Thursday, May 29, 2014

Can You Sleep Off Excess Body Fat?

What’s the best workout for getting ripped like Gerard Butler in “300”?

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I hope you can “humor” me for a second...

In the spring and summer, bears walk their asses off.

And they eat healthy food to boot (fish, berries, plants, etc.).

Seems like a healthy lifestyle, yes?

But they get fat as hell.


It gets crazier…

When it gets cold outside, they go to sleep for 6 months--and GET IN SHAPE.

Turns out, activity and fat loss don’t have anything to do with each other. Not a damn thing.

So back to my original question. “What’s the best exercise for getting ripped?”

Turns out, it’s the wrong question entirely.

Confused? Good--now you’re ready to learn about this. :-)

I made a video to help you, and if you’ve been trying to lean out without great results, it’s exactly what you need.

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Arthur M.

PS: You’ll also find out how to AVOID the exercises that are likely screwing up your efforts to get lean and jacked altogether. Don’t waste another day on these!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Top Nutrition Tips for Athletes

Top Nutrition Tips for Athletes

How To NOT Bulk Up While Gaining Muscle

When I talk to women about muscle, I always hear the same response:

“I don’t want to bulk up!”

But the truth is, muscle won’t make you’ll make you smaller (!)

Think about you see many “jacked up” women on the Red Carpet before the Oscars? There’s more...

Click here to watch 5 Benefits of Building Muscle that Most Women Don’t Know About

You’ll have to watch the video to get the whole scoop, but here are a few hints for you:

1    If you spend money on beauty products, but are missing out on this 1 exercise, you’re making a huge mistake.

2    If you’re trying to burn your calories during your workout, you’re losing out on the real benefits of exercise (and 24/7 calorie burning).

3    Which workouts help you avoid sickness and disease for life? Find out now...

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To Your Success,

Arthur M.

PS: There is *one* drawback to muscle building, and you need to know about it before your next workout session. It’s covered in the video, so go watch it now.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The “Hidden” Benefits Of Muscle

Quick: Men - What does muscle do for your body?

Chances are you answered something like: Makes you look good, or it makes you stronger. I’m sure Brad Pitt would agree.

So, you’re right...and also wrong. Dontcha hate the way I keep doing that to you? Welcome to the red pill, baby! :-)

Seriously though, there are a few more things I need to teach you about muscle...why you need more of it, and how to get it…

Here’s a short video that’ll help…

Click here to watch 5 Benefits of Building Muscle that Most Men Don’t Know About

You’ll have to watch the video to get the whole scoop, but here are a few hints for you:

1.    If you’ve been looking for a way to get more confidence (at work, with women, or anything else)--muscle can help in ways you haven’t imagined

2.    There’s a key age at which muscle begins to decline. I’ll show you how to sidestep this and stay young for decades

3.    Muscle prevents diseases that specifically attack men (think: heart disease)

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To Your Success,
Arthur M.

PS: There is one drawback to muscle building, and you need to know about it before your next workout. It’s covered in the video, so go watch it now.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bodyweight Workout for Beginners

Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN

If you ever find yourself at a loss for workout ideas, don't feel like using weights or machines, or traveling, or looking for some great workouts to enjoy at home then you'll be happy to know that you've already got everything you need.

What I mean is that by simply using your bodyweight you can enjoy incredible workouts that will not only help you burn fat but sculpt and tone your body as well.

Bodyweight workouts are not only great for beginners - they can even by used by the fittest people. To this day, some of my most challenging and calorie-crunching workouts revolve around nothing more than push-up and pull-up variations, some full body cardio movements, and some great core and abdominal exercises.

I'd like to share one such workout with you. So if you're sick and tired of going to the gym and would like to try something new and fresh at home (or even while you travel) then give this bodyweight workout a shot. Believe me, it might be tougher than it looks so pace yourself.

Please note that this workout is designed for beginners so stay tuned for more advanced variations.

Bodyweight Workout Structure:

After your warm-up you will be performing a 6 exercise bodyweight circuit where you will perform as many reps as possible (where applicable) in 30 seconds. You will then rest 30 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. Repeat this circuit 2-3 times.

WARM-UP - Jogging on spot, jumping jacks (3-5 minutes)

CIRCUIT WORKOUT (30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest)

1. Y Squats

2. Plank

3. Standing Lunges

4. Side Plank

5. Hip Bridge with Leg Extension

6. Push-ups


About the Author

Yuri Elkaim is a world-renowned fitness, nutrition, and weight loss expert. He is the creator Fitter U and Treadmill Trainer, author of Eating for Energy, and the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for men's soccer program at the University of Toronto. His trademarked 12-week Fitter U iPod workout program has been helping thousands of people around the world get in shape and lose weight fast without the cost and inconvenience of hiring a trainer. Go to now to get your FREE Fitter U workout and "How to Get Fit and Lose Weight Fast" report!


Gain Muscle Weight - A Serious Growth Program Review

Gain Muscle Weight - A Serious Growth Program Review
By Doberman Dan

Controversy has always been a great promotional tool.

I guess I'm going to be a little controversial in this article. But I'm not doing it to draw attention to myself or to sell something. No, I'm doing it with the hope that I can help you. Maybe you'll be able to avoid some of the frustration that I've experienced.

Even though I know that I'm going to open a can of worms with this, I'm not going to be too controversial. I won't tell you to knock off a convenience store so that you can run down to Mexico to get the "Steroid du Jour". So if you're hoping for a really controversial issue, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. (Sorry, that's not my style.)

But I am going to mention a couple names and a style of training that seems to infuriate some people. Why? I don't really know. I always thought that being open-minded was a great way to learn. But for some reason a lot of folks immediately cross their arms and close their minds when this training technique is mentioned. I NEVER close my mind to an idea that may help me progress in my training (as long as it's moral, ethical, and legal, that is!)

So to keep you from shutting me out right off the bat, I'm not going to drop those two names or tell you about this technique. At least not right now. Stick with me for a minute.

I Learned My Lesson The Hard Way...Again!

If you've been reading my articles for any length of time, I'm sure you've realized that one of my core philosophies is basic exercises done for a few hard sets with as heavy a weight as you can handle in good form for 6 to 12 reps. I've found that this consistently works for genetically average folks and hard gainers. Unfortunately I had to learn this the hard way from years of wasted efforts and training with nearly zero gains.

The biggest reason that most people are not making gains is that they over-train. Too many sets, too many workouts per week, not enough recovery time.

The routines that most of the muscle mags publish every month will not only keep you from gaining, but will more than likely cause you to go backwards. You'll lose strength and size! (That is if you are drug-free.)

So for years I've been warning people to stay away from the high volume routines. Most people don't listen or don't believe that you can make gains training with fewer sets. They've read the 15 to 20 sets per bodypart thing so often that they believe it's the truth. More is always better, right?

Since I considered myself a fairly advanced trainer and had built up a fair amount of size and strength, I thought that it was time to experiment.

The Seduction Of The Bulgarian Lie

I ordered a training manual called "Big Beyond Belief - Serious Growth 3". Man, it was a great read! The guy who wrote it was Leo Costa Jr - Mr. Credibility . It was endorsed by Tom Platz, Mr. Universe. It had all kinds of data as to why it worked. My God, this author traveled to Bulgaria and had to pledge his first-born son to extract this secret information out of those God-less Commies!

So I figured I was ready to do it.

I trained six days a week, once a day. There was an program to train six days a week, twice a day. I was planning to pick that option but my business schedule wouldn't allow it. Oh well, I figured that I would just gain a little slower. The Bulgarians were doing the six day per week/twice per day schedule. I guess I wouldn't be able to keep up with them.

About four weeks into the program I had tendonitis in my biceps tendon so bad that I could barely lift five pounds. I also had a constant dull ache in my lower back and shoulder joints. But I was willing to endure if I could make good gains.

How disappointed I was to find that I had lost weight, strength, and all my measurements were down, too. To add insult to injury, I got a nasty sinus infection.

The sinus infection turned into bronchitis, which then turned into pneumonia.

So for all the effort I put in over four weeks...

I Lost 15 Pounds, A Lot Of Strength, And All My Measurements Were Smaller

Those Commie bastards tricked us. It was a conspiracy to get all of us Americans smaller and weaker so they could invade!

(OK, so I'm having a little fun here, joking around, but...I promise that I'll give you some sound training advice.)

I'll make a long story short. After I finally recovered from my illnesses, I went back on a high volume routine. Five days/week, 15 sets per body part.

Guess what...I got another sinus infection. This was getting frustrating. Must be the time of year for those things, huh?

After recovering from that, with a little help from the Doc, I went back to the gym and decided to tackle German Volume Training. (Could that be another conspiracy, too? The Germans aren't Commies, are they?)

This time it only took my sorry butt two weeks to realize that I had been in a constant state of over-training.

When you do more exercise and too frequent exercise than your body can recover from, it not only affects your muscles, but also your immune system. Not only is it impossible for your muscles to overcompensate and grow bigger and stronger, but your immune system is taking a beating. When it begins to weaken, you're susceptible to catching all kinds of neat things floating through the air.

Time after time I have found...

The Biggest Reason Almost All People Are Not Gaining >From Their Weight Training Routines Is Over-Training

Most people refuse to believe that, so they keep on doing the same thing over and over again hoping it will work. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing you've been doing and expecting different results.

I know it's hard to not fall into the "more is better" trap. I did it myself. And I know better! I guess I figured that since I built a fair amount of size and strength over the years training the hard-gainer way, that I could now grow from these high volume workouts. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

My good friend Paul Becker at Truly Huge was kind enough to send me an interesting book. In this book, which I will not mention...yet (your mind is still open, right?), the author used an analogy that really struck me. Actually several good analogies.

I know from experience that it only takes one bullet to kill you. (I was a police officer in a large Midwest city for 11 years). When that one bullet is well placed, it will kill you instantly. Unloading the rest of my magazine into you doesn't kill you any deader. More is not necessarily better. this guy (who will remain anonymous for now) says that one set, done in good form, slowly without momentum, for 6 to 12 reps, where the last rep is to total positive failure is all that's needed to stimulate muscular growth. Any additional sets do not help stimulate more growth but actually...

Additional Sets Hinder The Growth Process Because They Make Too Many Inroads Into Your Recuperative Abilities. If You Can't Recover From It, You Can't Grow!

I'd heard that before but never paid much attention to it.

After reading that book, I got my hands on some articles from a cantankerous old guy who invented some weird-looking exercise machines about 20 years ago. He was saying the same basic thing.

After a two week layoff, I started on a program where I train every four days. I usually do one set per body part. For some body parts it's a pre-exhaust set.

I won't have time in this article to go over all the details, but I will tell you this...

I Gained Five Pounds Of Muscle In The First Week And I'm Getting Radically Stronger Each And Every Time I Go To The Gym!

I've rambled enough for now. I promise that I'll reveal the whole routine in the next article.

Build Muscle Mass With The "Hyper Growth Muscle Mass System" by Daniel Gallapoo known in bodybuilding circles as Doberman Dan. A step-by-step guide that teaches you the secrets, tips, and techniques you need to know to build a chiseled, muscular, ripped, head-turning physique...FAST! Visit

Monday, May 19, 2014

Big Fat Food Lies

“BIG FAT FOOD LIES: 7 Nutrition Lies That Are Keeping You Sick, Fat, and Frustrated”.

This is an awesome 37-page report that blows the lid on 7 fundamentally misleading nutrition lies, which include:

1. Eating fat makes you fat

2. You need LOTS of protein (to build muscle)

3. Organic is healthier

4. Vegans and vegetarians can’t get enough protein

5. All food sources of omega-3s are created equal

6. Heart disease is caused by a high fat diet and cholesterol

7. Soy is a good health food

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99 Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts

I have a “little black book” of my favorite boot camp workouts – which I’m always adding to, tweaking, etc. – and 90% of the time, that’s where I pull my daily boot camp workouts from. This way, I don’t have to spend hours a day racking my brain for fresh and fun training ideas.

Of course, I have a plan and progression for my programming over time – but this method makes my life SO much easier.

Now, if you are a boot camp instructor – or, if you are just a boot camp workout enthusiast – you should be doing the same.  It’s the only way to go!

Interestingly though, based on talks with dozens of friends and associates in the business – most people KNOW they should be keeping their own version of a “little black book” – but for whatever reason, DON’T.

My boot camp and kettlebell training expert friends Georgette Pann and Forest Vance have come up with an amazing solution to this problem.  They’ve put together 99 of their favorite kettlebell boot camp resources, for you to “steal” and use with your campers (and yourself!)

Click here to check it out now:

=> 99 Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts

Thanks, and talk soon -

Arthur M.

PS – Grab the 99 Kettlebell Boot Camp Workouts + Theme Bootcamp Workout Bonus here =>

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Basic Full Body Transformation Program

Did you know that getting rid of fat and building a lean, tight body is really NOT rocket science and DOES NOT require you to do breathtaking cardio routines and starve yourself to death? Actually, that is NOT something that you want to do to yourself if you want a healthy body composition.

These guys have created the Basic Full Body Transformation Program for all the men out there who really need to start exercising and working towards building a body you can be proud of.

The Program itself features:

1) Comprehensive Video Tutorials covering all aspects of training from warming up to proper execution of all exercises


2) a Guided Schedule of Trainings with Seamless email Support.

On top of that there’s a Full eBook about the Basic Principles of Exercise, Nutrition and Recovery, basically everything you need to know at this stage to properly educate and prepare yourself for good and healthy training.

Also, they’re constantly adding a series of Members Only articles about Nutrition, Training and General Health filled with GREAT info and further reading references that you really wanna get access to. Everything inside is Mobile Friendly to ease your in-gym and on-the-go access and a need for a quick glance.

So, don’t wait any longer!

Check It Out Now and Start Transforming your body Today! (MEN)

Check It Out Now and Start Transforming your body Today! (Women)

To Your Success,
Arthur M.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Shin Splints Giving You Hell?

The 7 Step Shin Splints Treatment System is the most comprehensive treatment system on the planet for fixing shins splints properly.

If you've got shin splints, or ever had them, it’s guaranteed to...

* Reduce your pain from a "10" to a "2" in 48 to 72 hours;

* Restore your strength and range of movement within 30 days;

* Totally eliminate any chance of re-injury; and

* Get you back to the sport you love; PAIN FREE.

And you'll get the brand new updated edition at a 30% discount.

7 Step Shin Splints Treatment System

Do yourself a favor. Check out the 7 Step Shin Splints Treatment System today and you'll qualify for 30% OFF and free lifetime upgrades.

But you must use the link below before Friday (5/23); it contains a special code that will apply the 30% discount AFTER you click on the Add to Cart button.

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To your health,
Arthur M.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Do NOT Drink Diet Soda Until You Read This (DEADLY)

Do you have a daily obsession with diet soda?

So much so, that you swear to the high heavens that it has helped you LOSE FAT and improve your health…

…all while satisfying your “pop” craving – without any NEGATIVE side effects.

Well, don’t drink another can until you read this:

The 5 DEADLY Reasons To Kick Your Diet Soda Habit

Today, I’m going to give you not 1…not 2…but 5 concrete, set-in-stone reasons why you need to QUIT diet soda – before it KILLS you.

Not only for your health… but for your fat loss too:

EXCLUSIVE = = > The 5 SHOCKING Reasons Why You Should Kick Your Diet Soda Addiction

To Your Health,

Arthur M.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

3 Scandalous "Healthy Eating Tricks" (AVOID)

Have you read any of the new research really infuriating fitness buffs, lately?

Scientists are now revealing that most "healthy food" you may be eating is in fact, unknowingly, destroying your chances of building ripped muscle and burning away fat quickly and permanently...

This eye-opening video was just released to the public after months of dedicated research and I am sharing it with you because I'm fighting for you to know the truth and it all starts in this NEW VIDEO created one of the world's leading fitness experts called: 3 Scandalous "Healthy Eating Tricks"

This is info the food industry wants to hid because it makes them richer and unfortunately, us sick, fat and scrawny. It’s up to you if you want to use the information that is uncovered. I am praying this video helps you escape the deadly grip of the food industry:  3 Scandalous "Healthy Eating Tricks" [NEW Video]

Arthur M.