Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gentleman’s Valentines Cookbook is open, act fast

Men: we have to talk

This past week, I have just been introduced to the # 1 Valentine's Day gift that women across the world can’t resist.

You see, we as men are continually selfish in the sense that we think women want to be wined and dined in a fancy restaurant with $100 bottles of wine and a waiter standing by, taking your order.

Wrong, that’s too easy.

Women love it when you make a big fuss about them.

And you can win even more lovin’ points by thinking outside the box and surprising them with things they would have never expected of you. 

Let’s face it; this day should be ALL ABOUT THEM :)

But sometimes, when left to our own devices, we tend to get a lot of the simple stuff wrong.

We pick the wrong color of dress when asked which one looks best.

We NEVER know the right thing to say. 

In fact we generally always screw that bit up.

What if I told you that I have discovered what women REALLY want on Valentine’s Day and I can share this secret with you?

It’s time us men start acting like the Gentleman our Grandfathers resemble and show just how much your girl means to you without breaking the bank to impress.

To be honest, they don’t care about how much money you spend. Well, some do but the majority just want you to open up and make them feel special.

I have your answer here:

>> Surprise that special someone this Valentine’s Day with The Gentleman’s Cookbook and Guide To Dinner Date Success

When I first took a look at this cookbook I just knew it was something I had to get out there for every fellow man to see.

Just imagine:

-    Setting up a Gourmet 3 Course evening at home, stress free

-    A Wine Guide to Perfectly Compliment the Meal you Choose

-    Tried and Tested Backing Music to subtly play Guaranteed  to set the mood

-    Little tips you can Implement to make the Perfect First Impression 

-    A full Step by Step Guide to check off your list before she  steps foot in the door.

-    A Complete set of Gourmet Recipes to choose from that can be prepared in no time and make you look like a badass in the kitchen

AND the best thing…you can follow these recipes even if you haven’t cooked before!

I was over the moon when my buddy Liam Mailer first told me about his plans for this book because I know how well respected he is in the fitness cooking Industry. 

If that wasn’t enough he has partnered up with the original Muscle Cook  Dave Ruel to develop over 70 tried and tested masterpieces from starters right through to dessert.

The Gentleman’s Cookbook is more than just a set of recipes.

It’s a complete, no guesswork guide to plan your Perfect Valentine’s Date that will blow your girl away!

Time to man up fella’s, she won’t know what’s hit her when you walk through the kitchen with Frank Sinatra delicately playing in the background and you present her with her first gourmet course (with more to follow)

Now, Liam’s background and passion is within the fitness industry so naturally all the meals included are nutritionally balanced so you can continue to make them throughout the year.

And this cookbook is NOT limited to Valentine’s Day…

It also fits perfectly into any evening you plan to have people over for food or any occasion you have a date or romantic evening planned.

You will always be FULLY EQUIPPED.

The Gentleman’s Cookbook is really an enjoyable education on food and it takes the guesswork out of preparing 3 course gourmet meals.

Prepare now and watch what happens…trust me

Arthur M.

PS. I have seen many cookbooks out there specifically pushed towards building muscle, losing fat and increasing performance.

However, we all know as men, we want to impress the opposite sex. 

Its human nature.

Planning and guessing what woman want can be nerve wracking.

Take a look at this book at all the BONUS material and I guarantee you will have a full blueprint to put into action whenever the occasion comes along!

She will love you for it

The Dinner Date Success Guide << Click here

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