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Top 10 Juicing Vegetables for Bigger Muscles

I've been talking about juicing for fitness folks quite a bit and if you've been visiting my blog or reading my newsletters then you understand all of the reasons why I firmly believe that juicing is one of the best nutritional tools you can have in your muscle-building and fat-loss arsenal.

But now that you do know, which vegetables do you think are the most important or beneficial for you to start juicing?  These are just some of the few found in Vince Del Monte’s and Drew Canole’s brand new recipe guide, Get Juiced: 101 Muscle-Charging Juicing Recipes.

Let's dive into it, ready?

All vegetables are good for you and each one contains different micronutrients that you need to get healthy and build muscle. That said, there are some vegetables that should absolutely be included on your juicing menu. These vegetables provide so much of the really essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that they are invaluable to your bodybuilding goals.

Here are my top 10 juicing vegetables for fitness folks, in no particular order:

1. Spinach

Dark, leafy greens are some of the most nutritious vegetables on the planet and spinach is a superstar among dark, leafy greens. It’s loaded with iron and packed with Vitamin C. It’s essential that you get enough Vitamin C in your diet every day in order to strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, burn stored fat and fuel cell repair.

Fresh spinach is inexpensive, produces a plentiful supply of juice and is pretty mild-tasting as a juice too. If spinach is a little bitter or plain for your taste, add half of one pear or apple to your ingredients to sweeten it up a bit.

2. Carrots

Carrots are a juicer’s dream. The juice they give you is surprisingly sweet, which is great for those of you that prefer a sweeter taste to your juice but are trying to cut back on the fruit. Carrots are also loaded with antioxidants, particularly beta-carotene. Most people associate carotenoids with eye health, but they’re also extremely important to cardiovascular health. A recent study showed that the yellow/orange group of vegetables was the most effective in preventing cardiovascular disease, and in that group, carrots were the most beneficial. Carotenoids are also important to fitness folks because they not only reduce oxidative stress, but can repair oxidative damage to the body.

Carrots also contain polyacetylenes, another phytonutrient, which has been linked to a reduced risk of colon cancer. You young guys may not be worried about colon cancer at the moment, but the time to prevent it is long before you’re “old enough” to get it.

3. Beets

Beets are another vegetable that has a satisfyingly sweeter flavor, but their taste is just one of the many benefits to fitness folks. Beets contain a hefty supply of a very important group of phytonutrients called betalains, particularly the betalains betanin and vulgaxanthin. These two workhorses have been widely studied and shown to be extremely effective at aiding liver detoxification and reducing inflammation.

It’s important to know that these betalains are extremely unstable and that you can lose up to 25% of the betalain content of beets by cooking them. This is one of the great benefits about juicing; you consume the vegetables raw which means you get all of their nutrient content without losing a bunch of it to heat degradation.

4. Parsley

Most people think of parsley simply as a garnish that you ignore when you are eating out. But parsley has been seriously undervalued. It has a ton of folic acid and several other antioxidants that can help to prevent damage to your body’s cells from certain free radicals known as oxygen radicals.  Free radicals can cause inflammation and hormonal imbalances that slow muscle gain and virtually stop fat loss.

A couple of smaller benefits of parsley are that it’s very cheap, it helps keep your breath fresh and can even reduce body odor.

5. Kale

Kale is one of the most important vegetables you can juice in regards to fighting oxidative stress and inflammation.  There are more than 45 flavonoids in kale, including kaempferol and quercetin, which are especially effective against inflammation.

Kale is also an excellent source of isothiocyanates, made from glucosinolates, which play a really important role in lowering the risk of several cancers, including colon and prostate cancer.

6. Celery

You may be used to thinking of celery as something you only eat for the fiber and negative net calorie content, but there has been a lot of important research on celery in the last several years that shows celery to be a huge weapon against inflammation.

The polysaccharides in celery, especially apiuman, are particularly good at repairing and preventing inflammation in the digestive tract. This is very important for fitness folks. If your digestive tract is loaded with toxins and waste and suffers from chronic inflammation, you’re on your way to becoming malnourished. Micronutrients are absorbed in the small intestine. If that intestine is compromised, you won’t be absorbing the majority of the micronutrients you’re eating. That lack of nutrients means hormonal imbalances, blood sugar issues and slowed muscle growth and muscle recovery.

7. Cucumber

Cucumbers are another vegetable that doesn’t usually come to mind when you think of nutrient density, but they’re undervalued as well. Cucumbers are loaded with lignans, which are a specific group of polyphenols, which have been shown to fight colon cancer.

They are also packed with several antioxidants that inhibit certain enzymes that promote inflammation and oxidative stress.

Another great thing about juicing with cucumbers is that they are loaded with water and very mild-tasting, so they’re great to throw in with stronger-tasting vegetables like kale, mustard greens and spinach. If at all possible, buy organic cucumbers (even organic they are very cheap) so that you can juice them with the skin on. A lot of the antioxidants in cucumbers are contained in the skin.

8. Romaine lettuce

Romaine lettuce is packed with some of the most important micronutrients you need. It’s an excellent source of both beta-carotene and Vitamin C and when those two work together, they can help lower bad cholesterol. Romaine is also a great source of both folic acid and potassium.

Romaine can be a little bit bitter on its own, but when combined with beets, carrots, apples or pears, it tastes great. This should definitely be one of your “go-to” greens for your greens drinks.

9. Swiss chard

Swiss chard is one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables you can eat. It’s loaded with a huge variety of antioxidants, but there are also specific flavonoids in Swiss chard that can also help regulate blood sugar. Swiss chard is a great source of a flavonoid called syringic acid, which inhibits an enzyme called alpha-glycosidase. Alpha-glycosidase breaks carbs down into simple sugars. When it’s inhibited, fewer carbs are turned into sugar and blood sugar levels are lowered.

High blood sugar is a serious problem for fitness folks, as it causes more insulin to be released into the bloodstream, which prompts the body to store fat.

10. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the best vegetables you can juice to help detoxify your body. Broccoli is one of the few vegetables that contain the combination of three glucosinolates called glucoraphanin, gluconasturtiian, and glucobrassicin.  Taken together, these glucosinolates kick some serious butt when it comes to detoxifying the liver. A healthier liver means better hormone production and secretion, including production of testosterone.

Broccoli doesn’t give much juice, but you don’t need much of it to reap the detox benefits. Just toss a spear in with a greens drink or with carrot, beet or cucumber juices.

When it comes to juicing, any vegetable you add to your drinks is a good one. These ten just happen to have specific micronutrients or such a huge supply of micronutrients that I consider them the top 10. However, you really can’t go wrong with any fresh vegetable, especially if it’s organic, locally grown and in season, so that you get the maximum nutrients into your juice.

Ready to start juicing the right away?

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10 Ways Juicing Builds Muscle FASTER

I’ve been talking a lot recently about the overall health benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables, which are huge. In this newsletter, I want to tell you more specifically how juicing affects your body in regard to building muscle. I never introduce habits into my life blindly and I wouldn't expect you to do so either.

Of everything I’ve done over the last several years, juicing has been one of the most important steps I’ve taken to achieve bigger gains and feel like a million bucks. This is why I’m so excited about introducing you to fitness expert, Vince DelMonte and what’s he’s done with health expert, Drew Canole, to bring you Get Juiced: 101 Muscle-Charging Juicing Recipes for Men & Women.

This newsletter is a bit lengthy but it's essential you understand the top ten benefits of juicing and why juicing can have such a huge impact on your muscle building and fat loss goals. These aren’t in any particular order – they’re all essential so get focused and lets dive in...

1. Wider range of micronutrients

Very few men get anywhere near the micronutrients they need from whole foods, specifically whole vegetables and fruits. We are very good about watching that protein intake, but take in far fewer than the 16-20 daily servings of vegetables and fruits we need for optimal health. Instead, we load up on hundreds of dollars’ worth of highly processed nutritional supplements.

Unfortunately, those nutritional supplements are often made with inferior ingredients and even those end up being largely destroyed by the digestive process, never making it to our muscles, immune systems and organs where they’re needed.

Juicing allows you to get those 16-20 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits in as few as two servings a day and to get a huge variety of those whole foods. This supplies your body with a huge dose and variety all of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that you need to optimize both health and growth.

2. Improved immune system

Those antioxidants that you will get through juicing fresh vegetables and fruits will have an enormous impact on your immune system. You might not think your immune system has much to do with building muscle, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our immune systems work on a triage system. They take the resources they have available (such as antioxidants) and distribute them based on priority.

Unfortunately, building bigger biceps is not very high on that list of priorities if you’re not getting an abundance of micronutrients. Your immune system is more concerned with fighting infection, battling the effects of stress and free radicals, getting rid of toxins, wastes and bacteria in your digestive tract and several other more urgent tasks. If you have any resources left over, then your immune system may spare them for repairing and rebuilding muscle fibers.  Juicing gives you that surplus of micronutrients so that your immune system has plenty left over for muscle recovery and muscle building.

3. Improved digestive health

The typical Westerner has a digestive system that is functioning far below optimal levels. Not only do we eat a ton of junk, but we also just don’t eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables to detoxify our bodies or clean out our digestive tracts. This causes a few serious problems that affect not only our overall health but our muscle-building goals as well. First, we’re in an almost constant state of malnutrition. Not only do we not take in enough vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; we also don’t absorb the micronutrients we do eat. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are absorbed in the small intestine. If that small intestine is packed with toxin and waste build-up, the body isn’t able to absorb those micronutrients before they’re pushed right out of the body. In effect, all of those micronutrients are going right into the toilet.

If you’re not sure what this has to do with building muscle, let’s look at Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the key micronutrient used to repair and regenerate your body’s cells. But our bodies don’t make Vitamin C and they don’t store much of it, either. You have to get plenty of it every day. Unfortunately, your body is going to use that triage system we talked about earlier and since it needs that Vitamin C for every one of your body’s trillion or so cells, repairing muscle fibers broken down during your work out this morning may be low on the list.

A sluggish digestive system also hampers the balance of hormones such as insulin, testosterone and cortisol and makes it difficult for the body to burn stored fat as energy. Correcting your digestive system through mega-doses of vitamins and other micronutrients is essential to being able to lose fat and build new muscle.

4. Juicing provides micronutrients that are more bio-available

Juicing doesn’t just provide you with a huge supply of micronutrients; it also provides them in a more bio-available form. The process of juicing removes most or all of the fiber from whole fruits and vegetables. Because there’s no fiber, the foods don’t have to be broken down in order to extract the micronutrients. They hit your bloodstream immediately and are able to be used right away to nourish your muscles and the rest of your body. Also, because the fruits and vegetables have been juiced in a raw state, there’s no degradation of the nutrients through cooking.

5. More energy, from a healthy source

Juicing is one of the best things you can do to increase your energy levels.  Because all of those B-vitamins and other micronutrients have a straight shot to your body’s cells, drinking a glass of juice is like downing an espresso. This means you have the energy to make it to the gym even after a hard day and that you can work out harder when you get there.

6. Fighting inflammation and winning

Our poor diets and sickened digestive systems have resulted in most of us suffering from some degree of chronic inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of many serious illnesses, such as heart disease and stroke, but also interferes with your muscle-building goals. It can seriously slow down the muscle recovery process and can also lead to metabolic syndrome, which will result in fat storage rather than fat loss.

Two of the biggest causes of inflammation are oxidative stress and high blood sugar. Juicing helps with both. The antioxidant content in all of the fresh vegetables and fruits help battle the free radicals caused by oxidative stress and increased insulin sensitivity prevents metabolic syndrome.

7. Hormone balance and regulation

I’ve already talked about the positive impact juicing can have on insulin levels and insulin sensitivity. But the antioxidants in your juices, especially those from deeply colored produce such as beets, red peppers, berries and carrots, are also known to help lower cortisol levels. Less cortisol in your bloodstream stimulates your body to let go of stored fat, turning it back into glycogen to be used as fuel for your muscles.

8. Faster recovery for faster gains

Because of the immediate and regular supply of antioxidants you will be getting through juicing, you will experience a huge improvement in muscle recovery.  Not only will your immune system have the resources to rebuild muscle tissue, but corrected insulin levels mean better oxygen uptake by your muscles, speeding the recovery process even more.

9. Increased testosterone levels

The same antioxidants and phytochemicals that decrease cortisol also help to increase testosterone levels. Increased testosterone means bigger gains and greater strength to keep achieving those gains.

10. A multi-step attack on body fat

As I’ve explained in several other points, juicing can be a huge help in helping you to burn stored fat so that you uncover those muscle gains and see serious definition. Lower insulin and cortisol levels signal your body to turn stored fat back into glycogen and burn it as fuel. A digestive system working at optimal levels means faster metabolism and greater nutrient absorption, which speeds fat loss and prevents new fat from being stored as well. Higher energy levels help to power you through your workouts and propel you to the next level.

In addition to these muscle-building benefits, you’ll feel cleaner and lighter, have much better memory and focus, have more stable moods (due to blood sugar regulation) and even better erections from the increased testosterone. As an extra bonus, you’ll save a ton of money on supplements that you no longer need.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to start juicing and you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it once you do get started. A couple of minutes a couple of times a day are all it takes to see serious results in just a week or two.

I’ve explained ten great reasons to make juicing a part of your muscle-building program. I can’t think of a single reason not to include it.
Now that you know the benefits, it's time you learn the best juicing recipes. Pick up a copy of their brand new recipe guide, Get Juiced: 101 Muscle Charging Juicing Recipes

Get Juiced: 101 Muscle Charging Juicing Recipes
(+10 reasons you've STOPPED building muscle)


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IIFYM Sucks (VERY controversial article)

YES, there's some truth to the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros)approach.

There's no getting around the fact that managing your calorie and macro numbers is crucial for your most important physique goals.

BUT... if you have any interest in optimizing your long-term metabolic, hormonal, digestive, and overall health, favoring quality food choices to optimize hormones trumps all else.

Not convinced yet?

In the article below, my Canadian buddy and nutrition “Nerd” Nick Pineault shares some nutritional knowledge bombs that will make youchange your mind…


IIFYM Sucks (here’s the proof)

By Nick Pineault

Author and investigator, The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

There’s no better way to say this…

The IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) approach to building muscle sucks, and for 2 critical reasons.

#1: This principle gives the illusion to some people that all calories have the same effect on your body – the biggest non-sense of this Century.

#2: People on this approach often conclude that “moderation is key” (I’ll explain below).

Let’s address #1 first.

I still hear people from all backgrounds, all ages and all countries telling me that calories are created equal. I call bullS%?$.

Of course, some folks will tell me that a calorie is a calorie because it’s just a unit of energy. They’re right, but that’s not my point.

My point is that everyone reading this already knows that calories from carbs don’t have the same effect on your body as calories from protein. If not, take a “Nutrition 101” class before you read on.

But what a lot of people have a hard time accepting is that different kinds of foods will also have a different effect on your body because of specific micro-nutrients or contaminants.

Let me drop some science here…

· Excess fructose (from sugary carbs) disrupt your leptin hormone and ultimately impact testosterone production

· GMO foods (virtually everywhere), chlorine and fluoride in tap water and pesticides are all shown to weaken your gut flora – contributing to excess inflammation in your body, slower recovery and smaller muscle gains

· Food, personal care products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, plastics, water and soil are all sources of endocrine disruptors (BPA, dioxins, etc.), which compound to disrupt estrogen, androgen, thyroid function and metabolism to some degree

(I’m sure you understand that for the sake of simplicity, I didn’t include dozens of sources – shoot me an email and I’ll show you the studies)

To this point, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that your food and lifestyle choices will all affect your hormones and gains..

This leads us to #2 – “moderation is key”.

I almost completely agree with that statement.

Eating natural, unprocessed, whole foods 90% of the time will give you 90% of the results, and is arguably healthier for your mind than 100% restriction from any form of treat or “bad” food.

The problem is – most of the foods in your fridge and pantry are what I call “fat storing” foods and you probably don’t even know it.

Let me walk the talk and give you examples:

1) Grass-fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is packed with the natural fat burner CLA, and contains a ton more omega-3, vitamins and minerals than the cheap supermarket kind.

But did you know that the term “grass-fed” is not even regulated by the FDA?

That means that there’s a possibility your expensive beef has been fed grains in its last 3-4 months before ending up in your plate – nullifying any effect the grass diet had in the first place and leaving you with a meat that contains inflammatory omega-6 that slow down your recovery further.

In the The Truth About Fat Burning Foods, I reveal exactly what claims guarantee that your beef is really grass-fed.

2) Brown Rice

Everyone tells you that brown rice is healthier than white rice…

What they forgot to tell you is that rice – especially brown rice – contains dangerous levels of arsenic. Yes, the most popular poison used in the Middle Age.

Don’t worry. No one puts arsenic in your food on purpose. Rice naturally absorbs arsenic from soil or water much more effectively than most plants, and stores it in its grains.

And since 1960, about 800,000 tons of inorganic arsenic has been used in agriculture and industries.

Wait, it gets worse. The EPA estimates that rice contributes to only 17% of your exposure to arsenic, which means you probably affected by a toxic load that promotes fat storage and sickness already.

To reduce arsenic content, rinse your rice thoroughly and choose imported rice over the one grown in the US.

3) Coconut Oil

This one is NOT a fat-storing food, obviously… coconut oil is incredibly healthy and one of the best you can use to cook, but it gets expensive very fast.

But the thing is – manufacturers sell “raw” coconut oil for the big price, when in fact raw coconut oil doesn’t exist. Shipping containers used to ship the coconut oil to the US by sea from the tropics reach temperatures of over 130°F.

The bottom line: If you’re paying more for raw coconut oil, you’re getting scammed.

4) Fish

A lot of bodybuilders recommend fish as a staple muscle-building food, and for a lot of reasons. It’s generally low in calories, very easy to digest and contains a ton of essential omega-3.

But not all fish is created equal.

Farmed fish you’ll find in most supermarkets contain high levels of PCBs, dioxins, antibiotics and pesticides – that all take a toll on your gut health and disrupt your testosterone.

It also contains at least 3 times less omega-3 than its wild-caught counterpart – making it actually a very poor source of essential fatty acids…

The obvious choice is to stick with wild-caught fish. The revolting problem is – a recent study by the University of Washington Tacoma showed that 40% of fish sold as “wild-caught” is in fact… farm-raised.

In the The Truth About Fat Burning Foods, I reveal how you can make sure your expensive wild-caught fish is actually wild-caught and full of anti-inflammatory omega-3.


That’s controversial stuff, I know.

But if you want to maximize your gains and your health, you NEED to get educated on what’s actually in your food.

Nick as put together the simplest, most efficient guide on food choices ever created – and I highly recommend it to anyone that’s really serious about packing some pounds and getting the best physique possible.

If you’re not satisfied with your gains, it’s about time you learn the truth.

==> Learn the Truth About Fat Burning Foods

To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

#1 Most Dangerous Stretch for Your Back

Today I have a video for you highlighting one stretch that harms your back.

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Arthur M.

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The REAL truth about smoothies

Fruit smoothies are all the rage these days.

You can find them everywhere.

Even fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King are jumping on the bandwagon.

But the truth is even the so-called “healthy” versions contain a boatload of “hidden” sugars.

Fattening, poisonous, immune system-destroying SUGAR.

It might seem like drinking a fruit smoothie is a better choice than drinking a sugary soda, but many times they actually contain MORE sugar.

Just take a look at the nutrition labels my buddy Nick Pineault sent me today…

- Jugo Juice’s large Mango Magic Smoothie contains 65g of sugar.

- A large McDonald’s McCafĂ© Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie packs 70g of sugar.

- A large Tropical Mango Smoothie from Burger King packs a whopping 85g of sugar.

That’s 17 teaspoons of PURE sugar…

For some reason, people think that sugar from fruits is very different from white processed sugar.

Many times it’s not.

Of course, if you eat a whole fruit, you still get the fiber and the nutrients that will slow down the sugar rush coming to your body.

But 85 grams of sugar – from whole fruits or not – is the perfect fat STORING nightmare.

How To Fix What’s Broken With “Fruit Smoothies”

Instead of only blending fruits, combine your fruits with a ton of veggies.

And guess what? It won’t taste ANY different.

These are the types of smoothies that can...

· Detox your body

· Boost your metabolism

· Improve digestion health and strengthen your immune system

· Normalize and optimize your hormones

· Fix vitamin and mineral deficiencies through enhance absorption

But many times it’s difficult to know exactly WHAT specific combinations of fruits and veggies you need to use that meet all these metabolic needs AND taste great.

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that my buddy Vince DelMonte – a pro fitness model – and best-selling health author Drew Canole teamed up to create the “Get Juiced” system.

I worked very closely with Vince before he released his new Article to the general public, and I truly believe this is MUST KNOW information for every single one of us.

Before you check out this brand new article, I wanted to quickly give you this DISCLAIMER.

As you’ll see at the link below, this juicing system is specifically designed to help men and women improve their lean muscle mass…

…Because that’s what Vince does. He helps skinny guys gain muscle.

But guess what?

Juicing is one of the best things you can do to keep your body alkaline and burning body fat.

So ditch your “sugar smoothies” and stop trying to figure out if you’re getting enough fruits and veggies everyday.

This is your insurance policy that nothing will be stopping you from gaining muscle or burning fat: 

==> 101 Juicing Recipes That Supercharge Your Fat Loss

Time to “get juiced”!

Arthur M.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Top 5 BANNED foods (Are they in your house?)

Yesterday, controversial nutrition “Nerd” Nick Pineault sent me this concerning article.

It turns out that a lot of banned foods end up in our grocery cart – and contain hidden toxic chemicals that increase your risks of disease and storing belly fat.

Read the article below and tell me what you think:


Banned foods in your plate?

By Nick Pineault

Author and investigator, The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

Every day, Americans eat tons of dangerous banned ingredients, and chances are you’re one of them.

I don’t mean to scare you, but to simply tell you the truth.

I’ve spent the last 7+ years researching how our food is made, and discovered dark secrets I have to tell the world – even if it makes me the most HATED expert by the big companies.

Here’s my top 5 banned ingredients that end up in most plates:

1) Ractopamine (in pork)

It’s banned in the European Union, China, and Taiwan – but Consumer Reports found this dangerous drug in 20% of all pork products.

Oh, and as a side note – recent studies also found that 81% of all supermarket meats in the US are contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria which damage your gut flora and slow down your weight loss.

2) rBGH (in milk)

While Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel and all European Union countries banned the use of rBGH, this hormone used to increase cows’ milk product is still used in all 50 states.

The use of rBGH increases the levels of IGF-1 hormone in the milk by at least 6 folds, increasing risks of various cancers.

3) GMOs (in almost everything)

Over 50 countries require labeling of GMO foods, and many of them banned GMOs altogether.

In the US, GMO foods are NOT labeled – even if 91% of the population feels like they should be. And because 90% of all soy, corn, canola and sugar (sugar beet) in the US is now GMO, Americans eat their weight in GMO foods each year.

The first-ever lifetime feeding study on the potential health risks of GMOs was published in September 2012. The results of feeding rats GMO corn for two years were very scary:

· Some rats developed massive tumors that represent 25% of their body weight

· Liver damage was up to 5 times higher in the GMO group than in the non-GMO group

· Female rats that ate GMOs had a 3X higher risk of premature death

4) Potassium Bromate (in bread)

Called a cancer threat by the CSPI since 1999, banned from dozens of countries, this ingredient is still used in bread these days.

5) Chloramphenicol (in honey)

This antibiotic used on honey bees has been banned in the US for years, but can still be found in cheap supermarket honey (along with heavy metals) that comes from China.

The concerning thing is that a recent study found that 75% or more of all the honey in the U.S. may be Chinese honey sold as American honey.


Scary, I know. But I know you want to learn the dirty truth about food, and to make the right choices. You can do just that here:

==> Learn the Truth About Fat Burning Foods

To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

Monday, October 21, 2013

How much protein do you REALLY need?

“How MUCH protein should I be getting on daily basis?”

Like so many health and fitness topics, the contradictory advice and conflicting studies are everywhere.

So let me simplify it for you.

First of all, protein itself is vital to living.

In fact, you could go months, even years without eating carbs (NOT recommended – of course), and still survive and keep on living.

But if you eliminate protein, it would only take a few weeks before your muscles would atrophy (shrink drastically) and your internal organs would literally start to deteriorate.

So basically, you would start to die.

With all this being said, too much of a good thing can still be harmful. But in most cases, I find the majority of active folks don’t get enough high quality protein.

Keep in mind, if you’re exercising intensely on a regular basis your protein demands will be MUCH higher than somebody who is sedentary.

Protein works in synergy with weight training and high intensity exercise to stimulate higher protein synthesis, which means higher protein needs for exercisers who want to lose fat and gain muscle.

Some examples…

· Intense exercisers wanting to burn fat = 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight daily…

· Intense exercisers wanting to gain muscle = 1.5 grams per pound of lean body weight (larger, more advanced individuals could even go higher)

· Moderate exercisers looking to maintain or burn fat = .75 grams per pound of lean body weight…

· Sedentary person = .5 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight

This is NOT one-side-fits-all or an exact science, but it gives you a great guideline to follow without being confused.

Most studies and research done on protein synthesis (i.e. uptake and absorption) seems to show that sedentary people really don’t need much more than 20 grams per serving…

…Whereas guys like me will consume up to 50 grams per serving in our post workout window, when absorption rate seems to be the highest.


Make SURE you “Go Alkaline”.

If you hammer down too much protein on a daily basis for long periods of time, you can stress out your adrenal glands and overwork your kidneys, while you make your body VERY acidic.

At least two or three times a year, go on a protein “fast” for 2 or 5 days straight, and replace your protein intake with high quality, proven juicing recipes.

This will filter out your liver and kidneys and give them a much-needed break, which will also help you avoid excessive acidity and high levels of inflammation.

When you keep your body alkaline, you’re guaranteed to absorb more of the nutrients your body needs so you continue to lose fat and gain quality muscle.

If you don’t make sure to AVOID an acidic environment you’ll simply NEVER get results.

Fortunately, I’ve been working “behind the scenes” with my great friend Vince Delmonte watching him meticulously perfect the ULTIMATE guide to STOP your body from going “acidic”.

CAUTION: Do NOT let the name of this guide “fool” you.

It’s called “GET JUICED”.

And although Vince has just released it to the muscle building world, I believe every man and woman should own a copy of this guide.

It’s what’s “missing” from people’s nutrition plans and I truly believe it can help ANY man or woman, of ANY age, burn more fat, gain more muscle, and dramatically improve your health.

In fact, Vince teamed up with the world’s TOP expert in this field, Drew Canole, and he has over a million fans and followers using this new method:

STOP your body from being “acidic” (the MISSING link to fat loss and muscle)

I have recently started using this fast, an easy method to RESET our digestive systems and keep our bodies “alkaline” on a daily basis.

Check it out HERE.

Have an awesome day,

Arthur M.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Part 2: DETAILED Diet Case Study (article)

Alright, today I'm back as promised to finish the diet "critique" we left off with yesterday.

To recap, my buddy and controversial nutrition “Nerd” Nick Pineault sent me this controversial diet critique of one of his clients on the Paleo diet.

Yesterday I showed you Nick’s critique of his client "Mark"'s a sample of what Mark eats on a typical day:

Breakfast: Cage-free omega-3 eggs with organic spinach

Snack: Brown rice protein with some “Stevia in the raw”

Lunch: Mixed greens, chicken breast and homemade olive oil dressing

Dinner: Grass-fed beef steak seasoned with soy sauce and a medium sweet potato

Evening Snack: Berries with honey

We already covered her breakfast, morning snack, and lunch...and why they all contained flaws...and today we're going to continue by analyzing the rest of the menu: Nick’s dinner and evening snack choices.

Dinner: Forget everything you heard about how red meat is fattening.

Grass-fed beef contains 2 to 4 times more omega-3, many times more vitamins and minerals than the cheap supermarket kind, and is packed with the natural fat burner CLA.

The problem is: some grass-fed beef are “grain finished”, which means they are fattened with grains in the last month before being slaughtered.

This process may help the beef farmer make extra money – but it actually changes the fat in your grass-fed beef from omega-3s to inflammatory omega-6s and removes the CLA.

Way to pay the premium price for something that doesn’t contain what it’s supposed to!

To make sure you buy the right fat burning beef, look for “pasture-raised beef” or “grass-fed AND finished beef”.

Evening Snack: There’s no such thing as fat burning sugar, but certain natural sugars like honey are less fattening than processed sugar.

But watch out: a recent study by Food Safety News found out that 75% of the honey sold in the US may be fake and potentially contain the banned antibiotic chloramphenicol and dangerous heavy metals.

Always make sure your honey is real by buying it locally, and always buy raw honey instead of the pasteurized kind that’s nothing more than pure sugar.

As you can see from Nick’s analysis of Mark’s diet – chances that you’re consuming a lot of fattening foods without even being aware of it.

Let me tell you, this is just the tip of the Iceberg. Nick showed me hundreds of other shady and scammy foods that end up in your fridge.

If you'd like to learn how to learn the truth about food and transform your kitchen from fat-storing to fat burning in less than 24 hours, Nick Pineault tells you how here:

==> Your 24-Hour Diet Makeover

To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Diet Case Study (part one)

Why his Paleo diet sucks (Diet Case Study)

Nick the “Nutrition Nerd” Pineault sent me this diet critique of one of his clients who’s on the Paleo diet.

The little-known truths he revealed made my jaw drop…

Here's a sample of what Nick’s client, Mark, eats on a typical day:

Breakfast: Cage-free omega-3 eggs with organic spinach

Snack: Brown rice protein with some “Stevia in the raw”

Lunch: Mixed greens, chicken breast and homemade olive oil dressing

Dinner: Grass-fed beef steak seasoned with soy sauce and a medium sweet potato

Evening Snack: Berries with honey

What Mark is doing right (Nick’s comments):

Mark’s Paleo diet is off to a good start because he focuses on natural whole foods. He’s eating “cleaner” than 99% of people eating this way.

What Mark is doing wrong:

Okay, let's take this meal by meal.

Breakfast: Mark was doing the right thing trying to buy healthier eggs, but he got scammed by marketing terms.

“Cage-free” has no legal definition in the US, which probably means his eggs are produced by hens crammed by thousands inside small barns – making eggs with a fraction of the nutrition.

The second problem with those eggs is the added omega-3.

You see, the Center for Science in the Public Interest's independent lab tests revealed that they contain less than half of the omega-3 claimed on the packaging.

But it doesn’t really matter anyway, because the omega-3 in them is ALA (from the flax hens are fed with), which is 800% to 3300% less absorbable than the form of omega-3 naturally contained in healthy eggs (EPA and DHA).

If you want eggs that contain multiple times more nutrients than these cheap cage-free eggs, stick with pasture-raised eggs – which means that hens are allowed to roam around outside like they’re supposed to.

Snack: Let’s put it that way: this brand of stevia is a huge scam.

Stevia In The Raw contains 95% dextrose – also known as… pure sugar. Because the FDA allows any food that contains less than 4 calories per serving to be labeled as “calorie-free”, this product shows portion sizes of 0.5g – 1/8 of a teaspoon – and continues to claim it contains 0 calories.

Instead of buying this forfeit brand, stick with any brand that only shows stevia on the ingredients list.

Lunch: It’s true: olive oil is a great source of healthy fats and anti-aging compounds... but only if you buy the right kind.

In 2010, Consumer Reports – one of the most credible and influential non-profit organizations fighting for consumer rights in the US – revealed that around 20% of all olive oils are fake and have been mixed with other cheap oils.

This terrible scam has been confirmed yet again in 2012, when the UC Davis Olive Center found out that only 27% of all olive oils passed the quality test to be labeled “extra virgin” – the best and most nutritious kind there is.

So again, without even being aware of it, your olive oil might contain up to 100% vegetable oil – filled with fattening trans fats.

This is already getting pretty long, so I'm going to pick things up tomorrow and let Nick talk about Mark’s choice of dinner and evening snack tomorrow (fyi, they also suck and I'll tell you why).

In the meantime, if you'd like to learn more SHOCKING truths about “healthy” foods in your pantry, Nick Pineault gives you some awesome tips here:

==> Learn the Truth About Fat Burning Foods

To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

The New You Program - Transformational Nutrition and Fitness Program

The New You Program - Transformational Nutrition and Fitness Program

The New You Program is an amazing nutrition plan, fitness program and support system, all with the purpose of helping people get fit and healthy! We provide weekly meal plans, delicious recipes and challenging workouts that will help you attain a level of health you never imagined possible.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Get Back to Pain Free Workouts

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BAD NEWS about free-range eggs (this is irritating)

The other day, cutting edge nutrition expert Nick Pineault shared why the grass-fed beef you’re paying top dollar for might really NOT be grass-fed at all.

Unfortunately, he’s back today with more bad news…

Pay close attention:

BAD NEWS About Free-Range Eggs

By Nick Pineault

The Nutrition Nerd and author of Truth About Fat Burning Foods

Claims on eggs cartons can be VERY misleading.

Free-range... pastured… organic… added lutein… added omega-3…

So which ones are the best?

The simple answer is: you want the eggs than come from the healthiest hens possible.

In other words, hens need to have access to sunshine and be able to eat the omnivorous diet they’re supposed to. Yes, hens are in fact omnivores (mostly insectivores), and do not usually eat the grains most farmers feed them with nowadays.

Eggs raised this way (“pastured eggs”) pack a ton more nutrition than regular factory eggs.

· 66% more vitamin A

· 200% more omega-3

· 300% more vitamin E

Very much like beef, eggs’ claims are mostly not regulated.

For example, a farmer could say that its hens are “cage-free” but, in fact, they could still be packed into an overcrowded barn in the dark – leading to very poor life conditions for them and ultimately eggs that contain way less nutrients in your shopping cart.

Also, another misleading claim (that just isn’t worth the extra money you pay) is “Added Omega-3”.

It’s true that using flax as part of poultry ration can increase the ALA omega-3 content of egg yolk fat.

BUT --- there’s a caveat: this type of omega-3 is 8 to 33 times less absorbable than the animal-based omega-3 (EPA and DHA) naturally contained in eggs.

To make it even worse, the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s independent lab tests revealed that certain enriched eggs contain less than half of the omega-3 claimed on the packaging.

The bottom line: just like buying grass-fed beef, knowing your egg farmer personally remains the best way to make sure you’re getting the nutrition you’re paying a premium for.

“Pastured” and “organic” are probably the two labels that I would trust the most, but if you’re still in doubt, make sure to verify the color of the yolk.

If the yolk is a pale yellow, chances are that these eggs aren’t really pastured. But if it’s bright orange, you’ve got a keeper.

Important reminder: Of course, if you can only get regular factory eggs, remember that they’re still MUCH better than any granola bar as a filling snack, or as any pastry or cereals for breakfast.


Thanks Nick!

Now in case you didn’t already know, this type of stuff is going on EVERYWHERE inside your local grocery stores and restaurants.

Look… we all know that nutrient-dense foods improve our health and ultimately our results, right?

Might as well know you’re investing your hard-earned money to get the real deal, and get deceived by these food marketers.

Make sure you learn The Truth About Fat Burning Foods BEFORE your next trip to the grocery store.

=> Learn the REAL truth about the food you eat.

You’ll thank me for it.

Arthur M.

10, 9, 8, 7.….GONE

Even if your back hurts right now there is DOES NOT mean you'll never be able to do the things you love.  Just don't give up.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

No Back Strain Workout Bonus

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With the use of the stability ball and carefully selected exercises.

Engaging the body with the movements assembled in this workout will take your traditional lifts to a new level while at the same time alleviate chronic pain.

We are all 1 bad rep away from hurting out backs so adding strength, mobility and flexibility to our body is essential.  The links of our body's chain need to be the same strength from one end to the other.  What good is a chain if the middle link is made of plastic and the rest are steel?

That's why Stability Ball exercises are invaluable to athletes. It's time to eliminate pain, minimize strain and increase strength in the chain with this 30-day Stability Ball program that puts ABSOLUTELY no strain on your lower back. 

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This exercise targets nearly every essential muscle group

If you're like me you love training hard and you know the deadlift is an awesome exercise for building muscle & strength. That just can't be denied.

In fact, a lot of people think Arnold Schwarzenegger got huge from isolation exercises but that's not true. When he was 19-years old he deadlifted 600 lbs in competition which shows he trained to build his initial foundation.

The problem is...if you're doing it wrong it can mess up your back. Or if you have a bad back this is probably an exercise you avoid.

We have the solution for you though with today's fast acting bonus.

First You Get:  A Video Guide to Pain Free Deadlifting.

This is where we teach you proper technique so you can deadlift without risk of hurting your back.  

Secondly you get:  Barbell Deadlift Dominated

This is a secret underground Finnish deadlift program used by competitive powerlifters.  Once you have your form down from the How To can crush this program.

If your back is bothering you right now and you don't want to think about deadlifting...that's okay.  Use our new Fix My Back Pain program to heal your back than you'll have the deadlift material to refer to later.

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P.S.   The Deadlift is often considered the most basic primary movement for the body.  This exercise targets nearly every essential muscle group and it also releases so many muscle building hormones like testosterone and growth hormone.

Unfortunately, many of us wreck the form and make a perfectly safe exercise something that can lead to back pain and potential injury if done incorrectly. This doesn't have to be the case!

I put together a video guide to Pain Free Deadlifting to celebrate the Fix My Back Pain Sales pre-sale event.

You'll be shown how to perfect your form in an easy to understand step- by-step manner.

After using Fix My Back Pain and implementing the tips from Pain Free Deadlifting your back will be feeling like new again and you can start deadlifting the way you want again which will be the perfect time to implement the Underground Finnish Deadlift Program that will help you increase rugged muscle back development and strength from 5-10%. 

It contains 3 training cycles used by competitive powerlifters and it's yours free when you order Fix My Back Pain before midnight.

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Myths About Exercise and Older Adults (Article)

Myths About Exercise and Older Adults

Why your beef may NOT be grass-fed at all (article)

Each time you invest more money to buy healthier beef, there’s a chance that you end up getting less quality than what you paid for.

But thankfully, Nick Pineault, AKA “The Nutrition Nerd” has figured it all for you. Here’s what you need to know…

How To Make Sure Your Grass-Fed Beef Is In Fact Grass-Fed

By: Nick Pineault

Creator and Author of The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

You probably already know that grass-fed beef has nothing to do with its feedlot-raised, grain-fed cousin that’s sold in supermarkets on the nutritional side.

In fact, grass-fed beef contains 2 to 4 times more omega-3 (essential fatty acids), 4 times more vitamin A and E, a lot more conjugated linoleic acid/CLA (a natural fat burner), and less fat and calories per pound than regular grain-fed beef you buy at the supermarket.

Grass-fed animals are considerably healthier than grain-fed ones, which means that farmers don’t have to use part of the 15 million pounds of antibiotics used on grain-fed cattle just to prevent them from getting sick.

Obviously, buying quality meat becomes a great idea to improve your own health and support local farms that care about animals.

So what label claim do you look for at your local Whole Foods to find grass-fed beef?

Turns out it’s really not that clear.

In the last couple of years, the labeling regulations have changed quite a lot in the beef industry. But of course, very few customers know that.

Nowadays, manufacturers are able to sell grass-fed beef that has been “grain-finished” as 100% grass-fed beef.

The problem is: some farmers will feed their cattle grass for most of their lifespan, but “finish” them with grains in the last months before sending them to the slaughterhouse.

Because the last 90 to 160 days of diet determine how much nutrition your big, juicy steak will contain, this process removes any benefits the initial grass diet might have had.

The bottom line: your beef needs to be both grass-fed and grass-finished to contain all the nutrition it’s supposed to.

But because those claims are still not regulated by the USDA, your best insurance is to develop a relationship with a farmer that raises beef the right way.

This will give you confidence that you’re buying the right kind.


Thanks Nick!

Now if you’re kinda irritated with this information, you’re not alone.

That’s why the #1 product I recommend for EVERYBODY in 2013 is The Truth About Fat Burning Foods.

In a world full of weight loss and nutrition scams, it’s very rare that I come across legitimate research about food that actually “stands out”, solves a huge problem, and gives us a REAL solution.

=> This is my #1 nutrition recommendation for 2013.

Nick researched over 512 studies while creating this.

Learn the REAL truth about the food you eat.

To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

#1 Worst Ab Exercise (Never Do This)

Did you know there is one AB exercise that has been scientifically proven to cause spine, neck and back trauma?

In fact, this movement is one of the most common exercises you'll see taught incorrectly by trainers at the gym. 

#1 WORST Abs Exercise EVER (Stop Doing This…Seriously) <<<click here now

There's actually a much more efficient and safe exercise you can do instead. Check it out below.

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Arthur M.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide (Yours FREE)

Have you ever thrown your back out so bad you had trouble walking around and had to stay in bed or sitting down for a few days?

It's hard to know what to do when you first hurt yourself.

That's why Rick Kaselj created the…….
48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide...

It's yours as a free bonus today when you pick up a copy of Fix My Back Pain.

Fix My Back Pain is a pre and post workout routine you can do to rehab your own back. You can continue with your regular workouts and simply follow the 10-minute pre and post workout routines to get your back to a pain free state.

Order Fix My Back Pain Here & Get the 48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide FREE

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Do you know what to do when back pain hits?

The 48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide shows you what to do.

It gives you movements that you need to do in order to decrease your back pain, loosen up your back, release tightness in your muscles and get back to being pain-free.

Rick Kaselj has used this program a number of times to overcome a back pain flare up in 48 to 72 hours.

For example, a few months back, Rick was doing a barbell deadlift complex and tweaked his back. As the day went by, his back got worse and worse.

He went to the guide and did the exercises in the guide for 10 minutes, a few times day. Every time he went through the exercises, the pain would decrease, movement would improve, tension would decrease and he could do more. By the fourth day, he was able to get back to the gym and do his workouts.

Also in the guide Rick shows you the #1 exercise that you should do when back pain hits. Along with the manual, there is a follow along video that you can watch on your phone, tablet, laptop, computer or TV.

Grab Fix My Back Pain for 52% OFF and Get the Rescue Guide FREE

Arthur M.

What is the BEST stretch to do in the morning?

If you're like most people your body can be pretty stiff when you first wake up and get out of bed.

Luckily there's a 15-second stretch that you can do first thing in the morning that will really help your body feel better.

#1 Stretch to Do In the Morning < ---- Pictures

Don't thank me, thank Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS. He's the one that told me about it and it makes a HUGE difference.

Arthur M.

P.S. This is the best stretch to do first-thing in the morning…