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Top 4 High Protein Muscle Building Foods (Article)

By Vince Del Monte, Author - No Nonsense Muscle Building & Your Six Pack Quest

Choosing the best high protein foods is a key principle of the bodybuilding lifestyle. Protein is responsible for muscle growth, repair, creation of hormones and forming neurotransmitters in the brain.

Your body craves the amino acids from protein after a hard work and your bodies growth is dependent on dedication to supplying your body with the right high protein foods before and after your workouts.

Pretty easy concept, right?

The trick for the bodybuilder is to ensure their diet comes from different forms of proteins because each form contains different amounts of amino acids, and some proteins lack amino acids that others make up for.

YOU ARE DIFFERENT: Your nutritional demands are completely different than a sedentary person who has no interest in six packs and big muscles and does not put a demand on their body with intense weight training.

This means the foods you eat must foster an anabolic environment your body needs to pack on the mass.  Most research agrees that you need to ingest about 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

I prefer to apply this formula to “lean body mass.”  So take the amount of lean body mass on your body, instead of overall weight, and multiply it by 1 to 1.5 and that is your protein intake for the day in grams.  Take that number and divide it by 5-6 meals.

So a 200 pound bodybuilder who is 15% fat will have 170 pounds of lean mass on his body.  This means he should consume 170-255 grams of protein per day or 30-40 grams of protein per meal.

NOTE: The right intensity and recovery protocols must be applied to your program to reap the benefits of the top high protein foods.  A high protein diet can not compensate for a lack of training intensity or overtraining.  The high protein foods only work if your workouts are high enough in intensity to challenge them to new growth.

The Top 4 High Protein Muscle Building Foods

1. Whole Eggs – Don’t Throw Out The Yolks

As far as protein is concerned, eggs are the kings. A whole egg has the biological value (BV) of 100 which measures the protein’s quality.  BV is based on how much of the protein consumed is actually absorbed and utilized in the body.  The higher the amount of protein (nitrogen) that is actually retained, the greater the BV. If a protein has a BV of 100, it means all the protein absorbed will be utilized and none has been lost.

Whole eggs score the highest of all foods with a BV of 100, while beans have a BV of only 49 an significant contrast.

Whole eggs are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids your body craves to decrease cholesterol levels, aid in joint inflammation, and increase hormone production.  Eggs are high in BCAA’s which aids in muscle growth.

Since the egg yolk is the source of fat and some of the essential amino acids, it’s necessary to include yolk in whole egg/egg white mix to achieve the optimal ratio of nutrition. A whole egg has about 7 grams of protein with 3.5 grams from the yolk and 3.5 grams from the white. The yolk has about 3.5 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat.

I have found that adding 1 yolk with every four whites (one whole egg and three extra egg whites if you’re making a custom order at a restaurant) delivers 17.5 grams of protein and 4 to 5 grams of fat.

So a carton of a dozen eggs, which would cost about three-four dollars, you will have three whole eggs and nine additional egg whites. This will deliver approximately 52.5 grams of protein and 15 grams of fat.

A 300 gram protein diet from eggs would cost you about twenty dollars a day.  I prefer to use liquid egg whites, blended with a whole egg, instead of wasting the yolk from a carton of eggs.


2. Chicken Breast: The Bodybuilders “Go-To” Choice!

Why is chicken breast so popular for bodybuilders? It’s probably linked to the fact that it has an extremely high protein to fat ratio. It’s virtually non-exisitent of saturated fat and low in overall fat, making it a heart-healthy choice.

This is why bodybuilders feel safe in consuming it up to three-to-six times a day and for twelve-to-sixteen weeks at at time.  Chicken has a BV of 76 making it a great choice for a high-protein food.  The low-fat content makes is a very versatile food since it leaves room for the addition of good sources of fat like olive oil or avocado to your salad and vegetables so you don’t have to eat the chicken breast alone.

A typical 6 oz chicken breast is approximately 200 calories and 40 grams of protein and 2 grams of fat. A 6 oz chicken breast normally runs three-to-four dollars so it’s not as superior in cost and quality to whole eggs but pretty darn close.


3. Fish: A Great Catch

Tuna is probably the most popular muscle-building food amongst bodybuilders. The most redeeming quality is it’s non-existent fat content.  Tuna is the best protein-to-fat ratio of all whole food proteins. It has a high concentration of BCAAs, so it made the list pretty easily.

Like red meat, tuna has a high amount of creatine in it, which is a nice bonus from a protein source. Tuna is not the only acceptable form of fish, salmon is exceptionally high in omega-3 fatty acids (good fats) and solid source of complete protein high in essential amino acids.

If you’re in a restaurant, look for the white fish options such as haddock, founder, shark, swordfish, and mahi-mahi.  Each of these are lean choices that dominate the protein to fat ratio.

All proteins take some time to digest and fish is no exception.  Consume with veggies and olive oil to help undergo digestion to in order to push the amino acids into the bloodstream. Fish is a slow-release protein but far faster releasing than protein sources like red meat.

A typical serving size of 6 oz of tuna will consume 200 calories will the same 6 oz of salmon will reach 300 calories.  The tuna brags as high as 45 grams of protein per serving while salmon boasts 35 grams of protein in the same serving size.  Salmon will will have almost 15-20 grams of fat, only 4 grams from saturated fat, which is why bodybuilder rely on salmon more in the off season than contest phase where calories and fat is reduced.

My favourite part about tuna is the cost: cheaper cans of tuna can yield up to 60 grams of protein for a can that is only one-to-dollars a can!  Consume tuna in moderation and no more than one can a day to minimize the mercury levels.  Again, everything in moderation.


4. Beef: The Big Mass Growing Protein

If the plan is to pack on serious size, you know this is a reliable standby and most-used weapon. Why is beef so powerful for building muscle?

Aside from beef being the best tasting option of all the high protein foods, beef is linked to being abundant in creatine and L-carnitine, which have both been shown to boost cardiovascular health and aid in muscle growth. It contains lots of zinc, vitamin B12, and phosphorus.

The BV of beef is 76, same as chicken, and contains a good amount of BCAAs.  The only downfall of beef is that is very high in saturated fat (hence why it tastes so good), and cholesterol, two things that will definitely hurt your cardiovascular health.

The key is to eat beef in moderation and choose the leanest cuts such as top round and flank steak which provides all the benefits with the least amount of saturated fat.

Steak is a delicacy to me and I prefer to have it cooked properly and with the highest quality beef, which is why I rarely cook it in my house.  My typical dinner out will be a steak at a nice restaurant so I reserve the majority of my beef consumption on date nights and social nights with friends. Yes, you pay much more in a restaurant, which is why I include steak on a treat night where I can accompany it with a glass of red wine and dessert!


That’s a nice cut of flank steak, add some mustard or horseradish and you’re good to go.


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Are you satisfied with your current physique?

I mean, are you happy with the way you look and feel? What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Do you see a muscular, lean and ripped head-turning body? A guy with all the confidence in the world... the guy that women want to be with and other guys want to be?

The reason why I'm asking you this is because a few days ago, I got an email from champion natural bodybuilder and fitness author, Adi Crnalic.

At one point not too long ago, he wasn't happy with his body. In fact, he was sick and tired of being the weak and skinny guy who bullies loved walk all over. He was a skinny "pencil neck" who tried everything in order to build muscle.

And his story really inspired me.

I was shocked when I found out the ridiculously SIMPLE way he got to where he is now.

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The TOP carbs & proteins for lean muscle gains

Did you see episode #2 of the Live Large TV show yet?

In this episode muscle building expert, Vince Del Monte reveals the #1 exercise you MUST perform before every leg workout; the top muscle-building carbs & proteins;
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Biologically Superior Muscles with Greater Mitochondrial Density

by Elliott Hulse of Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded 

Our bodies are made up of different types of muscle fibers. Type I fibers are known as ‘slow twitch’ fibers and have a high resistance to fatigue while Type II fibers are known as ‘fast twitch’ fibers and have a low resistance to fatigue.

Slow twitch fibers support aerobic activities while fast twitch fibers are built for weightlifting and other activities that require short bursts of energy.

Guys who are built with lots of Type I muscle fibers make great marathon runners but terrible weightlifters.

Likewise, guys who are mostly made up of Type II fibers are ideally built to lift weights but poorly suited for long-term aerobic activities such as long distance running.

However, by applying certain scientific principles, it is possible to create hybrid super muscles that have the best characteristics of both Type I and Type II muscle fibers.

To create these ‘hybrid super muscles’ we are reconfiguring Type I and Type II muscle fibers into a new variety of muscle fiber (Type III) that has endurance, strength and greater mitochondrial density. The greater the mitochondrial density, the more energy we have available for our muscles.

Mitochondria are essentially the muscle cells’ powerhouses, taking nutrients, breaking them down and producing energy for the muscle cells. The form of energy used to power our cells is known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

When you increase the mitochondrial density of muscle fibers, you boost mitochondrial capacity to burn fat for conversion into ATP. This enhanced utilization of fat for energy brings about a process known as ‘muscle shifting,’ which results in stronger muscles, increased lean muscle mass and a decrease in body fat.

Also, as part of the muscle shifting process, a key function of greater mitochondrial density is to increase the capacity of the Type II muscle fibers to resist fatigue, thereby pushing them towards conversion to hybrid super muscles.

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Building lean, dense "hybrid muscle" requires a you use a powerful yet simple two step method that also forces your hormones and metabolism to burn more fat and build more muscle faster than anyone you know.

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Revealed: The REAL reason you have neck pain

It's funny how everything in your body is connected like a single... tightly wrapped piece of fiber.

When one area hurts, it reduces the function of another. If one organ isn't functioning properly... you feel it throughout your entire body.

And if one of your muscles is in agony – it strips the focus straight out of you and makes it nearly impossible to have a good workout!

This is something a buddy of mine was complaining to me about the other day.

His neck had been bothering him for a few days and it was killing his workouts. Then he started popping pain pills and then his stomach started bothering him.

He asked me for some help...

… and here's the website I sent him to

This letter was written by Jesse Cannone and Dr. Brian Paris. Jesse is one the worlds leading experts on back and neck pain... and Dr. Paris is a chiropractor specializing in neck pain and all-natural, drug-free solutions to fixing neck pain.

I sent it to him, and he LOVED it.

What I think you'll find most interesting is the part about WHY you have neck pain.

Trust me – it's not what you think.

I've always thought my neck hurt because of injuries, herniated discs, strains... and things like that.

… but I was wrong.

If you've ever suffered from chronic, makes-you-massage-your-own-neck pain like I have... you'll find it interesting as well. It's filled with great content and will make you think twice about ever going to the doctor again – I can tell you that much!

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Arthur M.

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The BEST morning ritual to build muscle

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Fasting For Anabolic Fat Loss

by Elliott Hulse of Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded

We’ve pointed out that hormones are the ‘traffic cops’ that direct the activities and responses that manage the body’s metabolic systems. We can have an impact on the way that hormones manage traffic in our body by manipulating factors such as diet, activity levels, weight training, sleeping, resting, managing stress levels and others.

Influencing the hormonal traffic cops provides a measure of control over the operation of our metabolic systems. One particularly strong influence we can have is on how our hormonal traffic cops partition the energy our bodies use.

When it comes to energy storage and usage, the body uses the same banks—fat, glycogen, muscle tissue or proteins—to deposit or withdraw energy. The process of managing where energy is deposited or withdrawn from is known as energy partitioning.

Diet has an especially strong impact on the way our metabolic systems partition energy. Interestingly, evidence indicates that brief, strategic periods of under eating can manipulate the hormonal traffic cops to tell the body to partition energy to allow for the simultaneous building of muscle and burning fat.

This is made possible in part because these controlled periods of under eating trigger the release of Growth Hormone.

One of the key functions of Growth Hormone is to maintain growth and lean body mass during short periods of time when we don’t have access to food. This occurs because Growth Hormone mobilizes fat fuel energy to be redirected (partitioned) to protein synthesis (muscle growth).

Our bodies are not designed to maintain muscle mass during extended periods of under eating—these situations trigger a survival response where the body is going to use anything and everything—including muscle—for fuel. But they are however, optimally designed to manage short, controlled periods of under eating, allowing us to convert excess body fat into lean muscle mass.

"Intermittent Fasting" is probably one of the fastest ways to burn fat, build lean muscle and even reverse the aging process due to the increase of HGH. A system that includes proper nutrition rotation and "hybrid muscle training" in conjunction with fasting would be, by far, the best advance in the world of strength and fitness training.

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My neck is killing me…

It's funny how everything in your body is connected like a single... tightly wrapped piece of rope.

When one area hurts, it reduces the function of another. If one organ isn't functioning properly... you feel it throughout your entire body.

And if the nutrients going in your body aren't reducing inflammation – they're CAUSING inflammation... which as you know is the single worst enemy for your body.

This is something a friend of mine learned the hard way recently...

Her neck had been bothering her for a few days and she couldn't figure out why. She was active and she never injured it – so why would she be having pain?

She asked me for some help, and I gave her 3 very important tips of advice that will be helpful for you if you've ever experienced “mystery neck pain” (or pain anywhere else) like she was...

Tip #1 – You Must EAT Foods That Reduce Inflammation – Leafy vegetables... berries and fruits... omega 3 fatty acids (from nuts, olive oil, fish, etc.)... these are all things you SHOULD be eating as they act as natural anti-inflammatories in your body.

Tip #2 – You Must AVOID Foods That Increase Inflammation – Sugars...pastries... soft drinks... cereals... all of these foods must be avoided at all costs to avoid the inflammation which puts you in pain(and larger sized jeans).

Tip #3 – Correct Your Muscle Imbalances – Very few people are aware that if you experience pain in your joints, ligaments and muscles... it can be directly attributed to muscle imbalances in the surrounding muscles.

When I told my friend this fact, I saw the lightbulb click on in her head. She said she was eating anti-inflammatory foods... and avoiding foods that cause inflammation... so that must be it!

After hearing this, I immediately called up my friend Dr. Brian Paris, who is a renowned Chiropractor.

He told me he'd recently put together a comprehensive guide to getting rid of neck pain once and for all without pain pills... surgery... or even having to go to a chiropractor.

(He created it because his techniques became so popular he couldn't fit anymore patients into his schedule)

Anyway... I sent my friend to this letter written by Dr. Paris and my other friend Jesse Cannone (an internationally known back and neck pain expert) and she LOVED IT.

Check it out here

What I think you'll find most interesting is the part about WHY you have neck pain.

Trust me – it's not what you think.

Getting rid of inflammation is just part of the battle. Plus, injuries... herniated/bulging discs and strains aren't the true cause of your pain either it turns out.

The true answer to your pain lies here!

If you've ever suffered from chronic, makes-you-massage-your-own-neck pain like I have... you'll find it interesting as well. It's filled with great content and will make you think twice about ever going to the doctor again – I can tell you that much!

Arthur M.

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Partitioning Helps You Build Muscle & Burn Fat At The Same Time

by Mike Westerdal of Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded

Hormones are the ‘traffic cops’ that direct the activities and responses that manage the body’s metabolic systems. We can have an impact on the way that hormones manage traffic in our body by manipulating factors such as diet, activity levels, weight training, sleeping, resting, managing stress levels and others.

Influencing the hormonal traffic cops provides a measure of control over the operation of our metabolic systems. One particularly strong influence we can have is on how our hormonal traffic cops partition the energy our bodies use.

When it comes to energy storage and usage, the body uses the same banks—fat, glycogen, muscle tissue or proteins—to deposit or withdraw energy. The process of managing where energy is deposited or withdrawn from is known as energy partitioning.

Diet has an especially strong impact on the way our metabolic systems partition energy. Interestingly, evidence indicates that brief, strategic periods of under eating can manipulate the hormonal traffic cops to tell the body to partition energy to allow for the simultaneous building of muscle and burning fat.

This is made possible in part because these controlled periods of under eating trigger the release of Growth Hormone.

One of the key functions of Growth Hormone is to maintain growth and lean body mass during short periods of time when we don’t have access to food. This occurs because Growth Hormone mobilizes fat fuel energy to be redirected (partitioned) to protein synthesis (muscle growth).

Our bodies are not designed to maintain muscle mass during extended periods of under eating—these situations trigger a survival response where the body is going to use anything and everything—including muscle—for fuel. But they are however, optimally designed to manage short, controlled periods of under eating, allowing us to convert excess body fat into lean muscle mass.

Imagine a training system and meal plan that was designed specifically for the maximum release of Growth Hormone for building lean muscle and burning fat... a system like this would not only build a stronger more athletic body, but may also reverse the aging process.

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Eat High Fat Meals to Promote Steroid Production

by Elliott Hulse of Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded

Fats have gotten a really bad rap over the past 15-20 years. It seems like the day after food manufacturers figured out how to make ‘low-fat’ and ‘fat-free’ foods, the press started publishing stories about the dangers of fats, how they were responsible for the obesity epidemic and how bad they are for the body.

But here we are 20 years later and Americans are fatter than ever before, despite all the low-fat and fat-free foods they’re eating. Seems like fats weren’t the culprit after all and in reality, it turns out that fats actually play an important role building bigger, stronger muscles.

You know that the body produces steroid hormones (e.g., testosterone) that drive muscle growth and strength gains. The metabolic processes that trigger the production of steroid hormones are driven in large part by the foods we eat. Well, researchers have found that maintaining a low-fat, low-calorie diets appears to suppress the body’s production of steroid hormones.

So cutting fats of your diet is not only a mostly ineffective strategy for getting lean, but it’s also got some unwanted side effects such as reduced muscle mass and strength caused by diminished production of steroid hormones. Fortunately, we have a lot more knowledge today than we did in years past.

And what we know today is that an occasional high fat meal is not just tasty and satisfying, but it promotes natural steroid production as well. Normally, when planning what foods to eat as part of your get lean/build muscle diet, you should choose healthy, unsaturated fats over saturated fats, which have a lower thermic effect and in general are less healthy.

However, to really stimulate the production of steroid hormones, it’s perfectly acceptable—and recommended—to occasionally eat high fat foods such as a good juicy burger without being concerned about unsaturated versus saturated fat content. Do this from time to time and you’ll find that it’s good for both the mind and the body.

Now that you know how I feel about Dietary Fats there should be no surprise that I have included three days in the Hybrid Diet where you eat high protein and high fat foods. If you’d like to learn more about this weird nutrition rotation plan for fat burning and muscle building be sure to CLICK HERE to read a very controversial follow up article I just published.

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Build Muscle & Burn Fat Faster Than Anyone You Know

Rotate Your Macro-Nutrients to Keep Your Body Guessing

by Elliott Hulse of Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded

Our incredible ability to adapt is one of the human body’s most amazing qualities. Adaptability has not only been a key to our continued survival for thousands of years but it is also a cornerstone of the body’s optimal state of functionality.

Our bodies get bored just like our minds do when faced with the same situations day in and day out. The mind doesn’t perform optimally when it’s bored and neither does the body. Actually, it’s just the opposite—our minds and our bodies function best when challenged and forced to adapt to new situations.

In fact, adaptation is the whole basis of muscle growth and strength gains. When you lift weights, you are stressing the muscle cells. In reaction to this stress, the body ‘improves’ the muscle—making it bigger and stronger—so the next time you perform that same movement or exercise, there will be less ‘stress’ on the muscle.

When it comes to nutrition, our bodies operate the same way. Our bodies obviously need energy to function—the energy we use is derived from the foods we eat. Maintaining the same nutritional strategy over and over for extended periods of time leads to diminishing returns because our bodies get accustomed to the same inputs every day.

Essentially, you hit a plateau, just like you eventually do when you don’t vary your weight training routine. But switch things up and all of sudden you see quick results—until the body gets used to that change. Then you need to switch to something else to get results again. Regular rotation of nutritional strategies keeps the body’s hormonal systems from getting accustomed to a particular diet or nutrition approach.

And since the hormonal systems are the body’s traffic cops, charged with managing metabolism, regularly switching things up optimizes fat loss, strength gains and increases in lean muscle mass.

Keeping your hormones off guard is important but so is keeping boredom at bay! There is a formula for WHEN to use WHAT type of meal plans to force your hormones to react..this system is highly effective, efficient and fun!

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Quick "supplement trick"

I'm sure you've heard how important "post-workout" protein is for jumpstarting the whole "recovery process" and begin building muscle, right?

And it's TRUE...but here's what kills me...

It's not like your triceps are just kicking back after your dumbbell kickbacks, waiting for you to end their abuse BEFORE they begin their recovery.

WHILE you workout, your body is ALREADY trying to manage the damage you're putting it through!

So why wait until the end of your workout to provide your muscles with the 'support' they need to grow?

Here's what to do...  

Add some "Branched Chain Amino Acid" (BCAA) powder to your workout drink!

BCAA's are basically "broken down protein" so it's safe and rapidly consumed by your starving muscles.

That means that by consuming them DURING your workout, you'll basically "SHOTGUN" the nutrients you need into your muscles at a time when they're screaming for help.

BCAA powder can be found in bulk powder form very inexpensively online.

The powder is relatively tasteless so you can even add it to plain water if you're brave or use a powdered drink mix.

Just add about 10 - 15 grams of BCAA powder to your workout drink and you'll see faster results!

This is actually just one of several "sneaky supplement tricks" that a friend of mine uses to master the use of supplements for more muscle and less fat.

His biggest secret?  

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Look, I know you've already heard me mention this process before but the reason is, it's truly a freakin' "no brainer".

I'm sure you're as sick as I was, paying outrageous prices for name brand supplements that you "hope" are working.

Why pay so much just in hopes that your supplements will perform like the ad said it would?

Do you REALLY trust the supplement companies?

So why not KNOW (without a doubt) that you're getting the results you're looking for and save up to 98% on your supplements?

And no...that's NOT a typo! You really can save up to 98%!

You don’t need to be a laboratory scientist to do’s actually amazingly simple if you know how!

Want to see just how simple it really is?

Here's a 4-step process you can use yourself to create your very own powerful supplement formulas...  <= Sneakiest Supplement Trick EVER!

Once you read this report, you’ll never look at supplements the same way again...

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3 Dangerous Foods Prohibited by The Asian Diet Revolution

In her ebook, “Asian Diet Revolution,” Dina Zain Smith has researched the Western diet and found 8 dangerous foods and food ingredients that are doing the most harm to our Western civilization. These are the key causes of the rampant obesity and chronic disease in the West. If you would like to know how the Asian Diet can help you avoid 3 of these metabolism killers and poison producers, please read on.

Asian Diet vs. Western diet – How Do We Know Which is Best?

All the facts are “in.” Well, maybe not all but there are enough for any rational person to make a wise decision. The Asian culture is one of the areas being studied by many prominent health researchers because of the fact that Asians experience far less chronic illness and obesity than the Western world.

The differences in diet are many but the main one is that the Asian Diet is mostly plant-based food. In contrast, the Western diet is mostly processed breads, red meats, and deep fried foods with a large supply of highly processed snacks that contain dangerous amounts of ingredients that are toxic to the body.

Top 3 Items to Avoid

Hydrogenated & Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils

Originally touted as “safer” that animal fat, vegetable oils were supposed to be healthier for us. But they are actually just cheaper to produce and keep longer. As with many insights shown in the “Asian Diet Revolution,” it pays to be suspicious of something that even the bacteria won’t eat! The truth is, the hydrogenation process breaks down the vegetable oil, strips out any nutrients useful to the body, and recombines it into damaged fats that are harmful to the human cell structure. Vegetable seeds are subjected to high temperature and pressure and then filtered through a catalyst such as nickel, palladium, rhodium, or platinum. The liquid oil is bleached and then subjected to a hydrogen bubble bath and then mixed with water, salt, coloring, flavoring, and emulsifiers (chemicals) to produce a product which is semi-solid at room temperature.

This stuff is basically trans fatty acids foreign to the body. Because your cells require fats to build the cell walls, the body is fooled into using these damaged fats to build new cell walls. The result is a cell which has difficulty passing nutrients and oxygen, as well as waste products. The damaged cell wall “starves” the cell! This is a major metabolism killer for your body and one of the major causes of obesity and disease. It is banned from store shelves in some states, but no controls are yet applied to fast food restaurants or any other restaurants. Read and ask!

Refined Vegetable Oils

As more data came in about hydrogenated oils, the major food industries decided to try changing the process and produce “healthy” oils. But again, the refining process used to create such “healthy” oils such as canola, rapeseed, soybean, corn, sunflower, safflower, or peanut oil still damaged these oils making them harmful to our body. In a process similar to the refining of crude oil, the vegetable oils are subjected to high pressures and high heat and then treated with the solvent Hexane! Now Hexane is known to produce headaches nausea, cramps, and muscular weakness in humans. What is worse is that caustic soda or soda ash is used to remove any free fatty acids and waxes.

The process basically damages the fats causing weak carbon bonds. This produces dangerous free radicals. Needless to say, we need to read our ingredients labels carefully when selecting foods which use refined vegetable oils and select Extra Virgin oils for your use.

Red Meat in Too Large of Quantity

The meat and dairy industry of the West is comprised of mega-corporations. They have been successful in becoming the behemoths they are due to their extravagant advertising campaigns and government lobbies. If you look at the “production line” process of a cow from birth to slaughter house and slaughter house to store display counter, you will see what I mean. Raised in tight quarters, fed artificial foods, pumped up with steroids to speed growth, as well as antibiotics due to the feces ingested by the animals in tight quarters, the USDA choice piece of meat you buy in the store is just not what nature has produced.

A 10 year study by the National Institutes of Health, sponsored by the AARP in 1995 collected 10 years of data. Controlled studies which ruled out other bad health habits as the cause of death found that those that ate 1/4 pound of red meat each day died sooner than those that ate white meat, fish, or chicken. The major cause of death was heart disease and cancer.

We all already know that red meat elevates the bad (HDL) cholesterol in our bodies and that eating too much red meat can have serious detrimental health risks. But what about all the other chemicals and foods used in the production of the modern steak or hamburger? Not to mention the dyes that make this meat appear yummier than it is in the display shelf.

The Asian Diet Revolution recommends only organic red meat be consumed about 4 times per month and the serving size should not exceed 3 ounces.

The Asian Diet Revolution – Knowledge is Power

The ebook “Asian Diet Revolution” gives us all the information we need to know the dangers of all 8 of the most dangerous foods and food ingredients we need to avoid if we want to live long, healthy lives and be free from the health issues caused by being overweight. To learn about all 8 of these food dangers and also see how the Asian Diet can feed your body into a slender, sexy, vibrant machine; go now to and get your copy today. You will lose weight, never be hungry, and become the healthiest you that you can be!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Great Health Debate

If you didn't listen to The Great Health Debate, you really missed out!

All last week, over 14 health experts presented their case for the healthiest diet and what you can do to get the best health possible.

Some of the experts included were:

- Dr. Joseph Mercola
- Dr. Gabriel Cousens
- Dr. Joel Fuhrman
- Jonny Bowden
- Dr. Robert O. Young
- Donna Gates
- David Wolfe
- T. Colin Campbell
- Sally Fallon
- And more!

As you can see, many of them have different opinions on health and the idea of the event was to bring them all together to come to a more specific understanding of what works and what doesn't!

If you'd like to hear these lectures, there is still a chance for you to get all 14 hours or so of great content at a really good discount here...

The price will remain at $49.95 (a real steal) until Friday February 18th at 11:59 PM PST.  After that it will go up to it's original price.

Some of the topics that were covered were:

- Is meat nutritionally good or bad?

- Can you eat vegan or raw and still be healthy?

- Are dairy products incredible elixirs or heart clogging sludge?

- What diet did our ancestors really eat?

- Are we able to live on a vegan or raw food diet based on the technology we have today?

- What fat soluable vitamins and nutrition are in animal products that are essential to life? (And if you're a vegan, how to get them...)

- Are fermented foods good for you, or do they break down the body even more?

- Why is there so much mis-information and disagreement between health and diet experts?

- What about carbs, or fruit, or any other food... what is OK to eat and what is not?

- Plus, many, many more!

I hope you take advantage of this wealth of knowledge now while it's still at a great price!

Here's where you can

Remember, this deal lasts until Friday, February 18th at 11:59 PM PST!

The Proper Muscle Building Diet For Women (Article)

By Vince Del Monte – Author, No Nonsense Muscle Building for Men & Women

If you’re a woman who wants to add more curves to her body and boost her level of strength through more muscle mass development, you may be getting slightly frustrated at the fact that all the nutrition information out there is targeted towards fat loss, or towards men.

In general, the primary goal most women have is to shed the body fat that they’ve been battling for many years.  But for you, you’re looking to do the opposite.  While you definitely don’t want to start adding body fat weight, you want to generate a few more pounds of lean muscle to give you the sexy, strong appearance you’re going for.

So how do you go about doing this?  You’re tentative to dive into a muscle building diet for males for fear that it won’t quite be suited to your body type.  And that’s good thinking – women and men do differ when it comes to diets for building muscle mass so it’s important to learn these differences.

If you want to create a muscle building diet for women, there are some very important things that you must know so that you can have the success that you’re looking for.  Let’s go over the essential points to know.

muscle building diet for women

“Trust me, my wife is not afraid of eating big quantities but she makes sure they are clean and quality calories.”

Determining Your Calorie Intake

The very first step in setting a muscle building diet for women is figuring out the calorie intake you need to use.  If you are going to successfully generate more lean muscle mass, you have to provide the body with more calories than it uses up on a daily basis.  There’s absolutely no way around this so if you attempt to build muscle consuming a measly 1200 calories per day, you’re going to fail.

At the same time though, women will build muscle mass at less than half the rate that a male would due to much lower levels of testosterone present in their body, therefore the calorie surplus you need to use is much lower as well.

While a male on a muscle building diet may add 500-1000 additional calories to his day to generate more muscle, if you were to add those same 500-1000 calories, you’d be going up in pant sizes very quickly.

Most women will do incredibly well adding about 10% or 200 calories per day to their maintenance calorie requirements.

As a refresher, for the average active women, maintenance calorie intake will be around 14 to 15 calories per pound of body weight so you can use that simple method to figure out how many calories you should be eating.

If you stick with this range, you should notice lean muscle mass development without that unwanted fat gain.

Adding Your Carbohydrates and Healthy Fats

Second, you also need to assess the addition of carbohydrates and dietary fat to the plan.  While when aiming for fat loss, the usual step is to reduce back on both of these so you’re primarily eating protein, when trying to build muscle, they must get added in.

One interesting thing to note here is that women, more so than men, will be better able to utilize dietary fat as a fuel source and also find that they can be more sensitive to high carb intakes.

For that reason, in about 80% of all cases, a woman will do far better using a muscle building diet that has a fairly even split between carbohydrates and healthy fats.

There’s no need to eliminate carbohydrates entirely as they will increase insulin levels which are anabolic for the body and provide fuel for your workouts, but at the same rate, you’ll likely find that your energy levels are better and you stay leaner using a diet that is higher in overall fat content.

Just be sure that between both carbohydrates and dietary fat you are still maintaining the desired calorie intake from the above step.

Considering The Calorie Cycling Approach

Finally, the last thing that you want to think about when creating a muscle building diet for women is using a calorie cycling approach.  This will further prevent any fat gain during the process of muscle building as you’ll be focused on putting your highest calorie days when you do the hardest workouts.

Since the muscles will be more likely to use all the extra nutrients at this point rather than on days you’re sitting around and not doing much, it proves to be quite beneficial to load them up right after the workout.

If you are someone who is prone to adding a bit of body fat, this approach can go that extra mile to keep you lean as you go about the goal of muscle building.

So there are the primary factors that must be considered when putting together a muscle building diet for women.  Below you’ll find a sample mass building diet containing approximately 2000 calories that will work great for any woman standing 120-130 pounds.


1 whole egg + 5 egg whites
1/3 cup oats (dry measurement)
1 orange


1 cup low-fat yogurt
20 almonds


3 oz grilled chicken breast
1 cup brown rice
1 cup spinach with 1 tbsp olive oil dressing


1 can of tuna
½ cup brown rice


1 scoop whey protein powder
1 bagel with 1 tbsp jam


4 oz tilapia
steamed asparagus and/or broccoli
1 tbsp olive oil

Before Bed:

½ cup cottage cheese
1 tbsp natural peanut butter


As for all areas of your diet and training, continue to readjust your approach based on the results you’re getting.  The key to constant progression and improvement is by making small changes each week and finding out how your body responds positively and how it responds negatively.  Keep what works, drop what does not.

Use the muscle building diet information as your starting point and feel free to ask questions below as you progress.

Vince Del Monte

How To Channel Testosterone Into Muscle Cells For More Mass

by Jeff Anderson

Any gym rat who’s ever touched a dumbbell knows that testosterone builds muscle, right?

In fact, your ability to gain mass is in direct proportion to your body’s T-levels.

That’s why bodybuilders and athletes are gobbling test-boosting supplements by the handful (and the supplement companies are more than happy to sell you a bucket or two at jacked up prices!)

But few people realize this critical mass building truth…

Testosterone Will NOT Build Muscle Without This One Critical Component…

Here’s the deal…

Testosterone builds muscle by binding to a transport protein located in your cells called “androgen receptors“.

The androgen receptors are what bring the testosterone into your muscle cells to make new proteins and promote muscle building.

It’s kind of like all of us “losers” lined up at the school dance.

There may be a hundred of us all praying to God, Krishna, Zeus, or any other deity who could possibly influence some hottie to come over and give us a shot at a groping session during a Journey song (long live the 80′s!)…

…but it requires a physical connection to transform teen lust into twisted tongues.

Likewise, you can jack up your testosterone all you want but if you don’t have an androgen receptor “hottie” to flutter its eyelashes, your “T” isn’t even going to get to first base.

In other words, testosterone won’t work without active androgen receptors to transport it into the muscle cells.

But all this medical mumbo jumbo is no good to you without some practical “do this” tips, right? So…

Here’s How To Naturally Increase Testosterone And Turn It Into Muscle…

1. Cycle Your Training The RIGHT Way!

It’s a difficult combination but androgen receptors respond best to high intensity training while testosterone responds best to heavier training (about 80% of your 1 rep max).

This requires some specific pairing of exercises and rep ranges in order to accomplish both goals and unfortunately, most guys don’t train the “right way” in the gym to stimulate both testosterone AND androgen receptor activity.

Generally, you want to cycle your training with weeks of higher repetition ranges to stimulate androgen activity while steadily increasing the weight on other weeks with lower reps to boost testosterone.

So perhaps one week, you use rep ranges in the 10-12 range for an “androgen pump” and then each week, add an extra set with a lower rep range of like 6-8 to go heavier.

Your earlier workout sets of higher reps will stimulate androgen receptors while your later sets will work on providing the companion testosterone increase.

This is one way to do it but of course, there are other ways to train.

The key is to use BOTH methods of lifting in order to maximize both testosterone AND androgen receptor activity.

2. Don’t Give Up, You Big Whuss!

Studies show that more experienced weight-trained athletes have a much higher level of androgen receptor activity than beginning trainers.

This is where the men are separated from the boys!

I know everyone talks about “fast muscle” but the fact is that the longer you stick with bodybuilding as a marathon rather than a sprint, the more muscle you’re going to build and the longer it will last.

Science proves this in the natural androgenic programming results that show that your body will follow what you tell it you need it to do on a long-term basis.

Newbies who give up too quick will NEVER see the body they’re dreaming of!

Stick with it!

3. Cycle Your Protein Intake

Ok, things get a little tricky here, but this is pretty freakin’ cool…

Bodybuilders have been brainwashed into thinking that they need to consume massive amounts of protein in order to build muscle.

But the fact is that your body can actually MAKE ITS OWN PROTEIN!

This is what happens when testosterone pairs up with androgen receptors and are transported into the muscle cells.

In fact, it’s possible to actually INCREASE your body’s own natural demand and production for testosterone by triggering this coupling action to happen at a more intense level.

This is done by cycling your protein intake for short periods where you take in very little protein.

In response, the body senses that training is intense but protein isn’t as sufficient for recovery and muscle growth.

Then, your muscle cells actually answer the demand by bonding more testosterone within the cells for “internal protein creation”.

I know it sounds strange…but it’s absolutely true!

This requires a very specific combination of training cycle plus protein deprivation cycling to “trigger” this very special ability of the body and it only works for a short time.

But knowing when to pull one of these triggers and exactly how to do it results in testosterone interaction you can actually FEEL working!

In fact, this method works WAAAAY better than taking a testosterone boosting supplement to build muscle mass!

It’s not always easy to do, but if you’re open to experimenting with this rather insane method, you’ll want to check out this website:

Click Here To See How This 1973 Study Broke All The Rules About Mass Building >>

This method is the result of several years of experimenting with this unique T-boosting method and it’s even been used by some pro bodybuilders as a steroid-alternative.

The reason is because it really does naturally boost testosterone to insane levels, but more importantly, it also intensifies androgen activity so that your body USES that testosterone to stimulate real muscle growth.

If you’re serious about seeing incredible muscle gains, then you need to check out that site.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The truth about testosterone!

We all know that testosterone builds muscle, right?

In fact, artificially juicing for higher "T" levels is what makes the giant pro bodybuilders such freaks of nature.

It's also why you can find a bazillion ads for testosterone boosting supplements jamming up your favorite muscle mag.

But can "natural" supplements really make you a muscle-bound mutant?

Yes and no.

Here's the TRUTH about testosterone and how to get more of the good stuff...

1. Get More Zinc  

Zinc is an essential nutrient for the production of testosterone and your body uses it up very rapidly but doesn't store very much in reserve.

Therefore, zinc must be replenished DAILY...but our diets these days are naturally devoid of zinc due to our poor choices AND the degradation of our food supply from poor farming methods.

To get what you need to produce more testosterone, take in about 25mg of zinc picolinate on an empty stomach before bed.

2. Train Hard  

"Test" is a supply-and-demand hormone.

If all you're doing are soup can curls from the latest issue of Oprah, that ain't gonna cut it.

Keep your reps in the higher range and push some heavy iron (about 80% of your 1-rep max) to send your endocrine system a strong signal that you're not messing around and you need it to pump out some more juice.

3. Tribulus works! (But...)  

Tribulus terrestris is the most popular T-boosting supplement you'll find on the supplement shelves.

Why?  Because it works!

But there's a problem here Sparky...

It works TOO GOOD!

Your endocrine system is a pretty delicate aspect of your biological soup so if every knucklehead teenager who bought a bottle of Trib started doubling their dosage, the supplement companies would be in a world of hurt.

So what do they do?

They only tell you to take a tiny, tiny dose of tribulus...and yet STILL charge you gobs of money for it!

It's the nastiest secret in the supplement world and it's called "Pixie Dusting".

They whip up a bottle of pills that contain tribulus, but not enough to actually provide you with the incredible results you're looking for.

In other words...NEVER buy name brand testosterone supplements for the purpose of building muscle!

So what now?  Are you just screwed?


In fact, what if I told you that you could make your OWN "T-Boosting Natural Power Potion" that actually works without any special skills or equipment?

And what if it only cost you a few measly bucks instead of the $45-$100 you'd pay at your local supplement store?

The "secret formula" I'm talking about is only one of several do-it-yourself recipes included in a shocking program that's turned the supplement industry upside down.

You don't need to be a laboratory scientist to do's actually amazingly simple if you know how!

Want to see just how simple it really is?

Here's a 4-step process you can use yourself to create your very own powerful supplement formulas... <= Click Now

Once you read this report, you'll never look at supplements the same way again!

In fact, on this site, you'll find additional recipes for ANY fitness goal such as:

  *  Weight Gainers  
  *  Muscle-Builders  
  *  FatBurners  
  *  Sports Performance  
  *  Hormone Boosters  
  *  Nitric Oxide Boosters

In fact, if you check it out RIGHT NOW, there's even a special "bonus recipe" for what's called the "Bedroom Blaster"!

It's"performance enhancer" for men looking to add more thrill to their bedroom activities.

But you have to go check it out now because the special bonus recipe is about to come down this week.

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You'll be amazed at how much you can save AND see even better results from your training program!

"Protein powder trick" to build more muscle

You've probably heard the term "you are what you eat", right?

But it's not exactly what you EAT that counts, but what you USE from what you eat.

And this couldn't be more true for those of you who have a hard time growing muscle!


Because you can eat all the protein you want, but unless it makes it to your muscles to help them rebuild, you'll continue to look more like Olive Oil than Popeye!

You see, "skinny" men and women tend to have an overabundance of the "stress hormone", cortisol.

Cortisol actually plays a useful role in our bodies but for hardgainers, its catabolic effects are a real hassle as it inhibits important protein synthesis.

That means...

  *  LESS protein available for repair of muscle tissue...  
  *  LESS muscle mass...  
  *  And MORE frustration!

Think THAT'S bad? Check this out...  

The digestion process your body uses to break down proteins actually burns more calories than any other nutrient!

Now you can see why, if you have a hard time gaining weight, you CAN'T follow the same "protein plan" as others who can gain muscle more easily.

What's the solution?

Try adding DIGESTIVE ENZYMES to your meals!

Now you may think that digestive enzymes (that include either pepsin, papain, or papaya) are just for grandmas or sandal-wearing hippies who smell like ylang-ylang...but you'd be mistaken!

In fact, digestive enzymes help to break down nutrients from the food you eat into usable energy.

But another finding dug deeper and found that enzymes improved the absorption of amino acids and increased nitrogen retention.

Muscle-building science...  

In a recent clinical study, respondents who consumed digestive enzymes with their meals showed dramatic results!

This included...

  *  A 100% increase in protein synthesis...

  *  An increase in branched chain amino acid (BCAA) availability by 250%...

  *  And an increase in nitrogen retention by 32%!

In short, that means MUCH better support for muscle repair and growth.

But it gets even BETTER...  

And enzymes can be especially useful if you struggle with putting on any weight ("hardgainer syndrome")

Since protein uses up more calories in the digestion process, enzymes can speed up the process, actually REDUCING the "thermic  effect" of ingested proteins and help you better maintain a  caloric surplus for weight gain!

But this is only one "secret" supplement you can use to see BETTER and FASTER RESULTS from your training.

By strategically adding certain supplements to a solid training and nutrition program, you can save time and money and reach your goals a lot faster.

And you don't have to spend a lot of money either.

Not if you know some Ninja tricks the real pro's know...

Supplement Secrets Revealed!  

If you want to know which supplements are worthless and which ones REALLY DO WORK, then you need to go check out this site: <= All about supplements!

There you'll find out the TRUTH about greedy supplement companies and the #1 secret to defeating their evil plan to take over your wallet.

You can bet that these companies don't want you to find this secret out.

Whether you're spending your hard earned dough on supplements  

  *  Build muscle...  
  *  Increase fatburning...  
  *  Jack up hormones...  
  *  Feel more intensity in the gym...  
  *  Gain weight... owe it to yourself to go and see how to get BETTER RESULTS and STOP paying those outrageous prices these companies are charging.

Go see how at: <= Supplement secrets!

You'll be shocked to see that you can actually save as much as 98% on all your supplement purchases.

No, that's not a typo...


Check it out now, ok?

Arthur M.

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I know it sounds like hype but the ingredients in this special recipe have been scientifically proven in two independent studies to help even "challenged" guys with their performance.

Just go to the website and you'll see what I'm talking about down at the bottom of the page: <= Special Bonus This Week!

Very cool!

Monday, February 14, 2011

How to Burn More Fat with Resistance Cardio

by Mike Westerdal of Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded 

Some guys are naturally lean and can more or less stay that way seemingly no matter how much food they eat. But in reality, men like this are rare. Most of the rest of us need to incorporate cardio into our training routines in order to keep the excess body fat at bay. Just how much cardio needs to be integrated into your routine will vary depending on a lot of factors including: age, activity level, physical health, body type, diet, sleep patterns and weight training approach.

For the weightlifter or bodybuilder looking to maintain muscle mass while also cutting body fat, the thought of incorporating cardio into his routine is usually not a pleasant one. This is because adding cardio to your training routine doesn’t just stimulate fat burning, it also causes you to lose lean muscle mass as well. For those of us who want to be big and lean, this is at the very least an annoying reality of aerobic exercise. It’s frustrating to invest a significant amount of time and effort into building muscle only to see if disappear because of our efforts to get lean by doing cardio.

And while yes, doing cardio is good for the mind, body and spirit, as a fat burning strategy, it can be time consuming because unfortunately, aerobic activities inevitably burn far fewer calories than we think. After doing 20-30 minutes of cardio you may feel as though you’ve burned 600 calories but the cold reality is far different. For example, researchers measured the number of calories burned when walking versus running. The study showed that the average man burns just 124 calories when running a mile and only 88 when walking the same distance. So by running three miles you can expect to burn about 396 calories and by walking three miles you will burn about 240.

Figures for other aerobic activities are shown below (these are calculated using a man who weighs 190 pounds).

• Stationary bike (light): 474 calories per hour;
• Walking uphill (3.5 miles per hour): 518 calories per hour;
• High impact aerobics: 604 calories per hour;
• Stationary bike (moderate): 604 calories per hour;
• Jogging (light pace): 604 calories per hour;
• Running (5 miles per hour): 690 calories per hour;
• Stationary bike (vigorous): 906 calories per hour;

Given that you have to burn approximately 3,000 calories to lose one pound of body weight, you can see how easy it is to underestimate how much cardio you need to be doing to burn body fat.

The fact that aerobic exercise also burns fuel from muscle cells—resulting in a loss of muscle mass—in addition to fat calories, is a secondary drawback of cardio. The reason this happens is that periods of aerobic exercise cause the body to shift into survival mode. In this state, it strives to preserve access to fat cells by also burning fuel derived from muscle cells. It does this because the body is incapable of understanding our motivation for doing cardio. As far as it is concerned, it just needs to maintain fat reserves for any pending emergency situations where we might not have access to food.

In sharp contrast to ordinary cardio, adding resistance to aerobic activities significantly boosts the number of calories burned (and fat too) while also eliminating the loss of lean muscle mass. For example, one study showed that in comparison to ordinary aerobic exercise, men who engaged in resistance cardio activities burned up to 44% more calories. In another study, researchers looked at two groups—one participating in regular aerobic activities and another, participating in resistance cardio activities. The results showed that not only did the group participating in resistance cardio burn more fat than the ‘aerobic’ group, but that they did so without losing any muscle mass. Numerous other studies have achieved similar results. In fact, all of the research has shown that resistance cardio burns considerably more calories and fat than ordinary cardio alone.

Nearly any aerobic activity can be turned into ‘resistance cardio.’ For example, if you like to walk or jog you can pick up a set of dumbbells, some ankle weights or even a weight vest. If biking is your thing, just kick up the resistance. Whatever cardio activity it is that you like to do, add some resistance and not only will you burn more fat but you’ll also be able to maintain more of your hard-earned muscle mass.

If you are bored to death with traditional cardio and know that you'd be able to build more muscle and burn fat, if you could only find the right system -- then try the "resistance cardio" workouts that are a standard part of this Hybrid Muscle Building training system

Real "love potion" for guys (that works!)

Happy Valentines Day!

In celebration, I thought I'd stray away from my usual stuff and talk to the "guys" about your... um... "bedroom abilities" a little bit here. ;-)

Hope this doesn't offend you, but the fact is a "guy's performance" (you know what I'm talking about) is actually very important to him.

I mean, have you seen all of the TV advertisements, magazine articles, and internet offers offering men the ability to:

"enlarge your manhood"
overcome "erektile dysfunction"
* become a "powerhouse" in the bedroom
* and buy "little blue pills" at discount prices

(Yes...I know my spelling puts me back in 3rd grade, but if I spelled it the RIGHT way, your email fi1ters would never even let you SEE this.)

The fact is, a HUGE number of men lack confidence in their "ability to please"!

Whether it's "size"..."performance"..."longevity"...or even the ability to "get started", it's an embarrassing situation for many men...

...and it can even be frustrating for their partners!

But HELP has arrived...

2 recent studies that may provide some relief for those of you who suffer from E.D...

...OR it may help those of you guys who DON'T have any "issues" down there, to become a "SUPERMAN" with toe-curling performance!

I'm going to give you the entire "supplement recipe" right now that was used in these studies...

...but if you're looking to take things to even the NEXT LEVEL, I have an even BETTER formula waiting for you along with a *Free Bonus*!

Let me explain...

First, these two SEPARATE studies took groups of men between the ages of 25-45 who suffered from mild to moderate E.D. that wasn't related to disease.

They then gave them a dose of 1.7 g of the amino acid L-Arginine once a day.

After 30 days, 5% of the group were reporting "normal" function in the land down-under.

Not much to sneeze at, right?

But check THIS out...

Researchers then added 40mg of the super antioxidant "Pycnogenol" twice per day along with the L-Arginine.

After 30 days a full 80% were reporting normal erektions...without any side effects !

Adding a third dose of the Pycnogenol increased the success rate to 92.5%!

That's freaking AMAZING!

And in the SECOND study, 50 men were tested with the same combo...and ALL of them (yes...100%) were back to "normal" after 30 days!

Even if you DON'T have E.D., this supplement combo can result in harder (even LARGER) "apparatus" and increased "performance" with stronger "O's".

It's a FACT! (Believe me!)

Now both of these supplements are readily available online and you can use this right away.

But I have an even BETTER "recipe" for you...

A good friend of mine, Jeff Anderson, was interviewed by a noted radio"sexpert" on the topic of "performance" supplementation.

In this interview, Jeff discussed the entire process of what works and what DOESN'T work for men.

Basically, Jeff researched and developed a powerful natural supplement combination (he calls it his "Bedroom Blaster Formula"!LOL!) that will...

* Overcome mild to moderate ED problems!
* Offer a cheaper, safe alternative to Viagara!
* Increase the SIZE and FIRMNESS of your erektion!
* Increase the INTENSITY of your orgazms!

Now, don't worry...I'm NOT going to sell you some bottle of supplements!

Jeff actually recommends making your OWN supplements and the recipe he laid out has ingredients that are easy to find and buy and they're guaranteed to make you a "superhero" in the sheets!

Don't believe me?

Here's a testimonial Jeff received from one "challenged" customer...

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Real Email From Charles:

"Hey Jeff...I'm 72 years old and haven't had an erektion in
over twelve years.

Six weeks after I tried your 'Bedroom Blaster' formula and I
woke up one morning with a weird feeling in my crotch.

When I looked down to see what it was, IT WAS A FIRM, SOLID
EREKTION! It had been so long ago, I forgot what it looked
like, let alone what it FELT like! Ha Ha

Thanks Jeff...I'm back in business!"

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Now if this formula works so well for a 72 y.o. man "out of business" for 12 years, what will it do for YOU?

Get the picture?

Here's how to get YOUR copy of
the "Bedroom Blaster Formula"...

Jeff is well known for being a real "nerd" when it comes to supplements.

He's spent years researching and developing his own "do-it-yourself" supplement recipes that anyone (yes, ANYONE!) can make right at home with no special skills or equipment.

We're talking all kinds of supplements, like...

* Muscle-Builders
* FatBurners
* Hormone-Enhancers
* Workout Formulas
* Mass Gainers
* And now even "performance" boosters like we just talked about!

He's created an entire STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE that shows you how to make your own supplements with ease.

And get this...

By using Jeff's personal formulas, you not only create BETTER PERFORMING supplements than you can buy at the store, but you'll save as much as 98% on the stuff you're currently buying!

Imagine getting BETTER RESULTS and saving 98% at the same time!

If you're used to taking supplements, that means that you could save hundreds (even thousands) over just the next few years!

He's put up a special website that details his process and it's located at: <= Step-By-Step Guide

And in celebration of VALENTINES DAY, Jeff is GIVING AWAY the
entire interview + "Bedroom Blaster" formula for FREE!
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This is a real no-brainer if you use ANY supplements at all!

I mean, Jeff's "Make Your Own Supplements" program is already super-cheap (it's only 27 smackers!) and you'll save literally hundreds of dollars.

How many "programs" actually pay you back?

Go and see just how easy it is AND pick up the special "performance" bonus while it's up for this Valentines Day special, ok?

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You'll thank me (and I'm guessing your partner will be "thanking" you too, eh? ;-)

Arthur M.

P.S. - No, this is NOT a joke! And for a lot of guys, this "problem" is no laughing matter.

But the prescription way is way too expensive and really doesn't have a great track record in working very well.

THIS WORKS! And it works NATURALLY with your body!

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Enjoy the results! ;-)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Asian Diet Revolution – A complete Blueprint for Losing Weight and Improving Health

Are we killing ourselves with the food we eat?

For centuries, Asian wise men and doctors have traditionally treated illnesses of the human body by first examining the diet of the patient. Chinese Emperors devoted immense resources for these experts to study the Asian Diet due to the huge benefits of health and long life attained from eating the right foods. Is this 4000 year old history of treating people with proper nutrition actually responsible for the lack of obesity and chronic disease in Asian countries? Read on to find out!

The Asian Diet – 4000 years of research without the benefit of modern science.

Ancient Asian Physicians did not have the benefit of modern technology to break down the chemical structures and processes of the human body to reveal the exact causes of illnesses and disease. But they did have over 4000 years to prove which methods of eating did result in the best health and longest life. For the ancient Asian doctors, the patient’s diet was the most obvious factor to control the healthiness of the individual and was always considered first before resorting to more drastic measures of concocting medicines or performing surgical procedures. Their success of treating people with proper diet is more than evident today when we realize that the Asian culture rarely suffers from obesity, heart disease, diabetes, or cancer. This success is darkly contrasted when we compare Asian culture with Western culture. In the West, 61% of us are over weight and 27% of us are clinically obese. Chronic disease is increasing in Western culture at an alarming rate!

The Asian Diet – Did They Get It Right?

Obviously yes. None of the plagues that we suffer from in the West are as prominent in Asia as they are in the West. However, there is one piece of evidence that we must consider – this is changing in Asia – but why?

To understand this, we must look at the differences in the Asian Diet compared to the Western diet. The Asian Diet is traditionally plant-based foods with only small portions of meat and virtually few dairy products. But Asians have traditionally not suffered from lack of protein or calcium as evidenced by few if any occurrences of osteoporosis. The range of foods they consume provide ample amounts of the macro and micro nutrients they need for excellent health.

Over the last 100 years or so, the West has become heavily commercialized and industrialized. Our foods have become highly processed and we have been addicted to large portions of red meats and deep fried foods. We generally only eat vegetables as a side dish if we eat them at all! We preserve our foods with chemicals and reconstruct them so they do not spoil – allowing us to produce copious stockpiles of food. We eat on the run at fast food restaurants and we dump our quick meals from bags and boxes into boiling water for the “at home” meal.

So what is the evidence that is now changing Asia into unhealthy and obese people? Normally, if you tour Asia, the first thing you notice is that people are slender and healthy looking. But the younger set in Asia are falling in love with the fast food restaurants. The busy mothers are now starting to buy all the “meals in a box” in the rush to keep up with the fast paced lifestyle in the modern cities. Asia is beginning to see the effects of the change in diet and how it is making people fat while increasing chronic disease.

Since this is a relatively new development in Asia and because Asia has traditionally believed that the diet is largely responsible for health – Asia is more aware of the evils of the Western diet. Even the young people are starting to shy away as they recognize the effects – unfortunately, not enough as they are bombarded by commercials daily which entice them.

The Asian Diet Revolution – Getting Back to Our Roots

If we look back in Western civilization just a mere 100 years ago, we will see that our diets have shifted from plant-based to mostly meats, deep fried foods and dairy products. Modern processed foods have taken the place of natural organic foods and it is within this 100 year period that we have noticed the rise in chronic disease and obesity in the West. In her book, “Asian Diet Revolution,” Dina Zain Smith has used her 14 year study of her Asian heritage to compile an ebook which contains the differences between the traditional Asian Diet and the dining styles prominent in the West. With the benefit of modern science, she has revealed how ancient Asian physicians actually “got it right” by using modern research results from the West. Using these modern research results, she has identified the basic components of the Western diet which are responsible for the increase in obesity and chronic disease in the West. The same basic components which are also slowly creeping into the East.

The Asian Diet Revolution – A complete Blueprint for Losing Weight and Improving health

In the “Asian Diet Revolution,” you will find out the benefits of the traditional Asian Diet. You will also find out what parts of the Western diet are responsible for the increase in chronic disease and obesity. A proven method of feeding yourself correctly is detailed in an easy plan which will allow you to toss those expensive and useless diet pills, insane exercise plans, diet supplements, and “Fad” diets in the trash. Common sense traditional Asian Diet preparations that are both healthy and delicious which will never leave you hungry are included. A delicious recipe section which highlights the proper Asian Diet is included as well as a section on efficient exercise that allows you to get fast results by working out only 3 days a week for 20 minutes each day.

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