Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Escape Shin Splint MISERY

If you’ve had shin splints and been to the doctor but are STILL hobbled by painful shins…

Then you’ve got a lot in common with Paul Sheldon. He’s the lead character in “Misery,” a movie based on the classic Steven King novel.

Here’s what I mean: In the movie, Paul drives through a bad snowstorm, wrecks his car and breaks both his legs.

His legs ache and are useless, probably like yours felt as your agonizing shin splints flared up…

Fortunately, Paul is found by a nurse named Annie, who happens to be Paul’s “number one fan” and she begins tending to his wounds.

Whew. Good news right?

Well, you probably thought you were doing yourself good too by going to the doc… but ask yourself this:

Are your painful shin splints gone yet?

Well as you’ll soon see, Paul’s still in bad shape too (and getting worse…)

See, Annie is a bit of a “one trick pony” – she only knows one way to do things: HER way…

And Paul’s legs suffer for it!

It’s a lot like your doctor’s (or physical therapists) attempt to heal your shin splints with the same “one size fits all” methods he hands every patient who walks through the door…

“Do this stretch, take this anti-inflammatory pill… here’s a sheet of exercises… Call me next week, and don’t forget to pay the receptionist on the way out.”

Yet the stretches and exercises usually don’t work.

Here’s why:

Your body has a specific process it goes through to heal itself…

And these “one size fits all” programs don’t address where your body is in your particular injury’s healing process.

In the movie Misery, Annie’s ruthless tunnel vision ends with her breaking Paul’s ankles to keep him dependent on her. (Gross, I know…)

But think about this for a second. Isn’t that what’s happening to you?

You went to the doctor in great pain, looking for help… He gave you his misguided cookie-cutter routine that didn’t address where your body was at in the healing process…

So you gobbled pain pills… applied heat and ice… swallowed more pain pills… And finally had to just stop doing the things you enjoyed…

But your shin splints still haven’t healed!

You’re still stuck in your own “Misery”…immobilized and dependent on your doctor who simply doesn’t know how to help you.

And it gets worse, because if you perform the wrong type of movement in the wrong stage of your body’s healing, you’ll just damage yourself worse.

So those exercises and stretches your doc gave you may actually be ruining your shins – NOT helping – every time you do them!

That’s like doing exercises with a broken leg, thinking the exercises will somehow magically heal it… That’s just crazy.

And it’s exactly the same with your shin splints…

In order to heal effectively, you MUST do the right thing for your body at the right time…

And here’s the best news: There’s a simple, 7 Step System that’s already helped tens of thousands of people with their shin splints…

This system works with your body – not against it – and allows you to give your body just what you need… at the exact time you need it… to get you up and running again in no time flat.

In fact, your legs won’t just be “back to normal” like they were before your shin splints flared up…

They’ll be BETTER than they were before your shin splints!

By simply following this proven, 7 Step System you’ll quickly escape the “Misery” of shin splint pain and be back doing the things you enjoy most.

It’s easy once you know how to identify what stage of healing your body is in, the exact steps to take next to help you heal faster, and the exact order to take them in…

To find out how to escape your “Misery,” simply click this link now and end your shin splints starting today!

To your health,
Arthur M.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Finally Fed Up With Your Nagging Shin Splints?

If you’ve grown so weary of battling the biting pain of your shin splints that you’ve stopped doing the things you enjoy…

You need to know two things right now:

First, it’s not your fault your shin splints aren’t healing. (And I’ll tell you why that’s true in just a moment…)

Second, there’s actually a super effective way to heal your shin splints and get you back doing the things you love… with no re-injury risk…

Here’s what I mean:

Everyone’s body goes through a step-by-step process to heal itself once it’s injured.

The key to healing fast is to work with your body’s natural process, giving it what it needs, when it needs it in order to heal quickly…

And that’s where most “treatments” for shin splints fail miserably, and why it’s not your fault that you’re still in pain.

Most treatments don’t address your body’s natural, specific steps for healing itself…

They’re just boilerplate treatments that doctors and physical therapists pass out to everyone who comes in with anything resembling shin splints…

My guess is you’ve probably got a few sheets of stretches, exercises and icing schedules lying around your house…

But are your shin splints healed? Are you out of pain and back doing what you love?

The scary truth is that these “treatments” actually work against your body by forcing you to do stretches and exercises to “heal” you…

But your body is simply not ready to do them…

And since your body isn’t ready for them, they further damage and destroy your shins instead of healing them!

So by following your doctor’s boilerplate “treatment” you’ve done more and more damage to your already tender and inflamed shins…

Can you see now why it’s not your fault that your shins are still throbbing in pain?

But there IS a simple way out of your shin splint pain…

It’s a System that works with your body… it quickly shows you what stage of healing you’re in and how to easily give your body what it needs right away.

In fact, hundreds of athletes use this system to heal their shin splints and get them back in the game fast…

Not only that, but it’s backed by over 24 years of research and refinement and tens of thousands of satisfied clients…

Here’s just a taste of the first few steps:

Step 1: Reducing your immediate pain

Icing your shins and rest is the first step – but NOT in a way you’ve heard before and NOT for the same reasons you’ve been led to believe…

You’ll discover why ice CAN’T heal your shin splints, but why it’s crucial for this first step… AND why icing in later steps can stop your healing in its tracks…

Plus, how to know when you’re ready for the next step…

Step 2: Fixing Your Style and Form

This next step fixes the problem that caused your shin splints to begin with…

You’ll discover how your stride length, arm swing, lean and gait all combine to make up your style and form…

And the role each may play in causing your shin splints… and then later, how to fix it to insure your shin splints stay gone…

And there’s so much more!

Simply click here to discover the simple 7-Step System to heal your shin splints and end your pain for good!

To your health,
Arthur M.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Marines Use these DDST Workouts

There’s a reason Marines are the most fit people in the world. They not only have very low body fat, but they are stronger and better conditioned. Now you can train just like them.

These DDST™ workouts will get you ripped like a Marine <== Check it out!

But if you think you need more of a reason to finally get in the best shape of your life, I’ve got 10 for you…

1. Dynamic Density Superset Training™ involves workouts from the future. They are based on scientifically proven methods for gaining lean, athletic muscle, and shredding fat in a faster, more consistent rate than long, boring cardio.  It’s also the EXACT workouts that US Marines have used to get in amazing shape in just weeks.

2. DDST is insanely convenient. Maybe even too convenient if there could be such a thing. You will see as soon as you begin how productive you can be with this powerful resistance superset method of training.

3. DDST workouts are abundant. You will NEVER get bored when you use these strategic workouts for maximal results. Many of these techniques have never been seen before by the general public.

Use this system to get ripped and never get bored <== Check it out!

4. DDST can be modified for anyone to participate. Although Jason designed the workouts for men, some of his most successful clients have been women.

5. DDST is cutting edge. There is NO equipment needed in order to experience top results from this system.

6. DDST makes you work. Let's face it.. to get real results, you must "put out." But on the same coin, it is important to feel good about the feeling workouts bring. DDST accomplishes that without the lethargic feeling you get from long 60-minute workouts.

7. DDST is NOT BORING. Traditional Cardio IS. Your body responds to boredom by not improving. DDST will improve your body and your conditioning.

8. DDST focuses on NOT injuring by way of proven exercises inspired by top authorities in the fitness world.

9. DDST allows for abundant flexibility. Jason created this system with the busy guy in my mind. I mean, VERY busy. The convenience of the program speaks for itself.

10. DDST is guaranteed to give you results! Can you guarantee DDST you will be loyal? If so, you will be very happy with your transformation.

After all, the Marines are definitely loyal, and you already know the shape they are in. You can be, too.

Get in the best shape of your life here <== Check it out!

To Your Success,
Arthur M.

P.S. Jason is sharing the EXACT system he’s used with hundreds of US Marines to get in amazing shape by using the powerful interval and strength superset system without any equipment.

If his system works for Marines, imagine what it could do for you.

Grab Jason’s secrets here and eliminate the excuses <== Man up

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Without doing THIS - interval training does NOT work…

I’ll never forget the day I learned about high intensity interval training (HIIT). It literally changed my life, almost overnight.

I had been using steady state cardio five or six days of the week for a few years straight, but was still carrying a lot of belly fat.

Even with strict nutrition I still couldn’t get my love handles or the fat around my waist to shrink past a certain point.

I wasn’t really “fat”…but I sure wasn’t happy with the way I looked when I took off my shirt either.

Then I came across an article by Bill Phillips, creator of the once famous Body-for-LIFE™ body transformation contest.

Bill cited a few studies that showed how HIIT could increase your body’s ability to access fat as fuel over 300% faster than normal exercise or cardio.

Then he proceeded to elaborate on how you could get more fat loss results from one 20 minutes session than you could in a FULL hour of traditional, boring cardio.

NOW he had my attention.

After consistently using this method just a few times a week in conjunction with resistance training and proper nutrition, three things happened:

1: I went from almost 20% body fat all the way down to 5% in only 12 weeks and had “abs” for the first time in my life.

2: After exercising consistently for 8 years straight, I cut my exercise time in HALF – from 10 to 12 hours a week all the way down to just 4 to 6 hours a week.

3: I gained unstoppable confidence to tackle other obstacles in my life.

As you can clearly see, there are immediate benefits to using this type of approach.

Believe it or not, this was well over 15 years ago before the mainstream had ANY clue about intervals or high intensity cardio for fat-loss.

And since that time science has come leaps and bounds to greatly “enhance” this type of approach (as you’re about ready to discover below).

But then it happened again just like it happens to EVERY legit fat-loss technique.


People started using this type of training five…six…seven times a week. Sometimes more.

BIG mistake.

In fact, too much HIIT will actually force your body to release cortisol, a hormone that actually promotes fat-storage and muscle loss at the same time.

Ya --- the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

So over time your body just adapts to the stimuli and you could start burning up precious calorie burning muscle.

That’s why it’s vitally important for your metabolic health and long term results to avoid overdoing it with intervals or you’ll just BLOCK fat-burning altogether.

Now fortunately I’m very well connected ;-)

And today I have a Brand New hybrid workout solution that will automatically “shift” your hormones into fat-burning mode WITHOUT the negative side-effects of adaptation OR cortisol release…

…And it has nothing to do with just shortening your workouts.

It’s a science based breakthrough called Dynamic Density Superset Training™.

This extreme fat-burning method strategically “spares” hormones,

like growth hormone, by using a specific combination of strength training and “just enough” aerobic training to trigger full-on thermogenesis.

EXTREME fat-burning breakthrough [DDST™] <------ click here

Now you can discover exactly how, rep-by-rep, step-by-step to work out LESS, while optimizing the RIGHT hormones to ensure you’re burning the most fat possible from every workout.

==> New Method: DDST™ - BETTER than HIIT and MRT

Enjoy the new results and keep going strong.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Look lean and athletic

There’s just no sustainable way that someone can have a crap diet, and still look lean and athletic. Even the people with strange genetics.

Nutrition will always be the 80% and workouts will ALWAYS be 20%. Period.

However, the 20% of exercise is an irreplaceable 20%.

Its like Batman and Robin. Batman just wouldn’t be as exciting if Robin weren’t there.

Not to mention – Robin saves Batman’s life half the time.

Translating this back to nutrition and fitness. Nutrition, to me, simply wouldn’t be worth doing correctly if I didn’t lead a consistent fitness lifestyle.

They feed off of one another.

And that’s what’s really necessary for long-term leanness.

I’ve talked about the 3 simple things necessary for a remarkable body transformation for years and years now.

1. Nutrition (diet, food intake, supplementation)

2. Cardiovascular work (intervals, bursting, strategic steady state aerobic exercise)

3. Strength and/or Resistance Training (free weights, machines, bodyweight training, metabolic circuits, etc.)

This proven formula will NEVER change.

But today I wanted to quickly focus on #3 because unless you do it RIGHT, you might end up with the wrong look.

Here’s what I mean.

Body Type #1: Strength and Size

If you lift heavy weight (3 to 5 reps), take long rest periods between sets (3 to 5 minutes) and focus on how much weight you can lift, rather than intensity, you’ll eventually end up with “thicker” muscles that look more “bulky” like a bodybuilder.

So if you want to look big, thick, and muscular, this is the type of training you should focus on.

Body Type #2: Endurance and Circuit Training

If you do high reps with lighter weights, take shorter rest periods (30 to 60 seconds) and focus on keeping your heart rate elevated, you’ll eventually end up looking like an endurance athlete.

So if you want to look “twiggy” and thin, focus on using this type of approach when you exercise.

Body Type #3: Aesthetic and Athletic

When you perform a strategic sequence of strength training combined with proper intensity AND proper resistance – together, you eventually end up with a lean, aesthetic, and athletic looking body.

Enter: Dynamic Density Superset Training™ (DDST™)

This new, innovative approach is a strategic form of resistance training.

It’s nothing like HIIT fat loss training.

It’s nothing like MRT (metabolic resistance training) fat loss training.

But it combines BOTH at the same-exact-time, which means you can KILL two birds with ONE stone.

And best of all, the exercises are strategically paired in order to stimulate lean-athletic muscle.

Here’s exactly why DDST™ is more effective than traditional circuit training AND gives you the benefits of HIIT (high intensity interval training), as well.

When the muscles face this particular type of resistance, they under-goe micro-trauma.

Micro-trauma is just a fancy word for microscopic tears in your muscles fibers.

Ya know - that “soreness” you feel a few days following a REAL good workout???

Yup…that’s what I’m talking about.

As your muscle tissue heals from these tears, the muscle absorbs energy in the form of amino acids, and even takes energy from fat cells to recover and adapt to future workouts.

Of course, this process automatically causes your metabolism to increase.

And that’s when thermogenesis (higher rate of fat burning) takes place.

But it’s applied using a brand new and revolutionized way that puts your muscles under maximum stress in minimum time to give you the “cover model” look.

DDST™ was invented and perfected by my friend and colleague Jason Klein.

Jason is a former Fitness Instructor for the United States Marine Corps.

His new DDST™ method was used as the primary form of strength training for the U.S. Marines and Sailors.

If you want to avoid the bulky, thick look but you don’t want to end up looking like a twiggy endurance athlete either.

THIS is your ticket:

The new DDST™ method used by military elite.



Can you build some respectable muscle mass by “heavy training”?

Of course you can…

However — everyone eventually hits “The Ceiling”.

And when you hit that ceiling — heavy weights just don’t give you any results any more.

Plus — the wear and tear on joints is brual.

So many legends of the sports can barely move now because of they just trained heavy and never did anything else.

Dorian Yates ripped 3 muscle groups and was forced to retire.

Is there a better way?

Is there actually a NEW way to train where you can build muscle (and get lean, cut and ripped) by stressing the muscles in a BRAND NEW WAY?


There’s a totally new training system that’s really creating “shock waves” in the industry right now.  Check it out because it’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

You can expect a REALLY quick burst of muscle growth while dropping 3% to 5% bodyfat simultaneously.  That’s what normally happens.

To Your Success,
Arthur M.

P.S. This new system uses the same principles that creates the most muscular ripped athletes on the planet.  I think you’re going to do dig it:

P.P.S. Check out the funny “Musclehedz” cartoon on the letter.

It really captures what I’m saying here.


Monday, March 17, 2014

3 Muscle Building Lies That Won't Die

Are you interested in gaining more muscle in the next 28-days than most guys gained in the last 28-months?

If so, you’re gonna want to check this out right now:

3 Muscle Building  Lies That Won’t Die

At the above link, a world renowned muscle building expert put together a super-short video revealing his PhaseBuilding method that I guarantee you’ve never heard of before...

The best part? It works insanely FAST!

3 Muscle Building Lies That Won’t Die


Sunday, March 16, 2014

The truth about “metabolic” training

Everywhere you turn these days, the word “metabolic” shows up.

Pretty soon — the fat cat corporations will start creating:

“Metabolic Corn Flakes”…

“Metabolic Coca-Cola”…

Enough ranting.

Let’s talk about metabolic training.

What does that even mean?

It means that it activates your fat-burning metabolism (and if well done it builds muscle).

The problem is: there’s a lot of “poseurs” out there.

And you and I don’t have any time to waste.

So why not go to “the BEST of the BEST”:

Scott Abel (The trainer of champions –> 400 champs).

He’s created the MOST effective metabolic training out there: M.E.T.

What is “M.E.T.”?

It stands for “Metabolic Enhancement Training”.

It’s a hybrid training system that combines the best of all worlds: athletics, bodybuilding, speed training, power training and more…

Into a scientific, systematic approach.

The science behind it is DEEP and rock solid.

The results are undeniable.

Just check out some of the pictures from M.E.T. clients:

To Your Success,
Arthur M.

P.S. One of the many amazing benefits of M.E.T. is that you don’t have to do ANY more cardio to get lean and ripped. How cool is that?

Check it out:

Get the EXACT diet she used to get these abs (ends today)

Today is your last opportunity to get access to the only workout program in history that utilizes Targeted MRT Workouts to carve out toned, defined and sexy curves, and to ensure you don't miss out on the 1/2 off discount I've put together my Top 10 reasons why it would be a phenomenal decision to join the other 20,000 ladies who are already on board...

1. You get the complete (gym version & home gym version) 5-day video workout program that targets a different body part each workout. You get Luscious Legs, Tummy Tightener, Amazing Arms, Better Back & Strong Shoulders & Bombshell Booty.  Targeted muscle work is the key to giving your muscles shape and strength. Flavia goes over the top in video production and while she is doing the exercise, you'll get her voice commentary explaining every little detail of the movement! It's VERY instructional and easily worth 10x the tiny price she's asking... Oh yeah...  the program comes with Printable Workout Sheets with pictures so you'll know EXACTLY what to do when you land in the gym.

2. You'll also learn about Flavia's easy and simple Nutrition Guide which includes Curve meals to gain muscle, Control meals to balance out your hormones and manage craving, and Cut meals that you follow before you workout to maximize fat burning!  It's all based science she's learned from her Masters Level Nutrition Certification.

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3. You'll also get Flavia's "Step-by-Step Abs Diet" which reveals her entire 8-week diet (meal by meal, day by day) as a *FREE* bonus gift. This will never be made available to purchase, it's a launch exclusive. (Oh yeah, it's the IDENTICAL diet that just landed her this cover):

Step-by-Step Abs Diet

4. LET'S BE HONEST: most female 'fat loss programs' are a joke & barely burn 200-300 calories with wimpy style workouts that rely on going for the burn and doing high reps with low weight. Are you kidding me? Science confirms that high rep 'toning workouts' are the least effective workouts for fat loss!  Flavia's Targeted MRT Workouts will not only burn more fat during the workout but for 48 hours afterwards so you can reveal killer definition under the fat!

5. Traditional 'toning programs' have got it COMPLETELY WRONG with their high rep & low weight workouts that contribute to myogenic muscle tone - the type of tone that is made up of "soft & mushy" stuff like mitochondria, glycogen, capillaries and water. This just makes you bigger, but NOT more defined. What you need is...

6. Neurogenic Muscle Tone! This is the type of tone that is developed when you challenge your nervous system and lift much heavier weights. Flavia will introduce you to heavier weights with less than 7 reps in a set, the key is preventing muscle loss and gaining muscle while following a fat loss program.  This is the secret to brining out toned, defined & sexy curves!

7. You'll gain NEW muscle on your body. No muscle = No shape! If you want luscious legs, a tight tummy, strong shoulders, beautiful back & amazing arms -- you MUST add a few pounds of muscle to your body. Say goodbye to skinny and soft & say hello to strong & sculpted!

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8. You'll never hit a weight loss plateau again! Why? Because science confirms every pound of muscle burns an extra 50 calories a day! Do the math: gain 1 pound of muscle that's 18,250 extra calories you'll burn off while watching TV!  That's 5 pounds of fat!  Add just three pounds of muscle to your body and you'll burn an extra 54,750 calories a year or 15 pounds of fat!  The "secret" to staying lean is adding muscle to your frame because you improve your "metabolic machinery". 

9. You'll look AMAZING this summer!  Your friends will say "WOW!" Your man won't be able to keep his eyes (and hands) off you. You'll be the talk of your gym. You'll be able to wear anything and I mean ANYTHING you want. You're going to look & feel your ABSOLUTE best and have the knowledge to keep your body looking AMAZING 365 days a year!

10. Once this sale is over, it's over! The bonuses disappear and the price will be DOUBLE so buy Curvalicious today -- I've seen the entire program and it's PHENOMENAL.  One of the BEST investments you'll ever make. I promise! For less than the price for a night out at the movies, you can get access to step-by-step, strategic & scientific approach to toned, defined and sexy curves...  Head on over to Flav's site and grab your copy right now:

==> Last day to get the entire Curvalicious Body Sculpting System <----- 1/2 Off Ends Tonight

Let's make it happen!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ladies: Learn the RIGHT way to 'tone up' (and why everyone else is wrong)

If you're a lady and interested in that lean, sleek, bikini-model, feminine-but athletic look then I have some shocking news for you.

Virtually 99.9% of the info on 'toning' is DEAD WRONG!

Perhaps you heard that toning is "firming up the muscle"? WRONG!  Muscle is already firm! There is no such thing as a flabby muscle, only flabby fat.

Perhaps you have been advised to lift light weights and high reps and go for the burn. WRONG again! Science confirms high rep 'toning workouts' for women don't burn sufficient calories to burn fat.

Or maybe you've heard that the secret to 'toning' is just dropping the fat. Totally WRONG!

And to make matters worse, most "fitness experts" perpetuate these myths.

You see, "toning" as people call it, should be the easiest goal to accomplish, but due to all the misconceptions about it most females just spin their wheels and think that exercise doesn't work for them.

Toning is actually a two step process -- adding minimal amounts of calorie-burning muscle to give your body SHAPE & CURVES and to ensure your metabolism never ever slows; and the second part is stripping the fat to reveal the KILLER definition so you look strong and fit, not skinny and soft.

My good friend and Registered Nurse, Flavia Del Monte just released her new workout and nutrition program, Curvalicious, a step-by-step guide to helping women simultaneously melt fat off while tightening and sculpting your muscles, using scientific methods that actually WORK.

You can get all the details here:

==> Learn the RIGHT way to 'tone up' (and why everyone else is wrong)

Now, when you head on over to this page, you'll notice a few things:

1. Right now Flavia's program is on sale ($50 Off) for the next 24 hours only as a special discount to my readers.

2. On this page she includes an AWESOME article called, "5 Toning Myths You Must STOP Believing" and whether you're interested in grabbing a copy, this info is worth visiting the site alone.

3. Right below the headline you can watch a short video trailer of Flavia's workouts so you can see WHY she looks the way she looks. It's VERY inspiring.

You'll also learn about the TWO types of muscle tone you've NEVER heard of the exact steps to develop BOTH:

==> Learn the RIGHT way to 'tone up' (and why everyone else is wrong)

She'll also tell you about her "Targeted Metabolic Workouts" that specialize in making you strong and sculpted, not skinny and soft.

So, if you don't have time for inefficient, time-wasting workouts and want a workout that BLASTS fat off, while preserving muscles for a nice toned look and never, ever allowing your metabolism to slow down or your weight loss to plateau, you're going to want to check out her very special strategy right now:

==> Learn the RIGHT way to 'tone up' (and why everyone else is wrong)

Oh yeah, there's another bonus on the page, that disappears tonight at midnight and it reveals how Flavia Step-by-Step Abs Diet *FREE* revealing exactly how she landed a cover with Power House Gym International. That's a *FREE* bonus for anyone who grabs Curvalicious today, so head on over to her site right now before you miss out.

==> Learn the RIGHT way to 'tone up' (and why everyone else is wrong)

To Your Success,
Arthur M.

Friday, March 14, 2014

NEW 300 Bodyweight Workout [photo - weird exercise]

Here's a NEW 300 workout from Mike Whitfield, contributor to the Men’s Health Big Book of Getting Abs and creator of the NEW Bodyweight Finishers 2.0 System, which is on sale, but ends TONIGHT.

51 ZERO Equipment Finishers (including Tabatas!) <= Sale Ends TONIGHT

You'll love the way you go from a lower body exercise to an upper body exercise in this circuit. If you need exercise substitutions, don’t worry, Mike gives you several options with his coaching videos that come with his NEW system.

Do the following circuit ONE time resting as little as possible. Don't move into the next exercise until you complete all reps.

1A) Vertical Jump and Stick (25)

1B) 1-Arm Extended Pushup (25/side)

1C) Alternating Reverse Lunge (25/side)

1D) Spiderman Climb (25/side)

1E) Waiter’s Bow (25)

1F) Close-Grip 3/4th Rep Pushups (40)


2) *Total Body Extensions (10), rest 5 seconds – Do this 6 times

*The Total Body Extension is the best non-impact conditioning exercise EVER. It’s just one of 75 exercises used with the NEW Bodyweight Finishers 2.0 System.

Here’s how to do it <= Click Here!

You can get advanced results with that finisher or …

A Ladder Finisher...

A Density Circuit Finisher...

A Gauntlet Finisher ...


Because research shows that these short bodyweight finishers that take 4 minutes burns as much fat as a 30-minute cardio session, while improving your muscular endurance and study participants said they were more FUN.

But more importantly, you’ll miss out on the deadline to get the NEW Bodyweight Finishers 2.0 System at 65% off.

What do you get with the Bodyweight Finishers 2.0 System?

· 41 Bodyweight Finishers

· 10 Bonus Tabata Finishers

· Bodyweight Dirty 30 2.0 4-week program

· Bodyweight Adrenaline 4-week program

· Coaching videos so you’ll know exactly what to do and get exercise substitutions.

NEW Bodyweight Finishers 2.0 + Bonuses <= 65% off ends TONIGHT

Welcome to the NEW School Cardio,

Arthur M.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

5 'Muscle Toning' myths females must STOP believing

If you're interested in learning how to get tight and toned, and FINALLY burning off that stubborn fat so you can wear anything, and I mean ANYTHING with confidence then I have some shocking news for you.

Literally 99.9% of the info you've read on 'toning' is DEAD WRONG!

Think toning is 'firming up the muscle'? Nope! Muscle is already firm! There is no such thing as a flabby muscle, only flabby fat.

Think toning happens from high reps and lightweights and going for the burn? Nope! That's so wrong that science has even confirmed high rep 'toning workouts' for women don't burn sufficient calories to burn fat.

Think toning happens when you just lose the fat? Nope! Again, TOTALLY wrong!

And to make matters worse, most "fitness experts" and the media perpetuate these myths.

You see, "toning" as people call it, should be the easiest goal to accomplish, but due to all the misconceptions about it most females just spin their wheels and think that exercise doesn't work for them.

Toning is actually a two step process -- adding minimal amounts of calorie-burning muscle to give your body SHAPE & CURVES & ensure your metabolism never ever slows; the second part is STRIPPING the fat to reveal the SEXY definition so you look strong and sculpted, not skinny and soft (as most wimpy fat loss programs leave you).

Fortunately, I have a great friend who's been a Registered Nurse for 8-years; a certified trainer and nutritionist and she just released a PHENOMENAL new workout and nutrition program, Curvalicious, a step-by-step guide to helping women simultaneously melt fat off while tightening and sculpting your muscles, using scientific methods that WORK.

You can get all the details here:

==> The TRUTH about 'toning' (99% of the info is DEAD WRONG)

Now, a little heads up before you make your way on over to her page:

1. Until she changes her mind, Flavia's program is on sale for 1/2 off as a special “hook up” for my readers only. You see, Flavia just told me that more than 20,000 ladies are loving the Curvalicious workouts.

2. On this page she includes an AWESOME article called, "5 Toning Myths You Must STOP Believing" and whether you're interested in grabbing a copy, this info is worth visiting the site alone.

3. Right below the headline you can watch a short video trailer of Flavia's workouts so you can see WHY she looks the way she looks. It's VERY inspiring ladies (and I'm sure the fellas will enjoy it too!)

You'll also learn about the TWO types of muscle tone you've NEVER heard of the exact steps to develop BOTH:

==> The TRUTH about 'toning' (99% of the info is DEAD WRONG)

She'll also tell you about her "Targeted Metabolic Workouts" that specialize in making you strong and sculpted, not skinny and soft.

So, if you don't have time for inefficient, time-wasting workouts and want a workout that BLASTS fat off, while preserving muscles for a nice toned look and never, ever allowing your metabolism to slow down or your weight loss to plateau, you're going to want to check out her very special strategy right now:

And when you order today, Flavia is going to teach you how to look your ABSOLUTE best in exactly 10-days with her 10-Day Strip-The-Fat Diet. That's a *FREE* bonus for anyone who grabs Curvalicious today, so head on over to her site right now before you miss out.

==> The TRUTH about 'toning' (99% of the info is DEAD WRONG)

To Your Success,
Arthur M.

Intervals vs. NEW School Cardio [shocking study]

Remember back in the 90’s when it was all about doing more cardio to seeing your abs?

Fortunately, in the 2000’s, interval training became the more popular choice because it was more effective and took up less time. However…

… there is bad news.

High Intensity Interval Training has been lying to us all along.

A recent study conducted at the University of California revealed that the calories burned from traditional interval training were OVER-ESTIMATED by 28%!

So yes, interval training is better than steady-state cardio. But it’s not as great as we thought it was.

Now the good news…

You can replace interval training using ZERO equipment. It’s a blend of old school interval training and NEW school science, allowing you to burn 7X more fat than traditional cardio in less time…

… when structured right.

=> NEW research using bodyweight “bursts” [burns 7X more fat]

You can plug in these short bodyweight bursts (aka “finishers”) with your current routine to get faster results.

After all, they only take 9 minutes or less. The BEST time to use these are at the end of your favorite workout or on your off day to speed up fat loss.

The #1 reason to replace your cardio training with these finishers?...

A study from the Buck Institute for Age Research revealed that short bursts of bodyweight exercises, when structured right, can take off up to 45 years of aging.

Now imagine looking and feeling just as good if not better than you did in your 20’s, even as you enter your 40’s, 50’s and 60’s…

… all because you did less.

Get challenges, ladders, gauntlets and more that take 9 minutes or less

To Your Success,
Arthur M.

PS – Here’s a finisher you can plug into your routine directly from the Challenge Section inside the Bodyweight Finishers Manual. It’s even better with Mike’s coaching videos (he offers exercise substitutions for your fitness level).

Gimme’ the 250 Bodyweight Finisher

Do the following circuit ONE time, resting only when needed. The next time you do this finisher, try to beat your previous time it took you to complete it.

Bodyweight Squats (30)

Pushups (30)

Alternating Bodyweight Chops (15/side)

Bodysaw (30)

Skater Hops (15/side)

Jumping Jacks (100)

Replace your cardio with these NEW 51 Bodyweight Finishers <= Sale

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Don’t Make this Tabata Workout Mistake

It’s one of the BIGGEST myths in the fitness industry.

Tabata training popularity is at an all time high and frankly, the truth behind Tabata training is that it’s NOT just 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Sure, you can get results using the 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off approach, but for a TRUE Tabata, you’ll be working at an intensity of 170% of your VO2 max.

In other words, doing 20 seconds of bodyweight squats won’t do the trick.

A Tabata requires the most intense exercises such as burpees (at a fast pace), a variety of sprints or running in place, etc.

For some, doing lunge jumps or jumping jacks at a VERY rapid pace can get you close.

It’s also the main reason you should use Tabatas at the END of your workout, and NEVER before.

However, if you’re short on time, these Tabata finishers will give you the best “bang for your buck” in just 4 minutes as a stand-alone workout.

Now why are they so powerful?

Research has proven Tabata finishers will burn up to 360 calories in just 4 minutes.

The way Master Trainer Mike Whitfield designs Tabata Finishers is using a variety of ZERO equipment exercises using both upper body and lower body exercises so you can work at your maximum capacity with every Tabata.

You’ll need to use exercises that demand more intensity so you can burn up to 360 calories a minute.

In other words, you have to make the 20 seconds count!

And you can get 10 Bonus Tabata Bodyweight Finishers PLUS coaching videos for exercise substitutions as a free bonus TODAY with his NEW Bodyweight Finishers 2.0 System.

10 Bonus Tabata Finishers + 41 more ZERO equipment finishers <= Today

And here’s a Tabata Finisher from his new Tabata Bodyweight Finishers manual…

Do the following circuit TWICE, resting as shown:

Jump Squat (watch the coaching video for substitutions) (20 secs), rest 10 secs

Double Burpee (20 secs), rest 10 secs

Shuttle Sprint or Run in Place (20 secs), rest 10 secs

Kong exercise (you MUST see this exercise in the manual… or better yet, watch the coaching video!) (20 secs), rest 10 secs

NEW Bodyweight Finishers 2.0 System <= Get Tabata Finishers FREE Today

To Your Success,
Arthur M.


Tabata I. et. al.  Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max.  Med Sci Sports Exerc. (1996) 28(10):1327-30.

ACE Study by Talisa Emberts, M.S., John P. Porcari, Ph.D., Jeffery Steffen, Ph.D., Scott Doberstein, M.S., and Carl Foster, Ph.D.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Perfect 30-Minute Bodyweight Workout

The best bodyweight workouts will include all 3 of the best tools for losing fat and improving your overall fitness, while speeding up your metabolism to burn more fat without expensive supplements.

1) Strength training

2) Metabolic Conditioning

3) Metabolic Finisher

Does your bodyweight program have all 3? If not, you’re missing out on using your body’s full fat-burning potential.

Each of these tools burns calories in their own unique way both during and after exercise, while speeding up your metabolism.

And today, bodyweight expert Mike Whitfield has designed 8 weeks of workouts using ZERO equipment PLUS using all 3 of these tools with every workout. You’ll get them FREE when you get his NEW Bodyweight Finishers 2.0 System.

8 weeks of ZERO equipment workouts FREE <= Bonus Today

Let’s take a sample from the Bodyweight Dirty 30 2.0 manual.

(By the way, these are much better with his coaching videos because Mike gives you exercise substitutions to fit your fitness level).

1A) Prisoner Split Squat (1-1/2 rep style) (40 secs/side)

1B) Elevated Pushups (20 secs/side) or Spiderman Pushups (40 secs)

Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times

For the Prisoner Split Squat, you’ll go all the way down, pause one second, up halfway, pause another second, then down and pause one second, and finally, all the way up. That’s only 1 rep!

By keeping constant tension in your glutes, quads and hamstrings, you’ll fire up more muscle.

Then you’ll do a density conditioning circuit with a variety of conditioning moves. (12 minutes)

Finally, you’ll end it with an amazing finisher that works your abs at an elevated heart rate (4 minutes).

So, there you go:

Warm-up (3 minutes)

Strength (10 minutes)

Conditioning (12 minutes)

Finisher (4 minutes)

You’ll use all 3 tools in about 30 minutes.

Bodyweight Dirty 30 2.0 + Bodyweight Adrenaline <= FREE Bonuses TODAY

To Your Success,
Arthur M.

PS – Not to mention, you’ll also get the ultimate replacement for cardio and outdated interval training. The best strength coaches in the world use this “old school meets new school” approach, including TABATA FINISHERS.

Discover why these finishers are better than interval training

Friday, March 07, 2014

Don't fall for this [SCAM]

I hate all the media hype over some 'new' diet craze that will have you drop 20 pounds over night.

It's all B.S. (excuse my French).

Seriously, you're too smart for that bunk.

The truth is, there's NOTHING new under the sun that will have you magically beach-ready overnight.

BUT, there is something that I'd say is as close to magic as you're gonna get where bikini-ready is concerned.

It's called the '21 Day Challenge Diet' and I know for a fact that it's magic because it's worked for me and a ton of my clients.

Take a look here:

Shawna Kaminski

I'm (Shawna Kaminski) about to turn 51, have visible abs and I eat pretty much whatever I want. I follow a LIVEABLE nutrition plan. So many folks have nagged me about what my secrets are that I put it together in my  'The 21 Day Challenge Diet' plan for you.

I want you to know that any false promise to drop tons of weight in a short time is a short lived one and a long term way to mess up your metabolism forever.

Shawna’s plan is really the 'non-diet diet' where you'll learn to change your eating habits and lifestyle to get into the BEST SHAPE ever. Here's what Bruce had to say:

The plan is for 21 days where you'll drop up to 14 lbs - NOT an astronomical promise, but a practical one. This is followed by a 21 day 'maintenance plan' that had beta testers continue to drop pounds and inches while eating MORE food.

The BEST NEWS is that beta testers admitted that they were shocked at the results that came easily, like Marci:

If you follow my plan, you'll lose up to 14 lbs in 3 weeks of sensible eating.

I also add the 'challenge' of home workouts, but the whole 'Challenge Diet' community and I will hold your hand the whole way.

Smarten up where your diet is concerned, stop falling for dumb ideas and empty promises. Let me and my 21 Day Challenge Diet community help YOU meet your fat loss goals.

Lose up to 14 pounds in 21 days here

To Your Health,
Arthur M.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

The #1 "Quick" Fat Loss Meal

Eating on the run is a fact of life.

How on earth do you make good choices without blowing your nutrition?

I have a 'hard body' and I eat on the run all the time, I travel lots but I make great 'on the go' choices.

Here are 53 of'll get this bonus when you grab my '21 Day Challenge Diet' plan tonight.

53 Fat Burning Smoothies & Milk Shakes

If you want to:

· Eat normal food (including your favorites)
· NEVER have to rely on a "breakthrough" pill or powder
· Quickly drop up to 5 pounds in the first 7 days
· Learn how to KEEP off any weight loss FOREVER with simple strategies that won't consume all your time
· Destroy all cravings for your favorite cookies at night and all other junk food
· Be a role model for your children, or even your grandchildren
· Eat out without having to stress about what you'll get from the menu to "stay on course"
· Feel great in the clothes that you really want to wear without ever having to wonder if others are looking at you funny

There are a zillion (well, make that 53) choices of delicious smoothie recipes to make when you're time strapped, go here before midnight tonight.

To Your Health
Arthur M.

51 Protein Packed Dessert Recipes (FREE)

FREE! 51 of the Best-Tasting,Guilt-Free, Protein-Packed Fat-Burning Desserts, Snacks and Breakfast Recipes on the Planet can be found here

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Free copy of "The Top 10 Foods That Boost Your Testosterone”

Dan Robey, a good friend of mine and fitness author is giving away 200 copies of  an amazing e-book "The Top 10 Foods That Boost Your Testosterone"

to celebrate the release of "The Complete Testosterone Solution"

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The Complete Testosterone Solution program will teach you the same high tech workouts, advanced nutrition, supplementation, diet and anti aging formulas that only movie stars, and million dollar contract NFL and NBA players know about.

This is inside information that until now has been reserved for only the rich and famous.

Would you like to have instant access to the high tech, clinically researched supplements just released by the FDA that “A” list movie stars and pro athletes use to quickly pack on lean muscle, reverse aging, boost testosterone levels to 1,000 and above,  and supercharge their metabolic rates to that of a 20 year old?

Who wouldn't....

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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Twice the muscle in 40 Days! (Here's how...)

Unless you just landed from Mars, you've probably been hearing A LOT about my good friend Ben Pakulski's brand new 40 day program - MI40 where you'll learn how to DOUBLE your muscle gains with the scientific significance of the number 40 in it's application to muscle growth: 

40 days!

40 minute workouts!

40 second sets!

40 second rest periods!

The number 40 is the MOST optimal number for the most critical muscle-growth variables and for the very first time it's been organized into 40 days of structured and progressive workouts.

For the next day 4-days, BPak's (as his thousands of fans call him) best-selling muscle-building program is ON SALE for a legit 1/2 Off in celebration of his recent success at the 26th Anniversary of the Arnold Classic last night in Columbus Ohio!

==> 1/2 Off Off BPak's MI40 System

Three Reasons MI40 Is Completely Different...

1. MI40 is the ONLY muscle program that focuses on the conscious INTENT to create TENSION in the muscle with the use of Intentions.

Adding Intentions to your movements PROVES that there is NO SUCH THING as a "weak" or "lagging" body part and teaches you how to FEEL the muscle ensuring growth. Ben includes SEVEN hours of instructional coaching so you can learn how to fully SHORTEN & LENGTHEN every muscle through it's full range of motion on every respective movement. Info that was acquired from being around the worlds brightest coaches, therapists and doctors the past 14 years! 

==> HALF Off Arnold Classic Sale is ON!

2. MI40 is different than every other run-of-the-mill program by introducing Ben Pakulski's trademark NOS Technology - an intensifier to ensure you never finish a workout wondering, "Did I do enough?" or "Did I do too much?" NOS optimizes your testosterone levels to immediately see growth. 

3. And finally, MI40 guarantees you'll maximize the muscle-to-fat ratio (the majority of test subjects actually LOST body fat on the system)and keep your abs the entire 40 days with Ben's Three-Phase Nutrition. (BTW... if you're eating carbohydrates 1-2 hours BEFORE you workout than you're DECREASING your workouts performance - this is the most cutting-edge nutrition research you'll find). Ben did not become one of the top 15 bodybuilders in the world by reading the same old rehashed muscle & fitness info you can find anywhere. Come on!

And the BEST news?!

Because I'm a business colleague of BPak, he's allowed me to hook you up with a DISCOUNTED LINK to grab your copy of MI40 for  HALF OFF the normal website price:

==> Your Private HALF OFF Link for the MI40 System

A few IMPORTANT things you need to know:

1. As mentioned, to celebrate his success at the Arnold Classic last night, Ben is offering a HALF OFF launch-only discount until midnight at Wednesday.

2. Duh! MI40 is NOT for everyone!  If you believe you need perfect genetics, require performance-enhancing drugs, don't gain muscle easily, require hours in the gym, must be naturally strong, access to a fancy gym, must consume piles of supplements, too old, too young or think you have tried it all... click away right now.

MI40 is NOT for you.  MI40 is HARD and is not a magic-bullet solution.  It will require you to bring the BEST version of YOU for the entire 40 days.  This is not a "laid back" approach to gaining muscle. If you're looking for a "easy ride" - go back to dreamland.

But if you're ready to put in some hard work and take a precise and scientific approach to your training & nutrition then MI40 will literally change your body and your life FOREVER... and it'll do it FAST:

==> MI40 - Twice The Muscle, Half The Time

3.  VERY IMPORTANT (SUNDAY ONLY) - While the $30 OFF SALE price will run until Wednesday midnight, there is a rare opportunity to get access to an exclusive coaching call with Ben for anyone who responds quickly and orders TODAY (Sunday). Oh yeah, BPak's 1-1 coaching rates are $6,000 a year so this is NOT something you want to pass up.

The Fast Action Bonus - If you order today (Sunday only), you will get access to a per-recorded coaching call with Ben Pakulski.  Try to get Ben on the phone and you're looking at $250 an hour for a consult and MI40 customers get 2 hours of VIP COACHING to answer your personal muscle, fat loss and fitness questions.

The best part about working with Ben is that he DOES believe there is a RIGHT and WRONG way of doing everything. He will NEVER just say, "Well it works for me..." in response to your question but will give you a IN DEPTH and INTELLIGENT answer so you UNDERSTAND the science behind everything you do. You'll learn why Ben is coined "The Thinking Man's Bodybuilder" and you'll gain a wealth of new understanding on this call.

Order MI40 today and you'll gain access to this call at NO ADDITIONAL COST!  You'll get your HALF OFF discount AND $500 Bonus if you act today:

==> $30 OFF MI40 + 2-Hour FREE Coaching Call Bonus

In short, there is A LOT of BS when it comes to muscle & fitness and you've been taken for a ride for too long.  Today that ride ends and you're about to get the research-based FACTS on how to gain TWICE the muscle in HALF the time - if you're up for an intense 40 days that is! 

You're gaining FIFTEEN years of Ben's knowledge for an investment that works out to LESS than the price of a 2 pound tub of protein powder!

After reviewing the entire MI40 System, I strongly recommend you grab yourself a copy. It’s by far the BEST muscle info I've seen in a VERY long time.

==> HALF OFF MI40 + 2-Hour FREE Coaching Call Bonus

To Your Success,
Arthur M.

P.S. I highly recommend you read Ben's entire website today - there is A LOT of eye-opening information on this page and he goes into depth on the 5 irrefutable reasons you'll never make gains and how to fix 'em.

Plus, if you have questions about MI40, at the bottom of Ben's page there is a detailed FAQ section that will make sure this the right decision for you.

==> HALF OFF MI40 + 2-Hour FREE Coaching Call Bonus

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Eliminate Your Shoulder Pain With Cookies?

You’re probably wondering how cookies could possibly eliminate that nagging pain in your shoulder…

What secret does the local baker know that’ll end the stabbing pain in your rotator cuff?

In a word… Nothing.

Sure, bakers know a lot about cookies, but they’re clueless about getting your shoulder back into top form.

And bakers aren’t the only ones in the dark about your shoulder…

The scary truth is: if you’re relying on a doctor or chiropractor to eliminate your pain…

You’re in real danger of permanently destroying your rotator-cuff…

Here’s what I’m talking about:

The majority of doctors and chiropractors know about as much as your local baker when it comes to properly treating your rotator-cuff injury.

Most times it seems like they even use the same tool as the baker – the cookie-cutter.

They’ve got cookie-cutter stretches for you; cookie-cutter exercises for you; even cookie-cutter icing and anti-inflammatory directions…

If you’re like me, you’ve been the victim of that kind of cookie-cutter treatment… right?

But did it work for you – did it permanently solve your shoulder pain?

Sadly, you’re still in pain because your doc doesn’t know the one simple key to healing your rotator-cuff for good…

In fact, that cookie-cutter routine he gave you could actually be tearing up your shoulder instead of helping you heal!

The truth is, the health of your shoulder centers on one simple key for healing…

Yet the cookie-cutter routines you get actually work against your body’s healing processes and can do more harm than good…

Now listen, because here’s some good news:

I want to reveal to you the quickest and easiest way I know to experience stunning healing and permanent recovery in your shoulder.

In fact…

It’s easy to heal your shoulder once you know this one key to healing!

So, if you’re ready to finally heal your rotator cuff and eliminate shoulder pain, it’s time to leave the cookie-cutter to the baker and get the truth…

Simply Click HERE to discover the key to healing your Rotator Cuff once and for all!

To your health,
Arthur M.