Monday, August 31, 2009

10 Benefits Of A Super Toned Body And Hot Legs

You know, for long time it was thought that women who worked out were somehow a little unfeminine. Not just the guys, but even the girls thought that too. Not me - I have always thought that women who work out, and especially those with well-developed legs, are head turners. And it seems it's not just me.

These days women everywhere are finally accepting that strength training exercises are an essential tool in the battle against body fat, and that the results are more than worth the effort. Truth be told, no other exercise or activity provides so many benefits for women. Strength training is unmatched in its ability to promote a lean, strong, firm, shapely, and energetic body, no matter what your age.

I think it is probably safe to say that most women are unhappy with their lower body, and that most just do not appreciate that they really can reshape the area, and get themselves a pair of smoking hot legs, simply through the application of the right types of exercise.

Besides looking good there are a bunch of other benefits that go along with this. Here are the first 10 that spring to my mind:

1.) An increased metabolism - You can alter your body's chemistry to burn fat long after the exercise session is finished if you focus on using the right exercises to strip the body fat from the lower body to reveal a great looking pair of legs.

2.) Greater muscle tone, strength and firmness - allowing you to function better and *look* so much better too. Firmer, more toned muscles even help to pad out your skin so that the wrinkles disappear.

3) Increased and restored bone density and strength - You can both prevent and fight osteoporosis by building and maintaining strong bones. Only strength training will do this for you. Low intensity activities, like walking, are simply not intense enough to work the muscles they are attached to, and challenge the bones. Walking, by itself, will never give you a set of hot legs.

4.) Boost your body's stamina and endurance - If you want to be able to breeze through your daily chores and activities, and have enough energy left over for leisure activities to enjoy at the end of the day, strength training will help you with that.

5) Improved balance - Strong legs and core muscles help to stabilize and reduce the risk of falling, by promoting better co-ordination and balance. If you should fall, strong muscles will act like cushions around your bones and joints and help to protect them.

6) Decreased risk of disease- When your body is strengthened, the immune system is strengthened as well. Muscle tissue is the place where proteins are stored that the immune system calls upon when needed.

7.) Increased lean muscle tissue - This is your friend and will help you lose excess body fat or help you manage your weight. Every extra pound of muscle tissue burns 35-50 extra calories each day. You would not even notice a few extra pounds of toned muscle but you would notice how slimmer and trimmer you will become.

8) Injury prevention- A solid foundation strengthens bones, ligaments, and tendons. You can use strength training exercise to aid rehabilitation during recovery from an injury, by slowly building your strength around the injured area.

9) Enhanced performance in sports, exercise and life - Whether climbing stairs, carrying the kids, or lugging the groceries. Everything we do becomes easier and more enjoyable when we increase our strength and fitness.

10) You will feel better and look better  -  Strength training reduces your overall body fat, tones your muscles, and helps you to feel good, building confidence and maintaining a healthy self esteem. These things are important because they help you to live your life at its full potential.

The bottom line is that if you don't want to miss out on these priceless health benefits that will give your life both extra vitality and energy, along with your new dream body and firm, toned hot legs, you need to get started today with the right strength-training regimen.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Want a Strong Lean Body And Some Hot Legs?

Like most people, I have been suckered more times by empty promises than I care to admit. Especially when it comes to that seemingly eternal problem of weight control and how to build a pair of hot shapely legs. You can probably relate to what I am about to tell you. We all know that weight loss diet plans, pills and supplements have been around for years. The people who push them use terms like 'rapid', 'fast', and 'easy', and of course our ears prick up right away. We start taking these things, go on and off diets, and start and stop the latest exercise fad. In short, we are a lot like those mice you see on the wheel, going around and around but never really getting anywhere.

Sound familiar?

Yet no matter how many failed programs we have participated in, we still desire that toned firm body, and for most women our lack of a pair of hot legs can almost seem to be our downfall.

Many diet pills and weight loss supplements work by suppressing your appetite. The problem is, this works against the body and it can never provide you with a strong, lean healthy body - which is what we all really want, right? Suppressing your appetite is likely to send your body into 'survival mode', forcing it to hold onto every scrap of fat, and in the process become even fatter than it was! This ancient mechanism is hardwired into our genes, because when food was scarce the human body was able to use this mechanism to protect itself from starvation.

The World Heath Organization states that a diet consisting of anything below 1800 calories per day for women and 2400 for men is a starvation diet. Yet millions of people, right at this very moment, are forcing their body to make do with even less than this meager amount of food in the hope they will lose body fat. But any diet with calorie levels this low will trigger the slowdown of the metabolism and put the brakes on fat loss.

Worse yet is that even if some weight is lost this way it will unfortunately be at the expense of some of your precious fat burning machinery - your muscle tissue. This makes future fat loss almost impossible since damage has now been done to your metabolic engine, causing it to permanently burn less fuel (calories).

There is a far better way to lose excess body fat and it is the opposite of trying to force your body into doing something that works against our basic biology. It is called getting healthy, and it simply involves exercising your muscles with proper exercise, and also eating enough natural food to supply the energy needed for your exercise program. This is the only way you will ever get that firm toned body and a great pair of legs.

This natural approach to weight loss works better because it makes your body work more efficiently. Your metabolism is boosted, and causes more fuel to be burned per unit time. It is the most successful method of long-term weight loss simply because you are using your body in the right way.

The fact is that no amount of low intensity activity such as walking, jogging, or cycling will give you the metabolism boosting benefits that strength training will give you. These activities will never be intense enough to build a strong, hot pair of legs - which is the one thing most women would love to possess.

You can control your weight with regular strength training, and, over time, bring your body fat percentage into a healthy range. And as a bonus with this special type of exercise, remember that strong muscles will improve your looks, because when muscles get stronger they give us a more pleasing body shape - tighter and firmer.

The bottom line is that natural physique development works the best. There is not a pill, injection, implant, or surgeon in the world that can give us what we can give ourselves - a strong, lean, shapely, energetic, and healthy body with a pair of hot shapely legs.


Ex-bodybuilding champion Carolyn Hansen

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Kettlebell Workouts & Videos for You

Are you ready for a laugh while learning some great new body transformation exercises you can do at home?

You have to see this new video that "Crazy" Craig Ballantyne, the author of Turbulence Training, has created.

It's a Kettlebell workout done in a way you've never seen before.

And if you don't know what Kettlebells are, then you're in for a double surprise. Kettlebells are one of the coolest and most versatile pieces of inexpensive home gym equipment that you can have.

Check this video out...and download the free workouts and exercise videos from this site:


Now sit back and watch the goofiest workout video you'll ever see in your life.

It involves...

- Craig Ballantyne dressed in a shirt and tie
- kettlebell exercises
- a cool circuit from the first Certified Turbulence Trainer, Chris Lopez
- and a plot

Yep, this will probably be the first workout video you've ever watched that includes a plot. And comedy. Or at least "Crazy" Craig's attempts at comedy!

Check the video out here and get a bonus workout & more kettlebell exercise videos too:


Time to start the Kettlebell Revolution,

Arthur M.

PS - If you've ever wanted to try out kettlebells, you'll love this video and bonus workout program.


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More details to come...

Hardgainer Supplement Tip To Build More Muscle

By The Muscle Nerd, Jeff Anderson

You've probably heard the term "you are what you eat", right?

But it's not exactly what you EAT that counts, but what you USE from what you eat.

And this couldn't be more true for skinny "hardgainers' who have a hard time growing muscle!


Because you can eat all the protein you want, but unless it makes it to your muscles to help them rebuild, you'll continue to look more like Olive Oil than Popeye!

You see, "skinny" men and women tend to have an overabundance of the "stress hormone", cortisol.

Cortisol actually plays a useful role in our bodies but for hardgainers, its catabolic effects are a real hassle as it inhibits important protein synthesis.

That means less protein available for repair of muscle tissue...less size...and MORE frustration!

Add to this that the digestion of proteins actually burns more calories than any other nutrient and you can see why you CAN'T follow the same "protein plan" as others who can gain muscle more easily.

What's the solution?

This is actually one of my best kept secrets within my hardgainer bodybuilding program, "Hardgainer Project X Bodybuilding Program"...

Try adding DIGESTIVE ENZYMES to your meals!

Now you may think that digestive enzymes (that include either pepsin, papain, or papaya) are just for sandal-wearing hippies who smell like patchouli...but you'd be mistaken!

In fact, digestive enzymes help to break down nutrients from the food you eat into usable energy.

But another finding dug deeper and found that enzymes improved the absorption of amino acids and increased nitrogen retention.

In a recent clinical study, respondents who consumed digestive enzymes with their meals showed an increase in protein synthesis with free amino acid levels up by 100%...branched chain amino acids (BCAA's) by 250%...and nitrogen retention by 32%!

In short...MUCH better support for muscle repair and growth.

And enzymes can be especially useful for hardgainers in yet one more way...

Since protein uses up more calories in digestion, enzymes can speed up the process, reducing the "thermic effect" of ingested proteins and help you better maintain a caloric surplus for weight gain!

Look for a good digestive enzyme at your local supplement store or order online.

Homemade Supplement Secrets

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Old School Chest Chiseling Secret!

By The Muscle Nerd, Jeff Anderson

If you could go back in time and pound out reps with the "old school mass monsters" of Gold's Gym in the 60's, you'd be sure to see them using this long-forgotten advanced chest training technique to add more mass and definition to their pecs.

Check it out and add it to your next chest workout and see why it was such a favorite!

How To Do It...

First, you're going to need a "spotter" for this technique and I HIGHLY recommend you use a Smith Machine for safety and give your training partner some help.

Now, load up the bar with a weight that's about 25% more than the amount you can lift for about 4 reps before hitting exhaustion.

Using either an INCLINE or FLAT BENCH, have your spotter help you on ALL of the "concentric" pressing movements.

(Meaning, your spotter will help you LIFT the bar to the top position on ALL of your reps.)

Now, YOU do a slow, controlled "negative" movement (the lowering of the bar) so it takes about 4 seconds until you get to the bottom position.  This is where your spotter again grabs the bar and helps lift it to the top again.

(Important: your partner should NOT let you work the bar up on your own any more than he has to.  YOUR goal is to work the "negative" portion of the rep!)

Once you've done your last negative (you'll probably hit failure at about 6-8 negative reps), lock the bar in on the Smith Machine (saving your spotter from killing himself to get it back up)...

...and THIS is where the fun begins...

Stand up after your last rep and press your hands together tightly as you SQUEEEEEEEZE your chest muscles HARD for a full 10 SECOND count!

Why It Works...

Your "heavy negatives" zero in on your chest's "Type 2" fast-twitch muscle fibers - the real power-movers!

Your follow up squeeze session then gets in and nails your "Type 1" slow-twitch fibers for a growth hormone- (GH-) boosting lactic acid response.

The result is a double-fiber pounding that ignites new growth in even the smallest "chicken chest"!

(Note: Works great for BICEPS too!)

Run through this combination for 3 sets and feel the burn!

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Back Pain? Neck Pain? Sciatica? Read This Free Book

If you suffer from any type of back, neck or sciatic pain, then you need to go grab a copy of my good friend, Jesse Cannone's new book, "The 7-Day Back Pain Cure" asap...

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Now, I've known Jesse for a long time and he is known as the "back pain relief guy" because he's helped so many people to finally get rid of their pain... and over the years, I personally have learned a lot from him...

But his new book is incredible... in it he does what no one else in the medical community does, and that is put together all of the pieces... see, most people when they have back pain usually get treatments that only mask the pain... and even then, the treatments only address the physical symptoms...

In this book he shows you:

- Why traditional treatments always FAIL to deliver lasting relief
- The 7 mistakes that most people make that keep them in pain
- How to identify the real, underlying causes of your pain
- Which treatments work, which ones don't and how to know which is right for you

So if you have ever suffered from back pain, or are currently dealing with it, I highly recommend you grab a copy of his book now - and you can't beat the price (FREE)...

But don't wait or 'think about it" as he has only 1000 copies available to give away and there are literally millions of people with back pain who are likely to hear about this.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How Specific Should Your Diet Meal Plan Be?

One thing that often makes people delay starting a diet is the issue of the diet meal plan, so let's look a bit closer at the different options.

When you choose your diet, it needs to suit your personality and requirements. You may want a short sharp dramatic loss, or you may want a longer term sustainable method. The short sharp method is not recommended by general health and medical consensus, but some people still prefer this option. Often it is because they want to lose weight for a particular event such as a wedding.

If you have 10 days until your wedding and you cannot get into your dress, then a crash diet may be indicated. But with this type of diet you will almost certainly gain back all of the weight that you lost right after the event. So if you need to lose weight permanently, something slower and more sustainable is a much better option.

Once you pick the style of diet, you then need to think about the meal plan. It is this plan which will see you keep up with the targets.

There are a lot of plans which have specific recipes laid out for you. These do require you to purchase specific ingredients and cook specific meals, and many people will find that does not work because it does not include a lot of foods that they like to eat.

Some people who prefer to not to spend a lot of time preparing and cooking food like to buy the meals already made. There are many plans which provide ready made meals, meaning that you don't have to do any cooking, you simply need to follow along with the set meals on set days.

One criticism of that idea is that the company is making money on these meals, so they are often more expensive that normal food. They may also encourage you to buy all of your meals ready prepared when a better option from the nutritional point of view would be to eat some salads and fresh vegetables that you would prepare yourself.

Another problem with a rigid diet meal plan, is the fact that it is often *too* rigid. It can feel rather like being in prison or the army to have all your food laid out so far in advance, with no variety. Life can get dull down that route, and in our view the better way to be to have something which allows lots of freedom as long as you follow basic rules.

So you might want to go with loose guidelines, i.e. eating smaller portions, or cutting out obvious high amounts of fat and sugar, or you may like to count calories, allowing yourself any type of food as long as there are no more than a certain number of calories at each meal. You will certainly find it helpful to start your meals with fat free salad or vegetable soup that will fill your stomach and give you plenty of vitamins and minerals without adding a lot of calories.

It really does depend on your own personality, but the old adage of 'everything in moderation', with less fat and sugar, combined with exercise, will give you plenty of choice to set your own diet meal plan.

Learn what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat it, how to cook it and exactly what to shop for >>

Monday, August 24, 2009

Are you an emotional eater?

Emotions can be deadly.

At least when it comes to eating.

And the VAST majority of us are "emotional eaters." And that leads to excess bodyfat.

We eat when we are stressed-out.

We eat when we are overly happy.

We eat when we are depressed.

And when you eat like this you can kiss your fatloss goodbye.

There's a 4-minute video that I want you to watch today.

It is touching, funny, and very powerful all at the same time.

And it will help you come to terms with emotional eating.

Go here --

--- > click-here:

P.S. This is a very unique video. I know you will love it.

And I KNOW you will benefit from it.

Please share this with others too.

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Lose Fat Not Muscle: Here's How

If you are considering a weight loss program, you need to make sure that you lose fat not muscle. Some people focus exclusively on the scale, paying no attention to anything else, but this is a short sighted approach to losing weight.

There are two main reasons that people want to lose weight. One is to look better, which means having a more trim body shape. If you lose muscle instead of fat, your body will look flabby and you will not achieve your aim. The other main reason that people want to lose weight is to be healthy and reduce their risk of fatal or chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. For this it is important to include some kind of fitness program so again you want to be sure that you do not lose the muscle that you have.

But there is another reason for retaining and preferably increasing your muscular mass. This is that muscle burns energy, i.e. calories. Muscle even burns calories when resting, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn even while you are watching TV. This does not mean you have to turn into a Sylvester Stallone iron-pumping giant. Unless you want to build your body, the key is to make sure that you do not lose the muscle you already have.

Low carb diets and other fad or extreme diets all claim fast initial weight loss, but what they don't say is that the initial loss will most likely include muscle loss due to glucose deficiency in the diet. The consequence is that when you stop the diet, you have *less* capability than you did before to burn calories, which is one reason why many people actually put on more weight afterwards. So the key factor if you want to lose fat not muscle is to steer clear of any fad diet claiming speedy results.

Exercise will undoubtedly help your cause. Aerobic exercise will give you a double bonus, because it will burn fat and may also lead to building muscle, depending on the type you do. Exercise will also improve your general health, it will get your heart pumping, more oxygen will get around your veins and to the brain, and the endorphins released will make you feel great.

Remember that muscle tends to weigh more than fat, so in some cases a person's body shape may improve even while their weight goes up, although that is more true of people whose weight was normal or low to begin. If you are overweight then the fat that you lose will usually mean that you will lose weight even while your muscularity increases, but your weight loss according to the scale may be slower than if you were following a crash diet. Give yourself a break here and remember that what you see in the mirror is more important than what you see on the scale.

Try not to focus your exercise on only one area of the body. For example if you want to lose stomach fat, don't just do sit ups and nothing else. It is virtually impossible to concentrate fat loss in specific areas like that, you are better to do more general fat loss exercise.

Obviously if you are significantly overweight, the exercise should not be taken on without proper medical advice. But for those who want to lose those extra curves, you will gain good benefit by making sure you lose fat not muscle.


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Rules? There Are No Rules! - Part 2

By Zach Even-Esh

I’ve got another story for you, and it always brings back some of my favorite times in the gym. Actually, I have countless “favorite times” in the gym but this one is special to me, but honestly, all these memories are special to me.

It was the summer of 1994, I was in Israel and I was staying there for about one month. My older bro was in the military there and he had told me about a small gym that was in town.

Before this time, my workouts in Israel consisted of going to a local park and doing 15 – 20 sets of pull ups every other day. When I found out there was a gym I was amped up! Not being able to lift was a tough ordeal to handle because I was seriously addicted to training. I used to cut school so I could get to the gym in the morning and then have my parents drive me there in the evening. I was addicted and still am.

This gym was not hard core. It was not meant for people like us, it was meant for the local people and there were no hard core lifters at all. It was a small place, less than 1,000 sq. ft. and it had some old equipment that seemed flimsy and weak. I have no idea how that equipment even held up.

The owner was cool as hell, a former member of a Special Forces unit called “Golani” and then became a trainer for all Special Forces units in the Israeli army. He certainly had a few screws loose. Ask him how to get big, ‘Eat more and train heavier.” Ask him how to get ripped, “Stop eating so much.” Talk about the science of training & nutrition! Jim Wendler would have liked this guy. He couldn’t speak English unless he was cursing at us which reminded me of Ferruggia. That worked fine for motivation because you never wanted this guy to out do you in a training session. He was tough and he loved training heavy. It was war every time we went in there to train.

Anyway, let me back track a bit here. The first day I walked to the gym I saw a guy working out there, he was American and his name was Joe. He was in Israel trying to get into their elite military unit, the Seals, which is called “Shayetet”. He was one tough SOB and having two training partners like this simply couldn’t make a vacation any better! That day that I walked in the gym Joe was benching 295 for reps. For most of our readers that sounds like nothing, but, this guy also swam 5 miles every other day, then ran 5 miles on the days he didn’t swim. I emphasize the words “ran” as he was not jogging, he simply hauled ass. He was in phenomenal overall condition physically & mentally. When we all met and decided to train together it was a battle every time. There was always someone outdoing the other and the workouts seemed to last forever because no one wanted to tell Avner, the gym owner, that we were tired and wanted to stop working out.

During my stay, Avner had me coming to the gym twice a day, morning and evening. I didn’t even think it was good for me or if he even felt it was good for me to train so much. I simply believe he wanted me there so he can train more because he too loved training. At that time Dorian Yates was getting tons of publicity regarding his short, heavy duty workouts that Mike Mentzer popularized. I was in quite a bit of a shock because I was used to doing two heavy sets per exercise when Avner had us doing 5 sets per exercise on average. I tried to explain to Avner what over training was and he always replied by saying, “F#ck Dorian Yates.” More science and words of wisdom.

As the days passed, every time I got to the gym to train Joe was already there. He already did his morning run or swim, and then he was found doing sit ups with his feet locked under a set of heavy dumbbells. I didn’t pay much attention to it in the beginning. After our workouts when Avner has us working abs, Joe never mentioned the fact that he did 100 sit ups already. I slowly took notice to how Joe was always there before me to train. If we were scheduled for 9 am training, Joe was already there doing one of two things; flat benching and / or sit ups.

What else was odd was that after every long and brutal workout, Joe got the curl bar and placed a 45 on each side and always did 5 sets of 10 curls. After a while, Flex magazine got the best of me and I told Joe, “Dude, why are you always doing curls, sit ups and benching, you’re gonna over train!” Joe replied these exact words, “Shit brother, you think the fucking dudes in the pen think about over training? They do their sit ups, push ups, benching and curls every day!” He turned around and continued to do his curls.

I was shocked because I was 18 years young and too poisoned by the magazines to understand these concepts of ‘No Rules” training. I simply could not think outside the box. I figured that I can find a way to make him eat his words. We had a leg workout the next day and I knew that it was my strongest body part. I had a goal of burying him during the workout and forcing him to push his training harder than ever before that day. My goal was to make him vomit and skip those daily curls. We squatted off of a flat bench’s catch racks. This was scary as all hell! The flat bench had those catch racks that would rise up high enough to look like those gun rack type squat racks. I was scared that the weights would topple over the bench so we piled 45’s on the flat bench to balance off the weights we used when we racked the weight.

Our workout consisted of endless sets of squats, front squats, barbell lunges, leg extension, leg curls and RDL’s. The work out was nauseating, filled with yelling, forced reps, drop sets on the leg curls and extensions, anything to set Joe straight. I was shot after that work out big time. Joe still got that dam curl bar and did his 5 sets of curls and finished with 100 sit ups!

When that 4 week “vacation” ended I was bumming. To find two tough-as-nails training partners who knew no rules or limits was a gem! There was no sophisticated equipment, no power rack and certainly no loud pumping music. There were three guys, all from different walks of life with one goal, to train hard as all hell and to give nothing less than 100 %. We created our own atmosphere and we thrived in it!

Last time I trained in Israel Avner was still training like a mad man and he reminds of Louie in a way. He stays in the gym to train others but all through the day he is doing mini workouts in addition to his main workout and this was exactly why a man in his mid 40’s was having no problem burying us during our training sessions. Joe went on to become a SEAL in the states and the rest of his story in confidential my friends. I have learned a lot from the most “uneducated” lifters out there. I doubt they ever picked up a magazine and followed those workouts or read those programs. They trained six days a week and often times trained twice a day. If your philosophy is “F#ck Dorian Yates” I have a funny feeling you’ll do alright out there! I always said Warriors and Gladiators are a dying breed, let’s do our part and keep them alive! Stay tough brothers.

Zach Even – Esh is a Strength & Performance Coach located in central, NJ. You can learn more about his methods by visiting

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Meal Frequency and Weight Loss

One of the biggest misconceptions about weight loss is that by eating less food or skipping meals you will lose more weight. People think that if they skip breakfast or dinner and only eat 2 meals a day, their weight problems will vanish within a few weeks.

Not only is this thinking incorrect, it can actually produce a gain in weight in the long term. It all has to do with your metabolism and how it reacts to the food you eat and how often you eat.

Skipping important meals or eating much less than normal will cause you to put on more fat. There are some examples in the animal kingdom to show you this principle at work. Deer, graze and eat small amounts of food continuously throughout the day.

If you have ever seen deer, you will know that they are extremely lean and fit because their bodies don't have to hold on to any fat as it appears that an abundance of food is available. When was the last time you saw an overweight deer?

This is actually the big secret. The less food that you eat, the more your body will think that food is scarce or not available. When this happens, your body will go into what is called "survival mode" and it will drastically slow down your metabolism and try to preserve as much of it's fat as it can.

Bears on the other hand, are fat because they need to be able to survive long periods of not eating such as in hibernation.

When your metabolism slows down dramatically, you will begin to feel less energetic, lethargic, tired, depressed and not have any desire to exercise or perform strenuous activity.

This is part of the body's method of preserving as much energy as possible until it decides that there is enough food available to eat again. When you start eating more food, your metabolism will start to speed up again and you will begin to feel much better and your normal energy levels will return.

This is one of the reasons why people feel so miserable on low calorie diets. They restrict their food or calorie intake so much that it causes the body to believe that there is a famine or severe food shortage.

If you have eaten a certain way for many years and then all of a sudden reduce or drastically change your eating habits, your body will think that there is something wrong with the availability of food. The other important aspect to eating more frequently during the day is that it will help to keep your blood sugar levels stable. This helps to control hunger and appetite.

If you eat with long hours in between meals, you will generally feel very hungry by the time it comes to eat and then you will be more tempted to overeat, rather than just eating enough to satisfy your immediate needs.

Skipping meals also lead to spikes in blood sugar, which will make you feel really good one hour, but then horrible the next.

The solution for permanent weight loss is to consume the right types of foods with each meal while increasing the amount of meals that you eat each day to speed up your metabolism.

Check out the new fail-proof diet from The Weight Loss Grail.

This is a brand new type of diet never seen before that will never leave you feeling hungry or ask you to give up any of your favorite foods.

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What if swine flu actually did turn deadly?

Have you given any serious thought to what it would mean if the current swine flu virus really did change into a modern day killer? I have. In fact, I gave it a LOT of thought after I had finished reading "Survive Pandemic Flu", which you can find by clicking it!

I know that most people think about pandemic flu in only one way: the degree to which it might affect their immediate health, or that of a loved one. The trouble is, while that is an entirely valid way of thinking about the problem, it misses the larger picture.

Back in 1918, when the Spanish Flu, as it was called, began dropping people in their tracks, it put a huge strain not just on individual families, but it threatened to make local communities come apart at the seams. Once it gets to the point that people are too afraid to come within ten feet of one another it becomes very hard to keep the wheels of commerce rolling. All the things you depend on daily as a matter of course suddenly become unreliable and fraught with danger.

The scary thing is that I have not been able to come up with a single solid reason to believe that the same thing could not happen again today. Yes, we have antiviral drugs and vaccine technology on our side, but not enough of them to satisfy demand if they were really called for.

On top of this, not everybody would elect to be vaccinated even if the shots were available. Many people actually consider vaccines more dangerous than the diseases they protect against. While this is not the case, even when the disease causing microbe happens to be as mildly disease causing as the current swine flu pathogen has proved to be (at least initially), the claim is clearly absurd when you start talking about a strain that can kill 5 percent of the population, as was the case back in 1918. The point, of course, is that the vaccine naysayers who forgo the shots still get sick and infect the rest of us, so they are not just a danger to themselves, they contribute to the overall problem.

When you take these people into account, and factor in apathy from the rest of the population, you begin to realize that we may not have advanced sufficiently as a culture to outmaneuver the kind of threat that pandemic influenza still presents.

But really I have only scratched the surface of this complex issue. You can read a fascinating account of the true dimensions of pandemic influenza in Survive Pandemic Flu, which you can find here:

You will also find everything you need to know about how to protect yourself in the event that you do not get access to a protective vaccine, and how to treat someone from home if getting medical treatment becomes impractical in a real crisis situation.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rules? There Are No Rules! - Part I

By Zach Even-Esh

I will never forget those days! I was 14 years old and it was the summer before sophomore year in high school. I was training at the YMCA in the neighboring town. I rode my bike there 5 or 6 days a week and was addicted to training. The place was a dark dungeon and I loved it.

There couldn’t have been a better place to get stronger.. I visualized Dave Draper, Arnold, Franco and Ken Waller while I was there. I know that I am a little strange but I was obsessed with bodybuilding and wished I was actually in the Golden Era! I got all my routines straight out of FLEX magazine.

You know the routine, twenty sets of chest, supersets, drop sets, “feel the muscle” and all that other good stuff, or good shit…which is it anyway, stuff or shit?

The YMCA was a small dungeon, one of which today’s Darksiders would have loved to have. But in 1994 they revamped the dungeon with pretty walls, carpeted floors and machines everywhere. I much rather see the brown rusted equipment and old York plates that scattered the gym floor. We had a small radio and always had some rock station on. I was the youngest and the guys liked the fact that I brought in tapes of Metallica and AC / DC.

I read Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding every day and looked at the old black and white photos of training in the “Golden Era” to get me motivated. I rode my bike to the YMCA, 5 miles in each direction; most teens nowadays would need oxygen after this bike ride. It’s sad that so many kids are out of shape, but that’s an entirely different subject that I will delve into in a future article. Let’s talk about George. I think that was his name, it was almost 16 years ago so the name slips my mind but the training I enjoyed there seems like it was only yesterday!

Let’s take a trip back to 1990 shall we? Come on, you wont regret it and it might even motivate you to stop crying about your shitty gym and get you to create your own dungeon!

No doubt about it, Geroge was jacked! From my recollection he looked to be a solid 250 or 260. He didn’t have a routine like most of us did. I supersetted chest and back, did legs alone and did shoulders followed by twenty supersets for arms. George obviously knew back then that routine was the enemy, and heavy free weights ruled if you wanted to pack on the size and strength needed to bust through your clothing. I don’t recall him being all that redundant with the exercises he chose.

For the most part, George did one to three heavy lifts (spending 30 – 45 minutes on most exercises) followed by some lighter work with higher reps for about 10 minutes. His basic lifts were also way beyond the normal three or four sets that FLEX magazine described.

He would spend a minimum of thirty minutes on each exercise and often times it was more. It wasn’t odd for me to complete an entire workout (which was usually a good 90 minutes) while only seeing George do the Flat Bench and Parallel Bar Dips with a 60 lb dumbbell. I would watch him do set after set with 315 lbs on the flat bench, ranging in reps from two to 8. I don’t know if he had his own system floating around in the back of his head or he simply did what ever the hell he felt like doing. He also moved the weights faster than all hell.

What in the world is wrong with this guy anyway? The magazines and pros always said lower the weight slowly. I was ready to tell him how things should be done! He lowered the bar quickly and exploded the bar off his chest like it was gonna go through the ceiling!

After he spent a good hour on the flat bench killing the weights, resting as he felt, he cranked out heavy weighted dips in the same high speed fashion. His reps were in the 5 – 10 range. Up and down fast like a piston, His triceps were busting out his t-shirt. He had a 60 lb. dumbbell and hooked it to a belt and cranked out set after blistering set.

The rest of the gym members did dips with bodyweight, and watched George in awe. He finished this workout with cable pushdowns with the stack and a 45 lb plate attached to the front and the back of the weight stack. He did these with no problem and spent a good 15 minutes blasting away here.

The rest of the gym always watched George and dropped their jaws. No one was brave enough to get under heavy weights like George. Isolation exercises such as flys, laterals and concentration curls were way too common in that gym and Louie Simmons would have slapped us all silly if he saw this type of training going on. Back then, the information came from the magazines and unfortunately, I saw this style of training in a high school weight room last year. By the way, that football team holds a state record for most consecutive losses; 30 in a row. We didn’t know any better back then and neither do a lot of young kids nowadays.

Another workout that stands clear in my mind is where George spent his workout doing RDL’s for set after set mixed in with heavy lying extensions. I remember the RDL’s were done with 315 and the lying extensions had 50 or 60 lbs on each side of the curl bar. It was as if he was doing some sort of active rest in between his heavy posterior work but he didn’t even know it was active rest. To him it was all work and fitted in just fine with his “No rules” philosophy of training.

Once again, the sets were endless and these two exercises lasted the duration of my full workout. Most of the time George was there before me and was still training after I was finished! He did 4 – 6 reps on the RDL’s and did 6 – 8 reps for the triceps. Very explosive and very fast, rep after rep, set after set.

George probably never picked up a magazine and was lucky enough to avoid the poison that filled our minds back then. He followed a simple rule, there are NO RULES! You can over analyze if you wish and demand that indeed there are rules to training.

Sure, training is a science and there are percentages and an optimal number of lifts to be performed per month as well. But the beauty behind these days in the dark dungeon of this YMCA was that George broke all the rules and he was light years ahead of any lifter in that small room as well as lifters outside that room!

In fact, I can safely assume he broke all the rules with regards to nutrition as well. While everyone was busy eating cans of tuna George was surely chowing down on steak and potatoes every single day of the week.

While we all did our 3 or 4 sets of 25 lb concentration curls George probably did 150 – 200 reps of dips with a minimum of 60 lbs strapped around his waist. While we wasted time doing the machine leg press George was busy doing RDL’s for 45 minutes, set after blistering set. While we were incline pressing 95 lbs. on the bar for incline benching, George was doing flat dumbbell benching with the 90’s pressing them up like they were cake for a half an hour. Once again, he moved the weights fast and explosively.

There is always a Darksider somewhere and George certainly was stuck in a different time zone. So the next time you start analyzing how to incorporate your optimal number of lifts per month on the bench and which bar you should use for each squat workout, it might be high time to take a trip way back and start simplifying your program. I’m not telling you to do exactly as George did, but if you can use your creativity with the basic lifts you’ll be back on the road to progress in no time.

Want to know the secrets of developing brute strength and steel-forged muscles? It’s time to ditch your money wasting gym membership and start training Underground! Click HERE to get started!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Are you immune to the swine flu pandemic?

As I mentioned the other day, I have just finished reading a new book that backgrounds this swine flu situation and puts it into context by comparing it to the other pandemics of the last century.

I know that a lot of people are wondering about the necessity of getting the swine flu shot this fall.

The truth is that some people *do* seem to be a lot less susceptible to swine flu. People over 50 years of age appear to fall into this category, and it is thought that the fact that an H1N1 swine flu strain was in circulation prior to 1957 (the year the Asian Flu pandemic dropped swine flu off the map) might have something to do with that. Older people may have antibodies to the older strain of swine flu, and this may be protecting them to some degree.

But for the rest of us there is no such protection. Moreover, if you have children, they seem to be at particular risk from the new swine flu strain. The average age of hospitalized swine flu sufferers is somewhere in the mid teens.

If you are a parent, the good news in all of this is that your children will receive first priority when the vaccine becomes available. They will likely have the option of receiving 2 doses of the swine flu shot, the second administered about 3 weeks after the first to raise sufficient antibodies to fight off an infection.

The not so good news? Vaccine companies have found that they can grow only about one third as much swine flu as they can seasonal flu using the technology at hand. This means that swine flu vaccine will be in short supply for 2009, so the only people who will be able to get their hands on it will be those for whom swine flu represents a higher risk of serious complications.

Unless you are diabetic, suffer from high blood pressure, a heart condition, asthma, or another type of respiratory problem, you may have to forgo protection from a swine flu shot until some time in 2010.

To find out more about this issue, I strongly recommend getting a copy of the definitive title on this subject: "Survive Pandemic Flu: Understand and Protect Against Novel Strains Of Influenza". You can find out more about the book on this page:

Unless you feel convinced that you are immune to swine flu, this is one book you will want to have read by the time the virus appears at your front door.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Bodyweight Exercise is King!

by Virgil Aponte
No Gym Necessary (NGN)

I started bodyweight exercises when I was about 12 years old because I felt the need to get stronger for football. Earlier in the day I took a hit from another player that sent me crashing into a car! I was embarrassed, hurt and just knew that I had to get stronger if I wanted to excel at football or any other sport for that matter.

I originally thought that I needed to lift weights but I didn't have any money to buy any so instead I decided to start doing all types of bodyweight calisthenics I could think of. And I would do this every night for months. Although I didn't gain much weight (I was just naturally lean) I did get much stronger and faster.

I remember being able to bang out 70 pushups, 20 pullups (I saved up 20 bucs to buy a pullup bar), 100 situps, 100 legs raises and 100 squats.  It was back then that I fell in love with exercise because I got a chance to see what it could do. The next thing I did was join a gym around the age of 16 and while I did get stronger I did start to experience a lot of injuries (due to overtraining & improper form)

And that brings me to my #1 reason bodyweight training is best...

#1 Reason

Bodyweight training is safer that weight training exercises as well as machine training. The reason for this is that most bodyweight exercises are designed from what your body is already meant to do and natural. We are all meant to push, pull, squat, lunge, rotate or a combination of these. This is inherently safe for the body and where most  people should focus. Even experienced weight lifters can benefit a great deal from bodyweight training...

#2 Reason
The number 2 reason is that bodyweight exercises can do done most anyplace with the exception of pullups (you something to pull) I love to train out doors at playgrounds and love to use hills and stairs.

At the playgrounds you'll have no problem finding something to pull which I always like and with the hills & stairs you can throw in most bodyweight exercises except pullups. Although bodyweight training guru Rick Seedman always seems to find something to pull off like a fire escape ladder or something. Yup he's a bit wild and takes what ever urban life offers him. Check out his web site at:

#3 Reason
And my #3 reason why bodyweight is king is the tremendous variation you will have with bodyweight training.

Just take the squat for example:
Squat with heels flat
Squat with heels off the ground
One legged squat
Squat Jumps
Squat Jumps onto a bench
Squats with rotation
Squats with hands behind the head
And the list goes on and on

In truth there are many other reason why bodyweight training is king but I just wanted to share a few with you. My NGN program uses a series of bodyweight exercises called Get Fit Anywhere along with my NGN Training Secrets Go there now to take advantage of them!

Learn everything about NGN by ordering below!
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As Always
Best In Strength & Health
Virgil Aponte
No Gym Necessary

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Will You Be Denied The H1N1 Flu Shot?

Nobody enjoys going to get a flu shot, but we do expect that if we want one, getting in line for it should simply be a matter of showing up for the event. But what if that was not the case? What if you discovered that you were actually turned away from an inoculation center because you did not fit a predefined "profile" for who is eligible to receive a shot?

Ironically, in a year in which a pandemic strain is circling the globe, this is a very real possibility. Right now it looks as though swine flu vaccines will be in short supply until sometime in 2010. That means not everyone can be vaccinated against the new pandemic virus.

Right now this is not a huge concern, because the virus has not been the cause of a huge number of deaths. In fact, it has so far caused no more misery than the seasonal flu, which claims up to a half million lives across the globe every year. But that could change quickly, and if the new swine flu strain suddenly proves to be significantly more lethal than it has been, people will want to be vaccinated, and finding themselves denied the shot could be very worrisome.

So who *will* be allowed to get the shot when it first becomes available? First responders to emergencies need to remain healthy, as do doctors and other health workers who will take care of the sick. Members of the military are also likely to go into the line, as are children, who have shown a higher tendency to fall sick, pregnant women, and anyone with cardiac problems, high blood pressure, or other underlying health problems than can cause a lowered immune response.

If you are otherwise healthy, and you are an adult, then you will likely have to go to the back of the line and wait until early 2010 before you can be vaccinated. It is thought that the U.S. will get its hands on about 120 to 160 million doses of the new vaccine by later October, and depending on whether one or two shots are required to invoke an antibody response to the new swine flu, about one fifth, to one third of the population of the United States could be vaccinated during the first round.

But if you are NOT one of the lucky first to be vaccinated, and the virus does turn significantly worse, all is not lost. There are still antiviral drugs that can be administered to break an infection that has got started in your body. To learn more about your options I recommend that you check out Survive Pandemic Flu, which was written in response to the emergence of the new pandemic. It goes into great detail about pandemic influenza, and what you can do to protect both yourself and your family from the threat.

You can find out more about the book and the vaccine situation here!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Here Is Why I Changed My Mind About Swine Flu

I suspect that for most people their concern about swine flu peaked the day that the World Health Organization raised their warning level all the way up to level 6 and declared that they were at "full pandemic status". Since then the world has not melted or anything, so we have all gone back to business as usual. I know that I have, and I think most people have taken the view that this thing is pretty much yesterday's story and that swine flu is about as harmful as a drink of water.

And you know what? So far, it looks as if that's about right (yes, some people have died of swine flu complications, but a lot less than were initially expected). I have to admit that I was starting to feel the same way, but I have just finished reading a book called "Survive Pandemic Flu - Understand and Protect Against Novel Strains Of Influenza", and what I found out is that looks can be deceiving when it comes to strains of flu. The author points out that the last time we saw a flu strain like this novel H1N1 strain begin spreading around the world, it ended with the deaths of about 100 million people.

It did not happen that long ago either. It was 1918, less than a century ago. An H1N1 strain came out of nowhere at about the same time of the year, spring time, and then vanished a month or two later without causing much of a problem. But then it came back in the fall.

This time it was completely changed, and that dopey virus that caused little loss of sleep in the early part of the year was suddenly dropping people in their tracks. Those that turned blue did not last very long, and in most cities around the world they quickly ran out of coffins and had to stack corpses in makeshift piles and bury them in mass graves.

Well, I could go on about the obvious parallels between the strain that emerged in 1918 and the one we are dealing with in 2009. But really, I would only be scratching the surface of a very involved story that actually goes back to Abraham Lincoln and something he did during the Civil War. Something which guaranteed that even if nature acting on its own does not come up with a twin version of that 1918 strain, we may yet get to experience it again anyway.

That was just one of the surprising things I discovered in Survive Pandemic Flu, and I can guarantee you that those "idiot" WHO officials that we all laughed at earlier when they raised the alarm and then nothing bad seemed to happen, well, they aren't quite the idiots we made them out to be. Not by a long shot.

Trust me, if you think all those swine flu warnings were hype and that our troubles are now behind us, then you are going to be one of the 99 percent of the population that gets caught with its pants down when the nasty hits the fan. No one knows whether it will be this year, the next, or five years from now. But if you would rather be among the one percent whose family isn't taken by surprise, get a hold of this book. Heck, for the cost of cheap family meal you get an education that might just save the life of a family member one day.

So drop what you are doing, and check out Survive Pandemic Flu right now so that you can get prepared well ahead of time. I know that my family is going to be a lot better off for me having learned what is in this book, and what I can do to make sure they are protected as much as possible against any pandemic threat - no matter when it makes its appearance.

Usually when someone tells you that some book they are recommending may be the most important one you will read this year, you already KNOW that it is a line. But in this case, that's just not true. At any rate, you can decide for yourself when you go check it out. You can thank me later for pointing you in the right direction.

At the very least, grab the introductory chapters of the book. If you read those and you still think you and your family have nothing to fear from the next pandemic you will at least know where to find the information later if you discover you were wrong.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Swine flu could kill hundreds of thousands in U.S. if vaccine fails, CDC says --

Swine flu could kill hundreds of thousands in U.S. if vaccine fails, CDC says --

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4 Mental Tricks To Increase Your Bench Press By 20%!

By The Muscle Nerd, Jeff Anderson

Been stuck at 185 on your bench press for what seems like DECADES and looking to FINALLY crack 200?

Well, no promises...

...but these 4 powerful little mental "tricks" COULD help you add an IMMEDIATE 20% more to your bench press and break a new personal record!

BENCH PRESS POWER TIP #1: Focus on your BODY...not the BAR!

When you're benching, try to actually push your BODY away from the bar...NOT the bar away from your body.

This trick works for the same reason when doing pullups, you focus on pulling your elbows down.

Your brain sees the bar as an inanimate object OUTSIDE of your control and it understands that the bar may "win".

But your brain sees your BODY as an "ally" and "WITHIN your control"...

...and is much more CONFIDENT in your strength when focusing on moving your BODY.

BENCH PRESS POWER TIP #2:  "Pull" The Bar Apart!

As you're lifting the bar, try "pulling" it apart as if your hands were moving away from each other.

Your hands don't actually just want to grip hard and imagine "stretching" the bar longer.

This calls into play more "stabilizer muscles" to give you extra power in your upward movement.

BENCH PRESS POWER TIP #3:  Visualize The Bar Going UP!

Do you know this "spotter" trick?

Whenever you're spotting someone on the bench press and they've hit a sticking point, most of the time all you have to do is place 2 FINGERS under the bar and it MAGICALLY seems to raise again. DON'T have the world's strongest fingers!

It's simply a total mental "mind f'er" where the lifter "thinks" he's getting help with the rep...but is actually doing it all on his own.

You can do this by yourself (or with a partner) just by VISUALIZING the bar constantly moving upwards.

When you reach that sticking point, play a mental movie in your mind and vividly SEE the bar raising.

Your body will "believe" what you see and respond by making your "movie" a REALITY!

BENCH PRESS POWER TIP #4:  Look To Your Dominant Hand!

Another "sticking point" destroyer...

Once you reach the point where the bar stops its ascent and you think you've been defeated, look (WITHOUT turning your head) toward your dominant hand (the one you write with).

This is yet another mental "trigger" for your brain to associate strength and power with what it perceives as your strongest assets in your "bench press battle".

Well, there you go!

Bring your brain to your next chest workout and load up a few extra plates because you're guaranteed t leave your wimpy old record in the dust once you try these easy tips!


For more chest training tips and information, visit Underground Chest Training today!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Research on S-E-X, TEST0STER0NE...and MUSCLE!

Ok, here's the question...

"Does $-ex actually LOWER test0ster0ne...and your ability to build muscle?"

We all know that raising your "T" levels can DRAMATICALLY increase your libido as well as pack on layers of thick new muscle, right?

So is your "love life" holding you back from some KILLER gains in the gym?

I mean, what about the "old school" BOXING rule of not having $-ex the night before your fight?

Was it because it took the "lion" out of the fighter?  Made him WEAKER?

Actually, this was a question that bodybuilding expert and "hormone enthusiast", Jeff Anderson took head on.

And he's the PERFECT guy for the job!

After all, Jeff's best selling program "Optimum Anabolics" IS focused primarily on naturally increasing your body's levels of Gr0wth H0rm0ne and test0ster0ne (by as much as 1,000%!)


But it wasn't EASY finding an answer!


After tracking down several endocrinologists and urologists, all of them just shrugged their shoulders and told Jeff they "didn't know the answer".


You'd think guys who are supposed to be experts in healing E.D. and low "T" levels would have at least a CLUE about this, right?

So Jeff dug deeper...

He called up a friend of his who is a a world-renowned researcher in hormone replacement therapy and after a long discussion, they came up with the DIFINITIVE answer...

YES!  sex CAN reduce your "T" levels AND your muscle gains!

I'll explain WHY in a second, but...


Here's what's MOST important...


I'm ALSO going to give you Jeff's SECRET to not giving up your love life in order to have MORE MUSCLE!

Ok, follow along...

Test0sterone is a VERY important hormone for gaining muscle. 

You knew that, right?

Well in order for your body to optimize output, you MUST have enough of the mineral ZINC in your body.

Zinc is an essential nutrient for your internal "T-Factory" and your body uses it up very rapidly but doesn't store very much in reserve.

Therefore, zinc must be replenished DAILY, but...

...our diets these days are naturally DEVOID of zinc due to our poor choices AND the degradation of our food supply from poor farming methods (don't get me started!).


But here's the kicker...


We men also lose zinc during $-EX!

We lose up to 1mg of zinc for each "happy ending" we have...and even MORE while sweating (so sweaty $-ex is basically a "zinc SLAYER"! ;-)

Ok, so if you've been following along...

Sweaty $-ex = Zinc Deficiency = Low Testosterone Levels = Less Muscle

Ok, now the solution (and NO...the answer is NOT to stop having sweaty $-ex! ;-)

First, testosterone is a "supply and demand" hormone so you'd damn well better be using a program that triggers natural "T" release.

Actually, this is the entire basis of Jeff's "Optimum Anabolics" program because he reveals a unique method for naturally increasing test0ster0ne and gr0wth horm0ne through what he calls "h0rm0ne triggering".


You can check out Jeff's best selling "Optimum Anabolics" at: <= Click To Become A "T-Machine"


Bottom line, you MUST be providing your body with the "need" for more "T".

That's what Jeff's program was SPECIFICALLY designed to do with his breakthrough "triggering" technique.

Fortunately, having more $-ex ALSO creates a "need" for more "T" so it's just a matter of SUPPORTING your own natural production and Jeff covers this in detail in his book.

(BTW...feel free to use this excuse with your partner if things have been a bit "slow" lately - "Really honey!  It's for my health!)

Next, make sure you're supplementing with about 15-25mg each day of zinc picolinate.

It's best to take it at night on an empty stomach, right before you go to bed.

This will make sure you have adequate levels of the "raw nutrient" to optimize natural test0ster0ne production...

...and of course, BUILD MORE MUSCLE!

Arthur M.


P.S. - As you can tell, I'm a fan of Jeff's Optimum Anabolics program. ;-)

The before & after's on his website PROVE that NATURALLY increasing "T" using his method WORKS...BIG TIME!

Go see for yourself at: <= Click To Become A "T-Machine"

Fitness Tracking System (Video)

Visit Global Health and Fitness to learn more!

SANDBAG Power Cleans!

My favorite sandbag exercise is bar none, the Sandbag Power Clean.

Nothing like gripping and ripping into a sandbag to develop nasty hand and grip strength and full body power.

Squat over your sandbag and assume the bottom position of the squat:

flat back
chest high

Grab the sandbag and rip it straight up. You want to try to get the bag air born. Catch with your arms under the bag and make sure you stand straight up.

Squat the bag down rather than dropping it. This saves wear and tear on the bag and gives extra work to your lower body.

Try hitting the sandbag power clean for 5 x 5 reps first in your workouts.

Don’t fear the heavy bags. It’s the wrestling of the bag that really tests your physical and mental drive.

See the video below….

You don’t have to dip under the bag as David Ellis does in this video. You can try to pull the bag faster to get it higher.

Kill it!


For the ultimate collection of Underground Sandbag Training go to

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Build muscle & burn fat...WITHOUT PROTEIN?

Ok, fair warning...

This is going to sound completely INSANE (but I can PROVE this is true)!

What if all those articles you've read about "how much protein you need" to build muscle were 95% FALSE?

What if I told you that your body can actually GREATLY increase its muscle-building and fat-burning ( the SAME TIME!) even in the ABSENCE of protein?

Would you believe me?

Well, it turns out that there's a "long lost" 24 year old research study that actually showed that for *short cycles*, limiting the amount of protein you consume can actually SKYROCKET your body's natural "anabolic hormone" production.

(We're talking about your "natural juices" like TEST0STER0NE and GR0WTH H0RM0NE that are powerful muscle-activators and fat-melters.)

How much of an increase?

How does 1,000% over average levels sound? 

(No...that's NOT a typo! Up to ONE THOUSAND PERCENT!)

And get this...there were no side effects and it was accomplished WITHOUT steroids, or even supplements!

In fact, the secret lies in a hidden natural "trigger" that's lying in your body RIGHT NOW, just WAITING for you to "pull it" and safely unleash a flood anabolic h0rm0nes that you can literally FEEL coursing through your veins!

Got your attention now?


Here's how it works...

The process is called "Natural Hormone Triggering".

At precise stages of your weight training program, you initiate a cycle of PROTEIN DEPRIVATION where you consume only a minimal amount of protein.

Now of course you would think that by not taking in any protein, your body wouldn't have the ability to actually grow any muscle, right?


You see, through simultaneous manipulation of 8 specific "Anabolic Factors", your muscles, not finding the protein "building blocks" it needs to build new tissue, will send a call to your pituitary gland.

As a result, testosterone, IGF-1, and growth hormone production will skyrocket...shooting your muscle gains through the roof...

...while simultaneously blowtorching away body fat!

(I warned you this was going to be controversial...didn't I?!)

But there's a problem here...

Unfortunately, you can't just "stop taking protein" and expect your hormones to jump through the roof!

Instead, you must use a very specific cycle inserted at a very specific point in your program and only in a very specific combination with the "8 Anabolic Factors"!

=> If your cycle is too won't work!

=> If your cycle is too won't work!

=> Too little won't work!

=> Too much won't work!

=> If you ignore ANY of the other 8 Anabolic Factors...IT JUST WON'T WORK!

Want to learn how YOU can take advantage of this intense training method?

Well my friend, Jeff Anderson, has actually RE-RELEASED his groundbreaking manual (TODAY!) that walks you through the entire process STEP-BY-STEP.

His "Optimum Anabolics" program has been a best seller since 2002 when it was first released and it's even been used by PRO BODYBUILDERS as a "steroid-alternative"!

('s THAT powerful!)

Optimum Anabolics has now been revised in this special "2nd Edition" and includes the most cutting edge and up-to-date information to take your gains to the next level.

You can see all of the details AND some incredible "before & after" pictures of his test subjects at: <= Click To See "Optimum Anabolics"

But you have to HURRY!

(I know you've heard this before, but...)

Jeff is celebrating this week's re-launch with a special pricing deal AND bonus he said he's cooked up, but only for THIS WEEK.

So DON'T sit on this one!

Here's the link one more time where you can take advantage of this week's big release: <= Click To See "Optimum Anabolics"

Arthur M.

David Wolfe's Longevity Now Program is Back

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Muscles In Minutes, 15 Minute Bodyweight Workout Video

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Leg Exercises - Leave the Chicken Legs at Home and Walk Away with Legs that WOW

By Paul J.O'Brien

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. Med. M.T.C.M.C.I., M.C.Th.A.

Leg Exercises are crucial in developing a strong, lean, firm physique. Too often guys skip these in favour of concentrating on the upper body. Women skip them for fear they'll end up with chunky legs. That's all hog wash. You need to do leg exercises to gain muscle tissue be it mass or lean, and they are crucial in cutting weight and burning fat.

The reason for this has little to do with your muscles and more with your nerves. In order to stimulate the body into adapting and building lean muscle tissue you need to stress as much muscle as possible. The leg exercises below are designed specifically to stimulate the body into just that.

If you'd like step by step photos and comprehensive instruction check out 7 Seconds to Build A Perfect Body!, my 7 week course using the Scientifically Proven Method for Transforming Your Body in Just Seconds! Over 250 pages and filled with more than 100 photos it will transform your body from your face down to your toes, sculpting your physique and letting you develop astonishing strength with just seconds of exercise.

Without doubt the leg exercises below are among the best of the best and will stimulate tone and strengthen your whole lower body. It's one of my secrets to quick body transformation. Treasure it and apply it. Let's get to it.

The Bodyweight Squat
1. Start by placing feet shoulder width apart and holding your arms out in front of you.
2. Proceed to squat down like you are going to sit in a chair.
3. Your upper body will lean forward slightly and your hips will shift backwards while going down.
4. Remember to keep your knees from going out in front of your toes while squatting.
5. Repeat according to your required repetitions. If you want to make the exercise more challenging hold your arms at your sides or behind your head.

The Dumbbell Squat
1. Position the dumbbell on side of your body
2. Start by placing feet shoulder width apart and holding your arms out in front of you.
3. Proceed to squat down like you are going to sit in a chair.
4. Your upper body will lean forward slightly and your hips will shift backwards while going down.
5. Remember to keep your knees from going out in front of your toes while squatting.
6. Repeat according to your required repetitions. If you want to make the exercise more challenging hold your arms at your sides or behind your head.

Leg Press
1. Position yourself in the machine with your shoulders and back flat against the pad. Place your feet closer than shoulder width apart on the platform.
2. Start with your knees bent to a 90 degree angle.
3. Exhale, bearing the weight on the heels of your feet while straightening your legs. Inhale; slowly return your leg to the starting position.
4. Repeat as required.

Leg Curl
1. Position yourself with your back on the floor. Place your hands at your sides with the palms down on the floor.
2. Pace the heel of one foot on top of a Stability Ball
3. The other leg should be held in the air above ball. Raise your hips off the floor by pushing your heel down into ball.
4. Curl the ball towards the glutes by flexing at the knee.
5. Your hips should remain off floor.
6. Return to start position.
7. Remember to maintain stability of ball by utilizing muscles in the trunk and core.
8. To increase difficulty, raise hands up over chest.

There you have it, some of the best leg exercises you can do. Have fun, work hard and enjoy showing off pins that will get wolf whistles and legs a Greek God would be proud of.

I hope you enjoyed these legendary leg exercises. The secret to making these incredibly effective is to apply isometrics, which I go into in more detail in 7 Seconds to Build A Perfect Body, but what you have in this article alone is more effective then the majority of fitness programs and gimmick products out there designed to firm up trouble areas like the thighs and buns, trust me, all you need is you to get in the best shape of your life.

All the best,

Paul J.O'Brien

B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. Med. M.T.C.M.C.I., M.C.Th.A.

About the Author: Paul J.O'Brien is an international recognized expert in Isometric Training and physical performance, a certified personal trainer, licensed acupuncturist and western clinical medic and writer. Paul is the author of "7 Seconds to A Perfect Body,” which teaches you how to develop a lean muscular physique without drugs, supplements or equipment using secrets of the forgotten founders of fitness. Learn how to get rid of stubborn fat, increase your lean muscle tissue, sculpt your physique and skyrocket your strength by visiting:

Monday, August 10, 2009

BOSU Ball Workout Program

It might be one of the strangest pieces of fitness equipment, but you can get a good workout using it. The BOSU ball total body workout offers your body a challenge. Continue to read this article to start learning more about this workout.

The BOSU ball is a balance trainer. It looks like half of an exercise ball in a frame but it is actually quite effective. Have you ever tried to stand on an exercise ball? This is what it’s like to stand on a BOSU and balance.

Exercising on a BOSU ball works the entire lower half of the body as well as the biceps, triceps, chest, and abs. Those areas amount to all the major muscle groups in your body. Begin the experience with a warm up and a stretch. BOSU workouts are harder than they look so take it easy.

Cardiovascular exercises can be done on the BOSU ball. Find your balance in the center of the ball. Then, jump up and down, maintaining your balance each time you land. You can also jump on and off the ball.

Now that your heart rate is up, you can switch to weight work using the ball. Triceps dips can be performed on the ball side while pushups are usually done on the flat side of the BOSU. Holding the sides of the bottom, you have to balance your body in order to perform the exercise. Starting with knees on the ground helps you find your center on the BOSU before performing straight leg pushups.

The lower body is challenged on the BOSU with exercises like lunges and squats. Squats can be done standing on the ball with or without weights. For lunges, you can lunge onto the ball or perform reverse lunges from the ball to the floor. With each exercise, the abs stay tight for posture and to keep you from falling off the ball.

Just like with an exercise ball, abs exercises can be performed on the BOSU. Sitting below the top of the ball, you can perform upper body crunches. Sitting on the top of the ball is better for V sit ups when you bring your knees up into your chest to work the lower abs and while doing your upper body crunches also.

In class or using a DVD, a variety of cardio routines can be implemented with the BOSU trainer. It provides a good workout for the entire body, especially the abs since they work overtime to just to keep you balanced.