Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Real Man’s Guide for Valentine’s Day

Attention Men: It’s TIME!

No gimmicks, no fad ideas, no catches


The Gentleman’s Cookbook – A Complete Guide to Guarantee Date Success is now live (in case you missed my other emails earlier this week)!

Here’s is a short interview with head chef and author Liam Mailer on why Gentleman’s Gourmet is for you:

1. What’s Included? A complete 80 recipe step-by-step guide on how to create and serve nutritionally balanced meals aimed to improve your appeal and zero guesswork through the gourmet recipes.

2. You Don’t Have to be a Chef. The gourmet style break down tailors this book to the average Joe who wants to test himself at a manageable level of cooking and eliminates guess work completely.

3. The Meals are Damn Tasty. The misconception I continue to see throughout the clean eating industry is that healthier choices lack in flavor. No, it’s imagination that is lacking and that is what this book guarantees alongside a solid nutritional backing.

4. My Promise. My ultimate promise is that every choice in this book is a good choice. No matter what meal you whip up, you will achieve that wow factor in flavor, presentation and downright awesomeness.

5. It’s Not Just for Dinner Date Cooking. You can adopt and experiment with the tools given in this book to spice and liven up your own nutrition whatever your goals may-be. Building muscle, dropping fat, even just living healthy, the recipes can be included into your day-to-day meal plans and believe me you will NEVER cook Chicken and Broccoli again.

6. It’s More Than Just a Cookbook. It’s an education. What you see in these pages is rigorous testing throughout each section to ensure you build a solid skill set and sculpt your own journey in the kitchen.

7. What If I Can’t Make the Recipes? I Have Never Cooked Before. What I made my priority in creating this book was simplicity. A little ambition is a good thing, but it’s always good to stick to the basics then as you practice, you can experiment more. Remember, recipes are only there as a guideline and most of the time a little bit extra or a little too much of something isn’t the end of the world. Enjoy it.

8. And Finally, it’s a Relaxed Approach to Preparing a 3-Course Dinner. If you worry that something will go wrong, it probably will. So relax and enjoy each component of the book fully!

The Gentleman’s Cookbook

Valentine’s Day has never been easier with this complete guide for men and it does exactly what Liam says, it takes away the confusion of food, how to go about the evening and even so much as dress code!

You can’t put a foot wrong here, follow the guide from the second she walks in, relax and enjoy watching the evening unfold into success.

Arthur M.


I also forgot to mention fellas, as well as the rigorously Tested Gourmet Recipes inside, you also have the Bonus Material available including THE 5 MINUTE DINNER DATE MANUAL.

It will be your best Valentine’s Day yet and more importantly…hers too.

Date Night Success Plans, Gourmet Nutritionally Balanced Recipes and Cooking 101 << Click Here

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