Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SHRED Your Chest and Back With This Superset of In-Set Supersets

When you want fat loss and increased muscle definition, one of the key methods that I like to use is a tension-oriented superset done for medium to high reps, focusing on keeping strict form and squeezing the muscles HARD as you perform the reps.

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Train Like an NBA Dancer (Dance/Cheer Workout Program)

Dance/Cheer Workout Program

Do You Really Take Your Workouts Seriously?

Here’s my top 9 list why you should rip the Band-Aid off and check out the Warrior Workout System Sale before midnight tonight

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1) You know you could use a change to your current workouts and you’ve been
looking at how to break into more functional training routines.

2) Your bored with lame exercises that never really yield results.

3) You take your workouts seriously and understand how important progressive
movement training can be.

4) You can get for less then $15 what took Tyler over 10 years and 10’s of
thousands of dollars to learn!

5) You know you could get better results from your workout if only you had better
workouts to follow.

6) For less then a meal out you can have the most cutting edge information on
functional training that even the experts don’t know about.

7) You have no idea what the PM3 method is and you want to know more about this
awesome secret that can help boost your results.

8) You’re curious about the 100’s of progressive done-for-you workouts and if
they actually work.

9) If It doesn’t work… you will get your money back.

I could add another 30 reasons, but I don’t need to. You can spot a great deal when you see one. Even if your not ready right now, you can save 50-70% and save it for later.

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To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

P.S. I highly encourage you to check out what Tyler is calling the best invention in functional training since the barbell. It may be a bold claim, but there’s only on way to find out…

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Are Your Functional Workouts Functional?

You’ve probably heard of functional training right?

Functional training is in these days and it’s definitely here to stay but I see way to many people take it way too far down the “functional” path. Here’s what I mean…

Do you ever go the gym and see people standing on fluffy discs filled with air doing ridiculous exercises with pink bands? Is this real functional training?

I can’t remember the last time I was caught in a situation where I had to stand on an air filled disc and do side raises with a pink stretchy band. This is where most people go wrong, deciding to perform worthless “functional” exercises thinking that their doing themselves a favor.

So what is real functional training? And why should you do it?

If you take on serious functional training workouts, you will build an awesome looking body that looks great and performs even better! It’s the true key to lasting, powerful results and don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise!

Tyler Bramlett, the inventor of the R.E.A.L. Functional Training Movement has a great way to identify whether or not your training is really functional and a simple method he uses to help people start their R.E.A.L. Functional Training Journey. I’ll let him tell you about it.

What Is R.E.A.L. Functional Training?
By Tyler Bramlett

Real functional training is an acronym I made up to divide the lame and worthless exercises that many pseudo experts are calling “functional” from the tried and true functional training movements that we know get you great results!

Here’s what R.E.A.L. means…

Realistic Exercises
Executed With Perfect Form
At A High Intensity
Leaving You With A Body That Looks Good And Performs Even Better!

This is what I hold my workout standard to and this is what I have found gets people the best results!

You know you need to use real movements, that much is obvious. Shy away from single joint isolated exercises and look towards using multi-joint compound movements that resemble movements you see in real life. Pick stuff up, put it overhead and do so in a way that your body likes, which brings me to form…

You MUST use good form! This is even more important when practicing R.E.A.L. Functional Training when you use large compound movements there is a lot going on and you need to honor the principals of good form.

Without going into great detail good form means your joints are in proper alignment, the right muscles are working to accomplish a movement and your spine remains neutral throughout each movement.

Intensity is key to getting your body top react to the stimulus you just put on it. You can do functional training exercises but if you do them at a low intensity you wont get results because you wont be sending the signal to your body to adapt.

The key to the proper use of intensity is to work up to it over time honoring the previous 2 principals outlined above.

This all being said… If you perform real movements, with good form at a high intensity you will get awesome results!!

Combine them with my Progressive Movement Method and you have a program that will leave you with a body that looks great and performs even better!!

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Whooweee, that Tyler character really brings on the truth bombs whenever he sends me these little email snippets.

What I took from that was in order to get the best results you can’t just do silly exercises that your friends or weekend certified trainers think you should be doing.

Instead you should do real movements, with good form at a high intensity and the byproduct of working out like this is a hot bod that can kick some serious butt as well!!

Tyler’s got some super cool program’s that utilizes his R.E.A.L. Functional Training philosophy and his unique PM-3 Method specifically for building an awesome body that looks as good as it performs. Check it out if you care about looking good and feeling even better.

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To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

P.S. Tyler told me that you can try out his PM-3 Method of working out for the next 60 days and if your not 100% satisfied with the stellar results you will get then Tyler’s letting you return it for a 100% refund. There’s no real reason not to try out the PM-3 Method of working out. But… If you’re not into learning new things, if you are satisfied with where you are in your workouts then ignore this special deal. The choice is yours.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Have You Ever Herd Of The PM3 Method?

I may have found an entirely different way to workout. You see, traditional workouts focus primarily on getting stronger or increasing reps, right? And while this is certainly one of the keys to getting better results in your workouts, are there other components that could help you get better results that you may not be considering?

A little while back, when I was hanging out with some of my high-level fitness buddies in Costa Mesa I was having a conversation about the keys to creating a successful workout when out of nowhere Tyler Bramlett (a functional training expert) started talking about a new method he had in the works.

His new method, which he calls the PM3 Method (more on that in a sec), goes way further then just looking at how strong or enduring you can get. We’re not talking about doing some resistance training and then some endurance work, but rather a unique new system that will reshape the way you approach your workouts.

His new PM3 Method highlights 3 different areas of your training and I can guarantee your neglecting at least one of them…

The first area is strength and stability. This is what we already talked about, how many reps you can do with a given resistance or exercise will determine your strength and his PM3 Method certainly includes this concept.

But… Here’s where the fun starts…

The second area is flexibility and range of motion. While many people focus on building flexibility through dynamic warm ups and stretching, it’s not very often that you will do a workout that incorporates the building of strength and flexibility at the same time.

Finally the PM3 Method focuses on helping you to improve your balance and coordination and I’m not talking about goofy, worthless balance exercises but some real no B.S. functional movements.

So you might be asking yourself, “how the heck would you accomplish all of this in just one workout?

Well, the secret lies in what the PM3 Method actually stands for. You see, the PM3 Method stands for progressive movement 3. The 3 stands for the 3 components that need to be addressed for best results, we already covered those above. The words progressive movement, are, as Tyler says, “where the real magic happens.”

==> Check Out Tyler’s Programs That Feature His Unique PM3 Method

I’ll let Tyler tell you about the magic of movement progressions directly…
Movement progressions are the key to getting the greatest results possible. I know we have all seen someone who decided they wanted to get a six-pack, do crunch after crunch to no avail, failing to get the result they want, right?

This person was missing something… They were missing a key component to their workout that prevented them from getting great results. This key component, which is likely prevalent in your training is called a movement progression.

Should you run before you walk? Should you squat on one leg before you squat well on two?

NO!! For you to get the best results in your workouts you have to apply a series of increasingly challenging exercises into your programming.

You need to focus on building strength, flexibility and coordination all at the same time and you can do this by utilizing the often-misunderstood science of movement progressions.

Tyler’s a brainy guy, so if what he said didn’t make sense, let me make it as simple as possible. What he is saying is that you shouldn’t just sit there doing more and more reps of an exercise, but, instead you should always focus on making the exercises harder.

This is exactly what Tyler does in all of his training. He told me that his clients never get bored, they never stop getting better results, because he is applying his PM3 Method into their workouts.

Sounds neat right?

Well, today your in luck because Tyler is celebrating the birth of his first child and he put all of his programs that feature the PM3 method into an awesome sale where you can get a taste of these workouts fo as low as $7.

His programs literally teaches you to go from basic bodyweight and weighted exercises all the way to complex bodyweight training and hardcore weight training. They cover 100’s of exercises in great detail and includes done-for you workouts! PLUS today you can get it for 50-70% Off!

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To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

P.S. And if that’s not enough already, try out the PM3 Method of working out for the next 60 days and if your not 100% satisfied with the stellar results you will get then Tyler’s letting you return it for a 100% refund. There’s no real reason not to try out the PM3 Method of working out. But… If your not into learning new things, if you are satisfied with where you are in your workouts then ignore this special deal. The choice is yours.

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Build the strongest body imaginable

It’s not very often that someone sends me a new program that truly get’s me excited. I mean, people contact me all the time with their so-called “great solution” to getting crazy strong and fit. But the truth of the matter is the vast majority of these programs suck… like really suck!

Then there’s the programs that I see that look pretty good, would probably work for most people, but… There’s nothing new about them, there’s no magic to them that really peaks my interest.

However, every once in a while a real gem is presented to me that really get’s me fired up!

Well, one such “gem” recently came along, and today I’m super excited to tell you all about it.

You see, my friend and functional training expert Tyler Bramlett has been quietly making his mark in the fitness industry for the last 8 years. And throughout that time he’s come up with some unique concepts that few fitness experts I have ever met truly understand.

So… Why should you care?

Because today Tyler is celebrating the birth of his first child and he’s currently discounting ALL of his BEST SELLING programs for 50-70% off!

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Functional training is all the rage these days, with things like crossfit on the rise, everyone and their mom is out there switching from boring bodybuilding routines to athletic training methods that we now know get better results! But… And there’s always a but… Many of these “functional” training systems simply don’t have the proper program design to make sure you stay injury free. In fact I keep hearing from my high level friends in the industry all about the injuries they are seeing because of this functional training craze.

In Tyler’s Warrior Workout Systems he highlight’s a step-by-step method to safely approaching functional training so you can get awesome results all while staying injury free.

In fact each of his programs contain components that are dedicated to teaching you Tyler’s little known exercises to build a strong foundation so you can get better, safer results in your training.

Don't believe me? See for yourself here:

==> Check Out Tyler’s Safe Functional Training Methods Here

Another issue I see so many people having in their training is being attached/married if you will to only one training modality. You have bodyweight only people, kettlebell followers and even further, powerlifters and Olympic lifters that are all married to just one training system.

What Tyler did with his Warrior Workout System’s was take his vast experience with each of these training implements (Tyler has been trained formally in gymnastics, Olympic lifting and kettlebell training just to name a few) and create a system that you can use to get good results using your favorite exercise tools.

In The Warrior Workout System’s you will find not only a comprehensive Bodyweight Training Programs but also comprehensive Weighted Training Programs that each cover the EXACT exercises you should be doing in the EXACT order so you can build a body that looks great and performs even better! Seriously, if you’re into getting better results in your workouts you might wanna check this out…

==> Learn A Step-By-Step Approach To Bodyweight And Weight Training Here

Finally if that’s not enough, each of his programs com complete with dozens of done-for-you workouts!!

He went as far as to include bodyweight only workouts, weighted only workouts and hybrid (a combo of weights and bodyweight training) workouts that are easy to follow and super fun (wait till you see some of the names of these workouts).

So… Now maybe you can see why this got me so excited. A super great deal on some of the best workout systems out there that cover foundational mobility, flexibility, strength and stability exercises. Complete progressive guides to both bodyweight and weighted training. Plus dozens of Done-For-You Warrior Style Workouts!!

And all of his programs right now are under 15 bucks, It’s a serious no brainer!! Make a great decision and check out the Warrior Workout Systems right here, right now:

==> Check Out Tyler’s Warrior Workout Systems Here

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

P.S. Listen, I already know how much these programs could (gonna) change the way you look at training. But, if you are still concerned about his system’s not being worth your while I have 2 things left to tell you.

One, it’s under 15 bucks. That’s nothing compared to the value you will get out of just one of the manuals included in his programs. Two, Tyler’s offering a 60 day guarantee on any of the program’s so you really have NOTHING TO LOSE.

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Train Like a MLL Attackman (Short Video)

Lacrosse Fitness and Workout Program

Friday, April 26, 2013

Fix Your Lagging, Stubborn Quads With Backwards Treadmill Walking

The quadriceps (a.k.a. the quads) can be a tough muscle group to develop. If you've hit a plateau with your leg training and your quads just aren't keeping up with the rest of your body in terms of development, I've got just the solution for your lagging legs.

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Train Like an NFL Defensiveback (Short Video)

Football Fitness and Workout Program

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Last Chance Workout

Busy Moms Fat Loss Expert Holly Ribsby’s FYM in a GYM [LINK] “grand opening” sale ENDS TONIGHT.

In case you’ve been too busy this week to check it out, I wanted to send one more friendly reminder about Holly’s newest body sculpting program…

FYM in a GYM is specifically designed for women who want to workout in their local gym and take their strength & body shaping goals to the next level…

- Discover the Best Gym Exercises for You

- Feel Confident Knowing Exactly What to Do

- Have Fun with Greater Variety

Get all the details and take advantage of the special offer ($50 OFF) right HERE.

To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

P.S. – You CAN feel confident, have fun, and get great results working out in your local gym. Let Holly help you get the results you want AND deserve.

FYM in a Gym

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tighten, Target and TRASH Your Lower Abdominals With See-Saw Leg Raises

I'll be the first to tell you that you can't totally isolate the lower abs. However, what you CAN do is use certain exercises, body positions and equipment to help shift MORE of the tension to the lower abs over the rest of the rectus abdominus (the six-pack abs). This exercise will do it for you.

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Train Like MLL Defensemen (Short VIdeo)

Lacrosse Fitness and Workout Program

RE: Your Invitation to Workout

Yesterday, Holly Rigsby released here new program – FYM in a GYM [LINK]

She’s teaching moms how to workout in their local gyms…with confidence!

FYM in a GYM is focuses on exercises that will make you stronger, leaner and sexier than ever! Holly teaches you her secrets to boosting metabolism and body shaping with barbells, dumbbells, cable machines, suspension trainers, and more…

Plus, she walks you step-by-step through everything. Check out the table of contents below:

Section 1: Readiness Assessment

Learn how to perform a self-assessment to determine if the more advanced exercises are right for you. And, if they’re not, I’ve got a “get-ready” plan laid out for you in the Success Guide!

Section 2: Equipment & Set-up

Before you get started with the workouts, review this section to get familiar with the equipment you’ll be using. I also cover planning out your workout time, setting up your equipment, safe & smart lifting, and even things like the best shoes to wear, music to listen to, and how to track your workouts with training logs and smartphones.

Section 3: Warm-up Exercises – Start Strong

Let’s get ready to rock our bodies. First step, the warm-up. In this section I cover the importance of a proper warm-up and how it lays the foundation for a great workout session. Then I take you through my favorite pre-gym workout warm-up.

Section 4: Hip Dominant Exercises – Build a Beautiful Backside

Hip dominant exercises are the most important exercises for proper body function, athleticism, not to mention, building a beautiful backside. ;-) These are my favorite exercises! In fact, if you were really short on time and could only do one exercise, I’d recommend you pick your favorite from this section…

Section 5: Knee Dominant Exercises – Get Strong, Sexy Legs

Knee dominant exercises build strong & sexy legs, burn a ton of calories, and are critical for longevity – think healthy ankles, knees, & hips.

Section 6: Upper Body Push Exercises – Sultry Strength…

These are generally the weakest links for moms – push-ups, bench presses, shoulder presses, etc. However, these are the exercises we need to develop upper body strength, great shoulders & arms, and even a rock solid core…

Section 7: Upper Body Pulling Exercises – Super-Fun & Fabulous Results…What a combo!

Now it’s time to separate the women from the girls… Upper body pulling exercises are where we can really “get after it!” While we women love the lower body exercises, upper body tends to be a different story…until we discover the fun of these upper body pulling exercises. Plus, the results speak for themselves – amazing arms, sculpted shoulders and backs (think backless dress), and a V-taper that makes your waste look tiny! :-)

Section 8: Ultimate Core Exercises – Tighten Your Tummy!

Every mom I talk to wants a tighter tummy and a smaller waistline. Well, these are the exercises you need to do in the gym to rock your core. I’ve included everything from the most basic plank to some really fun belly blasters like hanging leg raises, Pall of Presses, cable chops, body saws, and more…

Section 9: Total Body Exercises – Total Transformation in One Exercise…

One of the great things about having access to gym equipment is the ability to do more extreme total body exercises that work everything from head-to-toe and ignite your fat burning metabolism for DAYS! Plus, while these exercises are an awesome challenge, they’re also an absolute blast to perform – I promise you’ll LOVE them!!

Section 10: Cool Down Exercises – Finish Strong

A proper cool-down will start the muscle recovery process, speed up results, and just have you feeling fabulous the rest of the day. Too often, busy moms skip this important step in the workout. In this section, I cover the importance of a proper cool-down and give you my favorite routine to do at the end of my gym workouts.

Section 11: 12 Weeks of Progressively Challenging Workout Plans
When you have a plan then you can get an effective workout in, eliminate time wasting and most of all ensure that you’re going to get the results you want. In your downloadable Success Guide I have mapped out a full 12 weeks of progressively challenging workouts for you to follow with suggestions on how to set personal records with each to ensure workouts are intense and your body is challenged and changing. This video tutorial takes you through a quick preview of how each 4-week workout will flow. This way all you have to do is practice the moves for the workout, print out your workout log and review a 5 minute video clip to get prepped and motivated to take on your workout at the gym.

Section 11: BONUS 15-Minute Express Circuit Workouts

Sometimes you just need to get in and out of the gym… These 2 bonus workouts - 1 uses a barbell, 1 uses dumbbells - will give you a total body workout that fire up your fat burners, build lean muscle, and get you strong…FAST! Use them when you’re in a pinch for time, but still want to hit the gym for a quick workout. These quick video tutorials demonstrate the flow of a 15-minute gym circuit so you get a feel for what you need to do once you are at the gym.

That’s a pretty incredible program!

See it for yourself HERE and get it while it’s still on sale (ends Friday) and save $50. :-)

See ya in the gym! ;-)

Arthur M.

P.S. – Strong is the New Skinny – more and more woman are turning to weightlifting to build strong, lean, sexy bodies. Get the direction you need with Holly’s FYM in a GYM program.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Egg Whites and Blood Pressure

Egg Whites and Blood Pressure
Was Your Doctor DEAD WRONG About This One Food?

Train Like an NFL Linebacker (Short Video)

Football Fitness and Workout Program

You’re Invited To Workout…

My friend Holly Rigsby, the world’s #1 Busy Moms Fat Loss Expert, is inviting YOU to the gym…


For years now, Holly has been producing awesome at-home fitness programs for busy moms with her Fit Yummy Mummy brand. Well, due to increased demand from her customers, she’s come out with a new product – FYM in a GYM.

FYM in a GYM is jam packed with almost 90 videos, a step-by-step program design tutorial, and 2 bonus 15-minute express gym workouts. You will have everything you need to give you enough workout options for over a year!

If you’ve ever felt lost or intimated working out in a gym, don’t feel bad. Many women do (and so do a lot of guys ;-b).

Anyway, with this easy-to-follow, yet totally comprehensive program, you’ll know exactly what to do the next time you step into your local gym!

Check out FYM in a GYM right HERE!

To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Do you really know what's in your fish oil?

Fish oil is now one of the most popular dietary supplements on the market, with sales soaring past $1 billion annually.

However, neither the FDA nor any other federal or state agency routinely tests fish or marine oil supplements for quality.

And problems with quality have been identified in numerous tests by independent researchers of marketed supplements containing fish oils.

These problems include contamination, inaccurate listing of EPA and DHA levels, spoilage and formulation issues.

So with all the hype about fish oil, what are you supposed to believe?

How do you know for sure that the fish oil you’re taking or considering taking is actually “good”?

Plus, did you know that many supplement companies use a form of fish oil that is barely even absorbed by your body?!?

…Simply because it’s cheaper.

Meanwhile, a select number of reputable brands insist on top-notch processing and formulations that have been shown to increase omega-3 absorption by more than 37%, according to a 2010 study.

Get the full scoop here

But to the everyday person, these subtle differences are almost undetectable unless you know exactly what to look for.

Sadly, no one is showing you how...

Which means that right now you could be wasting your hard-earned money every month on a fish oil that is either rancid or that your body doesn’t even absorb!

Frustrating, isn’t it?

And the worst part is that there’s nothing you can do to find out if you’re being taken for a ride…

Until now thanks to a brand new report called “Fish Oil: Your Unbiased Guide to Choosing the Best Omega-3 Supplement”.

And when you grab your copy right now you'll get $30 OFF its regular price.

Download your copy here <------------ SAVE $30 NOW

The goal with this report is to give you clarity and complete confidence to help you choose the best fish oil OR omega 3 supplement…for you. That way, you can steer clear of the lies, save money, and be a smarter consumer.

To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

Prozone Workouts (Short Video)

Go PRO Workouts Training Programs

Football Fitness and Workout Program

Volleyball Fitness and Workout Program

Lacrosse Fitness and Workout Program

Soccer Fitness and Workout Program

Basketball Fitness and Workout Program

Skiing Workout Program

Snowboarding Workout Program

Dance/Cheer Workout Program

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Target Your Upper Back With In-Set Supersets of Barbell Rows and Deadlifts

If you want a complete physique, you simply MUST work your back. Chest and arms are great, but if you don't want to disappear when you turn sideways, you NEED a thick back. This exercise combo is going to do it for you.

Read the complete article < < < Click Here!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

7 Simple Rules For What You Should Be Eating Right Now

What you eat on a daily basis determines just about everything you can possibly imagine that goes with your body...your health, mental energy, body composition, athletic performance...you name it and what you eat has an impact on it.

Read more here > > > http://scrnch.me/yccpa

Monday, April 08, 2013

Your complete guide to a shredded 6-pack!

Shredded six pack.  Freaky abs.  Hawt Abz.  Nearly everyone on the planet wants a flat stomach or ripped abs.  At times, this goal can seem impossible.  But if you are like most you eat continue to eat healthy, determined not to give up. Unfortunately, most people spend a lot of time dieting to reveal their abs but fail to build up their abs.

This article was written by a professional fitness model and reveals the #1 abdominal training mistake and the best way to build up your abs.  It will also share strategies to help you amplify your fat burning efforts via cardio.

Get started today.  The beach is waiting:

==> Your complete guide to a shredded 6-pack!

To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

22,000 crunches will NOT give you this

According to Men's Health magazine, it takes more than 22,000 crunches to burn a pound of belly fat.

So you'll never get a flat stomach or six pack abs while crunching away on the ground.

On the other hand, crunches can literally be a pain in the neck - and low back.

So give them up.

What should you do instead?

Try this scientifically-formulated at-home metabolic resistance abs program from Men's Health fitness expert, Craig Ballantyne:

=> Save money and get abs at home

For this week only you can get his complete 12-week abs workout blueprint for just $7.

It includes the legendary "Abs 300" workout challenge.

When compared to driving to the gym ($3 gas) and getting a Starbucks on the way ($4.50), this "at home abs program" is already cheaper (and more effective) after just one day.

=> Save money and get abs at home (here's how) 

But hurry, this crazy trainer is only promising the solution for just a few days.

To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Carve Up Your Inner Pec/Inner Chest Cleavage With Tilted Dumbell Bench Press

I've got a treat for you with this exercise, if you want to fill out (or fill in!) your inner chest and get more cleavage of your pecs. This is important for both men AND women. The exercise I've got for you here targets the inner aspect of the chest very strongly...and with a heavy pressing movement, which is very useful for building.

Read complete article HERE!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The death of "bulking" and "cutting" ?!

NOTE: When you pick up a copy of 21 Day Fast Mass Building today, creators Vince & Lee have sweetened the pot and are also including an entire set of "21 Day Specialization Workouts for every body part!" But this exclusive bonus is only for those that pick it up today! 

==> Discount + FREE 21-Day Specialization Programs!

   There is no doubt the #1 fitness goal is to lose fat & build muscle! 

No questions there. 

   But the biggest problem and question is, "What do I do first?" Bulk up and then cut down after?  Or should I lose this fat first and then add some muscle?  What do I do?! 

   Well, as my methods have evolved over the years, I've discovered that it's possible to do BOTH at the same time! 

     If you haven't had a chance to read about how this is possible, please read this QnA article on my blog and if you have ANY questions, today is the time to leave them for me:

==> The death of "cutting" and "bulking"? <---- Read to Find Out Here

  Recently, muscle building expert Vince Del Monte put this method to the test and gained 7.4 lbs of FAT FREE  MASS in 21 days.  This has been bodybuilders biggest hidden secret for years.  

   If you want to gain muscle without the fat, this article is definitely something you want to check out:

==> The death of "cutting" and "bulking"? <---- Read to Find Out Here  

Gaining muscle without the fat is NOT easy but "cyclical bulking" makes it MUCH more realistic.

To packing on some fast mass!

Arthur M.

P.S. Got an intelligent question about 21 Day FMB? Get it answered now: 

==> How to Gain Mass Fast With Cyclical Bulking

Monday, April 01, 2013

How to add muscle WITHOUT fat [new method]

I think I know you. I do!

You're looking to gain 5, 10, 15 and even 20 lbs of new muscle this year. But you don't want to get fat in the process.

You've been told it's "impossible" to add muscle fast and you'll be lucky to gain 1-2 lbs a month and you've been relying on old-school "bulking" and "cutting" methods. 

Unfortunately, these methods leave most guys gaining enough blubber to raise the Titantic and having to diet longer and harder to get rid of it - leading to muscular loss during the cutting - cancelling out whatever extra muscle you gained!  

What's the point of that?!
After bodybuilding for almost ten years, my methods have evolved and today I want to introduce you to the #1 METHOD behind my current approach to gaining muscle without fat: 

Essentially, cyclical bulking consists of 1 week of cutting (the prime phase) and 2 weeks of bulking (the overload phase). 

Over the past two years, over 10,000 users have found that cyclical bulking is very effective for increasing lean body mass whilst limiting fat gain and creators Vince Del Monte & Lee Hayward have put together a ground breaking nutrition & workout system showing you exactly how it's done in their famous 21 Day Fast Mass Building System where you can gain up to 12 lbs of PURE muscle in just 21 days:

==> Gain 12 lbs of PURE muscle in just 21 days!

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "What the hell is the point of cyclical bulking?"

By cycling your bulking and cutting protocols, you can take advantage of various metabolic swings that occur in response to bulking and cutting - and optimize your body's response to each. 

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How Do I Know This Works?
Not only have Vince and Lee proved it works (go see their 21 day pictures on the website) but they had a few individuals from their TEST GROUP gain up to 20 lbs of fat free mass in 21 days. I know it's sounds like pure hype but the facts remain.  

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Does This Work For Everyone?

Yup. Males. Females. Beginners and experienced veterans. In short, users have called it the EASIEST and FASTEST acting muscle program in existence.

The best part - it's only 21 days! You can do back-to-back cycles and be looking more muscular, without the fat by summer time.

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Arthur M.

The BEST Upper Body Exercise EVER

ow are you at guessing someone's age?

It's a pretty tricky thing to do. My strategy is to always guess way younger than the person looks so as to avoid an inevitable awkward moment if you guess too high.

Well, I have this friend that you'll be SHOCKED at her age.

First up, let me tell you about her.

She's a fitness pro that I often meet up with to learn how to help more people shatter their bodyweight exercise records, especially their pull-ups (even if it's just one). She's already helped hundreds of men and women smoke new records, including Collette, who is in her late 40's as well. (Collette went from zero unassisted pull ups to seven and was thrilled that even in her 40's she was able to achieve this.)

This fitness pro is a single mom, runs the most popular boot camp in Calgary and she has several online coaching programs with lots of international clients. It appears she must have 36 hours to every day. She has so much energy I can't keep up with her.

Most impressively, she can knock out 20 pull ups at the end of her workout without blinking. If I were you, I wouldn't believe it, so that's why you have to see it for yourself. Watch the video here if you don't believe me.

When guessing her age, I had to consider a few things: all her accomplishments, the way she looks, her energy levels.

So I guessed a conservative 35.


I was shocked to find out that she's turning 50 on April Fool's day. In fact, to celebrate, she timed herself doing 50 pull ups. You can see that video HERE.

Seems the joke is on us. She seems to know a few things about lifestyle and training to be able to look and perform the way she does at this age.

This woman is Shawna Kaminski, you may have heard of her, she's become the GO-TO for dominating old records in the fitness world and seems to be everywhere.

To celebrate her birthday, she's giving away her secrets to knocking out pull ups for 50% off.

You already know that pull-ups are the best upper body exercise that sculpt your arms and shoulders, but they also work your core and make your abs harder (when done right of course).

So if you want to be able to knock out pull ups like there's no tomorrow (even if you can't perform one...for now), tap into the exact secrets that Shawna knows.

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You can't use the excuse 'I'm too old' when Shawna is around.

Happy birthday to my pal, Shawna, you get the gift - grab it before she takes down the page at midnight on April 1st.

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

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