Saturday, August 30, 2014

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This will change the way you see food forever (there's no going back)

A lot of people have always wondered how I can be so passionate about nutrition.

Several years ago, I watched a life-changing documentary that exposed the truth about foods we eat.

I had NEVER imagined that foods that were marketed as "perfectly healthy" were in fact completely toxic.

To me, the concept seemed impossible -- and even silly.

And yet, this is the truth. Our food and water is really NOT as clean as it should be, and really NOT as safe as how the food corporations, the FDA and the Government say it is.

And I feel that everyone on this planet deserves to know this.

Once they know and understand this fact, then they can do what the heck they want with their life.

They can consume artificial sweeteners even though they are shown to be much worse than sugar.

They can consume GMO foods and feel good about it, even though future generations may laugh at how crazy they were for being so naive.

But I won't choose to live in ignorance, and I know you feel the same.

That's why I'm always trying my best to get educated and learn something new every single day.

When I learn something new, I feel compelled to share it with the thousands of readers who read the newsletters I send out.

Sometimes, there are free articles, free resources and sometimes, recommendations to products that you need  to BUY.

Yes, there's free information on the Internet and that's good.

But there's also so much bullcrap that covers the good stuff.

That's why people still buy books, documentaries and information products. Condensed information IS worth it.

And sometimes, it's what I call... "freakin' worth it O-M-G you have to check this out".

That's the kind of feeling I got when going through Anthony Alayon's 101 Toxic Food Ingredients.

Here's a sneak peak of what I personally learned going through it:

- The Blue #1 artificial color in your gatorade used to be made out of coal... now they use synthetic oil instead.

Yes, the same kind that you put in your car!

- The number one contaminant in your tap water that's banned for use in the country where it's produced...

- The new artificial sweetener in town that's potentially dozens of times worse than Aspartame...

I could go on and on, but you'll have to see for yourself once you grab it:

New_TruthAbout_Collage_r1101 Toxic Food Ingredients (get educated, get healthy)

I know this can feel overwhelming sometimes.

But getting educated with programs like 101 Toxic Food ingredients, and then trying your best to slowly change your habits is the best thing you can do for your health.

You can do this,

Arthur M.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Why you don’t have abs :(

This is the truth... There's a very good chance that you’re wasting your time using worthless ineffective exercises. Even worse, these exercises can inure you in the process!

I’m talking about poorly designed ab training.

You see most people don’t have any idea how to train their abs. In fact did you know that 99% of people are targeting the wrong ab muscles when they workout? Let me explain...

The muscles that everyone knows about and wants to have on the beach are what’s called the rectus abdominus muscles. Exercises like sit-ups and crunches target specifically these muscles.

The problem with traditional ab workouts isn’t that they don’t effect the rectus abdominus because they in fact do.

Many years ago when I set out on my own journey to shrink my waist and reveal my 6 pack I fell for the myth that 1,000 crunches was all you had to do, and let me tell you, the first few times I performed this routine I was sore as can be. But I didn’t see any results from it :(

As I later found out, the problem wasn’t that my muscles weren’t being worked, the problem was that I was working the wrong muscles!

Wrong Muscles? What the heck are you supposed to do about that?

There is a group of muscles buried deep within your core that surround your midsection much like a corset whose sole responsibility is to stabilize the spine and core during phases of movement.

The reason why these muscles are so important is because they are essentially the ones the give your stomach the flat appearance you desire. If these muscles aren’t active, you’ll never have the flat belly you desire no matter how many crunches you do.

Think about it like this, you probably know someone who has a relatively low body fat percentage but seems to still have that little beer gut or pouch belly even if they don’t drink beer or are constantly spending hours in the gym, right?

Think about it like this, you probably know someone who has a relatively low body fat percentage but seems to still have that little beer gut or pouch belly even if they don’t drink beer or are constantly spending hours in the gym, right?

The reason for this is because they are NOT able to activate their deep abdominal muscles. When these muscles are turned off, you’ll be left with a protruding gut no matter how lean you get.

How can you target these deep abdominal muscles that will rapidly flatten and tone your midsection?

The best way to target these deep core muscles and quickly tone your midsection is to use exercises that cause your core to fire as a stabilizer rather than a mover.

One simple exercise that you can do is an elbow plank on a swiss ball. When you do this, you’ll instantly feel all of your deep abdominal muscles work hard to support your body in the plank and keep your spine protected.

How about another exercise?

Alternating lying leg raises when done properly with what’s called braced abs are a great way to work your deep abdominal muscles!

Just lie down on your back with your legs together and feet towards the sky. Keep your lower back glued to the ground while you lower one leg slowly toward the ground and then alternate. This exercise will help correct any unilateral imbalance in your deep core muscles.

While these are great exercises for developing your deep core muscles, I wanted to also share with you a new ab training method that’s making even these result producing exercises obsolete.

It’s an ab training technique called a Core Activation Sequence and to be honest I only recently came across these exercises when my friend Tyler introduced me to their creator Dr. James Vegher.

The reality is if you want to have the greatest chances at activating your deep core muscle while slimming your waistline and developing toned or even 6 pack abs, this is the way to go!

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To Your Success,
Arthur M.

P.S. If you want a step-by-step ab training solution that walks you by the hand through several different levels that teach you how to activate your waist slimming deep core muscles, then check out these brand new Core Activation Sequences by Dr. James Vegher. Click the link below to check it out…

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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

3 TIPS to see your ABS for the first time

It’s summer and that means the hot rays of the sun are out to play and you’re either excited about pulling off your shirt/grabbing your favorite bikini OR you’re not happy with the way your body looks and you’re looking for every excuse to stay indoors.

If you’re confident with the way your body looks then read no more. However, if you’re the second person sporting a year round beer gut or muffin top, always hiding away and afraid to sport what you’ve got then this article is for you.

That’s because I’m about to teach you 3 POWERFUL tips to help you see your abs for the very first time! Lets dig in…

Tip #1 - Don’t Listen To The Mainstream Trends Or Local Fitness “Guru’s”

I’ve been in this game for a long time and I can tell you one thing confidently… The mainstream ab training gizmos and your local “bro science” trainers do NOT know the right way to train your abs for a slimmer waistline and a strong core.

In fact, the research from world renowned spine health expert Dr. Stuart McGill says:

“Herniation (posterior and posterior-lateral regions of the annulus) occurred with relatively modest joint compression but with highly repetitive flexion/extension moments. Increased magnitudes of axial compressive force resulted in more frequent and more severe disc injuries.”

Reference: Callaghan, J.P., and McGill, S.M. (2001) Intervertebral disc herniation: Studies on a porcine model exposed to highly repetitive flexion/extension motion with compressive force. Clin. Biom. 16(1): 28‐37.

I don’t expect you to understand what the above statement means so let me break it down for you… Dr. McGill basically says that repetitive flexion and extension as in exercises like sit-ups and crunches can CAUSE disk herniation in you spine!

That’s crazy, right?

The most popular ab exercises in the world are not only keeping you from slimming your waist and building toned or even 6 pack abs, they’re also potentially hurting you!

Ok, you now know you should avoid ab gizmos, goofy fitness trends and your local “bro-science” trainers telling you that the more crunches, ab rockers and sit-ups you do the better your waist will look. Which means you must…

Tip #2 - Make Sure You Choose The Correct Exercises

The best way to train your abs is to use exercises that focus on stabilization not mobilization of your core. Let me explain…

Most mainstream fitness folks believe that your ab muscles were designed to help you flex and extend, or rotate from the waist. While these muscles do perform those tasks, the real design of these ab muscles is to stabilize your core NOT move it.

In fact, performing exercises like sit-ups and side-bends can not only wreck your spine as I just showed you above, it can also cause hypertrophy of your vertical running ab muscles making your belly or gut stick out even more!

Obviously this isn’t your goal which is why you have to make sure you choose the right exercises like planks and gymnastic style lying leg raises in order to shrink your waistline, NOT make it grow.

However, the truth is, even the right exercises are worthless if you aren’t able to…

Tip #3 - Make Sure Your Core Is Fully Activated

That’s right! You can do all the leg raises and planks you want but if your ab muscles aren’t working properly, you’ll never get the waist slimming results that will leave you confident enough to rip off your shirt or sport that stylish bikini you have sitting in your closet.

So, how do you activate your core muscles and what does that even mean?

Core activation is when all of the muscles of your core work together to create stability for the spine.

To be honest teaching people how to properly activate their core used to be reserved for elite athletes and wealthy physical therapy patients. Until recently when a new friend of mine by the name of Dr. James Vegher created what he calls Core Activation Sequences.

These UNIQUE exercises, when strung together have been shown to re-activate all of the muscles of your core leaving you with a shrunken waistline, increased core strength and the confidence to rock the sunshine wearing whatever you like.

You can learn more and activate your core using these unique exercises by checking them out at the page below…

=> Learn More About Dr. James Vegher’s Core Activation Sequences And What They Can Do For You

Here’s to shrinking you’re muffin top or beer gut and enjoying the sunshine with the new body you desire!

To Your Success,
Arthur M.

P.S. You might be thinking to yourself that these Core Activation Sequences are some fad just like crunches and situps, however, I wouldn’t be sharing them with you if I didn’t take a look at the research to back this up. In fact, Dr. Vegher has nearly 20 years experience and his Core Activation Sequences have helped everyone from pro athletes to 80+ year old men and women to dramatically increase their core strength AND shrink their waistlines. You can learn more about them here…

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

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