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Amazing Way to Finish ANY Workout

So, I heard about Mike Whitfield's approach to eliminating cardio (including intervals) after your workout and I was crazy enough to try one of the finishers from his Ab Finishers manual.

Here it is if you want to try it yourself (but be warned, this is tough). In fact, make sure this is done AFTER your favorite workout and brace yourself, your abs will be sore tomorrow:

"Ab Quatros" Finisher

Complete the following circuit as many times as possible in 4 minutes, resting only when needed:

DB Chop or Bodyweight Chop (4/side) <== Keep those abs braced HARD!
Spiderman Climb (4/side)
Stability Ball or Ab Wheel Rollout (4)

That's one of the finishers from his client's programs that helped him drop 34 lbs in just 12 weeks AND win $1,000.

Of course, it's no wonder... even if your diet isn't perfect, you're bound to drop fat doing crazy, but effective finishers like that.

=> You can look at the full program here

Now I want to share with you how to approach his density finishers (finishers in which you do as many rounds as possible in a certain amount of time... usually 3-5 minutes):

DON'T train to failure... if you leave about 3-5 reps in the tank during a metabolic finisher, you'll find that you can put in more reps and sets overall.

And that means more calories being burned...

... which means YOU smash a plateau

That's one of the secrets he has learned with his clients, and that's how they approach their finishers with their programs.

Mike hasn't "prescribed" cardio to any of his online or offline clients in years. He keeps creating these finishers for them to do.

And they love them...

... because they lose even stubborn fat (yes, men AND women).

So, try that finisher after your next workout and let me know how it goes.

And check out Mike's finishers to not only burn more calories, but get your core stronger, too.

But hurry, his crazy offer expires soon :(

Get all 33 fat-burning Ab finishers here

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

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Senior Arm Pump Video | Super Senior Fitness

Senior Arm Pump Video | Super Senior Fitness: Senior Men: This Video Will Show You How To Fill Out A T-Shirt With Big, Strong Muscles. Women: Tone Your Arms And Get Rid Of The Flabby Skin Behind Your Arms.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Get Ripped with Hardcore Workouts

By Craig Ballantyne

When it comes to losing your last 10 pounds, then you need hard-to-your-core workouts.

Designed with advanced fat loss and muscle gains in mind, the TT Hardcore workout system uses intense training techniques designed to get you rapid fat burning results.

In fact, you're going get ripped with these classics.

But beware...these Hardcore workouts are for ADVANCED users only.

With challenging barbell complexes, difficult bodyweight exercises, awesome 5x5 trisets, and my plateau-busting adrenaline-style intervals, you'll recruit maximum muscle to burn mega-calories during and after training.

Needless to say, ONLY use these programs IF you're advanced and ready for hyper-fat burning results.

Stubborn fat simply doesn't stand a chance against these Hardcore workout routines.

Plus, you're going to get a bonus workout, one of my Trademarked Metabolic Resistance Training programs - TT MRT 2K12.

It includes what I call Muscle-Metabolic Resistance Training, or M-MRT for short.

By borrowing some squeezing techniques bodybuilding (yes, bodybuilding!), your workouts will be even better, more intense, and more effective for building muscle and burning fat at the SAME time.

You'll use NEW exercise tempos, which force your body to train with MORE intensity for greater muscles exhaustion.

PLUS, we'll use the 90% rep technique combined with the squeezing techniques to dramatically increase the amount of fat-burning, muscle building tension.

I'll be honest, I've been training for over 20 years and I can't ever remember my legs feeling exactly like they did after workout A in this program. Enjoy.

Add it all up and that's where the M-MRT kicks into your program and completely changes the dynamics of the workout. Basically, you'll burn way more fat with this program, while building lean, sexy muscle at the same time.

It's the end of your belly fat as we know it.

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Target Your Inner Thighs/Adductors With Rolling Dumbbell Lunges

There's a better way to target the inner thighs/adductors...and it's NOT that machine that always seems to be facing the front door of the gym...It's a free weight exercise that uses the adductors as they're meant to be a compound movement where you're actually MOVING (unlike that machine).

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Fartlek is a great way to improve your running speed and endurance

Fartlek is a great way to improve your running speed and endurance. But what the heck is it?

Fartlek. Excuse Me?
by Jackie Burgmann, author of “Hot at Home” – The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

Fartlek. It’s a funny word I know. It’s actually a Swedish word that means “speed play”. And it’s an effective way of increasing your running speed or improving your endurance.

Fartlek is a form of interval training but is mostly for advanced runners. The basic concept of interval training is that the runner will do short bursts of fast running alternating with slower bouts of mild jogging or “recovery” intervals. The thing that makes Fartlek different than conventional interval training is that there is no set format, it’s completely unstructured. Fartlek is also intended for road, path or trail “distance” running (as opposed to going back and forth over the same part of a path over and over, as is the case in most forms of interval training).

Fartlek training is a great way to increase both your aerobic and anaerobic capabilities as well as your lactic thresholds. It’s a very flexible way of incorporating interval training into distance running.

In Fartlek training, the runner increases or decreases their running speed for short amounts of time. However, determining when they should increase or decrease speeds is decided solely by the runner themselves, in the moment. The runner can be in touch with their own feelings and responses to the harder intervals and decide for themselves when it is time to take a slower interval. The runner is also in charge of when they’ve had enough ‘recovery’ and should start a harder, fast run interval again.

Fartlek is intended mostly for advanced runners because it requires one to be very in tune with their own body. Plus, as mentioned, there is no set format to follow, so this requires brutal honesty by the runner to ensure they’re actually getting a hard and effective workout. There’s no timer telling them to go fast or slow … no coach or specified distance that determines the speed changes, only the runner determines it for themselves as they go.

Another interesting thing about Fartlek is that it allows for more experimentation than traditional timed intervals. The runner can change their pace whenever they feel like it, which allows for much more freedom with trying intervals of varying lengths and speeds.

But just because Fartlek is designed for advanced runners doesn’t mean that the average runner can’t take advantage of this technique. An average runner can incorporate Fartlek into their routines by choosing random items along their path as ‘goal-posts’ where they promise themselves they will change their pace. The runner might choose a tree that’s up in the distance or a bend in the road, or another jogger up ahead and tell themselves “When I reach that marker, I will increase my pace until I hit that next marker, then I can go slow again”, and continue choosing markers along their path as they go (this eliminates the need for the “total honesty” that advanced runners must have when they’re doing Fartlek without markers).

As well, average runners can use this technique to become more in touch with themselves as a runner and their bodies. It can help them notice things like how long it takes their breathing to become more difficult at higher paces, or how much faster their pace needs to be in order to get a harder cardiovascular workout. They can also experiment and learn things like how wide their stride is at certain paces as well as other physical changes that occur at different speeds, lengths of intervals, etc. This new-found knowledge can then help them become more advanced runners.

Fartlek training is a fun and easy way to incorporate interval training into your running routines as well as getting you a harder and more beneficial workout on your regular long endurance runs.

Jackie Burgmann is a Certified Personal Trainer living in Vancouver, BC who specializes in In-Home Training and Online Fitness Coaching. She is also the author of “Hot at Home”, the latest in ‘In-Home Training’ fitness resources. Hot at Home is The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate the Gym.

Sick of long commutes, annoying crowds and the intimidating muscleheads you have to put up with at the gym? Find out more about how YOU can ditch the gym forever and get in your best shape ever in the convenience, comfort and privacy of your own home: “Hot at Home”.

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Combine Metabolic Resistance Training with bootcamp workouts

Here's how to get more results:

Combine Metabolic Resistance Training with bootcamp workouts.

Craig Ballantyne and Mike Whitfield, Certified Turbulence Trainers, have created over 31 TT Metabolic Resistance Training Bootcamp Workouts for you to beat bootcamp boredom and get great fat burning results - for yourself or for your clients.

Here's what we've got for you:

- 10 beginner MRT bootcamp workouts
- 31 advanced MRT bootcamp workouts
- 20 challenge MRT bootcamp workouts

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(PLUS, if you're a trainer trying to grow your bootcamps, you'll also get complete bootcamp build-up blueprints from the legends like Steve Hochman and Bedros Keuilian, as well as from new bootcamp experts like Cara Eckerman and Justin Blum. Those blueprints are in a free bonus you get with the TT MRT Bootcamp package.)

You'll beat bootcamp boredom with dozens of new workouts filled with cool exercises (bodyweight, dumbbell, kettlebell, TRX, hybrids, etc.), and EVERYONE wins.

You'll get more results.

Your clients - if you have them - will get faster fat loss.

And word of mouth will spread about your awesome camps and you'll get more clients (plus, you'll put your client attraction on hyper-drive with the secrets from those four trainers mentioned earlier).

So here's what I want you to do.

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Then just select your workout, hit print, and you'll TRIPLE your productivity because you won't have to create three, five, or more new bootcamp workouts this week.

You can then use that time to implement all of the client attraction strategies from Bedros, Cara, Steve, and Justin.

Everything is DONE-for-YOU.


You'll love those workouts that Certified TT Trainers, Mike Whitfield and Craig Ballantyne have created for you.

This will make your life a lot easier,

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

PS - Burn fat, have fun, HELP others, get paid.

That's the best life there is...all thanks to these DONE-for-YOU TT MRT Bootcamp workouts. Enjoy.

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FDA Urged to Prohibit Sale of Ginkgo in Wake of Cancer Study ~ Newsroom ~ News from CSPI ~ Center for Science in the Public Interest

FDA Urged to Prohibit Sale of Ginkgo in Wake of Cancer Study ~ Newsroom ~ News from CSPI ~ Center for Science in the Public Interest

Simple ideas for making your usual running routines more interesting

If you love running but you’re getting bored or need more challenge in your running routines, here are a few great ways you can make things interesting again and step up your game.

Become An Even Better Runner
by Jackie Burgmann, author of “Hot at Home” – The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

Running is a great way to stay in shape. It’s fun and easy to do. It’s great for training your cardiovascular system as well as being a fantastic full body workout. For some it’s a great mental stimulant and mood booster also.

But if you’ve been a runner for a while now it might be starting to feel like the ‘same old, same old’. If you do anything long enough in the same way every time, it could eventually wind up boring you and not feeling challenging anymore:

And, while boredom is one thing, if your particular running routines feel like they’re no longer challenging you, then you could be stuck on a plateau and no longer getting to your goals quite as quickly (or at all).

If your goals are to become a faster runner, or increase your endurance or distance then doing the same thing over and over again is probably not going to result in you improving on any of those goals. As a matter of fact all it might result in is stagnation.

If you’re interested in continuing your progress as a runner, it’s necessary not only to change things up but to make your routines harder so your body can respond and advance in the direction you desire.

Here are some simple ideas for making your usual running routines more interesting and more challenging.

Add Some Hills Into Your Route

This is pretty easy to accomplish unless you live on a prairie. Find a path that has a few hills on it and run there instead of your usual flat path. Running up hills is harder so that will help you increase your stamina without making any other changes.

Do Interval Training

Intervals are great for increasing your strength as a runner and your speed. They’re also very simple to do.

Interval training requires that you do harder periods of work alternating with easier periods, which act as ‘recovery’ intervals. So, just run as hard and as fast as possible for a set period of time (ie. 30 seconds or one minute) then run slower and easier for another set amount of time (ie. another 30 seconds or one minute) to allow you to recover enough to run as hard and as fast as possible with your next ‘work’ interval. Alternate these two types of intervals throughout your regular run. You can even do this on your regular path if you choose, just remember to take your interval timer with you.

Or you could do longer intervals of 10 minutes hard running and 10 minutes easy running to slowly build up your ability to run greater distances at a faster pace.

Hillsprints are another good form of interval training and you only need one hill.

Find a great hill with a good incline and long enough to take you at least 20-30 to sprint up. Then sprint up it and turn around at the top and return to the bottom at a slow easy jog (or walk), then turn around and sprint back up it. Repeat until you’re feeling exhausted.

Run In The Sand

This is easy to accomplish if you happen to have a beach nearby but without a beach handy this may be more of a challenge to pull off (you need sand).

However, if you can find yourself a good long length of sandy beach you’ll discover that, due to its unstable nature, running in the sand is quite a bit more difficult than running on dirt, grass or asphalt.

You’ll need to dig in and push off harder to keep the same pace than when you’re on your usual path (which I’m assuming is probably stable and hard).

Run In The Water

Running in the water is similar to running in the sand, but it’s the added resistance of the water that makes your run even more challenging. Plus, the deeper you go the harder your run will be.

You can try this in the shallow end of a swimming pool for a more stable surface under your feet, but you may get frustrated running back and forth in a short pool, or have difficulty finding a pool with a shallow enough end that you can actually run. In most pools I’ve seen, the shallow end is about 3 feet deep, so you may only be able to shuffle back and forth in waist deep water.

A far better option is to get yourself into a lake or ocean.

Now you’ve got water resistance and unstable sand under your feet to increase the challenge.

And the deeper you go, the bigger the challenge will be because of the ocean waves adding to your instability.

Of course you could go as deep as your shoulders but I guarantee you won’t really be doing much running at that point. You’ll probably be swimming!

I’ve discovered that ankle-deep to knee-deep water are better depths to reasonably increase the difficulty of your runs and still be able to maintain a running pace.

Weight Yourself

Add weight to your body while you are on your regular run. Once you take off the weight and test your speed and endurance you’ll most likely discover you can run faster or longer (or both) without the additional weight slowing you down.

A word of caution on this one before you weight up: if you’re going to add weights to your own bodyweight before you go running, opt for a backpack like the guys in the army do, instead of ankle weights. Ankle weights can add a significant amount of additional stress on your leg joints and feet so it’s best to avoid using them.

These simple but effective changes to your regular running routines will help you intensify your runs and make them more challenging so you can continue on your path to improved endurance and speed.

And they’ll make things interesting for you again, too!

See you on the path.

Get lots more great running and alternative cardio tips just like these in Jackie’s new ‘Hot at Home’ Transformation Solution. It’s just for people who hate the gym (like she does). Check it out here: ‘Hot at Home‘.

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Toughest Workouts in the World

Why You Should Do Cardio

By Craig "No Cardio" Ballantyne

Last year I finished in the top 10 of a Tough Mudder race with hundreds of other participants.

All from a guy that doesn't do cardio five days a week, or even three days per week.

How did I do it?

By properly building up my body for the 10 miles with advanced metabolic training methods.

On race day, I was ready.

Are you?

I can get you in top shape in just 4 weeks here


(This is perfect for runners and endurance athletes of all kinds.)

Discover the Safe and Quick Way to Getting Fit For 10 Mile Runs and Obstacle Courses with TT Adventure Race Training

Run, get dirty, and go through strength obstacles – that's basically what I'll be doing in the 10 mile Tough Mudder race that my friend, Matt Smith, challenged me to try.

And you know what....

It's this new trend - "Adventure Race Training" - that everyone can't help but rave about. And who wouldn't when you can be a kid all over again PLUS lose stubborn fat and gain lean muscle at the same time.

NOTE: I just hit a personal best in the deadlift while still training for an adventure race, all thanks to my unique plan.

It's time to let out the kid inside of you.

And that's exactly why I've put together this one-of-a-kind workout program. In TT Adventure Race Training, you get to train as though you're preparing to compete in one of the most physically demanding races - the Tough Mudder race.

NOTE: You don't have to be doing an adventure race to get the fat burning benefits of this workout. ANYONE of an advanced fitness level can try this tough program.

And inside this special TT program, you'll go through The "Adventure 600", a brutal challenge workout designed to increase your strength and endurance, two total body workouts that'll shred the last bits of stubborn fat, AND you'll have a plan for gearing up to run 10 miles in a Tough Mudder.

Whew - that's a LOT.

But it rocks.


And not only that, you'll also discover that these TT exercises will help get you through the obstacles you'll face going through the Tough Mudder race - that way you'll ace the race while leaving your friends in awe... not to mention all the heads you'll be turning with your lean and ripped physique.

But what if you have NO intention of ever doing an adventure race?

That's totally fine because you can still use these 3 powerful workouts to rapidly transform the way you look and feel. I guarantee it.

Heck, the hill sprint program alone is one of the nastiest fat burning challenges I've ever put together. And with a new challenge every week, you're going to get better and faster, all while shrinking your waistline and looking hotter than ever in time for summer.

Throw in the first metabolic resistance training circuit from Workout B, and your metabolism will be revved so high, fat simply won't stand a chance of staying around for beach season.

And then there's The Adventure 600, an 8-exercise, all out fat burning circuit, swooping in to put the finishing touches on a beautifully sculpted physique.

So whether you're training for an adventure race or simply wanting to transform your body, I promise these workouts will deliver amazing results.

Get adventurous. Get TT Adventure Race Training.

Get super fit - super fast - here

Get super-fit with CB and TT like never before.


Bodyweight workouts are a great way to get in shape

Bodyweight workouts are a great way to get in shape. But with only a few different moves at your disposal, they can feel a little limited and get boring quickly. If you’re finding that your workouts are getting stale, here are some ideas for changing and livening things up.

Bodyweight is Great, But Is Yours Getting Boring?
by Jackie Burgmann, author of “Hot at Home” – The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

Bodyweight training is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape.

It’s particularly fantastic when you don’t have access to conventional weight training equipment like free weights or resistance machines and cables you can find in the gym.

Unfortunately, bodyweight training can be a bit more limited because you only have your body and gravity at your disposal to create resistance. This can cause your workout to get dull quickly if you don’t know how to mix it up a little bit.

Let’s face it, doing the same old moves over and over again with no variety can be boring.

So, let’s mix it up! Let’s take some of the most popular bodyweight moves and tweak them so they’re new, exciting, and most important of all: challenging again.

Squats are a great compound move that burns fat fast but wow, can they get stale in a hurry. Luckily there’s lots of ways to change up a squat.

Try doing one legged squats. You’ll immediately double the amount of weight you’re lifting by only squatting with one leg at a time. Hang on to a pole or wall or doorknob for support if you have balance issues.

How about Split Squats? These are similar to a lunge, where you stand with your feet apart, one foot in front with toes forward and the other foot in back with toes again forward. Instead of moving back and forth to a standing position with both feet together as you would with a lunge, you simply move your back knee towards the ground and back up again, never moving your feet from their positions. Do all your reps for one side before moving to the opposite position, lowering the other knee towards the ground.

Then there’s Bulgarian Squats, where one leg is elevated on a bench behind you and remains there while you squat with just the leg still on the ground.

Don’t forget about Sumo Squats, which are also known as Plie Squats. These are basically a wide stance squat with toes pointing out rather than straight forward.

Or, jazz up a regular bodyweight squat by doing a timed set to see how many squats you can do in a limited time period. I like to do a 5 minute Power Squat Blast. My record for proper form bodyweight squats in 5 minutes in 235. That’s not easy to do, but it’s a great workout.

See? All it takes is a little imagination and you’ll find lots of ways to change up an ordinary bodyweight squat.

Now, about those Push-ups. There are also a huge variety of ways to change a push-up to make the challenge more interesting for your body.

Try doing your push-ups with your hands at different widths. Try putting your hands on the ground wider apart than your shoulders, directly under your shoulders, or even as close together as touching each other on the ground directly under your chest. The closer together you put your hands to each other, the more you’ll work your triceps; the further apart they are, the more you work your chest muscles.

Try doing some offset push-ups. Here you stagger where your hands are on the ground. Put one hand beside your ribcage and one in the regular spot beside your shoulder, then switch hand positions for another set.

Spiderman push-ups, where you bring one knee up to meet your elbow as your lower your body (and alternate sides with each push-up) are also a fun way to change things up and increase the challenge.

And finally, don’t forget if the regular push-up is getting too easy for you, you can always elevate your feet on a small ledge, step, bench or chair. Or, if you’re really strong, try putting your feet up the wall. The higher up you get your feet, the harder the push-up will be.

Love doing your pull-ups, but not seeing much way to change a pull-up? One of the easiest ways to make a pull-up different is to merely change your grip. Having your palms facing away from you constitutes regular pull-ups. Having your palms facing towards you is what is known as a chin-up.

Another way to change up your grip is to widen it. The wider your grip, the harder it will be. Another plus about widening your grip is that the further your hands are apart, the harder you’re going to hit your back muscles and develop that “V” look (which also helps your waist look tighter).

Don’t forget to strive for your full ‘range of motion’ (make sure your arms come to straight at the bottom and your chin gets above the bar at the top).

If you’re really advanced, try out some “Muscle-ups” where, instead of stopping when your chin clears the bar, you bring your body all the way up until your hips are level with the bar.

Not quite able to do pull-ups yet? Try ‘kipping’ pull-ups. This is where you swing your legs and add a little kick in your body movement to help drive you up to the bar. These are a great way to get started if you haven’t yet built the strength it takes to do pull-ups from a full, straight-arm hang position.

And if pull-ups are STILL a challenge to you, try working the negative instead of the positive. This means you jump up to get yourself up to the bar instead of pulling yourself up (or use a stool or chair to step up to the bar).

Then, once you’re at the top position you remove the chair (bend your knees to avoid it, or kick it away if you have to) and lower yourself to the bottom position very slowly (and very methodically, staying in complete control). This will help you work on your form and build up your strength and technique until you can do proper pull-ups.

There’s no reason for your next bodyweight workout to feel stale. There are lots of great ideas here to get your bodyweight training sessions fresh and new (and challenging) again. Add some of these variations into your routine and you’ll be re-energized.

Have a great workout!

Never deal with the inconvenient time-sucking commutes, expensive membership fees and inconsiderate meatheads at the gym again. Find out more about skipping the gym and getting in the best shape of your life at HOME with “Hot at Home“.