anything to make sure I was eating MORE protein. I was denying the fact that I was overeating just to get more protein.

And it showed around my waistline.

This is how protein guilt can sabotage your weight loss efforts, namely justifying overeating just to get more protein in your diet.

To this day I still struggle with protein guilt (I use it to justify my chocolate milk cravings) but now at least I can eat an apple without forcing myself to have some milk or chicken to bring up the protein content of that meal. Doesn’t this sound crazy?

I’m getting better for sure, but I still feel twinges of protein guilt almost every time I eat. If you’re anything like me you know exactly what I am talking about.

If you live in any modern industrialized society you most likely already eat enough protein without even thinking about it. Even though I now know better, this protein guilt still bothered me enough that I researched and wrote an entire book about protein just to ease my mind about how much protein I really needed to build muscle while losing body fat.

I know this sounds a bit extreme but this was the only way for me to get over my protein guilt. Fortunately for you I’m done writing the book and you can get the final answer about protein without having to do all the research and write your own book.

So if you want to find out how much protein you really need to build and maintain lean muscle and your fat burning metabolism, and if you want to know the TRUTH about protein supplements, post workout protein, and protein guilt, then you need to check out my new book “HOW MUCH PROTEIN”

Brad Pilon is a nutrition professional with over eight years experience working in the nutritional supplement industry specializing in clinical research management and new product development. Brad has completed graduate studies in nutritional sciences specializing in the use of short term fasting for weight loss.

His trademarked book Eat Stop Eat has been featured on national television and helped thousands of men and women around the world lose fat without sacrificing the foods they love. For more information on Eat Stop Eat, visit http://eatstopeat.rxsportz.com

Sunday, March 22, 2009

5 Excuses That Won't Fly in 2009

By Tom Venuto

It’s 2009. Your old excuses for not getting in shape won’t work. As Dr. Evil (Austin Powers) said, ZIP IT! I don’t want to hear them anymore! Read em’, then haul your excuseless butt to the gym!

1. I have no time.

According to a story in a recent issue of Men’s Health magazine, Barack Obama works out for 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week. Obama doesn’t just play basketball either. Our new president stays fit to lead with cardio and weight lifting. He also says he wishes he could train 90 minutes a day. Have you ever seen what the daily schedule of a U.S. president looks like? If the busiest man in the world can train every day for 45 minutes a day, then what’s your excuse? ZIP IT! You ain’t got one!

2. It’s too expensive.

Getting in shape certainly is expensive… if you keep wasting hundreds of dollars, month after month on worthless “miracle” weight loss pills, internal cleansing gimmicks and “magic” potions that all claim to make you slim. Deceptive advertising and slick marketing for bogus diet aids is more rampant than ever. 2008 was the year of the wu-long tea scam, the acai berry scam, and, of course, the ubiquitous “cleansing” and “detox” gimmicks . Unless you put on your critical thinking cap and learn to investigate before you invest, then you’ll get scammed by 2009’s flavor of the year as well. Your quest for those elusive “6-pack” abs will not only continue to be expensive, you’ll go broke. Walking, jogging, calisthenics and body weight exercises are FREE. If you want to know what’s really expensive, tally up the cost of legitimate expenses like natural food, gym memberships, fitness education, dumbbells and so on, and compare that to your doctor’s bill when you’re sick.

3. No one will support me.

Experts on social influence say your income will be approximately equal to the average of your 5 closest friends. Not only do I think that’s pretty darn accurate, I also believe that your health is your greatest wealth, and your physical condition will be about equal to the average of your 5 closest friends. It’s a real challenge to stay positive, focused and active when you’re surrounded by critical people and negative influences. However, in 2009, lack of support is no longer a valid excuse. Online social networking is exploding (check out Twitter and Facebook ) and more IN PERSON friendships and associations are being made from an internet connection than ever before. Training buddies can be found online. Connect with them. Mentors and coaches are easily found online. Hire them. Support forums have been around for years. Use them. No support from your current friends? Stop whining, start reaching out and go make new ones. In 2009, support partners and new friends are just a click away.

4. I can’t lose weight because of my genetics.

The marvels of modern medical and biological research are astonishing. Our top scientists have mapped the human genome! In the past few years, numerous genes linked to obesity have been discovered. However, the obesity epidemic we’re facing today has only developed over the past 50 years and genetic mutations that lead to serious obesity are extremely rare. Genetic predisposition only means that you have a tendency. It’s when the genetics meet lifestyle and environment that the genes express themselves. If you have a family history of heart disease, is it smart to smoke, eat junk, be a stressed-out, type-A maniac and a couch potato? Well of course not, and it’s the same with obesity. If you have a tendency predisposing you towards obesity, you’d better be the person doing the MOST exercise, not the least. You’d better be the person paying the MOST attention to your nutrition. You’d better be the person with the healthiest lifestyle. But unfortunately, it’s usually the opposite. Most people throw up their arms in frustration saying, “what’s the use, I was dealt a bad hand.” Sorry. That won’t fly in 2009. The latest research says genetics are a factor, but a tendency is not a destiny!

5. I don’t know how.

The lamest excuse of them all in 2009 is “I don’t know how.” NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DO ANYTHING UNTIL AFTER THEY HAVE ACTUALLY DONE IT! Ponder that for a while. You don’t need to know how at first. To get started, you only need to know WHAT… what is the goal? Setting well-formed goals is the master skill of success. Not wishy-washy resolutions that have no resolve behind them, but real goals. In writing. With emotional ooompf! As you continue to affirm, visualize and focus on your goal with clarity, belief, and expectation, your new goal or intention will be received by your subconscious. Once a goal is accepted into your subconscious mind, your brain, being a goal-seeking mechanism, will turn on your attention filters to seek out all the information you will ever need to reach your goal. It will also turn on an infallible navigation system to guide you to your goal like a torpedo to its target. As your brain guides your attention, your direction and your behavior, you will discover that today, in 2009, there is more good information, coaching and instruction available than ever before. And when you’ve activated that “success radar” in your brain by setting goals effectively, it’s not as hard to find honest, accurate and helpful HOW-TO advice as you might think. In fact, you found this webpage, so you’re doing pretty good right now, aren’t you?

No more excuses. In 2009, remember my Body Fat Solution Creed: You can either make excuses or get results, but you can’t do both!

Your friend and coach,

Tom Venuto
Fat Loss Coach

About the Author:

Tom Venuto is a fat loss expert, lifetime natural (steroid-free) bodybuilder, independent nutrition researcher, freelance writer, and author of the #1 best selling diet e-book, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle: Fat-Burning Secrets of The World’s Best Bodybuilders & Fitness Models (e-book) which teaches you how to get lean without drugs or supplements using secrets of the world's best bodybuilders and fitness models. Learn how to get rid of stubborn fat and increase your metabolism by visiting: http://burnthefat.rxsportz.com

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Put your Mind & Body on "Autopilot" and reach your goals...automatically!

Did you know that habits are incredibly powerful tools for personal growth and success?

Think about the habits you have now and how they affect virtually every aspect of your life. Your weight and health are determined by your eating habits. Your relationships with people are determined by your social habits. Your success at work is determined by your work habits. You have sleeping habits that dictate how well you sleep. You have sexual habits. You even have buying habits; just take a look around your house and you will quickly see them. Our character, health and virtually every aspect of our lives are indeed determined by our habits.

If you ask ten people on the street what the word habit means, nine out of ten will tell you that a habit is a negative action that people do over and over again, like smoking, or procrastinating, or eating too much. Bad habits get all the press. Let’s look at the results of just one bad habit: smoking. Every year, over 400,000 people lose their lives to smoking-related illnesses in the United States. Imagine then, the negative power that exists in just that one bad habit. It is staggering.

Now I want you think about an even greater power, a power that can bring you success, health and happiness; a power for positive, permanent, and automatic personal growth: the power of positive habits. Let’s look a little closer at the meaning of the word habit. Random House dictionary defines habit in this way:

Habit: An acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.

The important words in this definition are acquired and almost involuntary. Let me ask you a question. When is the last time you sat down and said to yourself, "Today I am going to add a new habit to my life?" I would venture to guess that you have probably never said those words. As you read this article, you will see how easy it is to add positive habits to your life and the great power they have to change it. Think about the words almost involuntary. This means the habit is so powerful in your mind that it is almost unstoppable! With respect to bad habits like smoking, procrastination, and overeating, this is very bad. But with positive habits, this is very, very good.

What is a positive habit? A positive habit is simply a habit that produces positive benefits, actions and attitudes you want to acquire and make a part of your life. Why is there such great power in positive habits to effect change? Because habits, by their very nature, are automatic. After a period of time they can become permanent.

So how do we go about adding new positive habits to our life? It’s really quite easy. You simply begin repeating an action, attitude or thought process every day for at least 21 days. Research has shown that an action that is repeated for a minimum of 21 days is likely to become a permanent habit. Remember that positive habits have positive benefits and you will reap those benefits for as long as you maintain that habit. So now that we know what positive habits are, and how to acquire them, let’s look at some simple positive habits from the book that will help you reach your goals and have a healthier body.

Positive Habit #53 - Make it a habit to set goals

Since we are talking about goals, what better habit could you have then the habit of setting goals? Did you know that the most successful people all share the common positive habit of goal setting? A study was done to determine the importance of goal setting. College students who had gone on to achieve great success in business were asked to list their habits. The students who had made a habit of setting goals were in the top 3% of earnings in the population! It is almost impossible to overestimate the value of goal-setting as a positive habit. Goal setting is simple, yet 97% of the population never do it. By making goal setting a positive habit, you can start placing yourself in the top 3% of the population of successful people.

Here are some simple steps to help you start making goal setting a positive habit:

Step 1 - Define your goals, write them down, and be very specific; capture your goals on paper. It is amazing how many people never take the time to write down exactly what it is they want in life. Remember, you can’t hit a target if you don’t have one.

Step 2 - Determine what the time line is for reaching your goals; set specific deadlines for each goal.

Step 3 - Identify any obstacles that may stand in your way, list them, and state how you plan to overcome them.

Step 4 - Make a list of the people and/or organizations who will help you reach your goals.

Positive Habit #3 - Take Flax Every Day for a Healthy, Trim Body and Lower Cholesterol!

What is flax?

Flax is a blue-flowering plant known for its oil-rich seed. People have been eating flaxseed since ancient times, it has a pleasant, nutty flavor. The health benefits of flaxseed and flaxseed oil are significant and for that reason this habit is recommended as a primary habit for health and a trim and fit body. Here are some of the benefits of flaxseed and flaxseed oil:

Flaxseed contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. Several studies have shown that flaxseed can help to lower cholesterol in the same way that other soluble fiber foods like oat bran and fruit pectin do. A study at the University of Toronto showed that total cholesterol levels dropped 9% and LDL (the "bad" cholesterol) decreased 18% among a group of women who ate milled flaxseed cooked into bread every day for a period of 4 weeks.

Flaxseed is one of the richest sources of lignans and alpha-linolenic acid. Studies suggest that lignans may help to prevent certain cancers. Flaxseed is one of the few plants in the plant kingdom that provide a high ratio of alpha-linolenic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid) to linoleic (omega-6 fatty acids), it is an excellent source of healthy polyunsaturated fat.

A new study has confirmed that the positive habit of taking flax seed daily can help you get a trim and fit body. I interviewed Dr. Sam Bhathena, a researcher at the Phytonutrients Laboratory of the US department of Agriculture, he said, "we have observed that flax seed meal is much more effective in lowering cholesterol then soy. Several other studies have shown that in general, omega-3 fatty acids,lower lipid deposition, and help in reducing body weight."

Omega-3 fatty acids — More than half the fat contained in flaxseed is omega-3 fatty acid type, an essential fatty acid. There have been numerous studies reporting the health benefits of consuming omega-3 fats. Recent studies suggest that omega-3 fatty acids which are abundant in flax seed can help protect you from coronary artery disease, stroke, high blood pressure, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders. Studies on the effects of flax seed on breast cancer are now under way. Omega-3s can also help boost your metabolism, helping your body to burn calories faster.

Flax is available as raw seed, ground seed and also as an oil which is made by cold pressing flax seeds. You can purchase raw flax seed, ground flax seed and flax seed oil at most health food stores. The easiest way to incorporate flax seed into your diet is to buy ground flax seed meal and add it to your food.

· Substitute for cooking oil or shortening in baked goods.
· Add ground flax seed to pancakes, waffles and cereals.
· Put ground flax seed on salads.

Here is a great recipe for a super health shake. Make a protein shake with 8 ounces of your favorite juice such as apple or orange, add 2 tablespoons of flax seed oil, 2 tablespoons of soy powder, 1 tablespoon of lecithin, fresh fruit such as bananas, papayas or blueberries. Blend with a hand blender or an electric blender. This power shake will provide you with the health benefits of soy; omega-3’s, fiber, antioxidants, and enzymes from the fruit, and the fat loss benefits of lecithin.

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Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck From Supplements!

Are You An Educated Consumer? Lessons in Saving Money By Reading Labels: Fish Oil Supplements.

As a consumer advocate of sorts, I have always strived to educate consumers regarding supplements, be it whether or not a supplement was worth using, or if it was worth using for the money being charged. Ingredient X may get a thumbs up from me, but that does not mean the products you use that contain ingredient X has the correct dose of that ingredient to be worth the cost. Translated, not only do you have to make sure you are getting the correct dose of said ingredient X, you have to cost compare to see if it’s a good deal. The only way to do that, is to read the labels. It’s stunning to me how little effort people put into reading the simple labels to see if what they are purchasing is cost effective. They often just grab the giant-jug-O-whey and fail to realize it’s not the bargain they think it is. Or they grab that big bottle of “cheap” fish oil caps and think they saved money.

You have to compare labels and doses or you are simply throwing money away. Speaking of fish oils supplements, it’s a perfect example of how one can compare labels and doses to see if (1) they are getting the correct dose for the effects they desire (e.g., the therapeutic dose) and (2) if the product is actually cost effective compared to another.

Quality issues not withstanding, do you actually look at the % of active lipids EPA and DHA when you buy fish oil supplements? Retailers are betting you don’t…What’s the better deal: A product that is 30% active lipids for $20 for 100 1g caps vs. say a product that is 50% active lipids containing the same 100 1g caps for $25? clearly, the latter product is the better deal but the first is cheaper.

Two, are you looking at the % of active lipids to make sure you are taking enough to have an effect? If not, you are short changing yourself both physically and financially. In either of my ebooks for example, I attempt to not only teach people which supplements actually work, but how to learn to read labels, so they are educated consumers, able to save money on the supplements they purchase. For example - keeping with the fish oil theme - what follows is right out of my Fat Loss Revealed ebook:

Studies with fish oils have used doses that are quite variable, so no exact dose is known in terms of optimal effects on fat loss/bodycomp, but 6 - 10 g/day (assuming 30% EPA + DHA) is a starting point. So, a 1000mg (1g) softgel cap of fish oil, would be approximately 180mg of EPA and 120mg of DHA, assuming the general rule of 30% total active lipids. Fish oil comes as 60/40 EPA to DHA.

I would recommend at least approximately 6g (6 1000mg caps) fish oils giving you a total of 1800mg of active lipids per day assuming 30% of 6g is EPA and DHA, but you must read the labels for exact numbers. Looking at specific brands for example:

Puritan’s Pride uses a 1200mg cap, each containing 360mg total active lipids. You would need 5 caps to = 1800mg total active lipids.

Looking at The Life Extension Foundation: They use a 1000mg cap that gives 600mg total active lipids per cap, which means you would need 3 caps to equal the recommended 1800mg above.

Looking at Nordic Naturals, they use a 1000mg cap that gives a total of 275mg of active lipids per cap, so you will need 6-7 caps per day

Looking at Carlson’s, they use a 1000mg cap that gives a total of 320mg of active Omega-3 lipids, so you would need 5-6 caps of this product.

Read your labels people!

Will Brink's biography:
Will Brink is the owner of the Brinkzone Blog. Will has over 15 years experience as a respected author, columnist and consultant, to the supplement, fitness, bodybuilding, and weight loss industry and has been extensively published. Will graduated from Harvard University with a concentration in the natural sciences, and is a consultant to major supplement, dairy, and pharmaceutical companies. His often ground breaking articles can be found in publications such as Lets Live, Muscle Media 2000, MuscleMag International, The Life Extension Magazine, Muscle n Fitness, Inside Karate, Exercise For Men Only, Body International, Power, Oxygen, Penthouse, Women’s World and The Townsend Letter For Doctors. Will is the author of the popular e-books, both accompanied by private members forum access,
Bodybuilding Revealed & Fat Loss Revealed.

Five Easy Toning Exercises you can Do Anywhere

Exercise is an important part of our lives.  Staying in shape is one way to increase your life expectancy.  Weight bearing exercises are important also for increasing muscle mass and bone density as you age.

Most of us have learned what to do when it comes to exercising.  The problem is where and when to get the job done.  With a busy lifestyle, making time for exercise is a challenge.

Weight bearing exercises aren’t just for bodybuilders.  As you age, especially once you hit the age of forty, you begin to lose muscle mass.  For women especially, bone loss becomes a problem.  When the body is in need of calcium it can rob it from your bones.  Building muscle not only increases their mass but your strength.

Here are five easy toning exercises that can be done anywhere and whenever you have time.  At home, at the office, or on vacation, you can do these easy yet extremely effective exercises.

1. The Bridge Butt Lift – Sounds like a plastic surgery technique but it is an easy way to tone your buttocks.  Lay down with feet flat on the floor, legs shoulder width apart.  Place your hands, palm side down, on either side of your body.  Pushing with your feet, squeeze your gluteal muscles and lift your butt off the floor.  Hold the position for a count of five to ten and release down to the floor.

2. Squats – Squats work the butt, the hamstring muscles and the quadriceps.  If you aren’t sure of proper form, you can use a chair.  Stand with feet shoulder width apart and feet firmly planted.  Push your butt back as if you were preparing to sit in a chair.  Keep your abs tight and your upper body straight.  Once you reach chair level stop and hold the position for a count of two to five and release.  At the lowest point, place all of your weight on your heels for balance and maximum toning.

3. Reverse Lunges – Lunges work the quadriceps muscles.  They can be hard for people with knee problems.  A reverse lunge still tones the right muscle groups but with less pressure on the knee.  Stand with feet together and arms at your sides.  Take one leg and move it backwards until you are in lunge position: front leg bent at a 90 degree angle and back leg extended until you are on the ball of your foot.  From this position lower yourself down until the back knee almost touches the floor.  Hold for a count of two and return to starting position.

4. Pushups – This is a classic toning exercise that works all areas of the arms plus the chest muscles.  If you aren’t comfortable or strong enough to perform a pushup on your toes, lower your body to your knees.  Be sure your arms are tucked into the body and your back straight as you lower and lift your body.

5. Crunches – Abdominal muscles can be worked every day to build strength and muscle tone.  Lying on the floor in sit up position, lace your fingers behind your head.  Squeezing your abdominal muscles, lift your upper body until your lower back is about to come off the floor.  Hold for two to five counts and return to starting position.

These five exercise moves can be done whenever you have time.  The best thing about exercise is that its effects are cumulative.  Even five or ten minutes at a time will work to your advantage.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hardgainer - How To Determine If You Are a Hardgainer

By Hugo Rivera CFT, SPN, BSCE.

Definition of a Hardgainer

The popular definition of a hardgainer is a person that works out hard with weights but has a hard time putting on muscle. Six weeks of working out can go by and no significant changes in muscle size are noted other than perhaps a bit of an increase in muscle tone.

According to this popular definition of a hardgainer, all of us are "hardgainers" because for the most part, putting on muscle is not an easy endeavor. The easiest period to gain muscle is during puberty. After that, gaining muscle becomes progressively harder as we age due to the fact that hormonal production starts declining between the ages of 25 and 30.

Ectomorph Somatypes

My definition of a hardgainer is the naturally skinny person, who no matter what he or she eats, always seem to remain the same body weight.

This is what Dr. William H. Sheldon referred to as an "ectomorph" somatotype when he came up with the theory sometime in the 1940’s. Sheldon’s theory states that human bodies are divided into three main somatotypes; the ectomorph, the endomorph and the mesomorph.

In a nutshell...

The ectomorph is the naturally skinny person who has trouble gaining weight, whether in the form of muscle or fat.

The endomorph on the other hand has the opposite problem, it is too easy for a person with this body type to gain weight.While endomorphs are easy muscle gainers, provided they diet and train correctly, they are cursed with a slow metabolism, which makes it imperative that they be strict with their diet year round if they wish to have any abdominal definition.

The mesomorph, however, is the naturally muscular person, who also has a higher metabolism than the endomorph. Mesomorphs make excellent bodybuilders and for them, gains in muscle and reduction in body fat come rather easily provided they maintain a great training and nutrition program; life is not fair.

So You Have Determined That You Are A Hardgainer - Now what?!

Now, having said this, is a hardgainer doomed to stay looking the same way forever?

Not at all. Basically, all the hardgainer has to do is modify the training and nutrition program to suit his/her unique metabolism.

While most people will do best on a diet consisting of 40% carbohydrates, 40% proteins and 20% fats, the hardgainer will benefit most from a diet consisting of 50% carbs, 25 % proteins and 25% good fats.

While the typical person will do best on a caloric intake that equals their lean body mass times 12, the hardgainer is better served by taking in as much as 24 calories per pound of total bodyweight (as opposed to lean body mass). Therefore, if you are a hardgainer and weigh 150 lbs, your caloric intake will be 3600 calories (150 x 24). Your total amounts of carbohydrates per day will be in the order of 450 grams of carbs, your protein will be 225 grams and your fats will be 100 grams of good fats per day.

You can take all of this in 6, 7 or even 8 meals. The key thing for a hardgainer to be successful is to minimize their caloric expenditures and maximize their caloric intake. This is necessary as the hardgainer metabolism is a furnace that burns calories at all times and if not enough are supplied at one time or the other, then muscle will be consumed by the body for energy purposes. After all, this metabolic issue is what makes a person a hardgainer.

Hardgainer Training

Three to four sessions per week of periodized weight training, lasting for 60 minutes at the most, is all a hardgainer can get away with. Cardiovascular exercise should be limited to a couple of light walks on the days off lasting no more than 20 minutes. Remember that the hardgainer needs to limit caloric expenditure. Because of this, he/she needs to get in the gym, stimulate the muscle and get out.

The Benefit of Being a Hardgainer

If you are a hardgainer that does not mean it's the end of the world. Many determined hardgainers that have achieved their bodybuilding goals (and even won competitions) through a ton of determination and very hard work. The beauty of hardgainers is the fact that it is very hard for them to gain body fat, so therefore, any muscle gains that they make are highly visible due to the amount of muscle definition that the hardgainer has.

If you are a hardgainer, plan your meals ahead of time, pack them in a cooler and ensure that you never run out of food. When in the gym, get in, and get out. At night, get plenty of rest, and if you follow all of this day in and day out, then get ready to grow!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daily Specialization 2.0... How to Use Progressive Resistance For MONSTER Gains

By Nick Nilsson

Daily Specialization, where you train twice a day every day in a very
specific fasion, is one of my most controversial programs. This
update to it forces even FASTER results by constantly
increasing the resistance and literally FORCING results.

The idea for this new version of Daily Specialization Training came to me as I was re-reading the famous story of Milos of Crotona in ancient Greece, who lifted a calf (a baby cow...not the calf muscle!) every day until that calf grew into a bull. I'm sure you've heard this one!

This is an elegant example of the power of long-term, progressive resistance.

What IS Daily Specialization?

Daily Specialization is a very simple training technique...basically, you take one exercise and do ONE set of that exercise TWICE a day, EVERY day.

And then you KEEP doing it...

So, for example, if you chose push-ups for your Specialization exercise, first thing every single morning you would do one set of as many push-ups as you could. Then, every single evening, you would do another single set of as many push-ups as you could.

And you do this EVERY day. Because you're doing just one set of one exercise, your body is fully capable of recovering from this training and getting stronger from it.

Many people worry that they have to wait two days before they train a bodypart again. This is a total myth.

If you train an exercise with high volume (i.e. lots of sets) you SHOULD wait before training it again. But because this program only hits you with one set at a time, you can train a lot more frequently and see some incredible long-term strength gains.

The example I like to use is myself...the first time I used this Daily Specialization program, I used handstand push-ups. I went from being unable to do 1 full rep to being able to do 40 full reps in a matter of only a few months.

THAT is the power of Daily Specialization.

In the first version of the Daily Specialization routine, I recommended using a bodyweight exercise and adding more reps as you get stronger (which is the most practical way to do it with bodyweight exercises). This is an extremely effective technique and I and many others have used it with great results.


For a detailed look at this program, go to:

Daily Specialization Training - Transform Your Weakest Bodyparts Into Your STRONGEST Bodyparts!



With THIS new version, you will use an exercise that allows you to increase the resistance by small amounts on a regular basis.

And, of course, I thought to myself, "lifting a growing calf every day is certainly not practical. But why not mimic the exact same principle with weights instead?"

You will still do an exercise to failure for one set twice a day, but rather than using the same resistance every time (as with bodyweight exercises), we will force even greater adaptation by increasing the resistance slowly but steadily.

Ideally, you'll want to have a way to increase the resistance easily, such as using a barbell or dumbells. If you don't have barbells or dumbells at home, you still have options for increasing resistance while using bodyweight exercises, such as:

1. You can change body positions in ways that make the exercise harder. For example, if you're using Bench Dips and you start with your knees bent 90 degrees and your feet flat on the floor, you will move your feet further away from the bench, then set them up on a chair/bench, then place them on something that is higher than what your hands are setting on.

2. The other way to easily add resistance to a bodyweight exercise is to get yourself a sturdy backpack and gradually load it with heavy objects such as books or water bottles filled with sand. The more heavy things you put in the pack, the more resistance you'll get.

For the first 4 days, start with a resistance that allows you to get around 10 to 15 reps for your one set. Your body will rapidly start adapting to this new stress. You may experience some initial soreness from working your muscles far more frequently than they're used to. Four days should be enough time to allow your body to effectively start adapting.

Now we're going to start letting Milos' calf grow, realizing the full power of progressive resistance. Increase the resistance by the smallest amount you can and keep the twice-daily schedule going.

Add 2 1/2 lb plates to your barbells/dumbells. Shift your body position a small amount if using a bodyweight exercise. Add one heavy book to your backpack, etc.

Use this resistance for at least 2 days to allow your body time to adapt to the slightly higher workload. After 2 days on this resistance level, note how many reps you're able to do with that weight. If your reps are 5 or less on this resistance, stay at that weight for one more day. This will be your rule of thumb for increasing resistance levels.

From this point on, your goal is to increase the resistance you are using very slightly every 2 days. Follow the 5 rep rule of thumb where if your reps are 5 or less, use that resistance for one more day. As well, continue to stay at that resistance for as long as your reps stay below 5 or less. Don't reduce the weight, just add days on until you can do more than 5 reps with it.

Over the course of weeks and months, you are going to force some serious adaptation in your target muscle group.

This small but continuous increase in resistance, which allows your body a chance to adapt and focus on it, can result in extremely large strength increases and add plenty of muscle mass to your target muscle group.

The best exercises to use with this type of training are the basics - the exercises that use the most muscle for your target bodypart. This could be barbell curls, weighted dips, bench presses, deadlifts, rows, shoulder presses, etc. Good bodyweight exercises include pull-ups, dips, bench dips, push-ups, etc.

I'm a big fan of having some basic training equipment at home, even if it's just a set of adjustable dumbells, and I highly recommend investing in those if you'd like to try this program. Sporting goods stores or garage sales are your best bets for free weights (don't order online as you will be hit with HUGE shipping charges). Weights at home are not absolutely necessary but they definitely help!

If and when you do try this program, be sure to keep track of your resistance levels and bodypart measurements so you can gauge exactly how effective the program is for you.

And definitely be sure to let me know how you make out with this program! There's nothing I enjoy more than hearing how well one of programs has worked for you. That is, after all, the main reason I'm in this business - to make sure you have the information you need to get the best results possible for the time and effort you put into your training.

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Nick Nilsson is Vice-President of the online personal training company BetterU, Inc. He has a degree in Physical Education and Psychology and has been inventing new training techniques for more than 17 years. Nick is the author of a number of bodybuilding eBooks including "Muscle Explosion! 28 Days To Maximum Mass", "Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss," "The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of," "Gluteus to the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt NOW!" and "The Best Abdominal Exercises You've Never Heard Of" all available at http://fitness-ebooks.rxsportz.com. He can be contacted at betteru@fitstep.com.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


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