Saturday, June 18, 2011

3 Lies You’ve Been Told About Your Back Pain

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Listen, we all know it... back pain is awful!

But what's worse is letting it control your life.

Unfortunately, you and millions of others are suffering unnecessarily because of misinformation and flat out lies!

You don't have to "live with the pain" as many doctors may claim... hundreds of thousands of people just like you have finally found lasting relief by discovering the truth about what really causes back pain.

Watch this quick 2-minute FREE video and you'll be on your way to a life free from back pain.

The 3 hidden, underlying causes of all back pain - If you don't understand and correct these mistakes - it's literally impossible to experience lasting back pain relief!

The REAL reason you "threw your back out" (Hint: In 95% of cases it has NOTHING to do with what happened when it first started hurting!)

The 1 little-known treatment you've never heard of that can wipe out back pain in just days - even in patients who have tried it all.

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Read the stories below from people who thought they would be shackled by back pain for the rest of their lives - but are now pain free thanks to what they discovered in this free video.

"Have not gone to the Chiropractor and
I am virtually pain free..."

"I have suffered back pain for over 20 years with pinched nerves in my hips and lower back.

I've been doing the exercises 2-3 times daily for over a month now and have not gone to the Chiropractor and I am virtually pain free.

I ride Performance Horses in Competition and I cannot tell you how good I now feel being able to concentrate on riding and not my back pain.


- Lynn Wertelet, Albion, PA

"Pain Decreased By 50%!"

Steve Munk"I am a 62 year-old guy in fine general health. Since March of 2004, I have had symptoms that I can only compare to having been kicked in the behind by a mule. That pain in the butt then took off toward my ankle and made standing or walking a living torture. I started with chiropractic, then orthopedic surgeons, then physical therapists, then massage therapy, more orthopods, anti-inflamatories and lost all hope for ever recovering.

Then an internet search took me to your website, and ever skeptical, I was desperate.

Less than a week later, I watched your video and determined my course of action (still skeptical, of course);

One Month later, my pain had decreased by 50%.

Why NO certified practitioner had been able to truly diagnose and isolate the problem, and the CURE, I will never know. What happened in Med School??

You guys at LTBP should be teaching courses in Med school!!! Can't thank you enough."

Steven Munk

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