Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Real Man’s Guide for Valentine’s Day

Attention Men: It’s TIME!

No gimmicks, no fad ideas, no catches


The Gentleman’s Cookbook – A Complete Guide to Guarantee Date Success is now live (in case you missed my other emails earlier this week)!

Here’s is a short interview with head chef and author Liam Mailer on why Gentleman’s Gourmet is for you:

1. What’s Included? A complete 80 recipe step-by-step guide on how to create and serve nutritionally balanced meals aimed to improve your appeal and zero guesswork through the gourmet recipes.

2. You Don’t Have to be a Chef. The gourmet style break down tailors this book to the average Joe who wants to test himself at a manageable level of cooking and eliminates guess work completely.

3. The Meals are Damn Tasty. The misconception I continue to see throughout the clean eating industry is that healthier choices lack in flavor. No, it’s imagination that is lacking and that is what this book guarantees alongside a solid nutritional backing.

4. My Promise. My ultimate promise is that every choice in this book is a good choice. No matter what meal you whip up, you will achieve that wow factor in flavor, presentation and downright awesomeness.

5. It’s Not Just for Dinner Date Cooking. You can adopt and experiment with the tools given in this book to spice and liven up your own nutrition whatever your goals may-be. Building muscle, dropping fat, even just living healthy, the recipes can be included into your day-to-day meal plans and believe me you will NEVER cook Chicken and Broccoli again.

6. It’s More Than Just a Cookbook. It’s an education. What you see in these pages is rigorous testing throughout each section to ensure you build a solid skill set and sculpt your own journey in the kitchen.

7. What If I Can’t Make the Recipes? I Have Never Cooked Before. What I made my priority in creating this book was simplicity. A little ambition is a good thing, but it’s always good to stick to the basics then as you practice, you can experiment more. Remember, recipes are only there as a guideline and most of the time a little bit extra or a little too much of something isn’t the end of the world. Enjoy it.

8. And Finally, it’s a Relaxed Approach to Preparing a 3-Course Dinner. If you worry that something will go wrong, it probably will. So relax and enjoy each component of the book fully!

The Gentleman’s Cookbook

Valentine’s Day has never been easier with this complete guide for men and it does exactly what Liam says, it takes away the confusion of food, how to go about the evening and even so much as dress code!

You can’t put a foot wrong here, follow the guide from the second she walks in, relax and enjoy watching the evening unfold into success.

Arthur M.


I also forgot to mention fellas, as well as the rigorously Tested Gourmet Recipes inside, you also have the Bonus Material available including THE 5 MINUTE DINNER DATE MANUAL.

It will be your best Valentine’s Day yet and more importantly…hers too.

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A recipe every man should know (filet of beef done right)

Women absolutely LOVE men who can do this…


If you didn’t know this already, get ready for some shocking new facts that neuroscientists have discovered:

“Men are more likely to make women hot under the collar by switching on a blender than turning on a power tool, according to new research.

A team of neuroscientists were flown in from London to conduct scientific testing on 20 Australian couples to determine what domestic duties aroused women the most.

While their male partners were performing activities from traditional do-it-yourself tasks and drilling to cake mixing, coffee-making and blending, their female counterparts had their mental, emotional and physiological responses monitored.”

It was found that female partners were more aroused when their significant others were making a cup of coffee or whipping up a cake than using a power drill or a saw”

So before you break the bank at a fancy restaurant or on two dozen roses that are going to wilt away within the week, try cooking up a 3-course gourmet dinner to steal her heart this Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a perfect example of a recipe you could use as you Main Course from the Gentleman’s Cookbook (Valentine’s Day Edition):


- 400g Beef fillet

- Handful Celeriac

- Handful chopped cabbage

- 80g Broccoli

- 100mls Almond milk

- 2 tbsp minced garlic

- 1 tbsp thyme leaves

- Sea salt

- Pepper

- Organic grass fed butter 20g

- 250g Baby potatoes (peeled)

- 2 tbsp chives chopped

- 2 spring onions


  1. Season your beef at room temperature with salt, pepper and rosemary. Place into very hot pan and sear evenly in the butter until the meat is browned
    then place into the oven for 12 minutes at 180c/380f for (Medium Cooking)

  2. In a pan add your celeriac, broccoli, cabbage and fry a little until they soften.
    Reduce the heat and add the garlic then mix.

  3. Move into a pot, pour half your almond milk, place your vegetables in and
    bring to the boil and allow to soak for 3-4 minutes then place to the side.

  4. Boil your potatoes then add them to a pot with the other half of your almond
    milk, mash then add in your chives and spring onions.

  5. Plate up  by placing your vegetables first, then evenly slice your steak, place on top and a spoonful of your potato champ on the side.

Drizzle with some olive oil to finish.


There you have it. A gourmet meal that you can prepare at home that is sure to impress anyone you make it for.

You don’t always have to cook but when you do, you should at least look like you know what you are doing.

Women respond to men who are confident and assertive in EVERY area of their life.

Besides saving at least over $80 by avoiding a hefty restaurant bill, you are also going to get to experience a more intimate night with your spouse at home where you can be in control.

And you can learn which wine would pair well with this meal and which dessert and drink to serve after this main course by picking up the Gentleman’s Cookbook which outlines all of this and more.

>> Gentleman’s Cookbook: Over 80 Gourmet Courses, Wine Pairing Guide and 12 Dinner Date Success Tips For The Ultimate Date Night

The Gentleman’s Cookbook is complete blueprint dedicated to helping any man achieve the perfect day of romance with a complete recipe guide, dinner prep tips and a step-by-step manual for every part of the evening from music selection to proper wine pairings for your dinner.

It’s a touch of class combined with a true gentleman’s approach to cooking for your partner and being the man among men.

Don’t be left without a plan on Valentine’s Day.

This is the best tool you can use to increase her desire and show her just how much she means to you.

>> The Gentleman’s Cookbook: Over 80 Gourmet Courses, Wine Pairing Guide and 12 Dinner Date Success Tips For The Ultimate Date Night

Arthur M.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gentleman’s Valentines Cookbook is open, act fast

Men: we have to talk

This past week, I have just been introduced to the # 1 Valentine's Day gift that women across the world can’t resist.

You see, we as men are continually selfish in the sense that we think women want to be wined and dined in a fancy restaurant with $100 bottles of wine and a waiter standing by, taking your order.

Wrong, that’s too easy.

Women love it when you make a big fuss about them.

And you can win even more lovin’ points by thinking outside the box and surprising them with things they would have never expected of you. 

Let’s face it; this day should be ALL ABOUT THEM :)

But sometimes, when left to our own devices, we tend to get a lot of the simple stuff wrong.

We pick the wrong color of dress when asked which one looks best.

We NEVER know the right thing to say. 

In fact we generally always screw that bit up.

What if I told you that I have discovered what women REALLY want on Valentine’s Day and I can share this secret with you?

It’s time us men start acting like the Gentleman our Grandfathers resemble and show just how much your girl means to you without breaking the bank to impress.

To be honest, they don’t care about how much money you spend. Well, some do but the majority just want you to open up and make them feel special.

I have your answer here:

>> Surprise that special someone this Valentine’s Day with The Gentleman’s Cookbook and Guide To Dinner Date Success

When I first took a look at this cookbook I just knew it was something I had to get out there for every fellow man to see.

Just imagine:

-    Setting up a Gourmet 3 Course evening at home, stress free

-    A Wine Guide to Perfectly Compliment the Meal you Choose

-    Tried and Tested Backing Music to subtly play Guaranteed  to set the mood

-    Little tips you can Implement to make the Perfect First Impression 

-    A full Step by Step Guide to check off your list before she  steps foot in the door.

-    A Complete set of Gourmet Recipes to choose from that can be prepared in no time and make you look like a badass in the kitchen

AND the best thing…you can follow these recipes even if you haven’t cooked before!

I was over the moon when my buddy Liam Mailer first told me about his plans for this book because I know how well respected he is in the fitness cooking Industry. 

If that wasn’t enough he has partnered up with the original Muscle Cook  Dave Ruel to develop over 70 tried and tested masterpieces from starters right through to dessert.

The Gentleman’s Cookbook is more than just a set of recipes.

It’s a complete, no guesswork guide to plan your Perfect Valentine’s Date that will blow your girl away!

Time to man up fella’s, she won’t know what’s hit her when you walk through the kitchen with Frank Sinatra delicately playing in the background and you present her with her first gourmet course (with more to follow)

Now, Liam’s background and passion is within the fitness industry so naturally all the meals included are nutritionally balanced so you can continue to make them throughout the year.

And this cookbook is NOT limited to Valentine’s Day…

It also fits perfectly into any evening you plan to have people over for food or any occasion you have a date or romantic evening planned.

You will always be FULLY EQUIPPED.

The Gentleman’s Cookbook is really an enjoyable education on food and it takes the guesswork out of preparing 3 course gourmet meals.

Prepare now and watch what happens…trust me

Arthur M.

PS. I have seen many cookbooks out there specifically pushed towards building muscle, losing fat and increasing performance.

However, we all know as men, we want to impress the opposite sex. 

Its human nature.

Planning and guessing what woman want can be nerve wracking.

Take a look at this book at all the BONUS material and I guarantee you will have a full blueprint to put into action whenever the occasion comes along!

She will love you for it

The Dinner Date Success Guide << Click here

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Men’s Guide for Valentine’s Day

Attention Men: this could be one of the most important emails you read leading up to the big day of love.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you just know that your partner is expecting romance :)

It’s one of the few days of the year that you should NOT screw up and it’s one of the few days that you are expected to bring your A-game.

Let’s face it - we are, after all, MEN!

We leave the toilet seat up.

We don’t always “open up” about feelings.

We forget things...sometimes a lot of things.

Hey, we’re not perfect right?

But this Valentine’s Day, you CAN guarantee success and I am not talking about buying a dozen roses (although, that may not hurt your cause).

This Valentine’s Day, take charge and deliver the absolute BEST experience ever and you may just be rewarded ;)

The best part? 

YOU don’t have to plan a thing:

It’s ALL covered for you here in a step-by-step plan:

>> The Gentleman's Cookbook and Guide To The Perfect Day of Romance

Part of the problem with most men is that we simply don’t know what to do or what to plan on days where romance is the order of the day.

It’s not that we don’t care, we just are not good at that kind of stuff so we seem to always fall short. (at least I know I do)

That’s why I was quite pleased to learn that a friend of mine,  Dave Ruel and his Head Chef Liam Mailer were releasing a  cookbook specifically dedicated to helping men plan, prepare  and execute the PERFECT PLAN on Valentine’s Day (or any  day you want to step it up and win some lovin’ points).

It’s called The Gentleman’s Cookbook and it is WAY more than just a cookbook. 

While it does contain more than 70 fat burning and muscle building recipes that taste delicious and can be eaten every day,  it also has tips on everything to make sure you present yourself as a perfect gentleman who is in complete control.

I’m talking about;

* step-by-step checklist to set up for the perfect date night
* tips on clothing selection, music, food and wine  suggestions from all over the world
* cooking the perfect steak that is charred with a pink and juicy center  every man should know this 
* Ideal wine pairings: which foods go with which wines (most men screw this up)
* A “done for you” playlist selection to play subtly in the background during  your diner and date (MAJOR time saver)
* Quick tricks to make a great first impression that works on the 1st or 50th date. Everything is covered from how to dress to subtle ways to make sure everything goes smoothly

As men, we should always strive to be sophisticated in our approach in caring for our partners. 

It goes a long way and if you love someone (or care for someone) you should be serious about how you treat them and trust me,  they DO notice the effort.

Since I have struggled with romantic planning in the past, I figured you might find this information useful for yourself.

It’s the perfect timing to try these techniques.

Even if you don’t use it for Valentine’s Day, it still comes in handy knowing how to cook a gourmet 3-course meal and learn insider secrets to attracting your partner with advanced culinary cooking skills and recipes for the future.

The Gentleman’s Cookbook: The Gentleman’s Approach To Cooking For His Woman

Plan ahead and be rewarded later,

Arthur M.

PS. While there might be many cookbooks on the market dedicated to fat loss or muscle building, there are NO cookbooks specifically for men to help them with planning the perfect date nights.

With over 70 recipes and all the BONUS material in the extra guides available, you will have date night and romantic plans done for you for years to come.

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