Friday, November 30, 2012

Are you waiting to be rejected? (this is terrifying)

As you know, my friend Jason Maxwell has the best idea ever, and it's designed to be done after Movember: Decembulk.

Basically, you grow a moustache in November, then you build muscle in December.  Today, I have a great email straight from him.  Take it away Jason:

Thanks. Hey Guys, Jason here.

You’ve worked your butt off, lifted heavy, followed the rules, and did everything you were told to do – every single thing that was required of you to build muscle and look awesome.

You’ve done everything without drugs, steroids, hormones…but it still doesn’t feel like you’re confident with your physique, does it?

I know how you feel.  6 years ago I was in the same boat.  I was killing myself in the gym and lifting weights 4 times a week, and doing cardio 3 times a week.  And don’t even get me started on how many times I did the ab ripper from P90X.

It was so freakin’ frustrating...until...

Well, let's forget about that for a second.

Let’s talk about you.  Maybe you’ve changed your body in some way.  Maybe you’ve put on a few pounds of solid lean muscle.  Maybe you look pretty good, but you want to look better, and it’s scary because you don’t know how to get there.

Every day, you wake up, and you’re not 100% sure if you’ll feel confident in how you look, or if you'll get rejected by asking the cute girl at the bar if you can buy her a drink.  You know what I’m talking about.  You want to say to her, “You’re cute.  I’d like to buy you a drink”, but you’re not confident in how you look, so you don’t even bother talking to her.

You know how it ends.

It can be terrifying knowing that you’re not confident enough in your body to even talk to a human being (who is pretty damn cute).

Even my best friends have went through this most of their lives, and being unconfident in how you look can leave your stomach in knots.

And you have no control over feeling this way. do have total control over your body.

Back to my earlier you, I was trying to build lean muscle. I struggled for years, until...

…I followed a structured workout and nutrition plan.  I went away to University, and completely committed myself to changing my body.  When I came back home for Christmas break, my brother looked at me and said “holy shit”.  He couldn’t believe how big my neck and arms looked in my T-shirt.  I had put on 20lbs of muscle in first semester, and it showed.

Each time I follow a structured workout and nutrition program, I add more muscle to my frame.

That's the key.

Following a pre-written program for muscle building.

Following a proven blueprint.

It worked for me and it can work for you too.

You see, for the past 6 years, I’ve been building lean muscle in the gym, and becoming more confident in my body.  4 years ago, I met the most amazing girl in the world, and just last week we celebrated our 3 year anniversary.

I'm no longer busting my ass in the gym and making no gains. And I never will be again. Plus, I never need fear being rejected and not feeling confident in my body. It's an amazing feeling to have total control of my life, body and confidence - every day.

And I'm serious, you can have this too.

The way to get on the fast track to muscle growth and confidence is to follow a pre-written workout and nutrition program by other people who were once struggling in your shoes.

And now you can have exactly what I’ve learned about building muscle when you pick up the most effective muscle building system I’ve ever written, Decembulk.

===> Invest in Decembulk and finally achieve the success you deserve

Life is good...when you have access to a muscle building workout and nutrition program.

Take control of your body and build muscle today,

Jason Maxwell
PS - This is no joke.

The Decembulk presale is only open for the next 24 hours, and then the price goes up.
If you want to control your body, your confidence, and your future, then follow in my shoes.

===> Join me and build your ideal body faster than ever here

It's guaranteed to build more muscle than you ever have before, or else you get your investment back.
See you in a month, more muscular and confident than ever.

Jason Maxwell, CPT, FMS 1
As seen in T-Nation, EliteFTS, The Greatist, Breaking Muscle

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cure for a Flat Butt

By Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

If you've ever watched a group of Sunday morning runners go by, you'll notice that many female - and ugh, even male - runners appear to be suffering from a chronic case of "flat butt syndrome".

Not enough women - or men - are using resistance training to build a better butt.

In fact, a research study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that only 18% of women are using resistance training to transform their bodies.

C'mon Ladies! That's way too low.

No amount of jogging will get you a booty or body like the ones you see on the sexy women (of ALL ages) in the weight room.

Why just yesterday morning, while I was doing my deadlifting workout, there were three women in the weights area with me. They ranged in age from 25 to 55, and they all looked better than the girls on the elliptical machines.

So let's CURE flat butt syndrome for our cardio friends. And YES, this works for MEN as well.

Here's a sample workout from my TT Booty Boosting program:

Workout A

1A) DB Bulgarian Split Squat (3×8) 2-1-1
1B) 1-Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl (3×8) 2-1-2
2A) Reverse Lunge (3×8) 2-0-1
2B) Plank with Arms on Ball (3×20 seconds)
3A) Reaching Lunge (3×10) 2-0-1
3B) Side Plank (3×30 seconds)

Listen, why bother trying to cure your flat butt with jogging when there is a PROVEN DONE-for-YOU solution right here at your fingertips?

And it's only $7 this week.

Get the TT Booty Boosting workout package for just $7 here

Plenty of time to get a new booty for Christmas.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nick Nilsson (aka the Mad Scientist of Muscle) 12 Book Package

In honor of "Cyber Monday," Nick Nilsson (aka the Mad Scientist of Muscle) has decided, spur on the moment, to do something crazy that he hasn't done in a LONG time and will likely NEVER do again.

...and that's put a package of ALL twelve of his books on sale for an INSANELY low price.

REGULAR PRICE TOTAL for all twelve of his books: $351.45

Yours right now for just $97...(click here to buy now)

He has told me that this price WILL go away Tuesday, Nov 27th at midnight extensions.

Here's the list (and it includes ALL the bonuses and add-on, extra cost program options - he's included EVERYTHING from EVERY book, so the true value is actually a LOT greater).

I've listed the books and their regular prices below...

You can also learn more about each of the books by clicking here...

  • Mad Scientist Muscle - Reg $47.00

  • Metabolic Surge - Rapid Fat Loss - Reg. $69.95

  • Muscle Explosion - 28 Days to Maximum Mass - Reg. $39.95

  • Gluteus to the Maximus - Build a Bigger Butt Now! - Reg. $39.95

  • Hybrid Training - Reg. $24.95

  • Specialization Training - Reg. $9.95

  • The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of - Reg. $19.95

  • The Best Abdominal Exercises You've Never Heard Of - Reg. $19.95

  • The Best Arm Exercises You've Never Heard Of - Reg. $19.95

  • The Best Chest Exercises You've Never Heard Of - Reg. $19.95

  • The Best Back Exercises You've Never Heard Of - Reg. $19.95

  • (New!) The Best Shoulder Exercises You've Never Heard Of - Reg. $19.95

Nothing more to say...even if you have one or more of his books already, this is a RIDICULOUSLY good deal and you'll be getting your money's worth for sure.

Click here to buy Nick's twelve book package now for just $97...

And remember, this price will TRIPLE at midnight tomorrow (Central Standard Time).

Arthur M.

SHOCKING methods for more muscle (drug free)

When it comes to building lean, confident, athletic muscle FAST, there are 4 methods that need to be optimized:

1.    Muscle tension
2.    Muscle damage
3.    Metabolic stress
4.    Good nutrition (duh…)

In the next 30 seconds, I want to show you the power of metabolic stress.

Have you ever lifted weights for so long that your muscle burned and swelled up?

This burning is caused by the build up of acidity in your muscles, which, in turn, tells your body to release tons of lactate (or lactic acid).

Ya ya ya…who the heck cares?

Lactate tells your body to increase the production of Growth Hormone.

That’s right, instead of injecting growth hormone like the celebrities, you can produce it naturally.  The end result is a more muscular, leaner, confident you.

Luckily, my buddy and expert fitness author Jason Maxwell has put together the most effective (and fun) muscle build program every created.

It's called Decembulk, and it's meant to be done in December (after Movember).  To learn more about using muscle tension, muscle damage, metabolic stress and good nutrition in order to build as much muscle as humanly possible for Decmebulk, check out this amazing video and article here:

Click Here===> 4 Methods to Maximize Muscle Building


Arthur M.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The BEST method for total body transformation

It's the best method for incinerating fat and transforming your body.

Metabolic Mayhem

It helped one guy lose over 100 pounds and KEEP it off.

This if the #1 method for changing your body inside and out!

But you're scared to try it...

... and yet, it can help you completely blast through any plateau.

And the worst part? Since you're avoiding these incredible, NEW super short, super intense workouts...

... Your body is holding on to that last bit of belly fat like a lost child who's finally found her mother.

Seriously. This is the #1 method for melting fat and changing your physique =>

Please share this dude's story of melting over 100 pounds of fat. Help inspire your friends and family.

Arthur M.

P.S. - STOP avoiding this new method. It will change your body... Do NOT avoid this any longer.

Grab this opportunity now =>

Friday, November 23, 2012

Dangers of Vitamin Fortified Water

Dangers of Vitamin Fortified Water

FREE Metabolic Bodyweight Workouts (expires)

Did you know that every year, there are thousands of people just like YOU that start a fitness program and end up GAINING weight?

That’s because they are doing what everyone else is doing – and that’s the world’s most popular exercise – cardio.

You saw earlier this week where this one 4-minute trick is more powerful and effective than 30 minutes of steady state cardio when it comes to fat loss. Yet, people still hit the treadmills and ellipticals and try to sweat their way to losing the fat they gained after a weekend binge.

But what can you do to solve this?

I’ve been showing you all week how powerful these short, but effective bodyweight finishers can be on your fat loss (even when you get off your diet).

These finishers have been proven by my friend Mike Whitfield’s clients after winning $4,500 in transformation money, including Philip, who lost 34 pounds in just 12 weeks. In fact, one of his clients lost 9 pounds in just 7 days.

By the way, Mike used these finishers to polish off 105 pounds of fat himself.

Mike shows how these finishers work on this page right here:

=> Shocking study PROVES 4-minute bodyweight finishers are better than cardio

And when you head to that page you’ll also see it’s the LAST DAY to take advantage of not only getting 39 fat-torching finishers for just $20, but also 8 weeks of zero equipment metabolic workouts for FREE.

I’ve never seen anything like this. You can plug these bodyweight finishers with YOUR favorite program to burn more fat and they are PROVEN to work. And you will get 8 weeks of bodyweight metabolic workouts including:

Bodyweight Switch – the addicting strength and finisher superset system

Bodyweight Dirty 30 – 30-minute metabolic workouts that use a combination of metabolic resistance training, metabolic conditioning and metabolic finishers, all without ANY equipment.

But after today, these bonuses go away.

==> Bodyweight Finishers PLUS 8 Weeks of BW Worktous for $20 (EXPIRES TODAY)

Finally, there’s a bodyweight system that you can use with YOUR favorite workouts. These workout grand finales will give you that lean, athletic look you’ve been looking for… all with ZERO EQUIPMENT.

The bad news?... now you have NO excuse for missing workouts due to lack of time or equipment.

Get all 39 Bodyweight Finishers PLUS 8 weeks of Bodyweight workouts for just $20… but this offer expires TODAY.

==> 39 Bodyweight Finishers PLUS Bonuses for just $20 (LAST CHANCE)

Enjoy these addicting finishers,

Arthur M.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Best Metabolic Workout Plan

By Craig Ballantyne

The latest Men's Health magazine contained a shocking research study stat.

According to the article, you can boost your sleeping metabolic rate by 8 percent more than normal IF you workout with heavier weights.

That adds up to over 5 pounds per year...and it's why I'm a big fan of creating intense Turbulence Training workouts for BOTH men and women for rapid fat loss.

If you don't challenge yourself with exercises in the 6-8 rep range then you're leaving your metabolic burn boost benefit on the table.

Don't make that mistake.

To get maximum results, you need to use a fat loss workout system like this:

Step #1 - Bodyweight Warm-up

Step #2 - Metabolic Resistance Training (sets of 8 reps)

Step #3 - Metabolic Conditioning Training (higher reps) or Intervals

Let's say you only had 20 minutes to workout.

You could do this 20-minute metabolic boosting TT workout:

MRT: Metabolic Resistance Training
- 8 reps per exercise (per side, if applicable)
- No rest between exercises
- 60 second rest at the end of the circuit
- Repeat for 3 rounds

1A) Goblet Squat or Narrow-Stance Barbell Squat
1B) DB Row or TRX Rows
1C) DB Incline Press or Decline Spiderman Pushups (try with TRX)
1D) Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat

Take a 2 minute break and then move on to MCT.

MCT: Metabolic Conditioning Training
- 40 seconds per exercise (per side, if applicable)
- Rest 20 seconds between exercises
- Repeat for 6 minutes straight

2A) Kettlebell Swings
2B) DB Lunge or Prisoner Lunge
2C) Elevated Pushups (switch sides after 20 seconds) or TRX Rows

That's it, short and metabolically-boosting-calorie-burning sweet.

If you liked that, you'll love the complete Metabolic Workouts package and Bodyweight Bonuses that you'll get in the
Turbulence Training Black Friday Sale.

This is the best Black Friday sale that you're going to get anywhere at anytime, and you don't have to camp out all night at Wal-Mart to do so.

Grab all 13 classic TT Workouts for 93% off the regular price.

There's never been a deal like this before, AND you get access to all the TT Metabolic Resistance Training fat burning workouts.

The complete package includes:

1) The Bodyweight Cardio Pack
2) TT MRT 1.0 and TT MRT 2.0 (2 of the most popular TT workouts)
3) TT for Beginners and Total Torso Training
4) TT Thermogenic-30 (The 2012 Workout of the Year)

The Hottest Workout Fix (sample inside)

People love bodyweight workouts because they give you that lean, athletic look and they can be done anywhere.

But the problem with most bodyweight workouts is that they can be really boring. Sure, you would have good intentions of using a bodyweight workout, but who wants to do the same 3 sets of 10 approach with plain pushups and bodyweight squats?

Thankfully, there is someone like Mike Whitfield, who thinks “outside the box” with his unique but effective bodyweight finishers that you can add to ANY workout to help you chisel that lean, athletic look without the boring same old bodyweight routines.

Here is a bodyweight finisher he used with one of his clients that won $1,000 in transformation contest money and got first place…

Get all 39 Bodyweight Finishers here for just $20 <==

The Fab 5 Bodyweight Finisher

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 5 minutes, resting only when needed. Use a fast tempo on all exercises (but with good form):

Low Box Jumps or Total Body Extension (if you don’t have a box) (5)

Decline Close-Grip Pushups (5)

Prisoner Sumo Squat (5)

Double Burpee (5)

Skater Hops (5/side)

==> 39 BW Finishers + 2 BW Metabolic Workouts <== This week only

Try that finisher, then read the shocking study on that page on how a 4-minute trick is more powerful than 30 minutes of cardio for burning more fat…

… yes, a 4-minute trick!

After all, you could use more time, right? We all can.

There’s more crazy and unique finishers you can use with any workout with ZERO equipment.

Mike’s brand new Bodyweight Finishers System is officially launching this week and to celebrate, you not only get all 39 finishers for just $20, but he’s also giving away two ZERO EQUIPMENT Bodyweight Metabolic Resistance Training workout programs…

… yes, 8 full weeks of ZERO EQUIPMENT workouts for FREE.

39 Zero Equipment Finishers and 8 Weeks of Workouts <--- VIP invitation

Enjoy that challenging finisher,

Arthur M.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Can You Out-train a Bad Diet?

The truth behind carbs is that you CAN still eat them and drop pounds of fat. In fact, you can drop MORE fat while STILL eating carbs.

Now obviously, a long term approach and overall health should be on your mind, but let’s face it. You have weekends. There’s football, family gatherings at restaurants, parties and more.

There are times when you do have to out-train some poor diet choices… but can you?... safely?

Maybe you’re really great during the week but when the weekends come, you just can’t avoid all the carbohydrates around you. You end up having pizza, ice cream and don’t forget the Saturday morning pancakes.

Whatever your favorite carbs might be, those “oops moments” call for more aggressive fat loss methods and you do have to step up your training.

But here’s the thing – you don’t want to work so hard to drop the extra fat you gained… just to gain it all back. You have to do it aggressively, sure… but safely.

And that’s exactly what I’ve found for you. My buddy Mike Whitfield, who enjoys pancakes more than any other fitness expert I’ve seen, uses these powerful metabolic finishers himself and with his clients.

And when they need to lose a lot of fat FAST, his trick is this… He will have his clients use these short, but powerful bodyweight finishers as conditioning on their off days for a week along with their workout program. Sure, they only last around 6 minutes, but the way they are designed will boost their metabolic rate 24 hours a day.

But these bodyweight finishers he uses are quite different than other bodyweight programs. He tracks exactly what works best and he is constantly tweaking his finishers to get the best results.

That’s why 6 of his clients have beat thousands of others and either won or placed in the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.

And not only that, but his workouts with his clients are only 30 minutes! In fact, he is GIVING AWAY his new bodyweight program, “The Bodyweight Dirty 30”. These are powerful, but effective ZERO-EQUIPMENT 30-minute metabolic workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Yep – these workouts are FREE.

And you get it when you grab his brand new Bodyweight Finishers program for just $20… that’s just 51 cents for each bodyweight finisher workout.

=> FREE 30-minute Bodyweight Workouts and 39 BW Finishers

Mike has inspired so many people with these unique finishers that one of his clients lost 9 pounds in just one week, even after a weekend binge.

Look I want this for you, too. You CAN eat carbs and “slip up” without falling off track. Mike used to weigh 300 pounds himself and knows what it is like to eat and feel guilty.

THESE finishers will give you the wiggle room you’ve been looking for in your diet.

And you can give yourself the freedom you deserve and be set free of your restrictive diet once and for all, if you start TODAY.

And just to be clear – these finishers WILL allow you to keep your lean, sexy muscle while stripping off stubborn fat… but they do take HARD work.

Mike uses a variety of methods with his finishers including the density method, the brutal, but effective gauntlet method, and of course his infamous 20-10 method.

The first method is his clients’ favorite – the density method. Here is one of his density finishers here:

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 5 minutes, resting only when needed:

Jump Squat (5)

Triple Stop Pushup (5)

Total Body Extension (10)

The second method is the gauntlet approach, in which you have a very effective exercise repeated within a circuit with “active recovery” in between. It will bring you to the border of insanity, but highly effective.

And finally, there is the 20-10 approach. This one is very taxing on belly fat, and your metabolism gets revved up all day. Sometimes he uses a 20-rep exercise followed by a 10-rep exercise, and then there are times when he uses an exercise for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest for a certain amount of rounds.

You’ve probably heard of doing a 20-10 method before, but not like these finishers.

It is these finishers that allow his clients to eat MORE carbs and still drop pounds of fat week after week, even with 30-minute workouts!

Now, there is a catch. His Bodyweight Dirty 30 program is not for sale. It’s only available THIS WEEK at the link below. Mike is giving it away for FREE with his brand new Bodyweight Finishers system.

==> Bodyweight Dirty 30 (THIS WEEK ONLY)

After this week, the Bodyweight Dirty 30 expires

But you can get it FREE when you pick up the brand new Bodyweight Finishers System for just $20 this week only!

==> Bodyweight Dirty 30 PLUS 39 Bodyweight Finishers

This is a shocking offer. The Bodyweight Dirty 30 is alone worth the small investment, but with this offer, you get a total of 5 Bodyweight programs!

Enjoy your carbs and lose fat, too with these finishers,

Arthur M.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

WARNING: Insane 4 x 4 x Floor workout

So, I heard about Ben Teal's approach to melting fat with short, super intense (some might say 'insane')workouts and I was crazy enough to try one of his 'Mini' Shred Circuits.

If you want to give it a go, here it is. But here's you warning: this is TOUGH.

Metabolic Mayhem

He calls it the "4-by-4-by-Floor" workout...

Tuck Jumps x 4
Dumbbell Squat x 4
Dumbbell Chest Press x 4
Chin Up x 4

Move through each exercise as fast as possible. Rest 30 seconds and repeat the circuit 3 more time for a total of 4 rounds.

It's 4 exercises, 4 reps each, repeated 4 total times. But give it a try and you'll see why it's called 4 by 4 by 'Floor'.

This type of workout is a super effective way to get your metabolism fired up any time you have a few extra minutes and some dumbbells lying around.

But not everyone has dumbbells, so here's the body weight only version...

Tuck Jumps x 4
Prisoner Squat x 4
Push Ups x 4
Chin Up x 4

Same rules apply... Move through each exercise as fast as possible. Rest 30 seconds and repeat the circuit 3 more time for a total of 4 rounds.

These workouts are usually done after Metabolic Muscle workouts to finish off your workout; however, you can do them as quick, hard hitting metabolic boosters by themselves.

In fact, Ben encourages using them any time you have 10 minutes to 'burn'.

Even if your diet isn't spot on, you can still melt fat with these insane, but incredibly
effective workouts like these.

=> You can look at the full program here

On page 12 of the Training Manual, you'll notice that Ben also includes 'volume' workouts.

Instead of a number of reps for each exercise, Ben gives you a set amount of time to do each move.

Here's a bonus tip for you...

Don't do each exercise to failure. Leave a few reps in the tank. This will allow you to do more sets and reps and rounds over all.

This leads to more calories being burned, which leads to less belly fat.

And who doesn't want less belly fat?

Try one (or both) of these workouts and let me know how it goes.

These types of workouts are so effective, Ben's modified them to train for 12-mile adventure races!

=> Check out these insane workouts here

To your success!

Arthur M.

New Way of Getting More Out of Your Workouts

It was a warm Spring morning and Philip had just smoked another metabolic workout with Mike Whitfield, his trainer that had lost 105 pounds himself.

At the end of each session, Philip would work with Mike on some intense conditioning, also known as a metabolic finisher. This was Mike's "secret ingredient" to his client's success in losing 34 pounds in just 12 weeks.

These finishers would only last a few minutes (as little as 3 minutes), but because they are so powerful, his clients never hit a plateau and kept burning pounds of fat each and every week.

Mike Whitfield, the creator of the new Bodyweight Metabolic Finishers system, uses these zero-equipment finishers with his clients at the end of each workout, but they also use these as off day conditioning workouts. In fact, Mike creates his finishers that are so effective, that he has had 6 clients place or win in the Turbulence Training Transformation contests without ANY cardio. His clients love them and that's why they've been able to stay with their workouts so consistently.

These bodyweight finishers can be done anywhere, and are proven to melt fat, no matter what workout program you might be on. You just simply tag these on at the end of your workouts.

And right now, you can get a whopping 39 bodyweight finishers for just $20 to celebrate the official release of this new program.

=> New Bodyweight Finishers (use with YOUR program)

You may find it hard to believe, but you can bust a weight loss plateau and SPEED up your weight loss dramatically, just like Mike's clients in just 10 minutes or less.

In fact, look at what this study revealed:

Canadian researchers at Queen's University tested a Bodyweight Finisher style workout against long cardio. (Reference: Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2012 Sep 20.) 22 college-aged women did 4 workouts per week for 4 weeks in one of three groups.

Group A did 30 minutes of treadmill running at 85% max heart rate

Group B did 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a single bodyweight exercise (burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or squat thrusts) with 10 seconds of rest between rounds.

Group C did nothing (they were the non-training control group).


Both training groups increased their aerobic fitness levels by the SAME amount (about 7-8%). That's right, the short bodyweight workouts (of 4 minutes) worked just as well as 30 minutes of cardio. Shocking. BUT...only Group B, the Bodyweight Finishers style training, also increased muscular endurance in common exercises like chest presses, leg extensions, sit-ups, and push-ups.

And finally, the Bodyweight Finishers training used by Group B also resulted in greater overall workout enjoyment.

The Canadian Scientists concluded that "extremely low volume bodyweight interval-style training" will boost cardiovascular fitness just as well as cardio while giving you BETTER improvements in muscle endurance...

...All in just 4 minutes.

=> There is a 4-minute finisher on this very page you can try

You'll see why Mike's clients use this trick instead of long, boring cardio.

They have even given up intervals!

Fortunately, when you get your hands on PROVEN finishers (like Mike's) to use with any workout program, you don't have to spend more time in the gym to get results and boost your metabolism.

In fact, you won't ever have to step on a cardio machine EVER again, just like Mike's clients. Philip, along with 5 other clients have beaten thousands of other contestants because of this one simple 4-minute trick he uses with every workout session.

=> He has a 4-exercise metabolic finisher just for you right here

This is the amazing part - THESE bodyweight finishers require NO equipment. That means you don't need anything, so you can do them any time or anywhere.


Now I've heard of bodyweight circuits, and I'm sure you have, too. But these are certainly different. Mike uses a variety of:

Gauntlet cirucits

Density supersets and circuits

The crazy, but effective 20-10 method and more...

Mike is a high-energy guy, and his bodyweight finishers show that. I started to sweat just looking at them on paper. Now unless you live in the good ole' southeast state of GA, you won't be able to experience his bodyweight finishers ... until now.

You can use the exact bodyweight finishers he has used with his contest winners. Not only that, but he's also offering his clients' favorite style of workouts. He has written a program called "Bodyweight Switch", in which you use strength and finisher supersets.

So, you get the benefits of metabolic workouts while shredding fat by keeping your heart rate elevated with these addicting and effective supersets.

=> FREE Bodyweight Switch Program with Bodyweight Finishers

Bodyweight Switch Metabolic Workouts Program

With Mike's Bodyweight Finishers System and his Bodyweight Switch Metabolic Workouts Program, your belly fat doesn't stand a chance. In fact, this is the perfect system if you enjoy your cheat meals but can't break a plateau.

These short, but powerful bodyweight finishers work. After all, his clients have won $4,500 in contest money and not to mention - he's lost 105 POUNDS HIMSELF.

Check out his before/after photos here

=> Short, but powerful Bodyweight Finishers and Mike's before/after photos

Say goodbye to boring cardio (and even intervals) once and for all,

Your friend,

Arthur M.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Replace cardio with these crazy "circuits"

Are you tired of cardio?

Yeah, me too.

Metabolic Mayhem

That's why what I have for you today is really awesome.

It's an article about how to replace cardio and get more work done in less time with with Metabolic Shred Circuits.

You won't even begin to believe how hardcore and effective these are. The author, Ben Teal, lost over 100 pounds using these metabolic workouts.

He tells you below how to kick cardio to the curb with these unique workouts below. Let me know how it goes!...

How to Kick Cardio to the Curb with Metabolic Shred Circuits - Ben Teal, Certified Metabolic Trainer

Here's the deal. I would much rather do Metabolic Shred circuits than cardio.

But one question I get often is "How can I replace my cardio routine with these shred circuits?"

That's like asking me "How can I take my current workouts and cover them with a thick layer or hot and spicy awesomesauce?"

Here's the situation...

1.) You ended up having to work a few extra hours, traffic was terrible and you can't make it to the gym.

2.) You used to enjoy hopping on the treadmill or the elliptical, but lately you feel like your stuck in a rut and wanting something different.

3.) You're travelling, and what the hotel gym lacks equipment, it makes up in stinky mustiness.

If you're like most people, you usually hop on the treadmill at the end of your workout (or the treadmill may be you're entire workout).

You're on there for 20 to 30 minutes (or longer!)

Let's be honest. That's just boring.

What if I told you that you could burn more calories and get a bigger metabolic boost in less time?

Here's the exact workout I did to burn 229 calories in less than 15 minutes (with no equipment).

This one is called "The 9's". Be warned this is a hardcore workout, so be prepared. But it's a lot more fun than staring at a treadmill screen for half an hour!

You simply want to do each exercise in progression – one right after the other – with minimal rest between exercises (I usually rest about 10 to 15 seconds).

Do 9 reps of each exercise (there are 9 exercises). Rest 90 seconds after each round. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

Prisoner Lunge
Seal Jacks
Pull Ups
"Perfect" Push Ups
Jumping Jacks
Prisoner Squats
Feet Elevated Push Ups
Full Body Extension
"Frogger" (this is a fun exercise – you simply pretend you're a frog and jump forward. Saying "ribbit" is optional!)

I did this workout in just under 15 minutes and incinerated 229 calories.

Why is this type of workout so effective?

It's a study in productivity.

You can crank up the intensity without killing any one muscle group.

This allows you burn more calories faster because you are cycling through all of the muscle groups.

This type of metabolic workout also cranks up the after burn effect much, much higher than slow cardio on the treadmill so you burn more calories once the workout has stopped.

This is why it's called Metabolic Mayhem.

And this is just one way to replace traditional cardio with Metabolic Shred Circuits.

(Bonus Tip: Use these in place of your interval workouts for a new twist in your stale routines).

The fact is, most of the methods out there designed to "burn" belly fat only rely on the legs. Why not put the other half of your body to work to shed more fat in less time?

Crank it up!
Ben Teal, Certified Metabolic Trainer

Get the complete Metabolic Mayhem system here

I know you can transform your body.

Arthur M.

2 Workouts that Saved Guru Personal Trainer from Embarrassment

By Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Creator, Turbulence Training

In 1996 I was embarrassingly skinny. I remember sitting with my friends and being ashamed of my formerly athletic body. And all of this happened for an embarrassing reason.

You see, in 1994 I was a 180 pound 19 year old kid heading off to my first year of college to study exercise science.

My bench press was 225 pounds. I was in my prime.

But then I made a huge mistake.

I listened to my Exercise Physiology professor talk about long slow cardio workouts, and I made the mistake of switching my lifting for cardio.

Two years later, at my most pathetic strength and physique levels, I was 142 pounds. YIKES.

People thought there was something wrong with me.

Fortunately, I got my head switched on right, thanks to a more advanced Exercise Physiology class in my final year of my Undergraduate program.

And then in the summer before starting my Master's Degree, everything finally clicked.

I started using the Turbulence Training style workouts that would come to dominate my life.

It was a combination of non-competing supersets, intense training, basic-but-brilliant exercises, intervals instead of
cardio, and fewer, shorter workouts than ever before that...

FINALLY gave me the fitness cover model body that you've seen in my pictures on the net, the Toronto Star, and in GQ magazine.

Now to be honest, I've never written about this before because I always felt it was too embarrassing to share with you.

But lately on the Turbulence Training Facebook page so many readers have been asking, "What workouts did you use to get your body?" that I realized I needed to tell YOU the full story.

The exact workout style that I used to get ripped abs, chisel my chest, and build my biceps are found in the main Turbulence Training manual and are called:

TT 2K3 and TT 2K4

Each workout lasts 4 weeks, and I guarantee that if you use these programs - just like I did - that you'll get ripped and build a lean sexy body by the time January rolls around.

Listen, I was once like you and I know what's it's like to not get results. But it's not your fault.

Perhaps you were led down the wrong path by a teacher, a trainer, or more likely, a  poorly designed program in a magazine.

It's time for all that to end.

It's time for you to build the body you've always wanted.

Just like I did, using the same workouts.

And because I know your frustration, you're receiving a special offer this week.

You'll get the complete Turbulence Training system I used to build my body - including the legendary TT 2K3 and TT 2K4 workouts - all while saving 50% off the regular price (and getting inside-access to our private member's area).

Save 50% on Turbulence Training and change your body today

I know what's it's like to not get what you want.

But I also know what it's like to have found the solution.

Get started today and make the same body transformation that I've been able to make.

You can do it,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - You'll also get 5 bonus workouts...

...that I've created for men AND women over the years to help them get continuous results and an even sexier body.

My gift to you when you start Turbulence Training today.

Get 50% off Turbulence Training and 5 FREE workouts

Plus, you'll get to ask me all of your training and diet questions on our private TT Forum.

See you on the inside.

Face Fitness

Occasionally I come across something that just blows my mind and I have to share it with you. 

I even showed this to my girlfriend last night and she was like "yeah right! - is that even possible?"

Did you know that there are simple exercises you can do for your face to look younger, reduce chubby cheeks, and get rid of your double chin?

They call it "Face Fitness" and you'll be shocked by these before and after pictures:

I was so amazed by this program that I contacted the owner and asked him all about it.  He told me that he's already helped over 15,000 people from all over the world

...including top models!

Personally, I think he's crazy to offer over $300 worth of videos and content for less than a price of a dinner for 2. 

However, the special discount price is only good for limited time only- so go to:

There you'll discover the exact formula to:

- Lose Chubby Fat Cheeks
- Get rid of Double Chin
- Take years off your face!
- Get sculpted-looking cheekbones
- Define your jawline
- Increase your inner confidence as little as 30 days!

Check it out:

Speak Soon,

Arthur M.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to STOP the Christmas Fear and Guilt with food

Deep in the back of every women’s head is a voice.

We try our best to ignore it.

Every year, it gets a bit louder as the Holidays approach.

The voice says: “You’re going to gain 10 lbs during the Holidays.”

And then another voice says: “Should I enjoy all the awesome food that I see?”

“Will I fit into my favorite dress?”

“Wow... this looks sooo yummy!”


The “inner conflict” begins... 

And the cycle goes on and on.

It’s an endless cycle of fear, guilt and doubt.

For many of us, it takes the joy out of Christmas.

What if there was a solution to this problem?

What if you could LOSE 10 lbs before and during the Holidays?

“That’s why my friend Sue Heintze developed her Drop A Dress Size Bootcamp” program so that this year you can have peace of mind heading into Christmas.

Picture the holidays this year: indulging in Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie (or whatever it is you LOVE to eat!), without a care in the world. Christmas Day, enjoying your favorite chocolates, eggnog and tasty treats…

New Year’s Eve wearing a slinky little dress that you now look amazing in, but used to be way too snug to wear.

You’ll lose fat, but also be able to relax on the holidays.

Yes, you can have your cake, eat it and look great after.

Eat Your Turkey and Drop a Dress Size – all Before Christmas.

I give this program my highest recommendations:

The Drop A Dress Size Bootcamp <= 50% Off Registration

To health and freedom,

Arthur M.

P.S. Here’s a great suggestion from Sue to help you overcome that dreaded “relapse guilt”:

Hot Tip #5: Ditch The Guilt

Even if you fall completely off the wagon, don't beat yourself up. Remember to give yourself a pat on the back for all the positive things you have done – chances are you have already done more exercise and eaten healthier than the majority of other people. Just get right back to it without missing another beat and don’t get caught up in the rationale, thinking ‘you might as well give up because you have already messed up!’

If you threw in the towel every time you didn't score 100% on your diet, most people would never get through more than a few days on any structured program. You're only human.

If you’re on track 80% of the time, YOU’RE DOING GREAT!

Just because you mess up once doesn't mean you should quit!  Don't let one small slip keep you from achieving great things.

Remember, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Click here to join now:

The Drop A Dress Size Bootcamp <= 50% Off Registration

How to 'hack' your BROKEN metabolism (embarrassing story)

There's a dude - mid 30's, married, two kids, full time job as an economist - who is turning the fitness industry on it's head.

Metabolic Mayhem

His name is Ben Teal and he can help you - especially if you are too busy to even THINK about the gym - get into the best shape of your life.

He has training and nutrition tips and SIMPLE little 'hacks' that will have your metabolism on overdrive almost immediately.

Check them out here:


You'll also read an embarrassing story of how Ben went on to lose over 100 pounds after an embarrassing 5-minute phone call that made him turn his back on the 'industry'.

Ben's not your typical 'expert'. He's a regular guy on a mission to change the fitness game.

So no matter if you're struggling to lose your first 10 or your last 10, he can help.

After all, he went from over 300 pounds to recently completing his 3rd 12-mile obstacle course.

This guy gets it. He doesn't believe in sacrificing time with your friends and family to hang out in a sweaty gym to incinerate fat. He believes in hacking your metabolism to shed fat on autopilot.

Get his metabolic secrets here:


I know you can transform your body.

Arthur M.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

5 Tips For A Better Workout!

We all have days where we go to workout and everything seems to run smoothly, right? But I know I’m not alone in saying we also have days where everything goes wrong, your workout sucks and you can’t seem to get the workout you want.

Well I’m here to tell you that it might not have to be that way. You see, by properly prepping your body before your workout you can expect to always get a better workout, which will help you boost your results!

Think about it like this… You go to do your workout and mindlessly warm up. You start your routine and it just doesn’t feel right, you give it what you have but just can’t seem to tap that drive. I know you know what I am talking about. Bout let’s look at a better way to do things…

You’re about to start your workout, you go through a series of warm up exercises that prep and prepare your body and mind for a serious workout, the whole time waking up your muscles, boosting your coordination, increasing your reactions and balance! And by the time you are ready to start your workout you are 100% in bring it mode!

I wanna share with you 5 tips that will help you be the second person and always bring it in your workouts!

Get The Warrior Warm Up < < <

1) Wake your brain and nervous system up – Top coaches and scientists agree that it is your nervous system that dictates how strong, powerful and enduring you can be. By adding in some brain challenging movements to your pre workout routine you can wake up your nervous system and add more strength and more control to your workouts.

2) Work on building flexible strength – Most people only work on increasing their flexibility or increasing their strength. In order to really prep your body for a workout you need to teach your body to use “flexible strength” so you can move safely through greater ranges of motion. Greater range of motion = metabolic boost!

3) Center your mind for the work ahead – By using a deliberate pre workout routine you can center your mind and ditch the stresses in your day so you can focus 100% on your workout!

4) Set off positive anchors in your mind – Anchoring is a high level mental trick that world-class athletes use to always bring it in their sports. By practicing a set pre workout system you will anchor your body to respond to your warm up in such a way that it knows it’s time to bring it. When you do mindless random warm up’s you get ZERO anchoring benefit.

5) Practice movement rather then just mobility Mobility is a huge buzzword these days but I urge you to think more about how the body moves as a unit rather then isolated. Practicing increasingly complex movements not only assists in tips 1-4 but will make your workouts safer by building higher quality movement capacity. Translation – when you move better you will be safer and stronger during your workouts!

Get The Warrior Warm Up < < <

If you feel like there are days, weeks or even months, that you can’t seem to bring it in your workouts. Then, I urge you to change things up. Get the complete system called The Warrior Warm Up that will address all 5 tips. You will learn how you can bring it every workout, every time!

Friday, November 16, 2012

THE new workout trend you should be using (sample VIDEO inside) <==

Everything old is new again. Or at least that’s how it seems.

The oldest workout method in the world is bodyweight training.

And it’s popped up this year in the top three fitness trends for 2013, according to the latest survey by the American College of Sports Medicine.

People love bodyweight because they can do it anywhere. They don’t need a gym. And it’s easy to fit into even the busiest lifestyle.

There’s a problem with most bodyweight programs, though. They tend to be incredibly boring.

Or that’s what I used to think, until I met my buddy Adam Steer. Adam’s innovative bodyweight workouts have earned him the nickname “The Bodyweight Coach”. With good reason.

He taught me moves I’ve never seen anywhere before. And he gets serious results for his clients.

You can try out one of Adam’s workouts right here for FREE…

==> Cool follow-along bodyweight workout (FREE today)

Try that workout, then read the entire page to find out how bodyweight training will even allow you to cut your workout time in HALF while still getting the same fatloss results.

After all, I don’t have time to waste at the gym. And neither do you.

You’re going to want more when you try this for yourself. And I’ll tell you where you can get it…

Adam’s brand new Bodyweight Burn program is fresh off the presses this week. And to celebrate, he’s offering it at a HUGE $50 discount via the VIP link in this email. You’ll also get a total of 7 extra bonuses for *FREE*, including his powerful 10-in-12 Diet:

Cut your workout in half and lose more fat

Enjoy the workout and the free bodyweight training info!

Arthur M.

-ps-Feel free to print up this handy graphic so you remember all the moves next time you’re away from your computer screen…

Right Click Here - Then Print

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

AFTERBURNER Military Fitness

AFTERBURNER Military Fitness Absolutely the most focused, well-researched and thorough Fitness Program to prepare you for your Physical Fitness Test.

The Warrior Warm Up Program - Don't Lose Your Chance!!

I just wanted to send you this message and let you know that you have less then 24 hours left to get The Warrior Warm Up Program PLUS the unannounced special bonus, How To Do A Muscle Up Video for only $7!


I have seen a lot of deals pass by but this is without a doubt one of the top deals I have ever seen and it would be a shame for you to miss out. Here's the top 5 reasons why you should check out The Warrior Warm Up:

1) You Will Boost Your Workout Performance - By using the routines contained in The Warrior Warm Up before your workouts, you will boost your workout results and get injured less by neurologically prepping your body for movement and increasing your safe range of motion capacity.

2) It Constantly Changes, Never Gets Boring - The Warrior Warm Up isn't like traditional, boring warm up routines. It's designed so that when you get better the exercises get harder this way you never get bored and always have a new move to look forward to learning.

3) You Can Build Strength And Flexibility At The Same Time - Tyler says, "I've been working on flexibility and strength training for a long time, because long ago I realized that you could do Yoga a lot and you can improve your flexibility and your mobility but then you go and try to do a strength activity and you get injured really fast. And, vice versa. If someone who does strength activities goes and tries to do something that requires flexibility, they tend to get injured fast as well. Not too many people understand the dynamic relationship between getting someone stronger and more flexible at the same time and that's exactly what The Warrior Warm Up is all about.


To Your Fitness Success
Arthur M.

P.S. Remember, you have less then 24 hours left to get 2 awesome programs for only $7 It's a no brainier CLICK HERE

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Unique Bootcamp Game (inside)

If you're not using games in your bootcamps, then you're missing out on easily doubling, if not tripling your memberships with games.

But they are HARD to come up with. Fortunately, there are people like Brian Kalakay that is a genius when it comes to creating fun and addictive games that your campers love.

In fact, Brian HAD to create games because he was on the verge of being flat broke. He only had 3 clients in his workouts. And now??...

You can see what his membership looks like now here

It's no surprise after he told me how he uses these fun and challenging games with his campers, like this one...

Calf Tag

Format: Teams of two people

Supplies Needed: None

How to Begin: Partner each person up with someone else and have them stand facing each other.

Objective: The person who tags their partner's calves the most wins.

Rules: Using only their hands, they are going to try and tag their partner's calves, without getting their calves tagged in the process.

Every time they tag their partner's calves they get one point. Have each person keep track of their points.

They only get points when the CALF is tagged not the shins or other parts of the leg.

Do this for about 30-60 seconds and then crown the winner.

Switch partners and repeat as needed.

Try to keep everyone in a designated area to avoid collisions.

This game could be played with a huge group or small one.

Now Brian's games will easily double your membership in just 4 weeks. But Brian Kalakay has also teamed up with Shawna Kaminski and Mike Whitfield to bring you a complete system to beat bootcamp boredom forever.

You'll get 30 MORE Bootcamp Games, PLUS...

18 Bootcamp Challenge Workouts

6 Extreme Bootcamp Challenge Workouts

31 Bootcamp Metabolic Finishers

You can get the ENTIRE done-for-you system for half off, which is the best deal of 2012 by far. This will be your business explosion blueprint for 2013 for sure.

Beat Bootcamp Boredom Forever <= Half Off

And the best part?... you just hit print and then you'll triple not only your productivity, but your memberships, too.

But get this... during this special launch event, you're also getting ANOTHER bonus found nowhere else:

Bonus - 12 Ladder Bootcamp Workouts - If you have never used ladders in your bootcamps, you're missing out on using this crazy method and having your campers rave about you.Every workout inside this unique Bootcamp Workouts manual uses the ladder method.

86 Done-for-You Bootcamp Ideas PLUS FREE Bonus <= Half Off

Enjoy your blueprint to explode your business and never getting bored with your workouts ever again.

Get Ripped with Hardcore Workouts (tough circuit inside)

By Craig Ballantyne

When it comes to losing your last 10 pounds, then you need hard-to-your-core workouts.

Designed with advanced fat loss and muscle gains in mind, the TT Hardcore workout system uses intense training techniques designed to get you rapid fat burning results.

In fact, you're going get ripped with these classics.

But beware...these Hardcore workouts are for ADVANCED users only.

Heck, just look at a sample of this workout...and this is just the third round of exercises from Workout B of TT Hardcore 2K10. It's a workout on it's own.

3A) DB Incline Chest Press - 5 reps (3-0-1)
-No rest.
3B) DB Split Squat - 5 reps per side (3-1-1) - pause 1 second at bottom
-No rest.
3C) Stability Ball Pike - 5 reps (1-0-1)
-Rest 1 minute before repeating 4 more times for a total of 5 circuits.

With challenging barbell complexes, difficult bodyweight exercises, awesome 5x5 trisets, and my plateau-busting adrenaline-style intervals, you'll recruit maximum muscle to burn mega-calories during and after training.

Needless to say, ONLY use these programs IF you're advanced and ready for hyper-fat burning results.

Stubborn fat simply doesn't stand a chance against these Hardcore workout routines.

Plus, you're going to get a bonus workout, one of my Trademarked Metabolic Resistance Training programs - TT MRT 2K12.

It includes what I call  Muscle-Metabolic Resistance Training, or M-MRT for short.

By borrowing some squeezing techniques bodybuilding (yes, bodybuilding!), your workouts will be even better, more intense, and more effective for building muscle and burning fat at the SAME time.

You'll use NEW exercise tempos, which force your body to train with MORE intensity for greater muscles exhaustion.

PLUS, we'll use the 90% rep technique combined with the squeezing techniques to dramatically increase the amount of fat-burning, muscle building tension.

I'll be honest, I've been training for over 20 years and I can't ever remember my legs feeling exactly like they did after workout A in this program. Enjoy.

Add it all up and that's where the M-MRT kicks into your program and completely changes the dynamics of the workout. Basically, you'll burn way more fat with this program, while building lean, sexy muscle at the same time.

It's the end of your belly fat as we know it.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Re: What The Heck Is A 72 Hour Cleanse?

What The Heck Is A 72 Hour Cleanse? (Time Sensitive)

The following is from an email I received from Prograde Nutrition earlier today:

Have you ever tried a "cleansing" program?

Some of them work, most of them don't.

Why? Because they are based on absolutely ZERO science.

They're nothing but fluff and marketing hype.

Our very own Dr. Bryan Walsh has run countless numbers of them with patients and knows what works and what doesn't.

And today we are releasing The Prograde 72 Hour Cleanse program based on a decade of his experience.

Now, in a second you will be clicking a link below and Dr. Walsh himself will be telling you all about the cleanse. But I wanted to be certain you knew a few things first:

1) The Prograde 72 Hour Cleanse is just $17 and is available for a VERY limited time.

2) The doors close to this limited-space program on Friday, November 9th at 11:59pm EST! So NOW is the time to enroll!

In fact, we may close the doors sooner. Why? Read the next bullet point and you'll understand why.

3) One of the VITAL components of a Cleanse is social support and education. That's why you will have access to a private forum where you will be able to ask Dr. Walsh your most pressing questions.

AND you will be joined by your fellow "cleansers" to support one another to make for an incredible experience that will literally change your body AND life!

To make sure we deliver the best Cleanse experience possible, we may have to close the doors early if demand is too great. And it most likely will be!

4) Even though we are a supplement company, there are no special supplements required to take as part of the Prograde 72 Hour Cleanse. It only requires simple fruits and veggies that you can find in any grocery store.

5) The Prograde 72 Hour Cleanse is PERFECT to do BEFORE the holidays. Why?

- You will change your relationship with food and reduce your junk food cravings

- You will have MUCH more energy

- You will stop the madness and no longer gain weight during the holidays

- And a whole lot more

6) If nothing else, be sure to click the link below and Dr. Walsh will explain to you exactly which 3 popular cleanses on the market today should be AVOIDED like the plague!

Click Here to Discover The Prograde 72 Hour Cleanse >>

Again, this program has VERY limited space. The doors close this Friday at 11:59pm EST!

And the introductory price is just $17! We cannot promise the Prograde 72 Hour Cleanse will ever be priced so low again.

Who's lookin' out for ya? ;-)

Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS
Prograde Nutrition

PS - Remember, one of the VITAL components of a Cleanse is social support and education. That's why you will have access to a private forum where you will be able to ask Dr. Walsh your most pressing questions.

AND you will be joined by your fellow "cleansers" to support one another to make for an incredible experience that will literally change your body AND life!

Click Here to Discover The Prograde 72 Hour Cleanse >>

12-Minute Challenge for Your Bootcamp

It's not very often that you get a new idea for your bootcamp business that is PROVEN to work to explode your business.

In case you haven't met my friend Shawna Kaminski, she is crushing it in Canada with her bootcamp. In fact, she just closed a 50K promo because her campers love her so much. Her campers rave about her.

Her secret is using these unique challenges and she was willing to share one with you today.

You can discover all of her secrets here > > >

As many reps as possible per set: Count the total rounds completed in 12 minutes. Partial rounds will not be counted, only complete rounds count for the final score.

Equipment: Timer, DB's Jump Rope


10 burpees

10 renegade row pushups

10 mountain climbers (per leg)

10 DB walking lunges (per leg)

10 DB squats

50 jump rope skips

Rules of the test:
Campers record only complete rounds.

Training variation:
Do timed sets of the above exercises, 30/5 for five rounds

Now imagine hitting print and having 23 MORE done-for-you challenges you can use with your bootcamps to get more clients and never having the same old boring workouts.

Actually, imagine combining that challenge with one of Brian Kalakay's done-for-you bootcamp games to have a workout your campers will never forget.

Of course, you can't forget to use one of Mike Whitfield's crazy bootcamp finishers, too.

You can get all of these done-for-you systems for HALF OFF here > > >

Have fun choosing a new twist to your workouts and hitting print. You'll have 86 ideas to put in your bootcamp workouts to never get bored again.

Now this is easily the best bootcamp system offer of 2012.

If you were to get all of these products on their own, it would be worth every cent. But fortunately, for you, they have teamed up and are offering their best solutions for your business all in one place.

You could implement just one of these done-for-you systems and easily double your membership in just weeks.

The Ultimate Bootcamp System <= HALF OFF!

Enjoy exploding your bootcamp with this system,

Arthur M.