Saturday, November 30, 2013

10 Finishers that will Smoke You (You'll love # 6)

So I just looked at Chris and Mike's NEW KB Finishers and Bodyweight programs, and I asked Mike Whitfield if I could share the Bodyweight Gauntlet finisher from one of his workouts with you.

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 4 minutes, resting ONLY when needed:

Burpee/Spiderman Pushup Combo (3)

Jumping Jacks (10)

Burpee/X-Body Mountain Climber Combo (3)

The Burpee Spiderman Pushup is when you replace the normal pushup with a Spiderman Pushup (1 rep per side) in the burpee.

For the Burpee/X-Body Mountain Climber Combo, you'll replace the pushup with a cross-body mountain climber (1 per side).

The good news is that the finisher alone will get you ripped compared to boring cardio. The bad news? This is after the main workout!... but it will be worth it as you burn hundreds of calories in minutes.

Get all the workouts and KB Finishers here

Before that nasty finisher, you'll do a lower body/upper body/lower body circuit (with a weird variety of a lunge)...

... followed by a high-energy metabolic conditioning circuit and then finally, you'll blast your way through a 3-exercise bodyweight ab circuit with minimum rest.

Not to mention all the quick and powerful KB Finishers from Chris Lopez...

...And here are the top 10 KB Finishers from Chris Lopez you'll want to try once you get the KB Finishers System...

#10 "Suns Out, Guns Out" - An upper body finisher to help channel your inner "Meathead"

#9 "I Got 5 On It" - A 5-Minute Timed Finisher using kettlebell ballistics like swings and snatches.

#8 "The Manhattan Beach Project" - The perfect Kettlebell Challenge Finisher to get you beach ready

#7 "Washboard on the Shelf" - A density-based ab finisher to get you washboard abs.

#6 "Comfortable With Discomfort" - A double kettlebell finisher that uses the infamous "standing hard style plank" technique.

#5 "Get Up, Stand Up" - Using the Turkish Get-Up - the most powerful exercise in the kettlebell arsenal - you'll shred your abs and bulletproof your shoulders at the same time!

#4 "The Gut Check" - Kettlebell Swings and bodyweight abs...the perfect combination.

#3 "Locked & Loaded" - Use the Number #1 rate kettlebell abs exercise for 2014, the loaded carry (as voted by Turbulence Training).

#2 "The Dominant Overload" - This Finisher is meant to overload one side of the body forcing you to stabilize while you're unevenly loaded. In addition to testing your grip, your midsection will take a beating as well.

And the Number #1 Kettlebell Finisher from Master CTT Chris Lopez is...

#1 The Master Plan - So simple, yet so sinister, this finisher-kettlebell-complex tackles every single muscle group in your body in less time than it'll take you to say "Dasvidaniya".

Get the NEW KB Finishers System here and say "Dasvidaniya" to your body fat

You'll love the KB Finishers and Bodyweight workouts,

Arthur M.

10 reasons your training doesn't flatten your abs (#8 is surprising)

There are 10 "underground" ab training mistakes Kate Vidulich, an Exercise Physiologist, is revealing that is keeping you from getting flatter abs.

In fact, most trainers don't know these because they rely on outdated textbooks.

In just a few minutes, you'll know more than most fitness "experts"...

=> 10 reasons your training doesn't flatten your abs

In fact, # 8 will surprise you and more than likely, you're doing this right now every time you exercise...

=> #1 mistake when training your abs

To getting Flat Abs,
Arthur M.

Friday, November 29, 2013

HIGH-energy workouts and finishers

I'm hearing some awesome feedback on yesterday's KB Finisher. Just wait until you see what is in store today.
This finisher has the best KB exercise of all time... the KB Swing.

Now most people get the KB Swing all wrong and you might be, too. You don't do a squat followed by a front raise (that's what most people do). The trick is to really "fire" from the hips and glutes and your arms are just along for the ride.

When you do KB Swings correctly, you'll not only get your core stronger, but you'll also improve your conditioning and hit a lot of muscle at one time. That's why it's a staple in this finisher from Chris Lopez, CTT...

Duration: 10 minutes or less
Equipment: One single kettlebell - snatch size or less

Snatch Left x 5

Snatch Right x 5

Clean Left x 10

Clean Right x 10

Swing Left x 10

Swing Right x 10

You can get dozens more of KB Finishers from Chris Lopez here PLUS some fat-burning bodyweight workouts from Mike Whitfield:

NEW KB Finishers and Advanced Bodyweight Workouts <== Sale

Plus, get this - a study published by ACE proved that you burn up to 20.2 calories per minute using a kettlebell.

How many calories per minute do you burn walking on a treadmill? ... on average... 5.

Let's do the math and say you completed the above finisher in 8 minutes.

8 minutes X 20 cals = 240 calories in 8 minutes
30 minutes X 5 cals = 150 calories in 30 minutes

Boom. You've got a 8-minute solution to your ineffective cardio.

As part of these NEW 31 KB Finishers, Chris Lopez PROVES you can get better results in less time with the right programming and just a single kettlebell.

Combine that with Mike's Bodyweight workouts and finishers, and you'll eliminate all excuses. After all, Chris is married with FIVE kids. And Mike? ... he's been able to lose AND KEEP off 105 pounds of fat, even being married with 2 kids himself.

It's no surprise they have helped thousands of people all over the world with their high-energy and addictive workouts and finishers.

Discover the HIGH-energy workouts and finishers here:

Cure your boring workouts  => High-Energy KB and BW Workouts + Finishers

Get ripped burning 20 calories a minute,
Arthur M.

P.S. Did I tell you that Mike has used finishers just like this to lose 105 pounds of fat? ...

... and that Chris has 3 jobs and 5 kids, yet he stays in single digit body fat year round?

These are the workouts and finishers they use <== Now available to you

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Is Interval Training Dead?

Is interval training dead?

Discover the truth about interval training here <= Is it dead?

You'll also find the best 1-2 punch to belly fat. It's the best "hybrid" of advanced bodyweight training and kettlebell finishers.

If you want to get rid of boring and outdated interval training methods and don't have access to a lot of equipment, you'll love this finisher that requires just ONE kettlebell.

Now when it comes to kettlebell training for people with a busy schedule that want to get lean, I go to Chris Lopez, Master CTT and StrongFirst Level II Kettlebell Trainer.

Chris has 3 jobs and 5 kids, yet he stays in incredible shape 365 days a year.

And when it comes to the BEST way to finish any workout to burn calories all day, there's nothing better than an effective finisher.

After all, that's how Mike Whitfield, Master CTT polished off 105 pounds himself and he's used finishers with all of his private coaching clients that helped them ALL either place or win Transformation Contests (even with thousands of people voting).

So what happens when you get these two experts together?...

You get the best (and lethal to belly fat) combination of bodyweight training and kettlebell finishers in one place.

Here's a KB Finisher from KB Expert Chris Lopez, Master CTT, that you'll love. I'm going to crank this after my workout...

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 5 minutes, resting only when needed. Next week, when you try this finisher again, try to beat the number of rounds you were able to accomplish.

KB Clean (5/side)
Spiderman Pushup (5/side)
KB Swings (10)

That will improve your conditioning in minutes and the caloric afterburn and adrenaline rush will last up to 38 hours. You'll love the rep scheme with that.

Chris and Mike have 31 MORE KB Finishers and Bodyweight Workouts here:

Wicked 1-2 punch of Bodyweight Workouts and 31 KB Finishers <= Sale

Chris Lopez and Mike Whitfield have teamed up to give you the best KB Finishers ever, but they went above and beyond that.

You'll also get 8 weeks of Bodyweight Workouts, too. You can use these bodyweight workouts along with the intense KB Finishers for a fat-burning and conditioning session you can do anywhere.

And they work - Chris and Mike both have helped thousands of people all over the world with their metabolic workouts.

The Best KB Finishers and Bodyweight Workouts <= 31 NEW KB Finishers

Time to train hard,
Arthur M. 

P.S. Just wait until you start the "Bodyweight Dirty Dozen" program. That, along with the 31 NEW KB Finishers, will end your workout boredom forever and break any fitness plateau.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The dangers of too much cardio

Today I have a guest article for you from fat loss expert Kate Vidulich… she talks about the dangers of too much cardio, and a training system she’s using with her private training clients in Manhattan that’s getting some pretty amazing results.



Why Cardio Harms the Heart

Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, CTT

Author, Fat Loss Accelerators

How many hours per week do you spend doing cardio?

Everyday spinning classes? Boom, overuse injury.

Elliptical lover? Zero results.

Dreadmill intervals? Death by boredom.

Now we have a NEW problem with cardio. Scientific research has exposed the dangers of excessive cardio.

In late November 2012, the Wall Street Journal reported on the harmful effects of excessive cardio on your heart. According to the WSJ, research to be published in the British journal “Heart”:

Running 20-25 miles or more per week eliminates the benefit of the exercise as you grow older and causes excessive wear and tear on the heart.

Damn, that’s bad news if you’re an exercise ADDICT. The sad thing is, most of these folks will ignore this blatant fact and continue on their merry way.

But the truth about cardio is this:

  1. You can get more effective fat burning workout in less time
  2. Spending less time exercising means less wear and tear on your heart, joints and muscles
  3. You can free up a TON of time, at least 200-250 minutes/week if you’re running a 10 minute mile, and spend it doing more important things

Three strikes and you’re out. Game over.

Even Dr. Kenneth Cooper agrees. The father of ‘aerobics’ has said, “If you are running more than 15 miles a week, you are doing it for some reason other than health.

So is a grizzly bear chasing you? There’s a valid reason to get your run on. But in all seriousness, there are no bears where I live in New York City (just other scary people) and as you can see, the fat loss benefits of “cardio confessional time” are minimal.

As an avid marathon runner, plenty of my friends pointed out this fact to me. The thing is, my marathon training programs no longer involve running more than 12-15 miles/week, or even longer than 60 minutes continuously in a session.

Instead, the workouts include training with total body movements and lifting heavy to get stronger, metabolic resistance training and tortuous high intensity intervals. Each workout typically lasts no more than 20-35 minutes.

The shocking thing is this works! No overuse injuries, no carb loading and it helped me shave 54 minutes off my marathon time.

So listen, if you want to exercise for health, fat loss while increasing your energy and vitality, you need to train with bursts of intensity in shorter workouts.

That’s why I created Fat Loss Accelerators. <– Get 31 workouts here

In this program, you’ll get dozens of unique workouts that last 20 minutes or less, that you can add into your current training program.

Replace those boring dreadmill intervals with these workouts that give you faster fat burning than any type of long cardio EVER will.

Here are just some of the workouts you’ll get:

  • Barbell complexes: The most effective barbell complexes that only require an empty bar and small space
  • Unique hybrid metabolic mash ups: Intense, compounding movements that maximize fat burning to break through plateaus
  • “Time Bombs”: Density sets that push you to your limits in set amount of time. Perfect when you have a deadline.
  • DB/KB complexes: Some of the most popular circuits lie here… Fat burning fun is taken to a whole new level.
  • Bodyweight bonuses: No equipment? No worries. These circuits can be done anytime, anywhere from your living room to the hotel.

Plug these workouts into your program today and see the difference it makes to your level of conditioning.

Rock on,

Kate Vidulich, BSc, ACSM, CTT


Awesome article, Kate!  Thanks again for stopping by today.

Now, Kate has a brand new training system she has created, Fat Loss Accelerators that is based around this concept of eliminating excess cardio. These workouts are a fun, unique way to get a kick ass workout done with limited equipment in a small space.

The best part is, as an exclusive subscriber to my newsletters, you can get this very system at a 46% off discount for a very limited time! Click the link below to grab it now:

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To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Did you miss this?

Craig Ballantyne created over 51 No-Equipment fat burning sessions just like that one that you can use to burn fat this holiday season. These workouts are so fast and so convenient that you won't have any excuse for missing workouts during the holidays.

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You'll have also get access to 10 more workouts that he'll be releasing as a bonus on December 1st, including:

The 4-Minute Burpee Challenge
The Insane Fat Burning Ladder Workout
The 20-10 Interval Conditioning Fat Burner Workout

Plus, you get a HUGE DISCOUNT on the follow-along workout videos...but it ends TONIGHT.

Don't miss this amazing deal <= proven way to lose fat for the holidays

You'll do every minute of every workout with Craig and his Certified Turbulence Trainers, Mikey Whitfield, and Brian Kalakay.

It's like having this SuperHero team of Certified TT Trainers showing up at your house to take you through these PERFECT fat burning workouts.

Lose fat during the busy holidays,

To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M.

PS - If you want to lose fat over the holidays...

...the good news is that you CAN do it, and you don't need to go to the gym, either.

Just get Craig's No-Equipment workouts so you can burn fat anywhere, anytime.

You'll get 51 follow-along workout you can simply hit play, follow along and lose your belly fat (and get flat abs).

You can even download these videos to any mobile device that you use, like an iPad, iPod, or fat-burning smartphone.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

5 Bodyweight Exercises NOT To Do (and 3 you are doing wrong)

By Craig Ballantyne, CTT

If you have a sore shoulder, bad back, achy knees, or tight Achilles tendon, then you must AVOID the 5 bodyweight exercises listed below.

#1 - Triceps dips with your hands behind you on a bench - These are terrible for your shoulder joint and rotator cuff muscles.

#2 - Jumping exercises on concrete OR if you are overweight – These will kill your knees.

#3 - Sit-ups & crunches & V-sits - These will cause you back problems, as I've written about in my articles in Men's Health magazine.

#4 - Pushups with your elbows flared out wide - This "bodybuilder" version of pushups will cause you great grief in your shoulder joint and rotator cuff, just like the classic barbell bench press.

#5 - High repetition box jumps where you jump back off the box with each rep - Your Achilles will snap one of these days, and that's easily one of the WORST injuries you can suffer.

So instead of getting hurt with the wrong exercises, you need use safer, more effective no-equipment workouts that you can find here: 

Use the exercises in those videos for more results and less risk.

Of course, if you've been reading my articles for more than a few months, you already knew not to do those moves. But you might still be making the following mistakes on 3 otherwise awesome  bodyweight exercises.

Please do NOT do...

1) Mountain Climbers with a rounded low-back
This will hurt your back just as quickly as sit-ups or crunches. You must keep your body in a straight line with your abs braced to get the best ab workout and fitness boost from this exercise.

You'll also get a much more INTENSE abdominal workout when you SLOW the reps down, particularly when you do the X-Body Mountain Climber version. Stay tight and strict and you'll get the most results from this simple exercise.

2) Prisoner Squats with "lazy" hands
When you do prisoner squats, you need to keep your fingers interlaced behind your head, your elbows back, and your shoulder blades squeezed together. That is how you get MORE results from this move. It allows you to work your upper back without equipment.

Don't be lazy like most people that just touch their finger tips to the side of their head. That's lame.

3) Ugly Lunges
This is the most over-prescribed exercise in bodyweight history, and far too many people are doing lunges that have no business doing this exercise at all. It's no laughing matter when I see people doing ugly lunges in the gym.

Listen, it's okay if you don't have the proper balance to do lunges. You can switch to a safer exercise such as Reverse Lunges, Split Squats, Step-ups, or 1-Leg Lying Hip Extensions.

We want you to train hard, but safe. No wobbling or falling over! And don't even think about adding resistance to your lunges if you can't do the basic bodyweight version correctly.

In order to learn how to do every bodyweight exercise with PERFECT fat burning technique, get 51 follow-along bodyweight workout videos here: <= 51% off sale ends Thursday, Nov. 14th

You'll do each workout with me and my Certified Turbulence Trainers, Brian Kalakay, and Mike Whitfield. Not only will we motivate you to be MORE consistent, and train harder, but we'll also make sure you do every exercise perfectly so that you get more results in LESS time.

That's my promise to you.

And if you aren't satisfied, feel free to take me up on our 100% money-back guarantee at any time during the next 60 days.

Let's get you the results you DESERVE.

Start today,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Here's today's kickbutt mindset tip to keep you on track for success...

"Cherish time, your most valuable resource. You can never make up the time you lose." - Kekich Credo #2

The best way to SAVE time is by cutting back on your workout time (and overcoming all of your workout excuses) by using NO-equipment bodyweight workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Get your 4-Minute Miracle Workouts here (plus 51 more workouts)

You'll never miss a workout again with this perfect fat loss solution.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4-Minute Workout Better Than Cardio?

Here's why this workout is better than cardio...

In the time it takes someone to drive down to their local gym, you could do a better cross-training, fat-burning workout at home without a single piece of equipment.

Try these NO-equipment workouts and compare

And don't even get us started on the 60 minute P90 videos or cardio...there's no need for workouts to last almost as long
as a movie. Those long workouts just beat you up because they have you do TOO much, too fast.

Here's a better way to exercise no matter which one you prefer:

Click here for a workout better than P90X

Click here for a workout better than cardio

Click here for a workout better than Crossfit

Here's why these short, bodyweight workouts are better than all those other programs:

You get the same benefits as Crossfit - fat loss, abs, strength, power, and and dramatically improved fitness - but without the pitfall of high injury, these bodyweight workouts come in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels (and can take just 4 minutes per day!)

Burn Fat in just 4 minutes with NO-equipment workouts <= Over 51 workouts Long Live the Home Workout Revolution,

To Your Health and Fitness,

Arthur M. 
PS - Want 20 NEW workouts?

Twenty brand NEW Home Workout Revolution videos have finally been added to the site. You'll get fourteen 4-Minute Miracles and six 6-Minute 6-Pack workouts PLUS all 51 of the NO-equipment Home Workout Revolution programs.

Get those bonus workouts here during this 51% off SALE:

Click here for a workout better than Cardio

You'll be amazed on what you can do with just your bodyweight and in a small amount of space at home, in a park, or even a hotel room.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

How to create a metabolic “shock” for faster results

There’s just ONE little tweak you can do to ANY workout to get burn 33% MORE FAT.

A study from the University of Pittsburgh showed that those who work out with a partner lose 33% MORE weight than those who go it alone.

Imagine hitting play on your device (even your phone) and cycling through ANY of Mike Whitfield’s Ab Finishers and getting coached every rep of the way to finally target lower belly fat.

That’s just ONE reason to get Mike’s brand NEW Ab Finishers 2.0 with high quality follow-along videos today.

You’ll also get instant access to 8 weeks of transformation workouts including Metabolic Shock 2.0 and Finishers XT to strip off fat fast.

Can you imagine what your abs will look like when you combine these full workouts and any of the ab finishers?

Expires today => Ab Finishers 2.0 + Bonuses at 65% Off

And these full workouts come with follow-along videos, too!

And here are 9 more reasons you need his Ab Finishers 2.0 system…

# 9 – ZERO EQUIPMENT options for the Entire Program!

Unlike other programs, Mike over-delivered by giving you a zero-equipment option with every finisher AND workout. So now you have NO excuses.

# 8 – You Can Plug these Ab Finishers with ANY Workout

Whether you’re on a full body workout plan or a bodybuilding program or even working out at home, you can plug ANY of these finishers in with your favorite workouts to burn fat faster and get ab definition at the same time. They take 10 minutes or less!

# 7 – NEW and Never-Seen-Before Ab Moves

“Around the World”, “Plank Jacks” and more will hit your abs like never before, forcing them to work harder (which creates definition and flattens your belly). And the best part is that you’ll complete each rep with Mike and his trainers (includes photos, too).

Last chance => Get the best Ab Finishers Ever Created

# 6 – Metabolic Shock 2.0 and Finishers XT Bonuses!

If you need a full workout system to go with your NEW Ab Finishers, Mike has you covered. You’ll get 8 weeks of full workouts including Metabolic Shock 2.0 and Finishers XT.

In Metabolic Shock 2.0, you’ll experience NEW training methods to get an adrenaline rush and a big metabolic boost.

In Finishers XT, Mike throws everything at you, including metabolic training, density training and more.

Imagine yourself going through these workouts while adding any of the finishers and what you’ll look like after just 8 weeks.

# 5 – FULL Done-for-You Meal Plans for Men and Women Bonus!

Mike teamed up with Lori Kennedy, fat loss nutrition expert, to bring you PROVEN done-for-you meal plans for both men and women.

This gives you the full package to make a drastic change in just 14 days.

=> Get the BEST AB Finishers Ever Created + Your Meal Plans

# 4 – Your Off Day “Secret Sauce”

“Stay active on your off day” is tough for most people like you that want faster results. Mentally, you’re thinking you must do something.

The good news is that you can perform ONE finisher on your off day and sure, you’ll burn calories, but more importantly, you’ll make smarter decisions because of the hormones you release by the short, intense bout of exercise.

# 3 – The Sprint Conditioning for Abs Bonus!

The set and rep schemes to stimulate fat loss inside his finishers are great, but wait until you try Mike’s Sprint Conditioning workouts that focus on your abs. These “hybrids” of sprints and the best ab exercises will burn calories while targeting lower belly fat.

You’re lucky – he’s decided to keep this bonus during this special offer!

Ends Today => Sprint Conditioning for Abs Bonus

# 2 – Get an EXACT Day-to-Day 8-Week Plan

Mikey has put together a simple, easy-to-follow 8 week plan that tells you exactly what to do on what days so there is no guess work! He lays it out for you, including your off days!

# 1 – The 52% Discount Sale Ends Today

You’ll get all 51 NEW AB Finishers, 8 weeks of FULL transformation workouts, done-for-you meal plans, Sprint Conditioning for Abs and all the follow-along videos right now for less than a night out.

But this special offer ENDS TONIGHT.

52% Ends today => Best Ab Finishers EVER created

Look, I wouldn’t recommend Mikey’s Ab Finishers if I knew it was just another program. But Mikey has an inspirational story of his own of losing OVER 100 POUNDS and his unique approach to his workouts and finishers have already helped thousands of people just like this…

“I’ve been using the finishers and have lost 7 pounds in two weeks and my endurance has gone through the roof. Thanks for the great finishers and the motivation to keep pushing!”

=> Gregg Willett

Discover these unique Ab Finishers here

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Your 7 Day Plan is ready

9 pounds in 7 days? Is it really possible (we’re talking about fat, not just weight)? Most rapid fat loss plans are a disaster and practically beg your body for rebound weight gain. But not this one…

… and you’ll get the exact day-to-day plan to do it.

7 Days to a Flatter Stomach with a Step-by-Step Formula

Mike Whitfield, CTT
Contributor to the Men’s Health Big Book of Getting Abs

2012 TT Trainer of the Year

After working with hundreds of private coaching clients, I truly have “perfected” the ultimate 7-day workout formula.

You know the story. You need a jumpstart… or perhaps you fell off the wagon pretty hard the last few weeks. One missed workout turned into 3 weeks of missing workouts, which turned into 6 weeks of working out inconsistently, etc., etc.

We’ve all been there. And for my private clients, it was usually after a vacation binge… or just before vacation (especially if you’re going to the beach) ;)

So, here is the exact formula I used when I set up an aggressive 7-day workout plan to help them get in amazing shape in just 7 days…

Warning – This is NOT for everyone.

And you should NOT do this week in and week out. It’s just simply too much. But consider this your “emergency template”.

It’s set up to where you can give each day your best shot and the ultimate combination of…

Metabolic Resistance Training (You’ll discover the truth behind this approach, too)

Finisher Stacking

Metabolic Conditioning

Interval Training


Yes. You’re going to do ALL of this in one week BUT STRATEGICALLY.

This formula does work… in fact, I had a client named Nancy that lost 9 pounds in 7 days using this formula. This was the jumpstart she needed to continue and now she’s a trainer herself! Can you imagine getting this jumpstart?

Hey, I’m Mike Whitfield, Finishers Expert and Contributor to the Mens Health Big Book of Getting Abs and you have seen my work on the Mens Health Blog, Turbulence Training Blog, Atlanta Journal & Constitution and more.

But it wasn’t always that way… In fact, just 10 years ago, I was 300 pounds, wearing 46 inch pants and XXXL shirts.

You’ll discover how I lost 105 pounds later on, but first, you’re reading this for a reason.

You want flatter abs WITHOUT losing muscle in 7 days. But let me be clear. This isn’t a “miracle” plan. It’s aggressive and it works, but it will take a commitment on your part… cool?

Awesome, let’s get started…

Day 1 – Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT)

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) is using compound movements, non-competing supersets and circuits with short rest periods. Focus on the 8-12 rep range, with the higher rep ranges (15-20) with bodyweight movements.

You’ll want to do your heavier lifts at the beginning of this workout when your muscles are fresh.

After your MRT session, you’ll want to do an Ab Finisher that takes 10 minutes or less.

An Ab Finisher is VERY high-intensity work to keep your heart rate elevated, while at the same time using cutting-edge exercises that not only makes your abs stronger, but gives them more definition. Here’s a good place to use non-conventional ab exercises like “Around the World”, High-Rep DB Rows and even Hand Step-ups.

Day 2 – A “Stack” of 2-3 Ab Finishers

On this day, you’ll perform NO more than 3 ab finishers in a row. Again, you’re focusing on keeping your heart rate elevated to boost metabolism, while using the best ab exercises to focus on your abs. The good news is that these finishers will also help you with your main lifts, too. Rest 1-2 minutes between each finisher. You can imagine the power of “stacking” 3 of these Ab Finishers after reading this study…

Participants performed a density style Ab finisher using bodyweight exercises for only 4 minutes. The participants burned an average of 13.5 calories per minute (some participants burned even more!) and doubling their metabolic rate for at least 30 minutes AFTER.

Day 3 – Interval Training

Yeah, I like finishers better than interval training, but remember, this is 7 days. We’re throwing everything at you. I found with my clients that shorter bursts with longer recovery periods worked even faster. So, you could do 20 seconds of high intensity followed by 40 seconds of recovery. Do this for 10-12 rounds.

Day 4 – Metabolic Resistance Training

The same as day 1, but use different exercises and rep ranges. So if you did Squats for 8 reps on day 1, you can do lunges for 12 reps on each side on this day. The same goes for other muscle groups.

Day 5 - Metabolic Conditioning Training

I prefer a density circuit here to change things up and bring something new, which will help you get faster results. Density circuits will also allow you to put in more work in less time.

For example, you could have a circuit of Goblet

Squats, Chin-ups and Offset Pushups. You would do as many rounds as possible in a certain timeframe. The only rest you get is when your form gets sloppy.

Bonus tip – use exercises that also force your core to work harder like the offset lunge. That’s how I create my full workout programs, too.

Day 6 – A Stack of 2-3 Ab Finishers

On this day, it’s REALLY important to choose different finishers  than you did on Day 2. Remember, in these 7 days, you want to focus on bringing a NEW stimulus so your body takes longer to return to a normal state. So if you chose density circuits for day 2, then on day 6, you could use ladders or gauntlets. The idea is to make your body and abs work hard, but under different circumstances.

That’s the beauty of using a variety of finishers… as long as they are different, you’ll get that stimulus you need.

Day 7 –Sprint Training

Leave it all on the table here. Obviously, warm up thoroughly with 3-4 sprints at a 50, 60, 70, 80% intensity FIRST. I prefer hill sprints and aim for around 30 yards. Be sure to rest for 1-2 minutes between sprints as they take a while to recover and you’ll want to give your best effort so that your body burns calories for hours afterwards.

And if you really want to focus on your abs (stubborn area for most), then you could do an Ab Finisher after your sprints.

Now I want to share with you what Ab Finishers are all about, along with some shocking studies that prove just how well they work for creating amazing ab strength, and of course, make them more defined.

It’s a “hybrid” approach of finishers (extreme conditioning) and “out-of-the-box” ab exercises that have been discovered recently.

The Ab Finishers I’m About To Share With You Are Not For Everyone

If you think your genetics will never allow you to reveal your abs or you need long “ab routines” with a strict diet to lose belly fat, than the ab finishers you’re about to discover are not for you.

However, if you’re willing to just tighten up a little on your diet and you have an open mind, then click below to see exactly how Ab Finishers can be used with ANY program, including your favorite workouts.

You’ll also discover a NEW way to suppress your appetite WITHOUT any pills or powders, and you’ll do it in 10 minutes or less.

They are fun, PROVEN and I practice what I preach… I use them myself:

See my before/after photos here plus you’ll see EXACTLY how Ab Finishers work and the studies behind them.

Warning – Aggressive training template (7-day plan)

9 pounds in 7 days? Is it really possible? (we’re talking about fat, not just weight) Most rapid fat loss plans are a disaster and practically beg your body for rebound weight gain. But not this one…

… and you’ll get the exact day-to-day plan to do it.

9 POUNDS in 7 days (step-by-step) <= Article

The 7 days are laid out for you on exactly what to do on what days. It’s your “go-to” formula when you need to lose fat fast (before vacation for example).

There are 5 variety of workout approaches in this 7-Day formula perfectly combined in a strategic order to boost your metabolism and NOT get rebound weight gain.

7-day workout schedule to lose 9 pounds <= Step-by-Step

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

PS – You’ll LOVE day 2 – it’s a workout approach you’ve never heard of before and it’s LETHAL to belly fat.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

How to use bodyweight + sprints to TARGET belly fat

Fall is here and you know what that means...

Sprints. Whether it's hill sprints, timed sets, shuttle or any other variety, using sprints is the fastest way to burn off stubborn lower belly fat.

Plus, you'll dominate your workouts because your conditioning goes through the roof.

Just look at the shredded athletes you see every day in just about any sport. You don't see them on the elliptical. They're outside giving it all they got for short bursts.

Now what happens when you combine sprints with the BEST cutting-edge bodyweight ab exercises?

It’s Sprint Conditioning for Abs

Are sprints just for athletes?... no way. That's where most people don't realize that...

To LOOK like an athlete, you must TRAIN like one.

That’s why Mike Whitfield, who has lost 105 pounds and whose finishers have been seen inside the Men’s Health Big Book of Getting Abs, created the Sprint Conditioning for Abs Manual.

It’s yours FREE today when you pick up his NEW Ab Finishers 2.0 System.

Get Sprint Conditioning for Abs FREE <= Today

This detailed manual has KILLER sprint and bodyweight ab exercise “hybrids” seen nowhere else.

You’ll be ready to melt fat because sprints will bust through any plateau and of course, help you lose fat (ESPECIALLY belly fat) a lot faster because your body burns calories for hours after sprinting and releases growth hormone (which speeds fat loss).

When it comes to these sprint conditioning workouts, you can do them on your off day as long as you are recovering fine, but you can also plug them in after your main workout.

How to use bodyweight + sprints to TARGET belly fat

Now what is the Ab Finishers 2.0 System?

Ab Finishers use a strategic combination of the BEST ab exercises Mike has learned through seminars and research combined with high intensity conditioning.

They only take 10 minutes or less and can be plugged in with ANY workout to actually target your core to not only burn belly fat, but to get your abs STRONGER at the same time.

TODAY => Get 51 Ab-Targeted Finishers + Sprint Conditioning FREE

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

3 "out of the box" ab exercises (better than 22,000 crunches)

According to Men's Health, it takes about 22,000 crunches to burn ONE pound of fat. Research is also showing that exercises just like this are destroying your spine.

The good news is in the article below, you'll discover 3 "out of the box" exercises that are BETTER than 22,000 crunches.

Click here to get 3 "out of the box" abs exercises <= Article

You'll also get a 5-minute finisher you can add into your workout TODAY to boost your #1 fat-burning hormone by up to 450%, along with the NEW ab exercises.

5-minute Abs Finisher <= Better than 22,000 crunches

To Your Health and Fitness,
Arthur M.

PS - The first and third exercise in this article are really different, so be sure to check out the photos...they are CRAZY.